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[tü] (Meksika) Yabanıla Meyleden Bireyciler’in Yirmi Dördüncü Bildirisi

Traducción al turco del comunicado 24 de ITS, en él “Ouroboros Silvestre” grupo de ITS en el Estado de México se responsabiliza la activación de un artefacto incendiario en transporte público.

Traducción a cargo de “Nox”.

¡Que TODOS ardan!

¡Que TODO arda!

Onların hepsini yakalım. Hepsini. Uygarlığın tüm sefil üyelerini. Bu güzel yeryüzündeki altyapılarının tamamını.

Erkekler ve kadınları, öğrenciler ve işsizleri, ev hanımları ve işadamlarını, varlıklılar ve yoksulları, cilt rengine bakılmaksızın, sosyal sınıf ve cinsiyeti, onların hepsini eşit derece yakalım.  Günün sonunda, hiper-uygarlar, boş varlıklar, üzüntü ya da zafer olmadan yürüyen et ve kemikli üzüntülü torbalar; hepsi geçici ve saçma varlığının acı verici ağırlığını taşıyor.

Elimizden gelen her şeyi yakacağız, istediğimiz her şeyi yakacağız. Kundaklama için öldürücü tutku, medeniyetsiz kâbuslar karanlık gökyüzü altında gerçekleşti. Savaştaki bireyciler, ahlakdışı eko-aşırılar, İntikam için susamış nihilistler, kan için benzeşenler, hepsini yakalım.

14 Şubat sabahı Rosario metro hattındaki bir otobüse bir kundakçı aygıt bırakıp gittik. Aygıt Meksika Devleti’nde Tlalnepantla belediyesi çevresinde çıktı.

Müdahalede bulunup kahramanı oynayan bazı insanlar olmasaydı, ateşimiz lanetli makineyi tümüyle yakmış olurdu. Şimdilik sadece hafif hasarlara maruz kaldı. Sorun değil, Bakışlarımız uygarlık ve iğrenç vatandaşlar üzerinde olmaya devam edecek.

ITS mafyası ile suç ortaklığı, Çakmaktaşı Bıçağı’nın Gizli Klanı, Gelişigüzel Fraksiyon, Pagan Dağı Tarikatı, Gizli Orman Topluluğu ileri, egoist hedeflerinin vücudu yok ettikten sonra Ormanın Mistik Göçebe Yağmacı Topluluğu’nun eko-aşırılarına güç.

İntikamcı Wildfire hücresi ile suç ortaklığı.

Yangın iğrenç şehirlere baştan sona yayılsın!

Yangın uygarlığın izlerini bölmek için, kırsal bölgelere yayılsın!

Yabanıla Meyleden Bireyciler – Meksika Şehri

[en] (Mexico) Twenty-Fifth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 25 de ITS, esta vez surge un nuevo grupo en la ciudad norteña de Chihuahua y reivindica el certero asesinato del vicerrector del Tec de Monterrey.

En su declaración, hacen ver su profundo odio contra la civilización y se burlan de las autoridades que buscan a los responsables del homicidio.

¡Muerte, heridas y caos para los híper-civilizados!

The Technological Institute of Advanced Studies in Monterrey, better known as Tec de Monterrey, is in mourning. This past Sunday in a robbery attempt, the Vice-Rector of that house of study, Luis Arturo Torres García was murdered in the city of Chihuahua.

The northern state of Chihuahua is in itself a place of extreme violence, where murders with all sorts of motives are counted by the dozens. In fact, this past weekend, the whole state alone recorded up to 20 murders.

Northern society is corroded by violence, criminality is looked upon as just another job, it’s ridiculously easy to acquire a gun on the street, death roams about in the public plazas and in places least expected.

We are a reflection of that society. We are the perverse face of all civilization. Urban and rural darkness in its most realist expression has birthed us. We have grown up on the battle field where blood coagulates on the asphalt, and where shells are festooned all around with little notice.

We are the cruel reality of the modern era. But we are also a reflection of our nomadic ancestors who roamed on these paths barefoot under the burning sun of the desert. We are the disobedience toward the colonizers and the violent response to them. We are the coyote and the deer, the buzzard and the thorns of the mesquite, the biznaga flower and the marble mountains, the cold that burns in winter and the oppressive sun of summer. We are the windstorms, we are Wild Nature and we act like her.

We have no desire to collaborate with this system. We don’t want to be one more alienated person in this farce civilization. We express our disgust toward the alien, the artificial, and if we use technology, it is only to claim responsibility for our actions. Only that, we do not belong to any “movement” nor do we want to be “coherent” with certain political doctrines.

The extreme defense of Wild Nature demands blood, wounds, terror, and death. It is for this reason that by this letter we claim full responsibility for the murder of Luis Arturo Torres García last Sunday, February 26th. This man so devoted to his disgusting Catholic belief was leaving Santa Fe Church when we intercepted and killed him. We had to take his wife’s purse so she would not call the police. The act was interpreted as a robbery, but we clarify its real intention by this letter.

Torres, a professional par excellence, Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey, with a degree in computer systems and candidate for a doctorate from the University of Cantabria in Spain, no longer lives. We killed him with one shot from a high caliber pistol.

With this attack, we the Desert Band make our presence known in Chihuahua as one more group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).

You thought that the Eco-Extremist Mafia was going to stop expanding? We’ve already managed to extend our net to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Within Mexico, we are in Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, and Coahuila. The rest of the states were not the exception, don’t be surprised if an ITS group comes to a place near or far from you…

We are certain that this society and the Chihuahuan authorities don’t have a clue that this international terrorist group is now in its capital. We encourage them to read up a bit on us so that they know what they’re facing.

A police van has been sent, they are seeking suspects for the attack among the adjacent neighborhoods, harassing people, looking for a snitch they can pay off. By this letter we state that we know that you’re out to get us, the attack that we carried out was a severe hit to public opinion and to the wealthy people of Tec. But fuck you if you think you’ll find us. You’re gonna have to snatch the biggest dumbass you can find, because we’re far away already, fucking assholes.

Maybe to the police of Mexico, who are on the ITS case, this can sound really familiar. Only one shot to the head against a recognized professional? Sounds like the attack on Méndez Salinas in 2011 in Morelos, don’t you think?

Look and keep looking bitches, you know that all who work in the incubators of progress, in this case Tec, are a potential target.

In addition, ITS has already struck this house of studies; on April 19th, 2016, when a bomb exploded on the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Mexico City. On February 3rd of the same year explosives were detonated in the Atizapán campus and in the so-called “Tec Suits.” The most notable attack was on August 8th, 2011 when a package bomb wounded Armando Herrera Corral and Alejandro Aceves Lopez. You should know that this nightmare is not over, and even five years after that act, you’re still in our sights, even outside the center of the country.

Another death for the annals of ITS. We’ve already said that there will be more murders and we are following through with this!

With the pavement still stained with blood.

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Chihuahua

-Desert Band

[en] (Mexico) Twenty-Fourth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 24 de ITS, responsabilizándose de un ataque incendiario contra un camión lleno de pasajeros en el Estado de México.

¡Que viva la Mafia de los ITS!

Let all of them burn. All of them. All the miserable members of civilization. All of the infrastructure that is on this beautiful earth.

Let all of them burn equally, men and women, students and the unemployed, housewives and businessmen, the well-off and the poor, without regard to the color of their skin, social class, and gender. At the end of the day, they are hyper-civilized, empty beings, sad sacks of flesh and bone who walk about without trouble or glory; all carrying the painful weight of their ephemeral and absurd existence.

We will burn all who we can, we will burn all that we want. Pernicious passion for arson, uncivilized nightmares made reality under the dark sky. Individualists at war, a-moral eco-extremists, nihilists thirsty for vengeance, those with affinity for blood, let us burn it all.

The morning of February 14th we abandoned an incendiary device in a bus on the route to the Rosario metro. The device went off around the municipality of Tlalnepantla in Mexico State.

If not for some people playing the hero who intervened, our fire would have consumed that entire accursed machine. For now only minor damages were suffered. No matter, our gaze will continue to be on civilization and the disgusting citizenry.

Complicity with the Mafia of ITS, forward Hidden Clan of the Flint Blade, Indiscriminate Faction, Pagan Sect of the Mountain, forward Secret Wilderness Society, power to the eco-extremists of the Mystical Horde of the Forest after destroying the flesh of their egoic target.

Complicity with the vengeful Wild Fire Cell.

May the fire spread through the disgusting city!

May the fire spread in the countryside, to divide the traces of civilization!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State


Traducción al italiano del comunicado de los misántropos e incomodos GITS.

Traducción a cargo de “Algol”.

¡Por la propagación de los proyectos con miras al caos en la civilización!

In che momento del tempo cambio il tragitto corretto e il vento e l’uomo è diventato un embrione…siamo la maledizione alla fine…pende il filo dell’esistenza intera, ogni volta degenera più questa generazione in una vigilia, senza cercare un sogno di merda e senza importanza. Ricorda quello che ti conviene e vivi giorno per giorno, fantasie creano creature con menti vuote. Esseri superiori per anatomia? Camminano con due zampe ma senza denaro si raffreddano…demente, dipendente, depressivi, deboli, imbecilli…

Avevamo progettato di fare un “comunicato” esteso il quale è rimasto a metà, poiché non vale la pena scrivere qualcosa in cui noi crediamo, ma che la specie umana neanche merita di leggere e ci sembrava un po’ lo stesso tema ripetitivo dei “comunicati”  ritagli di altri ritagli già pronti.

Detto questo diamo un riassunto…

L’essere umano si è condannato dal giorno in cui ha incominciato una vita sedentaria, ha avuto bisogno sempre di più di risorse naturali per fornirle alla popolazione che ha continuato rapidamente a crescere (tutto il mondo conosce questo discorso noioso, è per chi non conosce un po’ la storia o l’evoluzione delle civilizzazioni moderne non vale la pena discuterne).

Potremmo tirare fuori lo stesso discorso usato, nell’immensa maggioranza di testi e comunicati in cui si afferma: “la civilizzazione è il problema principale della terra è per ciò che deve cadere”, “i principali responsabili nel mantenere il progresso umano devono pagare con tutta la forza della natura selvaggia”, “attacchiamo coperti dalle oscurità selvagge coi nostri passi sotto la nebbia”, “attaccheremo i responsabili che distruggono la natura selvaggia.” . Ora chiariamo alcuni punti:

  1. Dai nostri picchi ci poniamo contro la nostra stessa specie.
  2. Attaccheremo qualunque persona senza rimorso né catalogandoli come principale responsabile etc. Per noi ogni essere umano merita l’estinzione.
  3. Non useremo parole come natura selvaggia o tecno nerd tra le altre. Non lo consideriamo necessario.
  4. Dissentiamo da tutti quei gruppi estranei che usano il linguaggio menzionato nel punto precedente, poiché abbiamo notato che sembra una moda utilizzarlo. Per ciò tutti questi gruppi di “simpatizzanti” non meritano la nostra simpatia né rispetto (già i sinistrorsi si sono resi responsabili alla civilizzazione, di tutto questo senza domandarsi il perché).
  5. Il “Gruppuscolo indiscriminato” e gli “Individualisti tendenti al selvaggio- gruppo occulto furia di lince”, si dissolvono, per formare un solo gruppo, senza dimenticare i nostri inizi, come gruppo, ma allo stesso modo dimenticando i discorsi e le parole ripetitive. Il gruppo sarà sotto il nome di GITS (Gruppo Indiscriminato Tendente al Selvaggio).

La nostra posizione ora è attaccare l’essere umano, assassinando o mutilando, poiché l’essere umano è il principale responsabile nei cambiamenti che il pianeta terra soffre. Uno degli esempi sono i cambiamenti nei cicli biogeochimici  che ha sofferto il pianeta negli ultimi anni. Cambiamenti nei cicli del N, P, C, CH4, H2O. Non neghiamo che ogni sistema è in costante cambiamento ma questo cambiamento, si è trasformato considerevolmente dopo la rivoluzione industriale ( non vale la pena spiegare questo, chi lo vuole studiare lo studierà, chi non vuole che dica che siamo pazzi).

Perché diciamo questo? Molti esseri di sinistra, ecologisti, anarchici, hipsters, pseudo intellettuali, e altri esseri “sputano” affermando che “l’umano si sente dio modificando sistemi naturali”. Ci riferiamo specificamente all’uso del transgenico, il quale, l’industria lo dipinge come bello. “Lo fanno per il bene dell’umanità” affinché così trovi più qualità, più produttività, dove, o non si può, o è scarsa la produzione di tale o quale alimento. Ma cosa c’è di brutto in isolare una proteina specifica  da una specie  “X”  e mettere un batterio (Thermophilus aquaticus), per sintetizzare la proteina?

Alla fine dei conti non sembra tanto “brutto”, poiché l’essere umano consuma proteine, sintetizza proteine, ha bisogno di aminoacidi essenziali, chissà che non sia tanto male l’uso del transgenico per sfruttare ancora di più una specie “X”…aspettare che arrivi il ciclo biogeochimico dell’N? Che ci siano i nitrati e i nitriti della terra?

C’è già un esempio di come si altera un ciclo biogeochimico e le conseguenze che tutto ciò implica, qualunque essere con conoscenza di cosa menzioniamo, ci darà ragione, si chinerà e dirà che siamo (gli umani), un pericolo per il pianeta terra, altri esseri diranno che siamo pazzi. Ma i cambiamenti sono qui, più latenti che mai, alcuni sperano che il richiamo della “natura selvaggia” annienti tutto, altri sperano solo di godere della vita, alcuni altri lottano per l’uguaglianza dell’essere umano, e l’immensa maggioranza vive come massa sul pianeta…

Tutto questo ha portato e porterà all’estinzione dell’essere umano, la tecnologia, il progresso estinguerà quello che fino ad oggi ha costruito. Alcuni vorranno fare rivivere quello perso, ricostruire dalle ceneri, perché? Perché l’essere umano è tanto modificato nella sua struttura del DNA grazie alle mutazioni che si sono presentate durante migliaia di anni, che conseguentemente lo porterà a tornare a costruire le civilizzazioni. È per ciò che l’essere umano deve essere estinto, affinché così le altre specie esistenti nella pianeta terra possano continuare a vivere in un sistema in equilibrio con l’universo [1].

Come abbiamo menzionato in un “comunicato” sappiamo che noi non finiremo come gli esseri umani, ma di una cosa siamo sicuri, è che non ci fermeremo nell’attaccare la nostra stessa specie, perfino noi stessi meritiamo l’estinzione, la morte. Non abbiamo nessun dubbio che potremo attentare con la nostra integrità fisica in qualunque momento, se saremo arrivati a soffrire di una malattia cronica degenerativa, o vedendoci “già arrestati” davanti alla polizia, non senza prima dare la battaglia corrispondente contro quelle persone che ci vogliono vedere cadere. Sappiamo che molti affermeranno di iniziare su noi stessi il  “progetto” contro l’essere umano, ma i primi saranno tutte quelle masse che vivono una vita tanto inutile.

Sappiamo che tutto questo, produrrà una serie di commenti e spazzatura varia, cosa successa fin dal nostro primo comunicato. A noi non c’interessa quello che dicono, né lo prenderemo in considerazione come in Cile, le parole non c’interessano né da dove vengono o da chi. Ci analizzeranno con la loro pseudo scienza psicologica( inesatta abbastanza). Bene,che pensino che siamo dei giovani “preparati” o adulti di età avanzata, oh che soffriamo di alterazioni nelle nostre emozioni. Alla fine di tutto, non possono spiegare nulla, se non fanno un’analisi neuronale, per questo ridiamo della psicologia ma ancora di più ridiamo di quelli che si credono esperti in movimenti armati e cose simili.

Si dice che qui in Messico gli anarchici ci cercano (qualcosa come la polizia anarchica), per fare giustizia per l’ordigno “pedorro” (da peto Ndt) che abbiamo lasciato nella trappola che sapete, è che vi ha fatto cagare addosso! Diciamo solo che possono continuare a cercare armi. Mentre noi le portiamo in giro nei quartieri, voi le cercate con i vostri parenti che non escono dalla loro casa. Chissà, potete chiedere ai vostri amici chiacchieroni, quelli che se la sentono “calla”, dicendo che sono stati in prigione per un giorno e si sentono già i meri padrini della prigione. Pensate che non lo sappiamo?

Seriamente siete un mero scherzo, potete continuare a piangere per i carcerati. Per i vostri pischelli che “bloccate” per non ascoltare le loro cazzate. Buono, non piangete la moda è già passata. Si sono già dimenticati di loro che piangono se staranno in prigione 30 e più anni,oh! Allora chiedete ai pischelli per avere delle armi. In fine… che sia chiaro che non siamo anarchici e non ci relazioniamo con essi.

Terminiamo il testo: nessun essere umano sarà tranquillo da oggi in poi, nessun mezzo di trasporto sarà esente dai nostri attacchi. In una delle città più grandi del mondo, dove si respirano sempre di più molecole pesanti di metalli, virus e batteri resistenti, merda e spazzatura, il profumo del lavoratore, dove si vedono solo facce lunghe e stanche, indigeste, dove si ignorano tra essi stessi, nel guardare il loro schermo di cellulare, dove si cammina monotonamente, dove l’essere umano è solo massa (in fin dei conti la massa e l’energia è costante nell’universo, è per questo che se la specie umana sparisce dall’universo intero non lo si noterebbe). Tra tutte queste vite umane, ci siamo noi, che portiamo avanti gli attentati contro l’essere umano.

[1]. Come universo ci si riferisce alla somma del sistema  attorno a esso. Come sistema come una parte dell’universo.

[en] (Chile) Twenty-Third Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del comunicado número 23 de ITS-Chile, haciéndose cargo de los críticos, paranoides y demás basura humanista que dijeron idioteces de su atentado contra el bastardo de Landerretche.

¡Arriba los atentadores!

A little more than a month has passed since our explosive present detonated and wounded that scoundrel Oscar Landerretche. The distinguished economist, progressive, and leftist (since it turns out he is a member of the Socialist Party), with a degree from that incubator of progress par excellence, the University of Chile, was deserving of all of our Savage Vengeance.

And even though his wounds on this occasion were minor physically (due to the chance circumstances upon opening the package), we know, of course, that emotionally the consequences have been tremendous for him as well as his family. 

At the root of our unprecedented, original, and certain attack (which interested the press at the national and international level), many things have been said. Some of these have been quite funny, others not so much. Some have said that our package was a “false flag” attack. They’ve defamed us, belittled us, erased us, they’ve been horrified, offended, etc. etc. etc.

Due to all of these lies and criticisms, we have decided to issue a public statement. The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild takes advantage and will take advantage of any instance to spread and make its presence noticeable. We have no problems with this. So here we go:

I. Reprehensible action, various reactions

-Obviously we didn’t expect less from the political class and general population. We knew that they would be frightened by this Savage attack. That is why the President Michelle Bachelet said, “it was an extremely reprehensible act.” Even her disciples and non-disciples were making declarations energetically condemning the act. All of that was very much to be expected.

-One of the reactions that made us laugh a lot was that of the “green ecologist party”. These hippy drug addicts have the gall to dictate the “ecological” norms on how to act. No matter how hard they try, their “ecology” has nothing to do with our Ecology, they’ll never come close. For we are indeed Ecologists, but of the extremist variety: the type immersed in a war to the death for Wild Nature. We couldn’t care less about their “ecological movement” and rules: we piss and shit on them.

In this way, they keep marching, their demonstrations, holding signs, and shouting through megaphones. On our part we will continue with this War…

If our attacks help to lead to the criminalization of all of that social ecological garbage, perfect, we would have killed two birds with one stone.

You don’t know who did it? Then why do you say that the bomb was child’s play?
If it was child’s play, then can you do something bigger? Are you sure that those responsible aren’t in your ranks? LOL!

Along the same lines (perhaps a bit more disgusting) is a communique signed by a dozen social environmental groups, appearing on an equally disgusting blog, which is only worth mentioning in passing. We will only say that we curse their pacifist social struggles in “defense of the earth.” We hope that their movement is also criminalized to the maximum extent of the law, and that the repression of the state (a common concept among them) keeps on their tail.

-Others crossed themselves praying that it was only an isolated incident. They don’t have a clue. They can’t imagine the eagerness that fills us from head to toe to deal another blow. This will happen when they least expect it, against the person they least expect. It won’t be tomorrow, but it will happen. The positive and negative cables are patient, waiting for the moment of the next contact…

-The President of the Supreme Court has stated the following concerning our attack: that is was a, “a tremendously grave act that can change the criminal and political history of Chile.” Ok judge. We have shown how, with some basic materials, you can put a whole country in check (and we aren’t exaggerating). The miserable sentence above confirms this.

It is at this point that we animate ourselves as individualists of action to satisfy our profoundest desires, that don’t cease because we don’t have access to more sophisticated means. Cheer up, friends of action, no one is stopping this war!
-A bunch of self-styled wonks in the counterculture belittled us, alleging that our spelling errors indicated a lack of “professional language of the urban guerilla,” that we were not within the “line to defend the people,” and to “fight injustice,” among other things.

Firstly, it’s likely that one of them is a sociologist who is trying his hand at writing. He or she states that they’ve never heard of us. We don’t care if they know about us or not.

We aren’t going to apologize for our spelling errors. We try our best. We’re sure they get what we are trying to say, but most importantly it’s important that our accomplices and some allies also understand. We hope that this text will lack any such errors, so y’all stop trippin’.

We repeat and reiterate that, in our taking of responsibility for the attack of January 13th, we are not crazy, that we attacked with 100% of our faculties intact. Many call us “crazy” or “demented,” and even he does it, but this two-bit writer didn’t notice our own lucidity in this matter.

To say that we want to “gain the esteem of ITS-Mexico” is a stupidity that reflects his cluelessness. Well, you can’t really expect much of value from one who believes that the attack was one of the “ultra-right,” (which we will get to below). He clearly has an atrophied mind with all that class struggle and progressivist shit.
And yes, we use the same technology to attack it and to publicize our thought. We don’t have moral qualms about that. How do you think our native ancestors waged a tremendous war on the invaders? Using the same modern weapons surely!

It seems like your professional diagnosis of our clan is mistaken (just as the selling of your books is a mistake, but of course, you owe us commission for the publicity we’ve given you). Namely, the idea that we have networks of stockpiles and hiding places. We have bad news for you: we’re still around. I would be careful leaving that building on Marchant Pereira 1925, Providencia if I were you. You looked pretty bald motherfucker!

They say that we are an adolescent group because of our colloquial language. Shitty experts don’t have a clue.

To these two we recommend that they leave their expertise aside when talking about ITS since we aren’t going to conform to any of their parameters or predisposed rules. We are a complex and hermetic horde of counter-revolutionary misanthropic, Nihilist, and criminal Savages… Oh, and adolescents too, ya feel?

-A political scientist speaks in the name of anarchism (without being an actual anarchist), and spewed some declarations befitting his rank, that is they were dumb. He begins by openly lying, saying that anarchists aren’t part of a violent movement. It seems that this one has only read Leo Tolstoy and the anarcho-Christians. And the funniest thing is that he pretends to insult us by cataloguing us as a Satanic sect. He believes that to paint us as mystics would be insulting to us. On the contrary, look at our name, idiot. In addition to this he calls us a “Al Qaeda of ecology,” Ok now we are more than flattered.

II. The hunt for the eco-extremists

The day after the explosion of the package-bomb, a last minute meeting was held of the highest ranks of the Chilean police and intelligence forces. In this meeting those responsible for state security wracked their brains concerning how a group with an international reputation could commit such an unprecedented attack? The answer is simple and as our accomplices have said: we are an INVISIBLE MENACE. We are always stalking, waiting for the right moment to pounce and unleash our fangs. We are conspiring in the shadows, among the sound of the crickets and basking in the moonlight.

And as is to be expected, they make their sterile threats, saying that they will “quickly trap us,” exhorting that “the citizenry should trust its institutions.”
The officials charged with the investigation of explosive attacks begins its intense labor of gathering information, from gathering DNA evidence to reviewing security camera footage. The investigators’ declarations indicate the difficulty they have in tracking us, that the action was well planned out and sophisticated. From this platform we state, of course, keep looking for DNA evidence. Keep looking at security camera footage. Keep reviewing hundreds of names, keep on doing what you do, you won’t find anything of value.

III. On conspiracies, false flags, and the ultra-right

In this way we enter fully the last phase that occurs after such a public attack. Due to the inefficient investigation going nowhere and not finding those responsible for the attack, it was obvious that a campaign to discredit it would begin. There were accusations that we are “a decoy of the state,” among other conspiracy theories. It should be stated that, yes, from the beginning some imbeciles have accused us of being a “ruse of power.”

One of the main conspiracy theorists was the same son of a bitch we wounded. In one of his declarations for a mining magazine, he was boosting what the usual suspects of idiots have been murmuring.

That poor skeptic who doubts our existence. He doesn’t believe that we are the same ones who take responsibility for wounding him. Pushing the same funny theories that the attack was some kind of “facade”. Of what? He never says.

And yes, in reality you made people like us angry, people who aren’t ones to just let the harm to the Earth that your company caused go unanswered. That’s why we write this and rejoice in your wounds. And yes, you know full well to what you owe those scabs on your body. You know it all too well…

This one, who on the same night of the attack came out with his best victim face, showing his bandages (which should have been covering his head or eye, no doubt). He had a wicked face on and was making “strong” statements. Our present didn’t have a pinch of cowardice, but of a pinch of violence, of course. And yes we were able to change your shitty family routine and emotional state. And you were lucky (really lucky). The test blasts before the attack with much less match head powder packed a hell of a punch! Not even our hidden message in the note with the package could set off any alarms with you. You were obviously eager to open the “gift” and read the book on mining that your colleague at FCFM sent you. LOL, poor dummy.

Many have downplayed the force of the explosive, saying that the container was “really small,” that “there was very little powder,” that “that powder doesn’t cause fires,” (????) and that we were “only looking for publicity.” This last accusation is true. We don’t deny that we wanted everyone to talk about ITS. Obviously we wanted to spread our message, that’s why we took responsibility for it almost immediately. But the primary thing was to inflict as much harm as possible on the target.

The supposed low destructive potential of the explosive charge is refuted by our own previous tests of the explosive, including the same prosecutor in charge of the investigation recognized that, “the package could have had much more serious consequences.” Those photos that the cops took of the holes in the wall of the kitchen and of the broken windows were evidence of all this.

Some politicians in the government (and non-politicians), always in the role of hypocritical victim, put forth the theory that our attack was carried out by ultra-right wing groups. These poor folks have some sort of trauma concerning exploding bombs. Every explosion probably reminds them of the bombing of the Moneda in 1973, and their number one enemy, a certain Pinochet. They should understand that we couldn’t care less about a “Copper Law,” a “Gold Law,” or whatever other law. The only thing we care about is striking back a little for all the harm that companies like Codelco and others have done to the Earth.

Others have emphatically questioned our “true motives,” stating without beating around the bush that we are a “conspiracy of who knows what”. Again they never say. In one television report, they parade this explanation around. Even if this report is rather complete otherwise, with a summary of much of the history of ITS since 2011 until now, all of that is overshadowed by the conspiracy theory it expounds. It’s noticeable that they read the accurate journalistic report that one radio station made of our work, in some places they plagiarize it wholecloth. Another newspaper story also has doubts about our attack, even excluding our participation from it. It’s based on how the gift was sent from Chilexpress and not Correos de Chile. Who cares where the package was sent from or if it was an entire day in storage before it was sent? Are the images attached to our communique not enough?

All of the accusations and defamations of the press really don’t surprise us. We know how the media works, we’re not surprised by that. We aren’t going to play the victims accusing the media of lying. We write these words to show that we are still on the Egoist path of the extreme defense of Wild Nature. That we continue to shit on police intelligence, their prosecutors are a JOKE!

For the moment we will keep going, we will reappear when least expected, let that be clear. Let’s see when we return if the usual idiotic suspects call us a “decoy.”

IV. The revolutionary who head-butts the elderly

As to be expected, not all of the reactions came from the press, nor from the social collectives or the politicians. No, the only thing missing was the revolutionary anarchists who are offended and attack what we are and what we defend. This time around, the revolutionary prisoner Joaquín García mentioned us and referred to our attack in an entry put on various blogs of the counter-informative, anti-authoritarian etc. variety.

We said once that we don’t minds when people critique or attacks us. At this point we’re used to it. What’s more, we even like to read their criticisms (we’re a bit masochistic, sure). But if people want to talk shit, they should know that we will return the favor, and our shit will be nastier.

Really, this prisoner doesn’t say anything new, more of the same: the morality of attack, revolutionary consciousness, the same old shit. When are they going to understand that we aren’t “revolutionaries” and that revolution doesn’t interest us? This is a completely obsolete concept, and it has no validity in the present. Whoever believes in “revolution” and aspires to one should seriously question their principles. They should place themselves in the here and now, and realize that we aren’t in the 19th century anymore and do a blood test to make sure they don’t suffer from some sort of neurological disease.

Our attacks don’t have rules, nor morality nor nothing that yours have Joaquín. Why do you keep questioning our methods if we have between us “an irreconcilable difference between our distinct systems of thought” (as you say)? Enough, wouldn’t you say?

This crazy person “detests to the point of rancor” our discourse but applauds, admires, and salutes our attack. What??! This declaration only reflects his complete complacency. Why don’t you also hail the actions of the Nazis that you are bound to hate so much? You also hate their discourse but you don’t hail their attacks? Odd…
He distances himself from our mysticism, and from our beliefs that he calls absurd. Sorry, we forgot that this person defends what is most “focused”, “logical” and “coherent” on the earth. Please, let’s not start with the absurdities again lest you come out surely losing, dear ex-fugitive prisoner.

Just so you know, we wear our pagan beliefs on our sleeves, we make the mysticism of our ancestors ours and we happily revive it. We exalt all that is Wild and Hidden. We declare without hesitation that Wild Nature is our authority, since it is rules over us and all the Earth. She is the one who determines our steps and will say when our hour has come.

We don’t know why our mysticism bothers the anarchists so much… or in reality we do know. It’s because of their suffocating and disgusting Western atheism that they defend like the golden rule of those “without rules”: as the prostitute clings to the cock of her john, these anarchists don’t separate from their Enlightenment roots even a little bit.

Just so you know, better to keep head-butting the elderly. On that note, it’s good that you head-butted that old man. At that moment you seem to have forgotten the boring “revolutionary morality,” that’s been shoved down your throat. Sending a bomb to someone’s house without regard for their family, oh now, how “awful”! But don’t even think about hitting frail old people. People should clap for you.

We now understand why those who talk shit about us now praised your aggression then. That open sore of disgusting leftists praised your “revolutionary moral head-butt” since it was done in the spirit of a “not absurd” ideology that you defend. Whatever.

V. In conclusion

At the end of this communique, we only want to say one more thing:

The Eco-extremist menace in the South is more hidden than it has ever been. Our attack was only a spark from the bonfire that we will set. Even if our enemies are vigilant and entrenched, are hidden or even if they forget about this, we will still be there, observing and stalking in order to keep wounding, terrorizing, and causing chaos. In the best case scenario, we will make ITS-Chile’s first mortal casualty a reality.

With Wild Nature at our side!

Long live our ancestors and pagan spirits!

May the fog of the Accursed Lands of the South keep erasing out tracks!
Forward ITS International Mafia!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
Mystical Horde of the Forest

(en) José Vigoa’s War: A Short Discourse on Eco-Extremist Method

Un muy intersante texto en inglés que aborda la vida, el actuar y la caida de José Vigoa, un muy competente ladrón de los más exclusivos casinos de las Vegas en los años 90’s. A Vigoa lo caracterizaba su sangre fría, su metodología implacable en la ejecución de sus atracos, la inteligencia creativa y la sobriedad, todo esto relacionado con el metodo eco-extremista.
Más información sobre los atracos José Vigoa acá:

Pronto la traducción de este valioso texto.
¡Por la proliferación de la ilegalidad y el crimen!
¡Que la delincuencia sacie los instintos de los individualistas en Guerra!

The most notable departure that eco-extremism has undertaken in the past year is its increased clarity in organization. While its manner of attack has always been small, disperse, and secretive; and while it has always renounced revolutionary discourse or discussion of a “movement,” only a stark break could make clear that the ethos of eco-extremism is different from that of anarchists and other radical terrorists. In place of the activist, the eco-extremist seeks to emulate the criminal. Instead of the Party, the nihilist individualist builds a “secret society” (often secret even among themselves). Instead of a Movement, those who carry out the extreme defense of Wild Nature advocate a Mafia. If the emergence of eco-extremism signaled the crossing of the bridge to leave the Land of Progress and Enlightenment, the new stage of the management of savagery is setting fire to that bridge and watching it burn.

There are of course theoretical reasons for this. To carry out eco-extremist actions, the actors themselves require utmost autonomy and anonymity, just like criminals. The liberal, the leftist, the anarchist, and the anarcho-primitivist all advocate actions that others can emulate and proclaim along with the Crucified in the Gospel: “Go and do likewise.” They want to “mass produce” a course of action and behaviors developed to fit every possible situation and contingency. Everything is “open source” and out for everyone to see. This meets their need for the democratic ethos, their Faith in the People, their Dogma of the Fundamental Goodness of Human Nature. Even the most sympathetic hyper-civilized readers engage eco-extremist literature and ask, “But what should I DO? How can I apply it to MY OWN LIFE? Etc,” If you have to ask, then there is no answer in your case.

The eco-extremist is an opportunist. He is an individualist. There is no cookie-cutter eco-extremist like there is a cookie cutter communist or anarchist or primitivist. Each one is different, just like each crime is different. The modern activist seeks to limit chaos and contingency: the eco-extremist counts on it, even thrives off of it. The masses of hyper-civilized activists, from pacifists to the Black Bloc, seek to move like a Napoleonic column of troops, with discipline, a common goal, and a State-like force confronting the State in a “dual power” situation. These are only as strong as their weakest link. Eco-extremist action is guerilla warfare in the full sense of the term: not just in practice, but also in purpose. The eco-extremist, just like the criminal, fights only for himself, for his own benefit, and with those who fight similarly if far away; those who laud his actions and seek to emulate them in their own circumstances.

This is why eco-extremism is the “stone of stumbling, and a rock of scandal, to them who stumble at the word.” (1 Peter 2:8) Even those who sympathize, those leftist cheerleaders who want to be a little more militant and think that a few words in support of ITS boost their credibility as “post-leftists,” don’t understand this eco-extremist first principle. Eco-extremism is not about a few militant words that stimulate conversation, or a slightly more violent form of the passive pessimism that pervades progressive if honest intellectual circles. Eco-extremism is about conspiratorial complicity,  violent affinity, and sympathy that leads to illegality. Eco-extremism is not yet another ideological idol that one has on one’s altar along with insurrectionary anarchism, anarcho-primitivism, eco-anarchism, passive nihilism, etc. Eco-extremism is the smashing of idols, even the idol of one’s own “self-realization” and “autonomy” within putrid techno-industrial civilization. It is the holy zeal of the fanatic in the face of the blasphemies against Wild Nature, the covetous lust for violence against the hyper-civilized victim, and the singular patience needed to strike at the enemy at the opportune time. Any similarities to ideologies that came before it are superficial at best.

In order to draw this out further, we will take some lessons from the life of a modern day guerilla raider / criminal, one who had come to similar opinions concerning the legitimacy of criminal activity in a corrupt society. We speak here of José Vigoa, ex-Spetsnaz commando, possible Cuban intelligence officer, drug dealer, and casino robber who was a terror on the streets of Las Vegas during the years 1999 and 2000. During this time, he and his small crew successfully robbed some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, including the MGM and the Bellagio. Vigoa also killed two armored car guards who were  trying to play hero during a robbery. We will not dwell on biographical details of Vigoa here, but rather quote passages from John Huddy’s fascinating account, Storming Las Vegas: How a Cuban-Born, Soviet-Trained Commando Took Down the Strip to the Tune of Five World-Class Hotels, Three Armored Cars and Millions of Dollars, and comment on these as appropriate. By this we seek to learn from his rules of engagement and shed light on how individualist attack will happen from now into the future. The future, as much as one can speak of it, belongs to the individualist, to chaos, and to a-morality.

Not that Jose Vigoa thinks well of the determined Brink’s guards as they spoil what could have been his retirement heist. Stupid hero bullshit! Thinks Vigoa as he takes heavy fire from the two guards and retreats to the waiting Rodeo. Vigoa is amazed that the low-paid Brink’s men fight back. If not for the heavy fire now streaming toward him and the crazy American blazing away over the hood of the trunk, Vigoa would tell the guards to their faces how foolish they are: I’m not trying to take the money away from you, or disrespect you, or steal anything from your families. I want to take the money from the fat pig casino owners who have millions and millions and exploit their employees with peanut wages. (16)

Undaunted, Vigoa conducts a debriefing and announces a new policy: “Next time we shoot first and ask no questions of nobody. I didn’t ask the guards for their fucking wristwatches and wallets. Everybody wants to be a hero in this country.” Vigoa later writes in his journal: “In my world, you are either the hunter or the hunted. Vegas makes it, Vigoa takes it. (22)

The opening of the book describes a botched armored car robbery at the Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas, when Vigoa and his crew opened fire too early on the guards making a money delivery, thus allowing them to return fire and defend themselves. This would be a theme in Vigoa’s crime spree: that poor guards who had everything to lose and nothing to gain from returning fire defended their bosses’ money anyway. Perhaps here we see that the “hyper-civilized,” far from innocent or exploited, uphold an unjust system out of some sense of pride or habit. Civilization doesn’t suppress animal instincts, but rather harnesses them to its own ends, in this case, to defend the concept of private property and the honest working man’s “job well done.” Could there be more evidence that the hyper-civilized will never turn against the techno-industrial system? (16)

The robberies and small-unit tactics used by the gang reminded police of their own swat training. Marine and army veterans recognize Special Forces guerilla war tactics. Special Agent Brett W. Shields of the FBI realizes that the gang uses classic commando doctrines: (1) clandestine insertion, (2) brief, violent combat, (3) rapid disengagement, and (4) swift, deceptive withdrawal. The cops realize they are up against an organized criminal as colorful and lethal as any old-school hoodlum, but one in possession of exceptional battlefield intelligence, modern-day firepower, and sophisticated small-unit tactics. (25)

This “militarization” of criminal activity is a common theme in our day, as we shall see later.

What Vigoa called the Fiery Demon was stirring now; it would soon be awake. Vigoa could feel its raw power and white heat gathering strength throughout his body. Once he had feared the feeling and thought that it drew him into a life of crime and brutality, but Vigoa knew better now. The Fiery Demon was his shield and salvation, the primal force that kept him alive.

It was awake and growing stronger, and it would soon be free to do its work. (104)

This passage refers to an episode early in Vigoa’s career, but like many individualists and savages before, Vigoa also had a guiding spirit in combat. To be more than what one is as a mere mortal animal, and to strike out, one often needs the inspiration of a spirit, a daemon in ancient Greek belief. It is no wonder then that Vigoa had this, and an anarchist or leftist would scoff at this, as the latter’s power comes from the people according to their humanist beliefs. Those who aspire to inhuman actions must have inhuman help.

Many dealers were also addicts and used their profits to support their habit, but Vigoa did not. His abstinence was not about morality – it was about life and death. “You have to keep the brain clear,” he warned his confederates. “You have to be alert at all times, even when you’re sleeping or making love or with your family. You have to see farther than other men and around corners. You have to see into the hearts of men. You have to read the eyes of your enemy and know they are about to strike, or someday they will try to kill you.” (106)

Vigoa teaches sobriety and vigilance for the same reason that the eco-extremists do: not out of morality but for an individualistic end. The eco-extremist end is attack, and enemies are everywhere. Sobriety and vigilance are always needed. Some would say that this amounts to asceticism: that such a life is an unnecessary embrace of hardship for some sort of inverse moral end. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is hyper-civilized man who expects to be defended by his technology, his buildings, and morality. Even the most a-moral of hyper-civilized egoists relies on civilization and its pomps for his “a-morality”. The real condition of man without civilization is one of constant vigilance: in the jungle, in the forest, on the plain, and on the seas. We are so cut off from our senses and a life of engagement with wild things that we think a life of vigilance and sobriety is one of deprivation. The alternative, however, is the life of the zoo animal: we are under no physical threat because we live in cages. At the very least, the eco-extremist resists the life of the cage, even if only to attack and return to fight another day. The alternative is to try to find freedom in the cage, which is an absurdity.

“In a way, Pedro’s vanishing act was a good thing,” Vigoa says later. “We were tested. After Pedro got chased off from valet parking, we didn’t fall apart or panic. This is the way it is in real combat. There always are surprises. Nothing ever goes the way it is supposed to go, and a plan is only a first step. There always will be an ebb and flow in the fight. It’s how you react to surprises that matter. We did well.” (146-147)

The context for this reflection is the MGM heist that Vigoa’s crew carried out, and the lesson here is obvious. We will move on then.

Although not the most lucrative robbery, the Mandalay Bay heist will be the gang’s model heist- blazing fast, without resistance, and exactly according to plan. The actual robbery of the two Brink’s guards takes less than one minute, and the getaway even less time. By the time police arrive, the gunmen are long gone. No one can agree in which direction the suspects fled, descriptions of the getaway vehicle vary, some witnesses describe the bandits as black men, and there’s no ballistic evidence or fingerprints. (186)

This is a good summary of Vigoa’s crew’s tactics, which emphasized speed and precision in carrying out robberies and getaways.

Like the shark, Vigoa thought he was driven by a primal urge, even addiction, beyond his control. Perhaps his robberies were not about good or evil, money, revenge for past injustices, or even family. They were about power, violence, danger, and the thrill of the hunt. The sharks did what they did without remorse, and so did Vigoa. The police could not possibly comprehend this, Vigoa thought. They have no idea who or what they are dealing with. (158)

It is odd that all of the “green anarchists”, in spite of their efforts at “re-wilding” and anthropological studies of primitive peoples, cannot understand what a common criminal learned so well. That is, violence was not a means to an end in “primitive” life, but often an end unto itself: a way of life. The thrill of the hunt and the raid is not taken up by the re-wilding hippy in our day and age, but by the criminal and the thug, with all of their contradictions and selfishness.

All in all, maybe the Vigoa crew could never function with the precision of the Spetsnaz commandos, but they could be taught to obey simple orders and execute Vigoa’s well-drawn plans. Later he would write: “One of my special skills, in war and in crime, was to drill my men hard by simulating the mission again and again, sometimes twenty or thirty times. There was no room for error. The police and military find this out all the time, Even when you train well, there will be mistakes. In my business, I can commit five successful robberies, but if I make one small mistake or allow my men to become careless and undisciplined, then we will all die or go to prison with long elephant sentences. (161)

This begins a crucial part of the book where Vigoa begins to describe his methodology in more detail. Here we see that Vigoa, because he is a man of action, has no problem with wielding authority. Although eco-extremists tend to be individualists, they have no problem with authority, as it is conceivable that a situation might emerge where a small group will form to carry out a particular action. Unlike the anarchist or leftist, organization is not a function of ideology but of effectiveness in an ad hoc situation where speed and precision are of the utmost importance. Thus, there is no problem with authority in eco-extremism.

And by now the team could recite the Vigoa’s Rules almost word for word:

  • No talking during a job, except when “freezing” the victim (ordering him to stop and drop his weapon). Absolute silence among unit members.
  • Plan A: Disarm the guards. Plan B: Kill them without hesitation if they resist.
  • Vigoa, and Vigoa alone, gives the orders when to retire to the getaway car.
  • The second getaway vehicle (technically known as the first lay-off car) will be within running distance of the job because the armored car driver has been taught to use the truck as a battering ram and could damage the first car at the crime scene.
  • A minimum of three lay-off cars per job. These vehicles, plus the first getaway car – the one whose license plate number everyone writes down in great excitement – make a total of four cars per job.
  • Speed is essential – one minute and out. (When Suarez starts to protest that it will take this much time just to gather up the loot, Vigoa cuts him off: “This is not the movies, chico, people have cell phones, they call 911, and the stupids [the police] will race out of their doughnut shops for a little action.”)
  • No lay-off cars to be stored in casino lots, because security has been writing down plate numbers. Use apartment lots.
  • Chaos is key. (Vigoa to crew: “Who knows what modus operandi means?” Silence. “Good, because we don’t have one. Be unpredictable. This is war. Predictability gets you killed.”)
  • Leave nothing behind.
  • Ski masks and dark clothing. Always wear gloves. Leave the masks on until we reach the third getaway car. (165-166)

In these rules, we see again the emphasis on authority, speed and precision. But we also see a nod to chaos. Eco-extremists seek to be chaos, or Wild Nature, in a domesticated and artificial society. They too have no modus operandi. They want nothing from society except to lash out, so their methods are not that different from their ends: they attack for the sake of attack. This allows them to be unpredictable just as Vigoa sought to be.

I don’t want to kill nobody in my robberies. I didn’t want to kill the guards at the shopping center. But after the Desert Inn, I realize that every American has to be a cowboy. I call this the hero bullshit. You gotta be John Wayne and Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis, and you do stupid things and force me to do what I do, which is not stupid at all because to survive I will blow your fucking brains out. I will send you on the train to hell on a whim. My whim. (223)

This passage describes what happened when Vigoa and his crew attempted to rob an armored car and had to kill both of the security guards because they decided to fight back. Again, the hyper-civilized defend civilization even when it is not in their material interests. Call them what you want, but they are not the friends of the individualist, or of Wild Nature for that matter.

I wasn’t high or drunk, but I was confident. Too confident. It was the mood of the party. I felt good and mellow, almost in a trance. I felt invincible and it was then that I let my guard down. Just like the hotels did when the soft wealthies, lawyers, and accountants took over from the tough Italian gangsters.  (248-249)

Vigoa here describes how being off-guard led to his downfall. During his robbery of the Bellagio, Vigoa wore the wrong hat and was identified by security cameras, leading to his face being shown all over the news. This is also a warning against the double-life: Vigoa was a family man and he let a family party relax him too much and make him lose his focus. Ultimately, this is why he was caught: one part of his double life contaminated the other.

On June 3, 2002, I was ready to touch down, to take off from the Clark County Jail at nighttime. It was to be a good and final gift from me to all the law enforcement people, not to mention publicity for the DA and something to keep the news people busy. But something unexpected and unplanned happened. A friend of mine got caught with prison-made wine. The police asked me if they could come into my cell for a second because someone got caught with wine, and the police wanted to know if I had some. They looked around, and they didn’t find nothing. I had been working that day on the window, doing my last work, but I did not have the metal plates attached very well or disguised, because the cell search was so sudden, and I was so close to checking out – and the new correction officer without experience discovered my work by accident. It was one lucky shot. (335)

After Vigoa was caught, one of his crew was prepared to testify against Vigoa in exchange for leniency. This person, however, ended up hanging himself in his cell under mysterious circumstances. In spite of being on lockdown most of the day, Vigoa was trying to saw through the bars of his windows and escape. This testifies to Vigoa’s indomitable spirit: even when he was on the verge of being condemned to life in prison, he still found it possible to attempt to escape.

The tone of our first and subsequent interviews is businesslike and even cordial. But when Vigoa compares the Ross gunfight and tragic deaths to war, I interrupt. “Robbing people at gunpoint is not war,” I say. “Robbing people at gunpoint for self enrichment and then shooting them when they resist is murder.”

Vigoa’s face darkens. He gives me a hard look, and we lock eyes. There’s a long pause, then he sighs. “You’re right, it’s not war,” Vigoa says. “Well, maybe a little bit like war. In war we kill not only soldiers but innocent people too. But sometimes a man has no choice.” Vigoa is still stunned that the guards at the Desert Inn and Ross risked their lives for someone else’s money. (354-355)

When interrogated by the author of the book, Vigoa resists hyper-civilized morality, and refuses to exclude the “innocent” in his indiscriminate attacks. Again, it is very telling that he understands what so many “learned” people fail to get: that the innocent are not all that innocent, and the person “doing his job” is precisely what is upholding civilization.

“Jose Vigoa is an example of the criminal to be most feared in the future,” Sheriff Bill Young said. “We in American law enforcement know exactly how to deal with the homegrown street thug but are way behind the curve with the foreign born and trained, who are smart and not committing crimes because they are addicted or need money for drugs. We’re seeing more and more of these types in Vegas, particularly from the Middle East, the Baltic states, and South America. Their values are far different from ours, and the ruthless side they display leaves many American cops stunned. Many of these guys have military backgrounds and are sophisticated and well read. It’s going to take a concerted effort on our part to effectively deal with the Jose Vigoas of the world.”

The story of Jose Manuel Vigoa Perez, it turns out, is very much the story of our times. (364)

Thus ends John Huddy’s book on a great individualist prisoner who will spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison.  From this passage, it is clear that Jose Vigoa was a trend-setter: a foreshadowing of things to come. It is my belief that eco-extremism shares many of the same characteristics that the sheriff describes here: people who are trained (even if self-trained), indiscriminately violent, well read, and committed to the criminal enterprise. As the fabric of society continues to unravel, violence and those who commit it will become increasingly atomized, disorganized (in the institutional sense), and ruthless in their methods. This is not so much a prediction as it is a reading of the inevitable. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold…”

The eco-extremist is one who has given him or herself over to the chaos that threatens techno-industrial civilization.  They will learn from Jose Vigoa, from primitive tribes, from fellow terrorists, and from whoever can offer examples on how to carry out a personal war in extreme defense of Wild Nature, even if this defense is merely exacting an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


Huddy, John. Storming Las Vegas: How a Cuban-Born, Soviet-Trained Commando Took Down the Strip to the Tune of Five World-Class Hotels, Three Armored Cars, and Millions of Dollars. New York: Ballantine Books, 2008

(pt) Argentina – Segundo comunicado das Garotas Hostis à Civilização: reivindicação de incêndio a um trem

Traducción al portugués del segundo comunicado de “Niñas hostiles a la civilización”, adjudicándose un atentado incendiario en el tren de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Traducción a cargo de “Anhangá”.

¡Fuego y más fuego a la civilización!

20 de fevereiro do ano gregoriano de 2017, e voltamos a atacar. Anteriormente havia sido um miserável carro que ardeu devido o nosso fogo incivilizado, já hoje ele se espalhou a um vagão de trem. Às 21:45 subimos tranquilamente na máquina, observando atentamente a cada detalhe, e com os olhos atentos ao nosso redor deixamos o nosso presente incendiário-explosivo, o qual se ativou de forma exitosa, queimando alguns bancos e danando também a parte lateral e superior da máquina, juntamente com o seu sistema de ventilação. Um veículo da imprensa disse que foi uma falha técnica, como é comum nestes casos, mas NÃO, foi NÓS GAROTAS. Provamos mais uma vez o doce sabor da destruição e isso não poderão arrancar de nós nem com todas as mentiras do mundo.

“Apesar da dor, nos fizeram um favor, ficamos mais ligados quando entendemos a razão” – N.D.

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A destruição de suas máquinas é o que chegou a suas vidas como resposta iminente diante do ataque constante que exercem contra a natureza selvagem.

Seus transportes transportam o ser humano sobre a terra devastada e colonizada, convertida em propriedade/cidade, seja a curta ou longa distância. O transportam em distâncias e em velocidades forçadas, falsas, que nosso corpo poderia alcançar naturalmente. Transportam a multidão cidadã, levando-a a uma cotidianidade funesta, levando-a a seus centros de domesticação, seja o trabalho ou qualquer ponto do cemitério cinza (cidade). São as responsáveis, assim como todas as máquinas, pela destruição da natureza selvagem, promovendo a artificialidade que infecta a terra, representando a sofistifação daqueles transportes que chegaram pela primeira vez a terras não colonizadas e, portanto, responsáveis e cúmplices da existência e perpetuação desta civilização… Fico imaginando: humanos civilizados, vazios, movendo-se como pragas por lugares indômitos e inexplorados, aaargh!! Que nojo!

E agora, igualmente vazios, se atrevem a ironicamente comparar um avião com o mágico vôo de um pássaro, que possui asas reais. Se atrevem a querer se impor sobre a natureza, atravessar as condições, arrasar com o selvagem, tudo com a intenção de obter os recursos que outras espécies possuem. Se atrevem a ultrapassar seus “limites” humanos, quando são os seres mais domesticados e civilizados desta terra. É por isso que seus transportes ardem! Não são igualáveis as asas de uma ave e as patas de uma lebre! Ardem suas máquinas propagadoras da colonização, ardem seus preciosos transportes tecnológicos, arde em chamas o símbolo da nação, arde o seu progresso, arde a cotidianidade, arde o seu pedaço de metal, ardem as suas jaulas, ardem em nome da vingança pela natureza selvagem.

Viemos para lhes entregar juntamente com o fogo em cumplicidade, a fúria que geraram com cada ataque à natureza selvagem, a cada animal que habita até o lugar mais remoto da terra. Há séculos a conquista e destruição seguem, e com esta ação lhes respondemos com um contra-ataque e defesa. Assumimos a guerra que vocês iniciaram contra a natureza. São cúmplices do dano produzido a ela, e como cúmplices, não merecem compaixão, nem vocês nem suas máquinas… Este não é um ato por dinheiro, não tem moral, não é nem político, nem revolucionário, e muito menos, humanamente lógico.

Muito tem sido especulado na imprensa sobre o nosso atentado. Disseram que foi pelas eleições sindicais, que foi uma falha técnica, que foi o motor, o sistema de ventilação, blá blá blá. A verdade é que este golpe que receberam, sim, foi totalmente intencional, e receberam de nós que nos assumimos como terroristas, e verdadeiras inimigas da sociedade. Isto não é uma piada, é MUITO sério. Queríamos fazer voar pelos ares o seu asqueroso tecno-lixo e deixá-lo em pedaços, queríamos incendiar a tudo por completo, queríamos que este fogo se expandisse o máximo possível, mas bem, será para o próximo ato. O combustível com gás butano foi uma pequena amostra, mas NÃO SABEM do que somos capazes.

Que fique claro de uma vez por todas, há seres que não toleram a subjugação do selvagem em busca do aperfeiçoamento da civilização e do progresso tecnológico. Haverá mais fogo, haverão mais bombas, haverão mais atentados, HAVERÁ MORTES, porque isto é uma guerra, a qual enfrentamos posicionadas ao lado das catástrofes naturais.

Aqui, presentes, inadaptadas à vida civilizada, com raiva no sangue rugimos, GRITAMOS!

Cumplicidade com a natureza selvagem e com todos os seres que atacam a civilização!

Por todo o extasiado, pelo não-civilizado!

Um carro, um trem, toda uma cidade, à luz da lua ARDERÃO!

Guerra de morte contra a civilização e os que a sustentam!

Que o manto do oculto apague os nossos passos!

-Garotas Hostis à Civilização


1:Primeiro comunicado das Garotas Hostis à Civilização: http://maldicionekoextremista.torpress2sarn7xw.onion/2017/01/30/argentina-ataque-incendiarioexplosivo-contra-maquina/ (Tor)