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[en] (Greece) CONSPIRE

“Up there, in the hill, the city appear in a white extension …”

We had conspired.

We witnessed the moment, to act, but later everything was lost.

Remember, everything was lost because of a snitch

That day, he went down of his existencial home, and I knew, what he wanted to tell us: run away, is too late. Him, a snitch, already runned away, he was gone on his way, and if it doesn’t fit with ours, then he have to sabotage us for it.

Remember, when we were called “nechayevists”? Only in a place like Athens can be a similar definition to those like us, those who had the anarchist nihilism in their blood.

A few months before that the “Revolutionary Popular Combat Forces” kill two from “Golden Dawn”, their muscles, that a moment before were part of their bodies, now were becoming purple… *

In that moment I enjoyed an action agains two fascists scumbags, now I can just say that they are only two humans less over the surface of the Earth.

Do you remember Kirillova about the one we were talking about?

Here is the end for a snitch, die, without the use of justice in between, the practice of revenge, must be served as a cold dish.

I was searching for that one, after he did a “mistake” to us, were was he hiding like a rat?

He felt that i was looking for him, that I pass by America Square, there I just noticed two guys dealing with heroin bags, shaking hands, roaming around the twisted streets of that area. But nothing, it wasn’t there; the next days, I crossed the big park of Pedion Areos, located around Exarchia, this one also, from the top to the bottom, cheking every bench, and after walking the road towards Zografou, towards the university and the students dorms, I knew that he may be resting there… disolved like the wind…

In Athens, crime is strong, with a stablished code that says snitches must be murdered… but I never thought about making questions around because they were totally oppossed, but in some like that I had to find him..

Now, in comparation to the former, I think we can use a form of individual amorality, that doesn’t accept everything, but that doesn’t judge everything in a moralist undestandable way. Personally I refuse to use the police, or other people through some characters that wander around the criminal world, those who are called spies, for me must be like that…

Do you remember Kirillova when we planned the murder of this rat? Do you remember when we purchase a weapon in the dark caves of Omonoia?

We must reat this metaphor carefully: “the flames that extinguished our thoughts raise barricades in the wind, the flames that erosioned our intentions, have vanished bit by bit, the flames that burn in our conscience, now belong to the realm of the dead…”

There is nothing that can hold the force that want to put a knife in the body of a snitch, and there is nothing that can stop a bullet flying towards the head of a traitor. There is no justice that sustain, no honor that cannot lead to a personal revenge. That’s how life is, those are the rules of the criminal world in the city of Athens…


[en] (Chile) 78 communique of ITS: Crime night

Enviado al mail.

ITS is fire and gunpowder, incendiary devices and pipe-bombs, but we also are criminality and taking advantaje.

March 29 in Chile and the accomplices of southern lands are not indifferent to it. Far away from commemorations and revolutionary acts we assume the responsibility for the participation in the 2019 “Day of young deliquent”(sorry, combatant) riots.
In a totally anonimous way and spreaded all over different neighborhoods of the great Santiago we get ready with our weapons, with the help of the night and the criminal mass gathered we contribute to the clashes.. vandalism in wich we have been present on previous years and we make public today for merely strategic reasons.

This date fill us with joy as well as September 11, we see in this historical commemoration the perfect chance to create a bit of anarchy. We don’t take the streets to commemorate nothing, we don’t care the reason about why on that night happen clashes. We move away from the political load that some leftist want to give to this night of pure delinquency. Make no mistake, we are not interested in commemorate the death of the Vergara brothers nor salute any battle flag except for ours.

Preceeded the previous day for the paranoia imposed by some criminals who detoned their guns in the capital, we tood advantaje to unleash our amoralistic instincts in several locations of the disgusting city, causing disorder and pulling the trigger as much as possible, expecting that the bullet hit in any skull, of whoever, of some bastard, a curious pedestrian or a journalist, every human can be our target.

So, between thugs and delinquents, hooded anarchists and revolutionaries. We are in the middle of the neighborhood, the ghosts of ITS, the most wanted terrorists of Chile.

Camouflaged between the mob we handle ourselves good, in our bodies we carry the weapons. This moment is the best chance we have to shoot everywhere with our guns, we shoot against the cops, without caring if in the middle a civilian can be wounded. The firearms are complemented with molotovs and knives if comes any issue.

Mass media rejoice stating that year after year this day together with September 11, are each time less violent, but we that are engaged in the mess know that this is not true, if is true that there are less spectacular acts, the criminal violence is present and more alive than ever and we members of ITS are proud to be a part of it.

We do not hide behind this date, not at all, that has been set clear by ITS attacking when is less expected, this is a warning, the mafie spread and the fire and bullets will let pass to the blackpowder and shrapnel. It could be any day, do not forget that we still in the shadows lurking our targets and the only thing that has change is that every day we grow stronger.

Forward Delinquency!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners
-Inquisitive Revengeful Gang
-Mystic Horde of the Forest

[en] (Mexico) 77 Communique of ITS

I. Opening

The shock for the terror attack that left 50 killed in a New Zealand mosque has been enormous, as well as the impact caused by the perpetrator’s manifesto, so I felt the need to break down and make an analisis about the aforementioned, and by the way, I think is the perfect chance to finally set clear the differentiation between eco-extremism and eco-fascism, those who are smart enough will understand, those who are not, will continue labeling us as eco-fascists as they have been doing for a while, those brainless people will continue talking, writing thousand pages texts against us, publishing books, organizing events to discredit the ITS Mafia, but we will not stop neither our actions nor our propaganda, we are here to stay, that’s for sure!

II. Hisotry, race and economical power

Race is the main topic for supremacists of any kind (whites, blacks, brown, yellow, etc.), according to them, there is, without any doubt, a global racial war, and they are partially right about that. Focusing in white supremacists, the cause of the race in many places of Europe is the main force that make certain individuals or groups to arm theirselves to the teeth to defend it whatever it takes, and this is somehow logic having in mind the feeling of belonging arraigated in several european cultures since centuries ago, as an example of this we can see the invasions of Europe by islamic powers. The Otoman Empire took by force several european territories and raid the economy of many others, of course, that invasion bring consequences, diseases, murders, rapings, bans and a serie of actions that lead to the resistance against the invaders. Removing from ourselves the political correctness is quite understandable the hate against the extrangers that inherited those societies who live that in their own flesh, for example, a village of white people in wich all of the have an agricultural based life, in wich everyone knows each other, have beliefs attached to nature and they live relatively in peace is perturbed by the arrival of people who do not speak the same languaje, with a different skin color and that comes not only to impose their religion but also to kill, enslave and rape, the logical answer of those white people living on islamic controlled territory would be hostility towards the invaders, to claim for revenge and that every time that they see someone with such characteristics want to kill him or kick him out. The same happened in America, a village of hunters-gatherers and nomads of brown skin people who live according to their ancestral traditions, that have animist pagans beliefs attached to nature, in wich everyone knows each other and live relatively peace and harmony is perturbed by the arrival of white people, with blue eyes and blond hair wich do not come to open a dialog, as they do not speak the same languaje, they come to impose catholicism, burn down their homes, kill the warriors and rape the women, what would be the answer? Conflicts like Mixton War and Chichimeca War, among others.
This is why I think that hate against extrangers is understandable for the people that live back in that days, but well, Can this hate still being valid in the current days? As we can see, yes it is, but is compressible? I guess that for white supremacists it is, even after several united armies kick out the Otoman empire from european lands and put them back in their place, after hunders of years have passed and the Middle East became poor and Europe rich, that the same successors of the Otoman empire come again to “invade” Europe but in a more sutile way, is like an insult for those who do not forget the aforementioned history.
But the main reason here on the topic of invasions is not the race (as race is a secondary and irrelevant issue, as all human beings without exception are a mix of genes in wich “purity” is something irrelevant, ask a biogenetic) but economy, the main reason of the islamic raids towards Europe was economical and territorial power, as it was the main reason for the European invasion of America, Africa and Oceania. Then, what is the real motivation? The supremacy of think of yourself as better than the rest and being the great conqueror of everything. The supposed “invasion” and “white genocied” stated by Brenton Tarrant on his manifesto is just a disgusting garbage.
Who were the one that came out from Europe to conquer lands? Weren’t the white portuguese the ones who invaded Africa and enslaved thousands of native peoples, wich later they exported to Brazil and other places as slave labor force? Weren’t the white spanish the ones who carry out a genocide of gigantic proportions and wipe out entire populations in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, etc.? Weren’t the white french the ones who arrived to Canada and enslaved and killed the native people that were opposing resistance? Weren’t the white english the ones who came to North America and stole the lands from the natives? Weren’t the white dutch the ones who came the last to the repartition of territory and also commit atrocities in those beautiful places? Aren’t the whites (europeans, jews, etc.) the ones who own the world? Aren’t the whites the ones of biggest notoriety within the corporations, mass media and are the main influencers of opinion? Is not the english languaje (of the whites) the global languaje?
The history of Europe is filled with nevereding wars, they are overdosed with a frentic ambition, they always wanted to became the owners of everything, and they manage to archieve it.
Im not saying here that white people should become our main target, as the war of ITS is not a racial war, we do not care about reducctionist issues like that because for us, race is something secondary whithout any importance. For us whites, blacks, browns, yellow, etc. are an uniform mass of humans, wich contribute to the expansion fo this cursed race that devastates nature and tend towards progress, and this is why ITS attacks whithout caring about races, ages, genders, nationality, etc.
Back to the topic, what is worth to mention here is that the author is adopting an indirect position of victimism, showing the white race as vulnerable when the truth is that the whites, as I stared before, are the ones that own the world since centuries ago.
We in America SHOULD be more angry for what they came to do here, there should be armed and terrorists groups really dangerous wich kill white europeas and remember their native roots, but that does not happen because many potentially dangerous individuals have been sedated with their vices, alcohol for example, their drugs, their pornography, their videogames, their technology, their judeo-christian religions, their prestigious brands, their social networks, all of this are invention of whites (europeans, jews, christians, etc.)
Those cry-babies white supremacists tell us that there is a genocide of the white race because muslims come asking for job, build mosques in their nice and quiet neighborhoods and marry white women, what a bullshit! You white european supremacists don’t know what is to suffer a genocide, you don’t know what is slavery, poverty and the struggle for survive in places were you will not last not even a fucking day. You are exactly like the jews, another cry-babies assholes that complain and repeat about the holocaust untill the disgust, when here in America invaders perpetrated the biggest massacre of wich nobody knows because the official history does NOT focus on that, invaders killed entire villages, great numbers of native population were wiped out and forget, thousends of millions of our ancestors were killed, and you complain about some deaths? You talk about genocide? Sons of bitches! Shame on you motherfuckers!
I would like to clarify, before the usual idiots read this and judge me wrong: I am NOT antisemitic, I am NOT anti-european, I am NOT anti-whites, I am NOT american-centrists nor indigenist and I am NOT a nationalist, thats for sure. I’m just exposing my point of view before the non sensical statements of Tarrant and the TRUTH of what is going on in this modern world far away from the political correctness. They wanted to banish us from the official history, they hide obvious realities, they send us to the progressivist forgetness, but still exist some people who have memory.

III. Eco-fascism vs eco-extremist misanthropy

For many people, the finnish author Pentti Linkola is a referent of eco-fascism, this person who live a simple live working on non-commercial fishing have several essays in wich he stated his ideology that in the current days, many have adopted, mainly in Europe. The proposals of this person goes from eugenics to the bombing of the major cities with weapons of mass destrucction, all this in order to have a population control and the improvement of the race. The development of sustainable techonologies and conservation of spcies and eco-systems. The abandoment of techonology and return to a middle-age lifestyle to counter the damage done to the enviroment by the western modern civilization has caused. All this will be archieved, according to Pentti, by a dictatoship that imposes all this bit by bit, those ideas can be reflected in the novel “Iron Gates” of Temple ov Blood, but in a more exagerated form.
Linkola admitted admiration for the management and consolidation of nazi Germany, wich had some close characteristics to autohor’s ideas. In general, the doctrine of this person, with the historical weight that have on it, fit very good with the nationalist feeling of apropiation of many europeans, this is why it fit like a ring on a finger for many of them. Now, after the terror attack in New Zealand, Tarrant has become an importan person for this doctrine, as he describes himself as eco-fascist and on his manifesto wrote statements that match with the ideas of Linkola.
Of course, ITS strongly rejects eco-fascism not only because proposes a political model like a dictatorship (here is worth to mention that we will reject it the same way if the political model were democratic, socialists, republican, etc) but because the idea still being progresist, it can be obviously noticed that eco-fascism is a purely progresist doctrine, as it aims directly to a social improvement and a better way of life for humanity itself, even if its methodology and practices look extremists (and in fact they are), it ending arriving to the same point of every other humanist doctrine, progress as species. So, eco-fascism is rather an “humanist anti-humanist” doctrine, as it propose the elimination of humans but at the same time justifies it by stating that other humans would live a better life, some sort of Thanos (yes, that famous from the comics)
We, ITS, do not have consideration for the future of anyone, that means we do not want a better tomorrow for the children of Mexico or America, or somewhere else, we don’t care at all about children, aged people, youngsters, adults. Their future is filled of horrors and imposed ignorance that will make them live a long a dismal useless life.
We, in oposition to eco-fascism, are not moved by cravings of willing to live better on the future, the present is what we have and thats that. This present is a real shit, stinks and disgusts until makes you throw up but it is what it is, is what we have, we live on this and we attack it from time to time as we are the disgusting reflection of a reality that AGOBIA and makes us sick.

It is clear the diference between eco-extremism and eco-fascism, only a fool don’t see what is in front of his or her eyes, but of course, we cant expect a lot from some people that experiences a sever identity crisis and don’t even know what they are, men and women, and to avoid existencial puerile confrontation omit their own gender with “e” or “x”.

IV. Anarchism, begetter of “monsters”

In “Answers to possible questions”, the author of “The Great Replacement” wrote:

“Did you always had that point of view?
No,when I was young I was a communists, then an anarchists and finally a libertarian to lately become an eco-fascist.”

For all those anarchists that get scandalized by what this person have done, learn this good, this “monster” became what he is now by an ideological process that came both from communism and from anarchism, and look what you breeded!
The same happen here, we came from anarchism and look what we are now, sociopaths willing to destroy everything and kill even the supporters of our old ideas!
Look what anarchism breeded, misanthropes, murderers and terrorists like Ravachol, Di Giovanni, Galleani, Mario Buda, Mauricio Morales, ITS, thank you anarchism, thank you a lot!
And this concerning the monsters that went towards the left, if we talk about the monsters that went towards the far-right we can mention Tarrant and Benito Mussolini, do you remember? So he, back on his young days was an active supporter of anarchist direct action in Italy, years later, he took inspiration from his own juvenile adventures beating up oppositors for the creation of the Black Shirts, those ones that beat to a pulp communists who oppose italian fascism, what an history aye?

Is curious, Tarrant became main protagonist of one of the biggest massacres perpetrated by white supremacists, the same Tarrant the years ago was an anarchist and maybe hate supremacists, and maybe swear allegiance to his complex of stateless, how much changes the life!

V. Closing

The attack made by tarrant marked contemporary history, it will motivate future attacks in Europe and USA, there will be consequences. ISIS (now reduced to a guerrilla) and Al Qaeda of Islamic Magreb promised revenge and are encouraging their lone wolves to attack white supremacists, obviusly ITS celebrate all this, we do not care about the tears of the massacred muslims, neither the tears of the future victims of the islamic extremists, the attack of Tarrant will bring Chaos and destabilization and if it comes, we warmly welcome it.

For the arrival of Chaos to every corner!
Awakening the forces of the Unknown that roam everywhere!
Churches, temples, mosques, all must burn!


Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Mexico

(Grecia) Reivindicación incorrecta de atentado contra carnicería

Tomamos una nota de la prensa griega que data de diciembre del año pasado, en donde se publica la noticia de que un artefacto explosivo abandonado frente a una carnicerá detonó dejando un civil seriamente herido en Grecia, el acto llamó mucho la atención de la prensa y las autoridades, días más tarde un grupo llamado “Nihilistas Verdinegros” tomaron la responsabilidad del atentado, sin remordimientos se adjudican el hecho y su reivindicación fue colgada en un par de sitios anarquistas, más sin embargo, tras la acalorada discusión que se dio en esos blandengues circulos el comunicado fue censurado y juzgado, lo que no contaban es que hubo algunos que lo copiaron y ahora nosotros lo publicamos aquí en inglés y en español. Cabe destacar que aunque no compartimos la totalidad de este, celebramos el acto y la decisión de los individualistas que lo perpetraron de no arrepentirse de nada, aceptar su responsabilidad y asumir las consecuencias. Este es un episodio más que deja ver la cobardía y la doble moral de los anarquistas que censuran este tipo de actos solo para que su movimiento no se vea manchado con grupos realmente comprometidos en su guerra a muerte contra su objetivo egóico.


Vivimos en la sociedad del espectáculo.

En nuestra era, importa cuántos “me gusta” y cuántos seguidores tienes en los medios de deprivación (redes sociales). Todo esto va desde la persona más apolítica hasta la gente politizada del ámbito anarquista. Qué ropa llevabas y qué comiste. Ahí es donde las industrias y el sistema capitalista al completo (con anuncios en las redes sociales que frecuentemente aparecen al azar) sacan provecho a toda costa mediante esta enfermedad consumista sin importar en absoluto si todo esto le cuesta la vida a animales no humanos. En la forma de vestimenta y alimentación es que contamos las mayores pérdidas. Está de moda, especialmente estos “santos” días de navidad, las vitrinas de pequeños y grandes comercios donde la purpurina y los bonitos adornos cubren la miseria, la podredumbre, la muerte y la brutalidad.

Por esto, colocamos una bomba de baja potencia activada por reloj temporizador en una carniceria en la calle mas central de Kipseli, sabiendo que un poco más lejos junto a la plaza Kipseli, suele haber frecuentemente unidades DIAS*. Una vez más, hemos demostrado la inutilidad de los pacos colocando una bomba en el centro de Atenas sin problema alguno.

El artefacto estaba hecho de una botella de cristal rellena de pólvora negra, suficiente como para dañar la fachada de la tienda. Dos bombonas de gas grandes y 3 litros de gasolina para aumentar la posibilidad de hacer más daño. Otra razón por la cual hemos usado gasolina es para quemar cualquier posible residuo con ADN que pudiera estar presente en el artefacto. Finalmente colocamos dos relojes para asegurarnos de que las bombillas detonen la pólvora negra. En tanto que hemos visto que ha funcionado, vamos a mejorar nuestros medios explosivos en el futuro para causar incluso más daño.

Una vitrina detrás de la cual se exponen cuerpos colgados de criaturas que una vez estuvieron vivas y sintieron el terror y el dolor de una helada cuchilla en sus gargantas. Es vulgar colgar y exponer criaturas no humanas, de esta y cualquier otra forma, como si fueran objetos y productos con los cuales las inmundas personas puedan pagar para comprarlos por unos pocos momentos de placer, llenandose el estómago y satisfaciendo su gusto. Para alguien, un animal puede ser caro o barato, pero este animal paga por ello con su propia vida.

Somos anarquistas de praxis. Estamos furiosos y avergonzados por la normalidad y la inercia del reformismo, las concentraciones pacíficas sin ningún efecto, el veganismo “lifestyle” y la supuesta interacción social hacia una sociedad que es responsable por la cautividad y la tortura de animales no humanos.

A través de los medios de masas nos enteramos de que un traseunte resultó seriamente herido. Ciertamente no era nuestro objetivo, pero desde luego no vamos a pedir perdón por el resultado de nuestra acción. Estamos en guerra y la guerra genera bajas.

Nuestros fines son específicos. Atacar al enemigo por todos los medios. Hoy, los golpes son con pequeñas bombas y artefactos incendiarios en negocios y vehículos de la opresión y la tortura hacia los animales pero mañana vamos a ir a la puerta de vuestros hogares.

Dedicamos nuestra acción a nuestros compas no humanos que pagaron el precio de la libertad con sus vidas. Porque segun el “protocolo” cualquiera que intente obtener suspiros de libertad lejos de las celdas y jaulas es peligroso y merece morir. Toda esa gente podrida ha olvidado hace mucho que el bien mas preciado de la vida es la libertad.


Nihilistas Verdinegros.

NdT:*DIAS es una unidad de patrulla motorizada de la policía griega.


We live in the spectacle society.

In our time, it matters how many “likes” and followers you have in the means of social deprivation (social networks). All this begins from the most apolitical random person to politicized people of the anarchist world. What you wore and what you ate. This is where the industries and the whole capitalist system (when advertisements on the social media home page often appear randomly) to make a profit at all costs through this consumer illness without not caring at all if all this costs life in non-human animals. Mostly in the category of clothing and diet where we count most losses. It is in fashion, especially now these “holy” Christmas days, the showcases of small and large businesses where the glitter and the fancy ornaments cover the misery, the rottenness, the death and the ruthlessness.

That’s why we placed a low-power clock-timed bomb on the front of a butcher shop on the most central street of Kipseli, knowing that, a little further alongside Kipseli Square, there are quite often DIAS teams. Once again, we showed the inability of the cops by putting a bomb in the center of Athens without any problem.

The mechanism consisted of a glass bottle filled with blackpowder, enough to damage the facade of the shop. Two big gas cannisters and 3 liters of gasoline to increase the chances of more damage. Another reason we used gasoline is to burn any residual DNA that may be present in the mechanism. Finally, we put two clocks to make sure they work and that the lamps will ignite the blackpowder. From the moment we see it work, we will upgrade the explosive means in the future to cause even more damage.

A showcase behind which there were hanging bodies of creatures that were once alive and felt the terror and pain of the frozen blade in their throats. It is vulgar to hang and display non-human creatures, in this and in every way, as if they were objects and products where the disgusting people would pay to buy it for a few moments of pleasure, filling their bellies and satisfying their taste. For someone an animal can be cheap or expensive, but this animal pays for it with its own life.

We are anarchists of praxis. We are angry and embarrassed by the normality and inertia of reformism, peaceful gatherings without any effect, lifestyle veganism and the supposed social interaction towards a society that is responsible for the captivity and torture of non-human animals.

We learned from the mass media that a man was seriously injured. It was certainly not our purpose, but we certainly will not be sorry for the outcome of our action. We are at war and a war have losses.

Our goals are specific. We beat the enemy by every means. Today the hits are with small bombs or with incendiary mechanisms in shops and vehicles of the oppression and torture of the animals but tomorrow we will get to the door of your home.

We devote our action to our non-human comrades where they paid the price of freedom with their lives. Because according to the “protocol” anyone who is trying to get breaths of freedom away from the cells and cages is dangerous and deserves death. All these rotten people have long forgotten that the most precious asset of life is freedom.


Black and Green Nihilists

TN:*DIAS are a motorcicle patrol unit of Greek Police.


“When I reach this point, I have to forcefully repress a sigh. There are moments when I am assaulted by a feeling darker than the darkest melancholy: contempt for men. So that there is no doubt about what I despise and who I despise, I will say that it is modern man, of which I am unfortunately contemporary. The impure breath of the man of the day suffocates me”

About the recent media scandal concerning our acts we want to say some things:

1. ITS is not responsibile for the explosive devices detonated the past February in Mexico State, those were part of a coordination of a group named “Conspiration of Thunder” (CT), and even if we share some of their motivations, they DO NOT belong to ITS, don’t give us the credit please. However, from this short communique we invite them to join this international group for the Chaos, and to share not only this acronym but the will of seeing EVERYTHING burn. Honestly you did a very clean job, and your stealthy operation put the state security agencies into trouble. Well done!
To CT, we encourage you to continue your criminal project until the last consequences. (1)

2. It is not very useful try to hide our existence wherever we operate, it has been done before and it did not work very good, while we are on the news in Mexico, also we are on France from the last interview that we gave, lately we are on the news on Chile, Brasil and Greece, so, Mr. President, get some actualized information about ITS from those useless senile and altenative hipster that you have as assistants, because during your government, as we did with Peña, we will continue our attacks, because we do not care if the government of the moment are right, left or center, ALL of them are progresists and human progress is our target. (2)

3. As it seems, after the coordination of CT, there were a bunch of people that decided to do bomb threats, leaving fake grenades in courts and set buses on fire, the media point us as responibile for this as well, we will not deny nor accept the responsibility for those acts, we just want to say that this is the evidence that a one or several little actions are enough to encourage others to take initiative and go out there to make their own disaster, to spread the contagion, oh well!
Also is a evidence of the collective paranoia that reigns in a timorous society, used to lynching or conformism of a so grey reality that is disgusting only to mention it. And how is that just with one phone call warning to explode a bomb in an specific moment, how a simple toy that looks like a grenade, etc… the stablishied order is left obsolete and broken by a single person who choosed to break with the routine of the fake reality, there is a lesson, and only the smartest will be able to understand it. (3)

4. The army wandering around the streets, so many federal and state cops stopping “suspicious” people, or so many joint operations with the Tactical Team together with the implementation of the National Guard will be useless, the terrorists actions of ITS, or the Conspiration of Thunder or any other group with similar motivations will continue no matter what, whatever it takes, because remember it good: YOU ARE A JOKE!

We still continue the international project of conspiration against human progress!
Forward criminals!

With the Occult on our side:
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Mexico

(en) Bayaq, Communiques of the ITS in english (Part 3 and 4)

Llegan la tercer y la cuarta edición de Bayaq, recopilados de los comunicados de ITS en inglés, expandiendo el mensaje de la Mafia terrorista.

Parte 1 y 2 aquí.





[en] (France) Withered Green Anarchism

Interesante texto publicado en su original en francés en La Mauvaise Herbe vol.17 no.2.
Enviado al mail.

“No one cares about them anymore around here, why don’t you just let them wither away in impertinence?” asked a good friend who identifies as an anarcho-primitivist.

Anecdotal perhaps, but I couldn’t help but remember a very successful event on radical ecology which I attended not so long ago. It was a well-prepared conference, by an anarchist who knew his shit. To a crowded room of young enthusiastic radical students, during a segment devoted to anarcho-primitivism, the whole discourse on equality, direct democracy, and even the 15-hour-workweek-which-feels-like-play-anyway was conveniently served. [1] At least he didn’t start talking about telepathy or telescopic vision. I remember it made such a good impression that a coordinator from the College where the event was taking place approached the Mauvaise Herbe, who were on place distributing publications, to see if they would eventually come share their positive message with the youths. They gave her a few Mauvaise Herbe to read and I think she changed her mind.

But it’s true that we don’t hear much about the Green Anarchists around here. Yet, in my conversations and in what I often hear from the “anti-civ” discourse, here as much as elsewhere, are the same reflexes I know all too well, the same references, the same premises, and the same ends. The humanistic-hedonistic discourse on primitive life has become mainstream in the milieu. In complacency, the speculations of some have become facts for others. Anarchists in general have never strayed too far from progressivism, they feel at home, at ease with it. Those who have chosen to deviate from it through their words and actions have always come up against the churches guiding the paths of “struggle”. It’s almost come to a point where one should profess their faith with each statement, each action.

For many now, in these moments of clashes, to put the rhetoric of social cohesion into question is to revel in “fascism”. While the anarcho-cybercops of the insurrectionally righteous make calls for witch hunts, it is to all their Inquisition that I dedicate these provocations.

Green is the new red

“This ideological view of our past has been radically overturned in recent decades, through the work of academics like Richard Lee and Marshall Sahlins. A nearly complete reversal in anthropological orthodoxy has come about, with important implications. Now we can see that life before domestication/agriculture was in fact largely one of leisure, intimacy with nature, sensual wisdom, sexual equality, and health. This was our human nature, for a couple of million years, prior to enslavement by priests, kings, and bosses.” -John Zerzan, A Future Primitive

We are of an era disillusioned with the promises of progress. It did not bring the promised utopia. Progressives are no longer necessarily those who had promised us that “the machine will work for man!”, those who more than a century ago had already announced the same “leisure, intimacy with nature, sensual wisdom, sexual equality and health” thanks to human and technical development… they are now rather those who are worried about the crises it generated, those who follow the newswire of the unfolding apocalypse – the ecological disaster and the planetary civilization in total decadence.

But some still won’t lose hope in humanity, and the possibility that provided a new universal consciousness, it can impel a culture of resistance of nomadic hunter-gatherers who will carry all the humanism that 20th century anarchism has inherited!

And, it is in this sense that an essential work of the anarcho-primitivist canon like A Future Primitive is an exercise in seduction, with its critique of civilization and praises of primitive life geared towards pleasing those humanistic sensitivities left disappointed by the consequences of modernity.

Therefore, it draws most abundantly from the anthropological works of a certain period when attempts were made to break the myth of a brutal primitive life with bold statements on leisure and egalitarian aspects, more attractive to the modern civilized – works from anthropologists who wanted their field to fuel social debates.

In an essay dealing with the legacy of Marshall Sahlins’ acclaimed work quoted by Zerzan, The Original Affluent Society, anthropologist Nurit Bird-David reminds us that “The general interest in it no doubt reflected our symbolic and ideological needs and our (Western) construction of the prehistoric past. […] Intended to provoke as well as to document, the essay soared beyond conventional scientific discourse, appealing directly to Western fantasies about work, happiness, and freedom.” [2]

For many of those who identify with anarcho-primitivism or with a certain Green Anarchism, the life of nomadic hunter-gatherers of the paleolithic represents anarchism as lived by humans for millennia. Some will even call it Primal Anarchy. In this original utopia, this anarchist Garden of Eden, they see our true “human nature”. Thus, in their propaganda, to an audience inclined towards anarchism, with its progressive-humanistic values, they praise primitive life according to how anarchistic it appears.

This selective reading of anthropology has become widespread among anarcho-primitivists and has influenced many other anarchists (including stirnerians and nihilists). It reduces primitive life to generalizations about presumed essential traits – egalitarian, collectivist, anti-oppressive, hedonistic, ecological and anarchistic traits. The relevance of primitive life becomes its representation of these values. Continue reading [en] (France) Withered Green Anarchism

[en] (Chile) Attack in Mall Florida Center

“Inside the space there is the contagion of buying, almost everyone feels the sensation of being following an irresistible current. (…) no contemporary building has magic for the crowd that owns evil. “
-Stolen from “Consumption consumes me”.

We are the outcast of the anarchist world, we are the wicked children who bring darkness to paradise and, driving the dark arts, we cast a pagan spell at the Mall Florida Center, against the devastators of the earth, its defenders and false critics. IN REVENGE FOR THE DEAD FOREST AND THE EARTH IMPRISONED UNDER THE LIVING CEMETERY.

Our hex was built with a good firecracker got in the underworld, a deodorant and a glass to simulate quietly (invisibility spell). The materials were collected from the disgusting garbage of consumers (with their fingerprints and DNA) and STOLEN from other malls, places where the modern human seeks to fill the voids of his civilized life. We regret that it was not as powerfull expected, but that it worked, it did.

We believe that Anarchism, at least here and now, must be antisocial, renounce to “reaching the people” as society itself with its anthropocentric vision and morality are our enemies. The citizens are on the other side of the barricade, with their comfort and consumption, defending the artificial. Know that we do not regret if our spells hurt someone, earthquakes and tsunamis are killingagainst more people. We do not pretend to solve problems, but to create them. We are part of the forces of pandimentional chaos. Towards all directions.

We call on all vandals, anti-social, nihilist and anarchist to lose hope, to stop being the slaves of the majorities (“those who sleep also rule the world” – Angry), not expect neither conditions nor the masses . Let’s sow terror in the metropolis, invoke chaos, DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY … HEMISARIES OF NOTHING ANNIHIZE SOCIAL PEACE.



[en] (Argentina) 73 Communique of ITS

We speak now to set something clear about a note made by TN, mass media from Argentina wich interviews Gaston Cavanagh, the journalist that contacted us in the frame of G20.

I. “Strange denomination”

We are Individualists Tending Towards the Wild, “Individualists” because our fight is for ourselves, not for the people, the mass or any oppressed group. We fight against civilization and humanity because their existence leads to the destruction of the wild nature of wich we are part of, many do not want to see, soon or later it will be evident as the way our specie lives is untenable, we are digging our own grave and the grave for the rest of forms of life of this planet. Even the scientists that work on behalf of the human progress are warning for decades the humanity about the consequences of their actions- We are living the sixth massive extintion of species in the history of this planet, bigger than the one that happened with the dinosaurs. In 2007, OUN announced that nearly 150 species are being extinguished every day, recent research upgrade that number until 900, meanwhile, only today 14.000 hectares of forest were cutted. For the humans the things are not much better, there are about 3.000 suicides every 24 hours en in the same time lapsus 22.000 die of cancer, the sickness of this modern era. Those numbers shows the hypocrisy of a society for wich “One death is a tragedy and a million deaths is an statistics”. In this contexts it should be not strange that some people choose to firmly stand against all this disgusting system. We already murdered 8, a dozens more were injured, this is NOTHING in comparation with the level of destruction reached by the techno-industrial system, wich in the time we spend writin this lines has taken more lives than our organization in its 8 years of life.

“Tending Towards the Wild” is about recover the actions of resistence of our native ancestors, for them it was obvious even more than 500 years ago that the arrival of those strange white men in their boats will bring only devastation and misery. Is about rejecting the morality imposed by society and value the natural over the artificial. Nowadays you can see all the kids on the “eco-radical” fashion, friendly to the mapuche struggle or defending fourth wave feminism, they go to demonstrations and write threatening post on social networks, were they promise revenge and death against “machos/specists/cops” or whatever other enemy of that moment. We walk on the street and see a disgusting institution that promotes nanotechnology, wich will be used afterwards for the domestication or destruction of nature and to perpetuate the harmful human existence, and instead of get rid of our frustrations on facebook/twitter or drowning them on drugs as the majority of leftist cowards do, we make a homemade bomb and place it on their door so they can feel the consequences of their actions. So, unlike the common person, we took a confrontational attitude towards the modern aberration in wich we live. You could get angry or condemn us in the media, in case of journalists you should do it. But on the inside, you know about what we are talking about, soon or later the account will be settled. When there is no more drinkable water to pollute, when the forests die, when seas and rivers became dry, you will realize that the madness was not to stand against to this way of life, but in perpetuate it.

II. Our war and our contradictions

We adress briefly this point in order not to be very repetitive. We use techonology, live normal lifes, we have smartphones, cars, houses, computers. Civilization with its way of life has dominated us, we do not have any illusions to change that and in the opposite, we use the advantajes of the civilized life (cronyism, aesthetic prejudices, indiscriminate solidarity, etc) to develope our terrorist activities. If we wanted to change the system by our consume choices as point the stupid proposal of the green fashion, it will be contradictory what we do, but our only goal is to spread the chaos, any mean is acceptable.

III. The invisible threat

Media is not clear about if they have to take us serious or not. The reactions of the States grow this “shadow” that covers our eco-extremist activities. In Mexico, were our brothers have been murdering human garbage since 2011, they choosed to ignore totally our existence, now that a populist party is on the government, probably this will continue being like it is. This on one hand gives more impunity to the groups that already showed their capacity to attack with military grade explosives like C-4 and dinamyte, various calibers firearms and even machine guns but in the other hand makes difficult, even if only partially, the spreading of the eco-extremist threat. In Chile they pass from focus all their efforts on find us, to deny our existence or plant weird conspiracy theories, this due to their total failure at the time of finding those who are now for more than 3 years mocking the national security agencies by attacking under their noses. In Argentina they gave widespread diffusion to our acts, but they retreat at the time of relate them to us and with our claims, we are thinking on strategies to reverse this situation.

In December 2017, we send a parcel-bombto the dean of UTN, in that moment we did not reveal this information as we had in mind to attack against him again, we change our mind after knowing that the authorities already known to who was adressed the parcel, this was something that was not published by the media and that we were able to know only because of our informants. The workers of Monte Grande mail branch told how the nuts and bolts fly like bullets after the blast drilling other parcels, and how the person nearest to the device fly because of the shock wave, one had the ear shattered, another one got injured on the shoulder. If the parcel-bomb was opened by Guillermo Oliveto on his desk and centimeters away from his body, as we planned it, it is not difficult to imagine what would happen. You can be afraid or ignore us, meanwhile the humanist dream flash away on the drain and the worst monsters still coming on the horizont.

IV. Proliferation of eco-extremism

Eco-extremism in Argentina has been an intermittent threat, in this last year we did not claim responsibility for any action, we did not attack but the threat is there, with the patience of the ancestors waiting for its arrival when you less expect it. For now was the turn of the Wilderness Secret Sociey and their attack that sowed panic in Brasilândia, followed by the bloody letter-bomb of the Horde and all the impact that has caused, our time is also about to come.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constelations






[en] (Chile) 72 communique of ITS: Indiscriminate letter bomb

“(…)For the inmoral and indiscriminate ¡¡Long live Terror, explosions and fire!! ¡¡Death to civilization and all human progress!! (…) I wish an infinite number of bombs explode against the citizenry (…)”
–Kevin Garrido

We, in contrast to humanism and the filthy reasoning of the revolutionaries, talk with the dead, we invocate and revive them. We ask the spirits of the warriors that left us, we ask to the unknown to guide and care of us. We believe in the forces of the earth and our mysticism carries the wisdom of the ancient.

This is how, with blood and injuries, we remember and honor them!

Lets talk straight, we take absolute responsibility for placing our explosive present in a transantiago bus stop at the very center of the capital. Our letter-bomb was made by a homemade steel pipe. Did you remember that pipe bomb with wich we shatter the fingers of the miner in 2017? One like that. Filled with 100 grams of blackpowder and activated by pulling the cardboard.

The same container but in a different envelope, this time in a exercise of ancestral imagination a skilled brother crafted a complex method for a letter-bomb.

Why to attack agains the “oppressed people”? Well, we do not give a fuck about social status. Rich, poor, homeless, every filthy civilized human deserve to die. In our claims you will not find demands nor we do ask for anything like that. We hate the conduct of the modern human, their approval towards the progress and technology disgust us. May all explode!

May they explote for each cutted tree, for each destroyed mountain, for each exterminated animal.

To be honest we do not care anymore if someone doubts about our existence and invent conspirancy theories trying to hide us. The reality is only one: ITS. We have been indiscriminately attacking since 2016, and after wounding the miner we tried to burn and tear apart. All those failed attacks have been rewarded today. Proving without doubts what can be archieved with patience and will. We are ITS, the invisible threat that spread like bacteria, we operate on a international level with accomplicies in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Spain and Greece.

Our pipe bomb against the Catholic University Silva Henriquez the past April and our Thermo with blades placed in a bus stop in front of the Faculty of Agronomy in September were the preamble of the disaster…

We are already far, hidden and getting ready for what will be following, we have more containers and more will. Our little devices caused great terror and had a great impact on the media. Let this experience be an example for those who wish the disaster; a lot can be done even with little means.

Days back we sleep in the wild nature, from the dark mountains we conspired for the Chaos. The lights of the dark sky hypnotized us, the intense sound of the crickets, the trees, the rocs, the flies, the rivers and everything that is wild order us the revenge. Here is the answer!

Revenge against humankind and civilization. Revenge for each river poisoned for the human progress, revenge for our wild ancestors exterminated by the civilized life

This is our war salute for the spirit of Kevin Garrido and Mark Conditt, for you unique warrios we wounded a few humans. For you we spilled the blood of humanoids. We proudly and entranced wound them. Because any filthy civilized human deserve shrapnel, bullets and blades.

CEO’s, politicians, students and common citizens are our target.
The blast will warning you…

Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!

With the blessings of the Unknown we still conspiring!

Contributing to the international coordination of attacks of the Eco-extremist mafia!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile

-Mystic Horde of the Forest