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Message of ITS-Argentina for the Antisocial (?) Writers of Black Dagger

Comunicado original en español publicado el 03 de abril 2016.

Mensaje de ITS-Argentina traducido al inglés por “Chahta-Ima”.

¡Muerte a la hipocrecia anarco-pedorra!

¡Muerte a su doble moral en pro del sistema!

How do we manifest our hate? One would think that it wouldn’t be through love of the hated thing. But this seems to be the case with some who love that which they claim to hate, for the noteworthy thing here is that hate isn’t Christian, whereas love is. This seems to be how the anarchists of the publication, “Black Dagger,” think, since they claim to be “antisocial” because they hate, “this society and its defenders, no matter what their particular positions are,” but on the other hand believe things like, “the chance or random actions that kill a greater number of bystanders are on par with the actions of the very State itself and of its lackeys.”

Before this statement in the text entitled, “Amoral (?) Attack Objectives,” they indicate that they only agree with the idea of “the more people who are killed the better,” if the casualties are part of the “forces of law and order, WE DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM, it’s all the same to us.” (Our emphasis.) Thus we have to ask them: if you’re so antisocial, do you care about those people who aren’t necessarily police but who still defend them? What relationship should an antisocial person have with a bystander or a worker? NONE!

Since none of this makes sense to us, and we can’t understand how someone can say one thing yet mean another, we think that perhaps the reason behind the text is not to “host a debate on indiscriminate attack,” as the text states. We think, rather, that it is a preemptive measure to cover their ass so that tomorrow they can say something along the lines of, “Don’t look at me! I’m not the one you’re looking for! I’ve always stated that I am opposed to terrorism. Here’s my magazine, officer, the irrefutable proof. I’m antisocial but I abide by the rules of society!”

We have already stated that, “*We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, ‘before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.’ All possible ‘collateral damage’ is not a ‘calculation error’ and it is not ‘the price of the struggle’. It is a choice: a conscious and desired CHOICE.”

To conclude we clarify that we will not respond to the chicanery of “the call of the sacred of the forest” nor to the accusations of being prideful, fascists, or authoritarians. This type of debate bores us. We will let our actions speak for themselves.

ITS: unapologetic terrorists and the true enemies of society!

-ITS – Argentina

Wild Constellations


Comunicado original en español publicado el 03 de abril 2016.

Traducción al italiano del mensaje de ITS-Argentina, pisoteando la doble moral de los “anarco-pedorros” de la revista “Puñal negro”.

Traducción a cargo de “Via Negationis.

In che maniera manifestiamo il nostro odio? Si potrebbe pensare che non è attraverso la pietà verso quello che si odia. È opinione che alcuni pensano che sia così poiché quelli che odiano hanno pietà, e che la cosa appariscente qui è che l’odio non è cristiano mentre la pietà si. È il parere degli anarchici della pubblicazione “Puñal negro”, che dicono essere “asociali” perché odiano “questa società ed i suoi difensori, di qualunque ruolo” e d’altra parte credono “che le azioni a caso e per ammazzare il maggiore numero di passanti sono lontane dal differenziarsi dalle azioni che lo stesso Stato o i suoi lacchè realizzerebbero.”

Nel testo intitolato “Obiettivi Amorali (?) Dell’attacco” indicano che sono d’accordo con l’idea di poter “ammazzare più persone” solo se fossero “le forze dell’ordine-NON IMPORTA QUELLO CHE SUCCEDA, sono la stessa cosa” (le maiuscole sono nostre). Allora domandiamo loro, perché, se si dicono asociali, gli importa quello che succede alle persone che non sono necessariamente polizia ma sono i suoi difensori? Che relazione dovrebbe avere un asociale con un semplice passante, un lavoratore? NESSUNA!

Tenendo conto che queste cose non ci fermano, non capiamo come qualcuno può dire una cosa e allo stesso tempo dirne un altra, crediamo che l’idea di questo testo NON sia “dare apporto al dibattito sull’Attacco Indiscriminato” come scritto nella parte finale, bensì piuttosto continuare a guadagnare un posticino, sufficientemente comodo, dove un “domani” possano affermare “che non mi si consideri, non mi si persegui, ho detto sempre che ero in disaccordo col Terrorismo, qui sta la mia rivista, signore carceriere, questo è la prova irrefutabile, sono asociale ma rispetto la società.”

Lo abbiamo già detto “siamo contro la filantropia di alcuni, e la loro preoccupazione cristiana di non ferire ‘innocenti.’ Diciamo: ‘davanti a qualunque cittadino (QUALUNQUE), mille volte noi.’ (…) I possibili danni collaterali non saranno un “errore di calcolo”, saranno “una conseguenza di questa lotta”, saranno un’elezione, una conseguente e piacevole ELEZIONE.
Per finire chiariamo che non risponderemo né alla chicana “del bosco sacro” né alle accuse di superbi, fascisti o autoritari. Ci annoia un po’ questo tipo di dibattito. Lasceremo i nostri atti “parlare”.

Its: I Terroristi e veri nemici della società!

Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje-Argentina
Constelaciones salvajes


(en-es) Oka

Texto en inglés y en español de “Chahta-Ima” sobre el reciente acontecimiento del 14 de Marzo en el Museo del Nativo Americano en Louisiana, la fuertes lluvias lo han inundado, haciendo que el agua destruya las vidrieras que protegían utensilios primitivos de hace mas de 100 años y se los llevara desapareciéndolos entre las aguas, es como si la Naturaleza Salvaje los hubiera reclamado.

Como escribe el autor: “El Agua es paciente, pero el Agua siempre gana”.

The Native American Museum of Cassidy Park in Bogalusa, Louisiana was a small museum housed in one large room but with an impressive display of artifacts from various indigenous cultures from around what is the present day United States.  An assortment of baskets, arrowheads, beads, and even a traditional Choctaw dwelling made of palmetto leaves were available to the public to examine and read about. The museum website states the following:

“Presently on exhibit at the Native American Culture Museum is an impressive collection of bannerstones and birdstones dating as far back as 8000 BC. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better display of these amazing artifacts anywhere else in the state! We continue our exhibit of trade beads and peace medals along with a palmetto hut and everyday items used by the Native Americans.”

Driving to the park with my family, I entered an impoverished but still vibrant landscape. Here, the green of trees and bayous struggles with the decay of civilization that grinds the inebriated masses into a stupor. They live on top of the land, they walk through it, yet they destroy it. Right across the street from the museum is a refinery or mill of some sort, billowing plumes of smoke into the air. The people live here and they don’t, they live nowhere, on television, on the Internet, in fantasies of getting rich or getting laid or getting high. Yet they celebrate the cultures that they have succeeded, or better said, that they buried, in that one room museum; displaying trinkets left by ghosts who disappeared long ago.

Or at least they did. “It became a rushing rapid,” read one local headline.

Leaving the museum, I went to examine the Boga Lusa (“Dark Water”) Creek. It was modest by Louisiana standards, though it held ruins of what appeared to be a dam. The water flowed around the remnants of this structure, making a small rapid. It appeared ominous, and it was. For only some weeks later, Nature sent great waters from the north, filling the creek and overflowing its banks, covering the whole park and the surrounding streets in a gushing river.

“When the glass broke out of the windows, the whole exhibit went out the door.” All of the belongings of the dead, that which they used to hunt, to carry food, and to worship, were washed away by the water, down towards the other rivers, the Bogue Chitto (“Wide River”), the “Bogue Falaya” (Long River), and into Okwa’ta (The Great Water). Was that room a tomb or a prison? Was this destruction or liberation? Does it matter?

I have to admit that looking at the footage of the waters sweeping over the park where I and my family once played, a sinking feeling came over me. It was the confrontation between my own individuality and that of my loved ones with the force and power of Nature. Where I grew up, it was fire and earth that were dominant, with the waters of the Pacific Ocean present at some distance. There the Earth shook and fire would take homes and buildings into its destructive embrace. Here, in the Great Circle of the Choctaw, it is water that dominates: it carves out, levels, and gives life. In it dwell snakes and alligators, mosquitoes and diseases that decimated
the whites who first settled here. By it civilized men erect their homes and buildings, they drill for oil and throw in their garbage. But one thing is certain: you can’t stop the water. It will keep coming, it will roll over and reclaim what belongs to it.

It is just a matter of time. The waters will rise and all that civilized people will do here is reach for more money, strike out against their neighbor and drown in the endless pursuit of more. It’s just a matter of time, for water brings all things down low. The water is patient, but the water always wins.


Nanih Waiya
Spring 2016


El Museo de Los Nativos Americanos de Cassidy Park en Bogalusa, en el estado de Luisiana, fue un museo pequeño en una sala grande que sin embargo, tenía piezas de varias culturas de pueblos originarios de todo el EE.UU. Había varios canastos de paja, puntas de flechas, cuentas, y aun una choza tradicional de los indios “choctaw” hecha de hojas de palma, que el público podía admirar. Según el sitio de Internet del museo:

“Actualmente se presenta en el Museo de Los Nativos Americano una colección impresionante de ganchos y piedras en forma de pájaro que se fabricaron alrededor de 8000 años A.C. Sería bastante difícil encontrar piezas tan extraordinarias en ese estado. Continuamos con las exhibiciones de abolorios de trueque y medallas de paz, y también una choza de palma u otros artefactos cotidianos de los indígenas.”

En un viaje hacia el parque con la familia, entré en un paisaje empobrecido pero animado. Lo verde de los árboles y los pantanos chocan con la degradación de la civilización que oprime a las masas embriagadas hacia el aturdimiento. Viven encima de la tierra, caminan sobre ella, pero la
destruyen. Casi al otro lado de la calle se encuentra una fábrica de refinería de petróleo que escupe humo al aire. Las personas aquí no viven en ningún lugar, sino viven en el Internet, en las fantasías de enriquecerse o tener sexo o intoxicarse. Celebran las culturas de los antepasados, sí, las culturas que enterraron en el olvido, en ese museo de una sola sala, que exhibe dijes de fantasmas que desaparecieron hace mucho tiempo.

Bueno, eso se hacía antes, por lo menos. “Se devolvió de golpe en rápidos,” se leía un titular.

Saliendo del museo, fui a observar el arroyo que se llama “Boga Lusa” (Agua Oscura). Es bastante modesto para ser un rio pequeño en Luisiana, pero tenía las ruinas de lo que parecía había sido una presa. El agua fluyó alrededor de la estructura, haciendo unos pequeños rápidos. Me inquietó un poco, y con razón. Puesto que algunas semanas después, la Naturaleza mandó muchas aguas desde el Norte, llenando el arroyo hasta inundar los alrededores, cubriendo todo el parque y las calles cercanas, creando un rio impresionante.

“Cuando se quebraron los vidrios, toda la exhibición se escapó por la ventana.” Todas las pertenencias de los muertos, las que usaban para cazar, transportar comida, y dar culto, fueron llevadas por el agua hacia los otros ríos, “Bogue Chitto” (El Rio Ancho), “Bogue Falaya” (El Rio Largo), hacia Okwa’ta (El Agua Grande). ¿La sala era sepulcro o prisión? ¿Fue esto destrucción o liberación? ¿Importa la diferencia?

Tengo que confesar que la escena de las aguas destruyendo el parque donde jugué con la familia alguna vez me perturbó un poco. Aquí me encuentro con mi propia individualidad y la de mis familiares chocando con la Fuerza y Poder de la Naturaleza. En mi tierra natal, el Fuego y la Tierra dominaban, con las aguas del Océano Pacífico a cierta distancia. Allá, la Tierra temblaba y el Fuego consumió casas y edificios con su abrazo destructivo.
Aquí, en el Gran Circulo de los Choctaws, el Agua domina: esculpe la tierra, aplana todo, y da la vida. En ella viven las serpientes y los caimanes, mosquitos y las enfermedades que mataban a los primeros europeos que vinieron aquí. Aquí los hombres civilizados erigen sus casas y sus edificios, hacen perforaciones petrolíferas, y tiran basura. Una cosa se sabe de todos modos: nadie puede detener al Agua, nunca la detendrán, vendrá y lo destruirá todo, y reclamará todo lo que le pertenece.

Solamente es una cuestión de tiempo. El Agua se levantará y los civilizados no podrán hacer más que ganar más dinero, pelearse con el vecino, y ahogarse en el proceso de obtener más cosas. Solamente es una cuestión de tiempo, porque el Agua arrasa todo. El Agua es paciente, pero el Agua siempre gana.


Nanih Waiya
Primavera 2016

Indiscriminate attacks? What the fuck’s wrong with you?

Traducción del texto de la revista Regresión “¿Ataques Indiscriminados? ¡Pero que chingados les pasa!”.

Traducción a cargo de “Chahta-Ima”

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

For some time now many have been commenting on the eco-extremist position of carrying out indiscriminate attacks. The attacks, which have now extended from North into South America, have caused a great deal of consternation among radical anarchists, not to speak of the modern left.

The unsettled discourse coming from these groups has its origins in the initial ITS communiqués dating from 2011 forward. These openly favored terrorist violence for those who work in favor of techno-industrial progress without regard as to whether innocent bystanders are hurt.

This attitude was plainly evident in the first attack by the group when a UPVM worker did not deliver the mail-bomb left at the campus to the selected target. Instead he decided to open it himself, and his wounds were the first incident in the series of attacks that continues to this day.

Since its beginning, ITS has no doubt been a group without classification that has clashed with various eco-anarchist circles characterized by their civilized and progressivist posturing, as well as their “cult of the victim” and humanism.

Some Background
In Mexico, various collectives, organizations, and individuals that advocate the same old ideologies antagonistic to the state, institutions, political parties, etc. have been scandalized by ITS and its official statements. They never really understood them, and still don’t get them it seems.

What was with all of those communiqués and attacks against scientists in 2011? A few pansies whined to anyone who would hear that ITS was a macabre front to justify repression against the social movements and anarchists active at the time.

From where did such a group emerge that is so problematic in its attacks? What did these claims of responsibility on behalf of Wild Nature mean? Isn’t Mexico the land of Zapatistas, commies, and shitty anarchists who go on and on about autonomist-populist discourses? Is this some sort of split from an armed communist group? Are they really radical ecological militants as they claim to be or are they agent provocateurs to be used to jail the same whiny usual suspects clamoring for justice? Or is this some sort of elaborate troll executed by a bunch of bored punks?

No, ITS is a group of individualists coming out of eco-anarchism who have departed with unrealistic and utopian ideals. They criticized and self-criticized, working in the shadows to carry out attacks in the here and now.
ITS adamantly states that there is NOTHING that can change society for the better. Neither can we rely on a “primitivist paradise” or a revolution to struggle for. We aren’t anarchists, communists, feminists, punks, or any other stereotypical “radical”.  We are at WAR with civilization. We are against the technological system, against science and all that seeks the domestication of Wild Nature and wants to impose an artificial life upon us as humans bound to our most profound roots in the past. We don’t deny our own personal contradictions. Indeed, we don’t really care if we seem “inconsistent” to those who issue dumb arguments like, “If they oppose technology, why do they use the Internet?” We piss on their vague and baseless criticisms.

After the first phase of ITS in 2011, the second began after the publication of the sixth communiqué in January 2012. This document contained a number of self-criticisms which ITS made to rid itself of vestigial anarchism and the influence of Theodore Kaczynski.

The third phase reached in 2014 with the emergence of Reacción Salvaje (Wild Reaction) clarified ideas even more. Here a penchant for indiscriminate attacks was maintained and carried out by different groups: of the 25 communiqués issued that year, 15 were primarily concerned with claiming responsibility for a particular attack.
ITS was not lying when it said in these communiqués that it was not interested in who was wounded in these attacks. It was pretty clear then that they were indiscriminate and this continues to be true.
In April 2011, ITS’s attack left the already-mentioned UPVM worker in the Mexico State gravely injured. In August of that year a package-bomb left two important professors of the Tec University of Monterrey in similar condition. In November they assassinated a recognized biotechnology investigator in Morelos with a gunshot to the head. In December an envelope-bomb wounded another professor at the UPP in Hidalgo. In 2013, a postal worker was wounded after having stolen a package-bomb from a mailbox in Mexico City. That is all to say that, from 2011-2013, ITS’s attacks left 5 injured and one dead: four were serious and two hit unintended targets.

This was the same story with RS: in July 2015 a public official belonging to the Commission of Human Rights suffered burns after opening a package found in the garage of the headquarters of that institution in Mexico State. On August 14th a secretary if the Cuevas Group (engineers linked to the ICA) was hurt in a similar manner after opening a package left at its offices in the same state.

After the death of RS, successor eco-extremist groups have already racked up a casualty list. In October 2015 nine bombs were left in nine separate Mexibus buses in Mexico State. These were detonated using timers and even though this was an attack on public transit, only one person was injured. Nevertheless, the danger of doing major damage to both life and property was quite severe, but the author of the attack, “The Pagan Sect of the Mountain and Allied Groups”, did not care about this.

In November of that year, a package bomb was left inside the National Agriculture Council in Mexico City and wounded the Vice-President of the Pro-GMO Alliance, as well as his secretary and two bystanders who were nearby. The “Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage” took responsibility for the attack.

Two other groups coming out of RS, “The Indiscriminate Faction” and “Ouroboros Nihilista”, have tried to detonate explosives at their targets without concern that they might hurt innocent bystanders. Even though their attacks do not appear successful so far, their intention remains the same.
In January of this year, 2016, ITS then resurfaced with its first communiqué, which opens a new chapter. Even for the usual suspects in this War, this has been a surprise. Fifteen days after the publication of this communiqué, ITS carried out six attacks with explosives in three different states in Mexico. Its ability to carry out these widespread successive attacks has given people much to talk about. A second communiqué claimed responsibility for the January-February attacks. A week after its publication a Transatiago Bus was reduced to a burnt-out hunk of metal in Santiago, Chile in broad daylight. The name of the group that took responsibility for carrying out the attack was “Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile”.

With this third group communiqué, it was evident that indiscrimate eco-extremism was going international. A week after the bus burning, a fourth communiqué signed by “Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina” was issued taking responsibility for an explosive device left at the Nanotechnology Foundation, for various threatening messages sent to scientists and the press, and also for having left a package full of blasting powder with a message at a bus station in Buenos Aires.
Even though ITS in February carried out attacks in three distinct countries under its own direction, in ten separate attacks some of which were carried out in broad daylight, this wave of attacks only left two bystanders wounded.

In March a fifth communiqué of ITS-America (Mexico, Chile, and Argentina) defended and re-emphasized the position that has been advocated since 2011: it doesn’t matters if bystanders get hurt, this is War, the method of attack is indiscriminate. ITS does NOT have any moral qualms in carrying out its attacks.
In the aftermath of these disturbing words, there were reactions…

Debates, notes, and insinuations
Various anarchist “counter-information” blogs reported on these attacks by eco-extremist groups in Mexico with the caveat that they did not approve of these attacks even though they decided to publish the communiqués anyway. Others chose to publish them without comment or editorializing.  Some only mentioned the actions themselves while silencing our positions. This is
understandable, as no blog, magazine, or any other anarchist project has any obligation to publicize what eco-extremist groups do or say. There will always be criticisms between us, some constructive and some not so much. What the Editorial Group of Regresión Magazine would like to clarify is the following:

-We don’t want everyone else to accept our “terms and conditions”, we are not trying to be nice or friendly to strangers. We don’t want others to be more like us. We are not looking to make converts from eco-anarchism to eco-extremism. The few who decide to go down this path are convinced that this project will be defended with tooth and claw; by planning and contemplating how to inflict surer and stronger blows.
Some anarchos call us out as being a “Mafia”. We’ll accept that classification from those critics and big talkers who go about defaming our project in Mexico as well as in other countries where the eco-extremist presence is felt.
We carry out a special type of crime, we are delinquents who have come together to attack different places in Mexico as well as in Chile, Argentina, and other countries. Don’t think twice about accusing us of being terrorists or a new type of mafia, because the shoe fits in this case and you’re not telling us something we don’t already know.

-Everyone is open to express their anger when they read our stuff; many closeted U.S. anarcho-Zerzanians (Anarchist News, to name one example) have done so. This last example in particular censored ITS communiqués since many on the site consider us “reactionaries”. We don’t bring this up because we are bitter and are playing the victim. We’re bringing it up so that these blogs don’t put on airs of being so tolerant of divergent opinions. And if they are indeed so “triggered” by our politically incorrect, terrorist, and Mafioso communiqués, they’d be doing us a favor by not publishing them.

-As we stated above, anyone can disagree with the indiscriminate eco-extremism that we advocate. For example, the so-called “Paulino Scarfó Revolutionary Cell” has done so in February of this year when it indirectly mentioned the ITS attack in Chile. To reiterate, it’s healthy to express criticism and disagreements, but insinuations are a whole other story. That’s not being particularly badass to be honest. Maybe they should have signed their communiqué, “Leo Tolstoy Anarcho-Christian Cell” instead of what they signed. It also seems that memory escapes these supposed anarchos, or they suffer temporary amnesia at the mention of the person who was the comrade of the TERRORIST Severino Di Giovanni, the anarchist who blew up the Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires, killing various fascists but also wounding bystanders, and who also murdered another anarchist who he had branded “a fascist”.

Scarfó accompanied Di Giovanni in the most violent phase of the Individualist War against mobile and symbolic objectives. He was INDISCRIMINATE, in fact he was condemned by the anarchists of his time as his methods were considered “inappropriate”.

It’s true CRPS, the eco-extremist groups, ITS, and we aren’t revolutionaries. We don’t particularly care for repetitive and boring leftist discourse. The difference between you and us is that we don’t beat around the bush about it and we don’t passively-aggressively deal in bitchy innuendo.

Some of our positions in regard to “Nigra Truo” (NT)
Some days ago a member of the blog, “Por la Anarquía” published a post where one can read his position for and against eco-extremism. To date it’s the only criticism that for us approaches being sincere as it doesn’t just focus on criticizing what we defend but also makes criticism of anarchist circles.
Still we’re not letting him get off that easily, so we have to clarify the following:

-It seems that NT has gotten his information about ITS all mixed up, as he has written that it is a contradiction to be pushing The Amoral Debate of the nihilists from the editorial house “Nechayevshchina” but at the same time have a moral rule of “Nature is Good, Civilization is Evil”. NT should be reminded that ITS has went through many phases: if the group defended that Naturien motto in 2011,  it should be clarified that the ITS of today is different. It’s been years since we’ve utilized that phrase, so I hate to break it to you, NT, but your criticism is a day late and a dollar short. ITS no longer utilizes this motto, as Wild Nature works on an extramoral level.

-Reading NT’s criticism it seems like he is confused about what we, the defenders of the eco-extremist tendency, consider to be Indiscriminate Attacks. Putting a bomb in a bum’s cardboard box or lighting a Street vendor’s cart on fire is not what we are talking about when we mention
“indiscriminate attacks”. Indiscriminate attacks are when we place a bomb in a specific place, a factory, a university, a particular house, a car, or institution where our human or inanimate target can be found, without regard as to whether an explosive can harm bystanders. Indiscriminate
Attack is setting fire to a place of symbolic significance without worrying about whether “innocent people” will get hurt, in order to strike out at Human Progress. Indiscriminate Attack is what ITS has been doing since 2011 which was outlined at the beginning of this text: it’s sending package-bombs without regard for “collateral damage”, always having the objective of destabilizing, terrorizing, and spreading chaos in a society that cannot think for itself.

-We continue to celebrate “natural disasters” which can be considered acts of vengeance or violent reactions of Wild Nature (depending on one’s personal individualist worldview that departs from the one which civilized culture defends), derived from the environmental destruction that comes from the hand of man, from the giant multinational corporation to its
peons, the proletariat.


In closing, all that is left to say is that the attacks by eco-extremist groups will continue along with their unsettling discourse. There will be moments where we all agree to disagree, but let it be known that we will respond when appropriate as the politically incorrect terrorists that we
are. We say what is on our minds, and we clarify again that before anything, we are members of the Eco-extremist Mafia!!

With the inscrutable fury of Wild Nature!
With Chahta-Ima, Nechayevshchina, and Maldición Eco-extremista (Eco-extremist Curse)!
With ITS of Mexico, Chile, and Argentina!
Let the War continue!

Xale: Editor-in-Chief of Regresión Magazine
Mexico, Winter 2016

(The Americas) Fifth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – 2016

Comunicado original en español publicado el 02 de marzo 2016.

Traducción del comunicado número cinco de ITS, en el cual se posicionan como un grupo eco-extremista internacional.

Traducción a cargo de Chahta-Ima.

“Fungi, algae, and ferns produce spores that can travel many miles until they find a viable environment in which to reproduce themselves.

Since 2011, what is now called eco-extremism has passed through various phases. Most of these have been on Mexican soil, and in these phases its followers have confronted many problems, threats, investigations, criticisms, defamations, discussions, disputes, and splits. These have affected our ideological foundations as well as our initial praxis.
In that year ITS was born. Our first attack was against a nanotechnologist of the Polytechnic University of the Valley of Mexico. At first we thought of spontaneously claiming responsibility for the act in a manner indistinguishable from the rest of the anti-civilization groups in Mexico.
However, we decided to continue to distinguish ourselves.

For three years we branched out with our attacks into seven states in the central and north-central regions of the country. We learned, we consolidated ourselves, we self-criticized, we deepened our understanding, and we prepared. After an extraordinary effort we gave ourselves the task of uniting related groups that had acted with similar principles in years past. In a non-sectarian manner, we brought forth the project known as “Wild Reaction” (Reacción Salvaje – RS). When the right moment came, it was decided to dissolve this project so that individualists who formed part of the factions of RS could continue to wage war on their own. Nevertheless, these groups continued to have the same vision against civilization and the technological system. From the dissolution of RS came the “Pagan Sect of the Mountain,” “the Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage,” “The Indiscriminate Faction,” “Ouroboros Nihilista,” and the other groups that do not claim responsibility for their attacks but remain active. Those groups have been doing their own thing since the dissolution of RS, which fills us with great pride and is evidence that eco-extremism is expanding on Mexican soil.

It seems like these spores have traveled many distant miles, and we have encountered enthusiastic complicity in South America. Having found fertile soil, brave individualities have sprouted forth; with these we share the desire for attack, and fraternally join with them in word and act.
Individualists commit themselves to strike firmly against the technological mega-machine. We will use any means necessary and at hand to attack structures and our human targets. We shall carry out these acts with arson, bombs, threats, and firearms.
We have birthed this international project of attack in the shadows. We are committed to coordinating and perfecting our complicity against the techno-industrial system. With pride we report that fellow individualists in the south have branched out with the terrorist initials of ITS. They have also adopted their own names and initials to identify their attacks, since we are savage individualists.

We have thus declared a new phase of the war against all that represents and sustains the advance of civilization and progress. This war was begun thousands of years ago by our ancestors who savagely defended their austere lives. They pointed their ancient arrows against Christian flesh, opposing civilization and waging war to the death. With pagan pride we recover this
spirit in the present, as well as all of the wisdom, tenacity, and commitment of those primitive and anonymous lives. We revive them in the present attack against civilization.

Our actions are our own. We do not want nor will we permit them to be portrayed as “normal criminal acts”, nor that they be presented as some sort of “conspiracy”. Here is where the importance of claiming responsibility for our acts comes in. It is in this manner that they will
encourage more eco-extremist groups to grow in other parts of the world that will also strike heavy blows against civilization.


“Before self-interested and candid ethics, I prefer sabotage, I prefer terrorism with its clear, nefarious logic. Before sober rhetoric, and the serene obstinacy of sabotage, I prefer the uncalculated and unthinking human violence of one who fires without taking into consideration the legal ramifications.”


We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple. People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful
servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.

“… we invite them to look under their seat to see if there’s anything under it once they sit down in whatever vehicle they are traveling in. Whenever there are wounded or dead civilians in attacks against civilization carried out by radical individuals or groups, or even if this occurs in the context
of a natural disaster, it will be beautiful in our eyes.

For some time now we have refused to be bound by the pedestrian morality of revolutionary action. We will give no quarter to anyone or anything, our acts will not be accompanied by warnings nor do we delegate responsibility. We assume the consequences of our actions, ALL OF THEM.
We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, “before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.” The masses deserve no consideration. He who insists on looking out for his own well-being should be vigilant of the fact that a bombing could happen at any time.

Nothing, absolutely nothing guarantees that bystanders will not get hurt. In fact, our attacks are designed to cause the greatest amount of harm possible. And if more lives are taken in these attacks than we anticipated beforehand, so much the better. We can say this without hesitation or guilt because we are totally convinced of what we think and the life we have chosen, and we have shown this with concrete actions. Before any obstacle we know how to act. All possible “collateral damage” is not a “calculation error” and it is not “the price of the struggle”. It is a choice: a
conscious and desired CHOICE.

“For the Indiscriminate Terrorist, moral and ethical fault does not exist. All of that is contained in the rational calculation of the act, one which says “no” in threatening a victim or mutilating him, but perhaps without intending to harm the person who suffered the attack with an explosive


We have already said in our first communiqué that we are Wild Nature. We learn from her since her reactions are violent. Nature doesn’t halt before urban or rural buildings. She does not stop for bystanders or scientific specialists. She doesn’t let up, she destroys everything in her path without consideration of Christian morality, rolling over the tantrums and discomfort of the usual suspects…

The discomfort of SOME at the expansión of eco-extremism is tangible, as is the discomfort at the spreading of our words and acts from north to south. Let them talk, come what may, they will get angry first and then they will start praying. We will continue EVER FORWARD!

“You may think these acts are ineffective; you may think them the obsessions of crazy sociopaths, or what have you. We’re not trying to change the world, we would rather see it all go up in flames. And if you don’t see that the destruction of the Earth, of the rivers and mountains, of the forests and oceans, is the real insanity, then we cannot help you, nor would we care to. Just duck when you see us coming.”


With the devastating force of wild nature on our side:
Let the war continue!
Before the silence, our bombs!
Against all that is artificial and for all that we have been losing!
For the increase of politically incorrect terrorist criminality!
Down with revolutionary morality, death to equality, death to humanism!
In extreme defense of wild nature!


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico
-Ouroboros Silvestre (formerly Ouroboros Nihilista”)  / Mexico State
– Clandestine Group, “The Fury of the Lynx” / Mexico City
-Regresion Editorial Group / Michoacán

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners / Santiago

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

-Wild Constellations – Buenos Aires


Comunicado original en español publicado el 25 de Febrero 2016.

Traducción al inglés del cuarto comunicado de ITS-Internacional, desde Argentina.

Traducción a cargo de “Chahta-Ima”.

“ITS is in Argentina” That was part of the message that we left along with an envelope full of blasting powder in the bus station of Retiro this past Monday, February 22nd. This act was silenced by the press, as has been the case with many others (1). In fact, for some days we have been warning the press as well as scientists of the presence of eco-extremism in this region. We would like to state that the more you silence our actions, the more focused they will become. You know that we have arms and explosives, as well as the addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and places of work, not just of all of you but also your families…

ITS does not yield before the accepted morality, and knows that you are either with Technology, or you are at war against it. The former will die as well as those on the fence.
We are the wild stars that have yet to be discovered, we are:
Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations

Forward, uncivilized internationalism!



Collateral damage: An Eco-Extremist Defense of Indiscriminate Violence

Filoso texto de “Chahta-Ima”, afirmando su sólido posicionamiento eco-extremista, y criticando duramente la moral cristiana de los radicales politicamente correctos que se oponen a la violencia indiscriminada.

Merely being an eco-extremist propagandist, I am forced to pay attention to reactions of anarchist and leftist readers to the actions of ITS and other eco-extremist groups. The first reaction I encounter is usually one of disgust. How can eco-extremists carry out indiscriminate acts against property and people, such as burning buses and sending mail-bombs, where “innocent bystanders” may also get hurt? What if a child was near a bomb, or what if the secretary to the scientist, a mother and a wife, opens the package and gets killed instead? Why this obsession with nihilistic violence, where innocent people get killed? Isn’t this ineffective for helping to destroy civilization? Doesn’t this just show that the eco-extremists are mentally disturbed, probably angry at their parents, off their medications, outcasts, etc.?

Really, the opposition of leftists, anarchists, anarcho-primitivists, and any number of people who react negatively to eco-extremist violence is one of great hypocrisy: hypocrisy of the level that Nietzsche and any good manipulator of words could easily dissect. For civilization, and any ideology really, is based on indiscriminate violence, on hiding dirty laundry and sweeping dirt under the rhetorical rug so no one can see it.
Let’s start with the numbers game:
Opposition to eco-extremist violence can be approached from the view of the Christian “Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You wouldn’t want to be blown up on a bus. You would not want to have your fingers blown off, or have a bullet put in your head when you are just “doing your job”. Everyone has the right to work and support themselves,
right? But your chances of being on the business end of an eco-extremist blast are minuscule: you probably have a  better chance of winning the lottery. On the other hand, your chances of crashing your car, or being hit by one, are astronomically higher by comparison. Your chances of dying
early of cancer or heart disease due to the consumption of processed foods are even higher. Yet those two last causes of death are “perfectly natural”, while being “collateral damage” in a war to defend nature itself is somehow a tragedy. Cry me a river.

Of course, what such condemnation means is a tacit approval of state or civilized violence. For the bourgeois liberal, “terrorist violence” is horrible because only the State can designate people who need to be killed (if you lived in Afghanistan or Yemen, for example, you would have more to fear than just cars; you would also have drones raining down death on you from the skies. But that’s okay, because U.S. democracy approved this.) The leftist and anarchist can criticize eco-extremist action with more integrity, so the reasoning goes, because they too reject the violence of capitalism and the State. Aside from that, however, they create a fantasy world where “the guilty”, rich parasites who they have tried and sentenced to death in their own minds from the comforts of their talk-shops, are killed indiscriminately and even with cruelty, not taking into account that
the bourgeoisie too are also husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, etc. And of course, they expect that violence to be minimal, as Revolutions have historically been dainty tea parties where the innocent never, ever get hurt…

What we are confronting here is the Great Hologram of Civilization: one that compels us to care about people we never will meet, to have deep empathy for the abstract citizen, comrade, or child of God. We are supposed to get upset at the sight of the burning bus, or the destroyed office, or
the leftovers of an incendiary device left outside of a government building. We are supposed to go over scenarios in our head: “What if my daughter was in front of that building? What if my wife was in that office?
What if I was that scientist lying in a pool of my own blood in a parking lot?” Well, what if you were? And to be honest, you weren’t, so why are you playing that film in your head?

Isn’t that the great narrative of civilization: we are all in this together? That’s a lie, because we aren’t. Your life is merely a cog in a great Machine, and should the Machine decide to spit you out, you will be spit out. You have no agency, your morality is an illusion. It just covers up a lot of violence and death that went into making the clothes on your back and the food you eat. It’s alright for massive numbers of animals to die, to burn down forests and pave over meadows. It’s okay to enslave people in factories, to erect monuments to those who buried the worlds of
wild savages, to sacrifice the dreams and sanity of those alive today for a better tomorrow. But for the love of God, don’t place a pipe bomb in front of a government ministry! That’s going too far.

Here’s the key to your liberation: you owe society nothing, and you don’t have to do what it says. Those people who get killed on the other side of the world don’t care about you, and they never will. You are just one digit too many in their Dunbar’s number: at most you will be a headline and then you will be forgotten. Your identifying with the death of the “citizen” or “child of God” hundreds and thousands of miles away is a way to manipulate you into doing what society wants: it’s a tool of domestication, and that’s it.

The poet Robinson Jeffers once stated that cruelty was the most natural thing, yet civilized man makes it out to be contrary to nature. Some tribes in what is now northern California were observed by the Europeans to be the most peaceful and the most violent at the same time: peaceful in that they had no organized warfare, violent because that’s how they settled
inter-personal disputes. Those who cower in disgust at individualist acts of violence are really defending the right of the State and civilization to have exclusive power of life and death over civilized human animals.

They’re its property, so how dare those eco-terrorists impinge on that right, as well as the right of 10,000 years of civilized law and order to decide who lives or who dies!

I end my rant with two (apocryphal?) quotes from Joseph Stalin. The first is: “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.” Of course, that is what the opponents of eco-extremists will always say: we are sacrificing the lives of innocent people to make our own version of Eden. Anyone with half a brain and a little reading comprehension will know that’s bullshit.
Eco-extremism doesn’t seek to break eggs to make an omelette: it seeks to destroy the whole farm, and if eggs get damaged in the process, that’s just the nature of the beast. How many eggs get broken on a factory farm a day?

The second quote from Stalin is: “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” And is this not the logic of civilization, of the leftist and anarchist? They can shrug off a whole world being butchered by civilization, they can wave off the deaths of savage peoples who did nothing but defend their land, and they can play video games in their heads of strangling capitalists in their beds, but when they see a bus on fire, or a lab blown up, they scream, “Won’t somebody think of the children!?”

You may think these acts are ineffective; you may think them the obsessions of crazy sociopaths, or what have you. We’re not trying to change the world, we would rather see it all go up in flames. And if you don’t see that the destruction of the Earth, of the rivers and mountains,  of the forests and oceans, is the real insanity, then we cannot help you, nor would we care to. Just duck when you see us coming.



Comunicado original en español publicado el 18 de Febrero 2016.

Comunicado traducido al inglés a cargo de “Chahta-Ima”, sobre la reivindicación de un atentado incendiario que consumió completamente un bus del Transantiago a plena luz del día, acto a cargo de ITS-Chile.

Por este acto a penas ayer, las autoridades chilenas han invocado la ley antiterrorista. El subsecretario del interior ha declarado: “(…) la colocación de un artefacto incendiario a plena luz compromete severamente la vida de los usuarios del transporte público en un lugar de acceso público (…). Nos permite sostener que estamos en presencia de un hecho que repudiamos por su agresividad y nos parece ciertamente un acto terrorista”.


Incendiary attack on a bus by ITS – Chile

We are the poisonous arrows that the ancients used against their prey and their enemies. We are the flame of the bonfire that warms in the cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of the Unknown. We are the snow on the mountain tops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.
We are the quiet of the wolf stalking its prey. We are the strength of the ants. We are the wave that wipes cities from face of the Earth. We are the killer earthquake that brings down buildings. We are the wind become hurricane. WE ARE UNKNOWN WILD NATURE!

We came out of our hiding place, like the rabbit comes out of its hole in the darkness and silence of night. This time we came out in plain daylight.
We frolic in the mountains, rivers, and meadows. But we wander in the city in search of its defects and imperfections, seeking all that is of civilization and human progress. We know its times, its hours and moments, the daily grind of civilization hides us.

This is a Declaration of War.
War against the Technological system, science, and the modern hyper-civilized man. We detest and spit on all of that. We cling to our most primitive and wild instincts; instincts which all the civilization and technology in the world could never erase from our being.

Guile, patience, determination, and daring are the ingredients of this war. It was in this manner that on Tuesday, February 16th, we abandoned a homemade explosive charge on the 210 Bus of the Trans-Santiago Route. We achieved the successful result of completely burning that machine of civilization.  And it would not have mattered to us in the least if some bystander was hurt in the process. Our acts are beyond that foolish classism. We look down on masses, the people, or whatever you want to call them. We only care about ourselves, our people, and wild nature.


Our fire / attack was in the name of all that is wild and natural. We contaminate their cities with smoke and disturb the civilized air. We do this in the name of all of the rivers, oceans, the poles, the fields, and forests poisoned by human progress. In the name of every animal species made extinct by techno-civilized progress. The moonlight of the night before filled us with the wild force of the universe. In its name, the name of the stars, planets, and galaxies, IT WAS AS WELL.

We are a sect of pagans, southerners and uncivilized. With our fire we will seek to attack the infrastructure of civilization, accepting the final consequences of our actions. With every attack we defend our instincts since we refuse to form part of the robotic mass that only cares about money or sex.

The Eco-Extremist tendency spreads from north to south, from east to west. We are accomplices to its ideas and acts, forming part of it. We are giving life to an international project against civilization.

Because we are the bullets to the head, the mail-bombs, the  indiscriminate bombings and the incinerating fire, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

With this we publicly declare that a campaign of attack is underway, with the complicity and coordination of ITS in Mexico and Chile, and other countries…

A conspiratorial greeting from the eco-extremists and each group of ITS of Mexico. Let it be known that there is also war in the south. To the “Terrorist-Savage Behaviors” and “Uncivilized Conducts”. To the eco-anarchists of the “Karr-kai Cell” and “Kapibara Group.”

If technology and progress are international, why not the acts of resistance against them as well?

Individualist Tending Toward the Wild:

– Uncivilized Southerners.


Segundo comunicado de ITS traducido al inglés, en este reivindican 6 ataques en DF, Estado de México y Jalisco durante Enero y Febrero.

Traducción a cargo de “Chahta-Ima”.

Comunicado original en español publicado el 11 de Febrero 2016.



Crescent Moon of February

“Individualists Tending Toward the Wild” (ITS) claims responsibility forthe following:

January 28th, 2016
-A timer-activated explosive device against the “National Water Commission” (Conagua) located on Avenida Insurgentes Sur, Delegación Tlalpan, Mexico City.
This device led to police mobilization.

-Homemade explosive detonated at the “Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing, and Nutrition” (Sagarpa) on Avenida Presidente Juárez de Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State.
The explosive was left in front of the Secretariat in the city center of Tlalnepantla, around 9 o’clock in the evening. The device exploded successfully leaving two people wounded. The blast and shrapnel damaged several nearby cars and generated substantial police and military

 February 3rd, 2016
-We detonated an explosive package in front of the conglomerate of the apartments known as “Tec Siuts” where students of the Tec of Monterrey inhabit, located on the highway Lago de Guadalupe in Atizapán, Mexico State.
– A homemade explosive device was detonated at one of the entrances of the Tec of Monterrey in similar manner on the Lago de Guadalupe highway in the same municipality.
With these two acts we remind those associated with that academic institution that we continue the War against all who promote and develop Scientific and Technological Progress, and who hide behind the walls of that abhorrent university (as well as others).

February 8th, 2016
-A fuze-activated package-bomb composed of dynamite was abandoned at the central offices of the Sagarpa in the Tabachines neighborhood in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. The package was destined for the head of that federal institution.

-Another fuze-activated package bomb composed this time of a hard cardboard tube filled with gunpowder was abandoned at the “National Science and Technology Council” (Conacyt), destined for the head of that institution, in the Vallarta San Jorge neighborhood in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Even though both explosives did not reach their respective targets (according to the press), and failed to wound or kill them, they caused great police and military mobilization in both municipalities. The press stated the following concerning this matter: “a police explosives
specialist commented that even if the devices did not contain a large amount of explosives, they could have caused fatal harm to those who were within a close radius of their explosion.”

Let it be known that ITS is also in Jalisco. This was only a test, and we continue to be committed to terrorizing, wounding, mutilating, and even killing those cynical people who, while hiding behind an institution that claims to be “concerned” about nature, are nevertheless directly responsible for its devastation and domestication.
This isn’t over. The War continues!
Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild:
-Feral-Criminal Band (Jalisco)
-Clandestine Group “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)
-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)
Postscript for federal security forces:
Are you nervous because the groups that attack and commit terrorism against civilization are multiplying?
Are you nervous that the abhorrent and sickening visit of the Pope is just around the corner, because we are still out on the street, and you haven’t caught us yet?
You have lots of reasons to be nervous.

(en-es) Attack against the Alliance for Transgenics by Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism & Sabotage in Mexico

Comunicado del “Circulo Eco-Extremista” traducido al inglés, en el cual reivindican un par de paquetes bomba dirigidos al presidente y al vicepresidente de la Alianza Pro Transgénicos en Noviembre pasado, en el atentado el vicepresidente Mario Berlanga y su secretario resultaron seriamente heridos al abrir uno de los paquetes.

Traducción a cargo de Palmer Amaranth.


Biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, economic botany, agronomy, among other sciences, develop improvements in the research, production and implementation of technological innovations, supposedly friendly for the environment; “minimizing the damage” caused to nature, “reducing pollution” and proposing processes with “less environmental impact.” The final purpose of these sciences, using all methods and
techniques at their disposal, is to artificialize natural biological processes.

Genetically modifying organisms to improve crop quality, in terms of the land, agriculture being an important part of soil devastation, destroying wilderness for macro level cultivation, preventing the slightest sign of regeneration of the natural environment, ensuring good harvests for at least as long as the lands health lasts.

In line is the restoration of ecosystems, through biotechnology, apparently out of ecological concerns, creating new options which are the least harmful and contribute to reducing pollution; securing, this way, time and resources for the inexorable advance of scientific and technological progress.

An example of this is the biofuel made from seaweed, this innovation was faced with a shocking problem. Since the algae developed in freshwater, its production did not have the necessary sustainability, because of the water needed. For which genetic engineering had the solution: the genetic modification of these algae, resulting in the development and
growth of marine algae in salt water and even sewage.

[…] The ocean water is simply a non-limited resource on this planet […] assured Stephen Mayfield, director of the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology, of UC San Diego; who also told Scientific American: “Nothing is going to stop this.” [1]

With biotechnology’s proposal, the problems that afflict humanity are to be resolved, citing innovative examples are: The golden rice, genetically modified to increase its nutritional value. The genetically modified gluten free wheat, suitable for coeliacs. Genetically modified purple tomatoes, claiming to prevent cancers. Genetically modified corn,
which will be used as a vaccine against Hepatitis B. [2]

The alleged resolution to current problems (poverty, hunger, disease, etc…), with scientific and technological improvements, ensure the subjection of a society blindly hopeful of a future better life; whose consequences are not clear even to the scientific elite.

Pitching – poorly – persuasion campaigns such as:

“Nature says yes to GMO’s: The butterfly that wanted to be a wasp; wrote (ridiculously) por la Neta de tu Planeta [for the truth about your planet].” [3]

“Reasons to consume GM food and feel proud of it (10 Reasons to eat GMOs and feel grateful for it).” [4]

“What most people don’t know but they should is that practically every food they buy in the store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons. There’s no wild cows, there’s no long stem roses growing in the wild – even though we don’t eat roses. You list all the fruit and all the vegetables and ask yourself is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is it’s not as large it’s not as sweet it’s not as juicy and it has way more seeds in it.
We have systemically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables, and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated. It’s called artificial selection. That’s how we genetically modify. Now we can do it in a lab and all of a sudden you’re gonna complain? If you’re the complainer type go back and eat the apples that grow in the wild.”

Nail deGrasse Tyson [5]

Taking advantage of the minimal opposition and indifference of the blind masses, they’re taking over not only the future of the food they will ingest, but the course of natural environments.

For our part, all that is left to say is that not only nature will suffer the attacks against it, but, harm and damage will extend to those directly responsible, whether they are organizations, businesses, institutions or individuals in particular.

In this case, associations seeking to enshroud and protect themselves, concealing – with a friendly and pathetic disguise – nefarious interests, as do La Alianza Pro Transgénicos, presided by Rubén Chávez Villagrán, composed of 31 members, being led by Monsanto,
Syngenta, Agrobio Mexico, among others.

Thus said, we claim the attacks (during the third week of November) through parcel bombs and incendiary devices directed to the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario, in the colonia Navarte, and the Protección de Cultivo, Ciencia y Tecnología company, in colonia
Nonoalco Mixcoac, both in the Delegación Benito Juárez of México City.
Both those companies are active members of La Alianza Pro Transgénicos. With this attack we are fully aware that we wont stop their campaign and efforts to artificialize wild nature, but as we’ve commented already above, not only nature will suffer the harm and
damage, these will extend to those directly responsible.

Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje.

2. Alianzaprotransgenicos.org/arroz-dorado
3. Lanetadetuplaneta.com
5. Fitnessreload.com/eat-gmos

sarcastic-clarification note.

We live in caves, no electricity, no phones, no INTERNET; with no communication beyond smoke signals. Passively witnessing how artificiality eats away any trace of wild nature, manipulates it, modifies it, and in a colorful and bright tone, presents it to total
disposition, quietly awaiting the acceptance of the human population, with no fuss nor setback any. Placid before any spurious biological change, entrusting the course of our lives to strangers.

This would be a minor inconsistency, right?

Less than posting claims, attacks and threats through internet, which worry and are criticized the viewer community, netizens, readers, etc… Because of course, the critique of modern scientific and technological progress prevents the use of these against them, that
would be cheating, scallywags!

We couldn’t care less about criticisms of our alleged “inconsistency” not only are we not bothered, but they have us mock the mediocre obedience and complicity, in defending and protecting the scientific and technological boom, dispensing more than just their lives… leaving only a trail of what was once wild nature.


En español:

Atentados contra La Alianza Pro Transgénicos

La biotecnología, la ingeniería genética, la bioinformática, la botánica económica, la agronomía, entre otras ciencias, desarrollan mejoras a la investigación, producción e implementación de innovaciones tecnológicas, supuestamente amigables con el medio ambiente; “minimizando los daños” causados a la naturaleza, “reduciendo la contaminación” y proponiendo procesos con “menor impacto ambiental”. Estas ciencias, usando todos los métodos y técnicas a su alcance, tienen como finalidad artificializar los procesos biológicos naturales.

Modificando genéticamente organismos para mejorar la calidad de los cultivos, que en el plano territorial, la agricultura comprende una parte importante de la devastación del suelo, destruyendo zonas silvestres para cultivar a un macro nivel, impidiendo cualquier indicio de regeneración del entorno natural, asegurando buenas cosechas por lo menos lo que perdure la salud de la tierra.

Por esa misma línea está la restauración de ecosistemas, a través de la biotecnología, aparentemente por una preocupación ecológica, creando nuevas opciones para hacer el menor daño posible y contribuir a la disminución de la contaminación; cerciorando con esto, tiempo y recursos para el inexorable avance del progreso científico-tecnológico.

Un ejemplo de ello es el biocombustible hecho a base de algas marinas, ésta innovación se enfrentó a un escandaloso problema, puesto que las algas se desarrollaban en agua dulce, su producción no tenía la sustentabilidad necesaria, en cuestión al agua que se necesitaba, para lo cual la ingeniería genética tenía la solución: La modificación genética de dichas algas, dando como resultado, el desarrollo y crecimiento de las algas marinas en agua salina e incluso aguas residuales.

[…]El agua del océano es simplemente un recurso no limitado en este planeta[…] Aseguró Stephen Mayfield, director del Centro San Diego para la Biotecnología de las Algas, de la UC, San Diego; quien también le dijo a la Scientific American: “No hay nada que vaya a detener esto”. [1]

Con la oferta que la biotecnología nos ha dado, están por resolverse los problemas que aquejan a la humanidad, citando novedosos ejemplos están: El arroz dorado, modificado para aumentar su valor nutricional. El trigo modificado libre de gluten, apto para celiacos. Tomates morados transgénicos, que supuestamente previenen distintos tipos de cáncer. Maíz modificado genéticamente, que podrá usarse como vacuna contra la Hepatitis B. [2]

La supuesta resolución a estas problemáticas actuales (pobreza, hambre, enfermedades, etc…), con mejoras científico-tecnológicas, aseguran la sujeción de una sociedad esperanzada ciegamente a una futura vida mejor; cuyas consecuencias no están claras ni siquiera para la élite científica.

Lanzando, pobremente, campañas de convencimiento como lo son:

“La naturaleza dice sí a los transgénicos: La mariposa que quiso ser avispa; escrito (ridículamente) por la Neta de tu Planeta.” [3]

“Razones para consumir alimentos transgénicos y sentirte orgulloso de ello (artículo traducido de 10 Reasons to eat GMOs and feel grateful for it).”[4]

“Lo que la mayoría de las personas no saben, pero deberían saber, es que prácticamente todos los alimentos que compran en una tienda son alimentos genéticamente modificados. No existen sandias silvestres, no existen rosas silvestres, que crezcan en la naturaleza salvaje -aunque no las comamos-. No existen vacas salvajes. Enlista todas las frutas y vegetales que comemos y pregúntate si existe alguna contraparte silvestre a lo que comes. Si la hay, no es dulce o jugosa o deliciosa y seguramente está lleno de puras semillas por dentro. Hemos modificado genéticamente todos los alimentos que hemos comido durante los últimos 10 milenios. Se llama mejoramiento artificial. Ahora podemos hacer eso en un laboratorio y ¿resulta que se van a quejar?, si eres de los que se queja entonces regresa a comer las manzanas silvestres. -Opinión de Nail de Grasse Tyson-” [5]

Valiéndose de la mínima oposición e indiferencia de las masas ciegas, tomando en sus manos no solo el futuro de los alimentos que ingerirán, sino el rumbo de los entornos naturales.

Por nuestra parte, solo queda decir que no solo la naturaleza padecerá los atentados en su contra, sino que, ese daño se extenderá a los responsables directos, llámense organizaciones, empresas, institutos e individuos en concreto.

En este caso asociaciones que buscan solaparse y protegerse, ocultando tras de sí -con un amistoso y patético disfraz- intereses nefastos, como lo es La Alianza Pro Transgénicos, presidida por Rubén Chávez Villagrán, integrada por 31 miembros, siendo encabezada por Monsanto, Syngenta, Agrobio México, entre otras.

Dicho esto, nos reivindicamos los atentados (durante la tercera semana de noviembre) por medio de paquetes-bomba e incendiarios al Consejo Nacional Agropecuario, teniendo su ubicación en la colonia Narvarte, y a la empresa Protección de Cultivo, Ciencia y Tecnología, ubicada en la colonia Nonoalco Mixcoac, ambos en la Delegación Benito Juárez de la Ciudad de México. Estas dos empresas son miembros activos de La Alianza Pro Transgénicos. Con estos ataques estamos plenamente conscientes de que no detendremos su campaña y esfuerzos, por artificializar la naturaleza silvestre, pero como ya lo comentamos arriba, no solo la naturaleza sufrirá los daños, si no que éstos se extenderán a los responsables directos.

Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje.

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Nota aclaro-sarcástica.

Vivimos en las cavernas, sin electricidad, sin celulares, sin INTERNET; y sin comunicación más allá de las señales de humo. Siendo testigos pasivamente, de cómo la artificialidad corroe cualquier rastro de naturaleza silvestre, la manipula, la modifica, y con un tono jugoso y brillante, la presenta ante una total disposición, aguardando sosegadamente la aceptación de la población humana, sin ningún aspaviento y contratiempo alguno. Apacibles ante cualquier cambio biológico espurio, entregando el rumbo de nuestras vidas a funestos extraños.

Esto sería una menor incoherencia, ¿cierto?

Menor que publicar reivindicaciones, atentados y amenazas por internet, que tanto les preocupa y critica la comunidad televidente, cibernauta, lectora, etc… Porque claro está, la crítica al progreso científico-tecnológico moderno impide usarlo en su contra, ¡Eso sería trampa, pillines!

Nos tienen sin cuidado sus críticas a nuestra supuesta “incoherencia”, no solo sin cuidado, si no que sirven para mofarnos de la mediocre obediencia y complicidad, al defender y proteger el auge científico-tecnológico, expendiendo más que solo sus vidas… Dejando solo una estela de lo que alguna vez fue naturaleza salvaje.