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(Mexico) Sixteenth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Torreón

Traducción al inglés del décimo sexto comunicado de ITS, en donde se presenta un nuevo grupo de ITS pero ahora desde la ciudad de Torreón, Coahuila en México, el comunicado se puede leer en su original en español, en italiano y en portugués.

¡Por la expansión del eco-extremismo!

¡Nada acaba, todo continúa!

The spider web expands. The eco-extremist spider continues on its accursed path. Now it finds itself in the lands to the north, in the middle of the desert where the savage Irritilas once walked. Possessed by the spirits of our ancestors, through the thunder clap that announces the coming of a storm, here we continue the war. Wild Nature has been destroyed, the ideal future is so grey and inert. We attack from this reality. We are individualists waging a war of revenge. We do so in the name of the mountain that was destroyed to make a super-highway, for the flora and fauna destroyed in the name of progress. In our being we hold the essence of the river that disappeared when they built the great dam.

Without any hope for a better world, nor waiting for the coming of revolution, we throw ourselves into the egoist and immoral abyss that is so uncomfortable to the great majority of people. We don’t represent anyone. We aren’t leftists, nor communists, nor anarchists. Their “struggles” don’t represent us. We don’t care about their “demands in the name of the people.” We only feel affinity to those anarchic individualities who wage an egoist war without hoping for a “better tomorrow”. We feel affinity to those who have abandoned utopian ambitions and have confronted civilization with all of the means at hand in the present. We only represent ourselves, our accursed initials represent us. We do not struggle for a collectivist world. That world based on solidarity, mutual aid, and justice will never come. Too bad.

We would be deluded to believe that our war will achieve the fall of civilization. We are not deluded, however, since we are realists. We know full well that civilization reproduces itself day after day. It keeps creating better instruments of domination. One only needs to see one night in the city to notice the reality, the night invaded by artificial lights. The mountains are corrupted by “vacation cabins” which destabilize the ecosystems (as happens in the mountains of Durango), as well as by the numerous “human activities” that destroy the beauty of the Earth.

Moons and suns passed. We have ended our silence. Guided by our savage instincts, we have been made aware of like-minded individualists who wage war in various lands, protected by Wild Nature. In the name of the ancients, we claim responsibility for the following:

An explosive device placed in a Catholic church in Torreón, Coahuila. Yes, this was the device that was mentioned by the municipal police of Torreón in their declaration after an explosive device was activated at the seat of the PRI in the same municipality. This act was supposedly carried out by the “Rebel Torreón Insurgent Group.” We clarify however that we had nothing to do with the attack on the PRI, nor with that group, nor with anyone with any affinity to them.

-Burning a phone booth of the TELMEX Corporation. In 2015 we did this in broad daylight and some blocks from where marathon runners passed in Torreón, Coahuila.

-A bomb threat against the INE located in front of the Alameda Zaragoza de Torreón in 2015.

-Graffiti against the UAC at the Office of the Autonomous University of Coahuila. We renounce scholarship that seeks to foster the continuance of techno-industrial civilization. This was carried out in the summer of 2015 in Torreón Coahuila

-November 20th, 2014: We infiltrated the demonstration for the finding of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa and committed acts of vandalism outside the municipal presidency of Torreón. The cause of the people didn’t interest us. We weren’t demonstrating solidarity or anything of the sort. We only used the large crowd that day to carry out our actions and generate tension. What a coincidence! Various factions of the now-extinct Wild Reaction did the same on that day in front of the grill of the Zocalo.

A new moon has commenced. Inside of us resounds the call of the coyote. We come closer to it, we put to death a cycle that has given us experience and taught us valuable lessons. We put it to death to begin a new cycle. The war against civilization continues: the desert, the deities of our ancestors, and the accursed initials have possessed our being. With the next action we give life to a new cycle:

-On September 8th, we sent perfume to the engineer Priscila Galván Nevárez, Director of Admissions of the ITESM Laguna Campus. One small detail was that the perfume was filled with acid. This was done to make clear that we have everyone at the Monterrey Institute of Technology Laguna Campus in our sights: students, instructors, and workers are hereby warned.

Some discomforting words

Some weeks back torrential rains fell upon the city of Torreón, Coahuila, creating an emergency situation among the citizens and the authorities. Fears were heightened as the flooding increased and with it the possibility of the overflowing of the Francisco Zarco Dam and the Nazas River. We laughed and celebrated how Nature caused panic among the citizenry. We looked with ridicule on those frightened citizens who helped the forces of order erect barricades so that the river wouldn’t flow into houses. It didn’t take much time for Wild Nature to take its first casualty, a taxi driver caught in the flood. The citizenry’s indignation didn’t wait to make itself felt. But Wild Nature would take two more lives. But remember, “for every action there is a reaction.” Sometimes this reaction is savage. Torreón and its citizens deserve it, those who in practice collaborated with the spread of techno-industrial civilization. You look to the horizon and you see the black artificial hill created by the “socially responsible” Peñoles Corporation, as well as poisoned water, contaminated air, and flora and fauna annihilated by the ceaseless expansion of the city. For all of that… three dead seems very little.

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

For indiscriminate and selective attack!

Let “natural disasters” continue!

¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

For the expansion of the Nihilist / Eco-extremist Mafia!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón

Coyote Pack Faction

(en) Fifteenth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del décimo quinto comunicado de ITS, comunicado conjunto que trata el tema de la difusión.

¡Porque todo continua!

¡Adelante Mafia Eco-extremista!

“We have already exposed the criteria by which we anarchists judge that anonymous irresponsible terrorism: it is odious as its victims are random and because it can never carry with it a heightened spirit and clear revolutionary consciousness…”

How is this the work of a conscious man, of a revolutionary, this act of cowardice which hurt innocent victims which was not the political motive of what they set out to do? It is moral cowardice that inspires these types of vengeance. It is these actions which lead us to put salt in the wound of the provocative terrorism that has made its appearance in the capital of the republic. [A terrorism carried out] by a cell of imbeciles or insane people.”

Anarchist newspaper, “La Protesta”

Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 25th, 1928

This is part of an article by old anarchists that is almost 90 years old, one which at the time condemned the terrorist and indiscriminate acts of Severino Di Giovanni and his crew. These terrible acts left many dead and wounded, and caused a polemic between advocates of violent anarchist terrorism and the preachers of “Franciscan” violence in Argentina. Today after many decades, this debate is being repeated. The same words, the same condemnations, the same indignant tone are being uttered again by some anarchists and radicals who condemn the eco-extremist tendency. And even though the “beef” is not between anarchists of different schools of thought as in that time (since ITS isn’t anarchist), these accusations have emerged again from beyond the grave.


We repeat that this tendency is expanding like a plague. The virus of Savagery is infecting the minds and bodies of individualists. These have decided to egoistically come under one acronym and individual name. They attack in defense of themselves and all that is Wild, with mysticism, courage, and firm will. We have shown convincingly the violent expansion of savage extremism, but with this expansion come discomfort and the complete rejection of our ideas from some quarters.

The discomfort showed itself this time in opposition to one of the most important means by which eco-extremist action makes itself known. We refer specifically to the blog, “Maldición Eco-extremista” (ME). This site has not been blocked by the cyber-police, or by humanist hackers, but by the administrators of “Noblogs” themselves!

On this we have to ask: To what do we owe such sneakiness? What is the cause of this campaign to silence us? How uncomfortable must our words and acts be to damage both the most conservative and most radical sensibilities?

Before this situation ITS could not stand on the sidelines as a mere spectator, and less when it involves one of the websites so sympathetic to our project; a blog that has charged itself with making our words known without weighing the cost.

That is why ALL OF THE GROUPS of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild have something to say on the matter:

First, we are not at all pleased by this and we send a greeting of fervent complicity to those in charge of publishing the ME blog. We know that they have suffered adversities for being the “visible face” of Eco-extremism. We know that, while our communiqués were not published on other sites, you have never hesitated for a moment to publish them. On the contrary, your motivational and fiery intros to our communiqués put much appreciated emphasis on the texts.

We are thankful for the commitment that has continued to this day in the immediate creation of a replacement blog (one another site) to move the project forward.

We hope that you continue to publish our words / acts with your heads held high.


Continuing on this theme, we have already experienced the discomfort towards our actions on the part of some insurrectionary anarchist groups that have been horrified by our indiscriminate attacks.

We have also experienced the same discomfort and eventual unanimous rejection from anarchist blogs that at first gave space to our words only to later censor and label us as “irresponsible,” “psychopaths,” “anti-anarchists,” “not our comrades,” etc. We mention this only so that the discomfort that we generated in some radicals remains evident, as well as the fact that ME responded harshly against these sentiments.

This was the irrefutable proof that our praxis was not compatible (we believe that it never was) with the discourse of certain anarchos.

The only thing missing then was the “icing on the cake” which materialized in the elimination of the ME blog. Here it is important to clarify that we’re not saying any of this to play the victim. We take responsibility for being eco-extremists and we confront the consequences as they come. We don’t see ourselves as poor eco-extremists expelled from the churches of anarchism. Nothing of the sort, the history of ITS clearly shows that the victims have been others…

This “icing on the cake” only reminds us how uncomfortable and DANGEROUS our actions and words have become, disturbing the comfort of certain anarchists (with apologies to real anarchists)!

Clearly we have become a serious problem for even the most “radical of radicals”. There is no doubt that this danger of which we speak is so serious that they had to take our blog ME away. We put the whole “noblogs” platform at risk. Look at the shit storm that those irresponsible Eco-extremists have caused!


You can come up with numerous excuses why the eco-extremist blog ME was putting the stability of Noblogs at risk. But we know that those cowards at Noblogs have decided to censor our words since they considered them “uncomfortable” and incompatible with the type of discourse they deal in.

Why didn’t they do the same with the “Culmine” blog in 2012, when it was considered by the EU judges to be a “publication platform” for the FAI in Europe and after the administrator was jailed? When there was a blog (or several) that were considered by the European Union authorities to be “terrorist platforms” during the most active years of the FAI? But that didn’t put the stability of the server at risk? Of course it did. They didn’t block “Culmine” since its content was compatible with the agenda of the administrators of Noblogs. We know that there are preferences, we aren’t surprised by that. But, aren’t anarchists supposed to have an open mind? Aren’t they not supposed to censor people? Aren’t they not supposed to play the role of the conventional press in blocking content? Aren’t they supposed to be super-liberal about all that? This act only demonstrates the hypocrisy of their discourse, their moralism similar to that of a European Franciscan of the sixteenth century.

The Noblogs administrators should have just declared us as “personae non gratae” and closed our blog definitively. That would have been less hypocritical, to tell the truth.

In the end, things happen for a reason, understandable in the moment or not, as a wise man said.

In any case, the terrorist groups of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) around the world thank Noblogs for having given us space on their server, and for being a valuable instrument for our expanding like a plague of locusts devouring entire harvests. You should remember that you are also part of the international conspiracy, even if to a diminished degree. Keep being paranoid about the future legal consequences for having at one time hosted a space for us on the Web, because you’re not getting away with that…


We continue here discussing the strategic campaign of defamation by authorities and partisans of civil anarchism which ITS-Mexico spoke of in its last communiqué. Added to this we can mention the venomous commentaries left by the Chilean anarchist newspaper, “La Boina” which has come to our attention, the brief introduction in Earth First! Journal supporting the Chilean cop-anarcho-Franciscans , and the consistent griping on the part of Zerzanites on the U.S. radio program, Anarchy Radio, etc. It would seem that all of these people have come together in a united front to vent their frustration from their respective corners of the media. Let them keep talking shit, we’re going to keep it up in spite of their foul-smelling brain rot.

The anarchist “counter-information” blogs, alternative servers, and the authorities of the countries where we are active can defame and silence us on the Web, they can censor and ignore our actions and communiqués, and they can do the near-impossible to make people forget we exist. They’re well within their right to do all of that, but when they learn of a large and indiscriminate arson in Chile, or an attack on the populace in Argentina, or when the rumor of a terrorist explosion reaches them in Brazil, or when they see people murdered and scalped in Mexico, let them have no doubt that ITS did it.

“… I only feel disgust for those who do nothing, and are content with only blaspheming and cursing those who act.”



In spite of the censorship on the part of alternative anarchist blogs, eco-extremism continues on its course. The appearance of ITS groups throughout the hemisphere is proof of this. Anarchists (though not all) condemn eco-extremist actions since they consider them irresponsible, psychopaths, and even counter-revolutionaries. This discourse that they deal in reeks of progressivism and leftism. What’s next? That they call us infiltrators or provocateurs? Because we are those things. ITS is vile, opportunistic, provocative, and everything else that is uncomfortable for the “cautious” and “responsible revolutionaries.” We will keep attacking and taking responsibility for what follows. We will continue to be on the side of Wild Nature, proud of the path that we have taken: eco-extremism. Bullets will keep entering into the bodies of the hyper-civilized. The knives will keep piercing their flesh. More false and real bombs will appear at night clubs, in suitcases, in packet or letter bombs. Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other “natural disasters” will spread, taking the lives of many indiscriminately. Wild Nature will have its vengeance.


To conclude this communique, we would like to respond to the cover-ups, the infamy, and the attacks that have emerged recently with the same words of Severino, reviving his memory, words, and curses from 90 years ago against his declared enemies:

“The anarchist newspapers disapprove, repudiate, deny, and condemn. The cloistered friars of Unionist anarchism denounce the ‘infamous tragedy’ that was on par with something done by the fascists… They are inspired by sheepish Christianity, they gesticulate like Jesus crucified when in reality they’re just a bunch of vile Peters of Galilee (“Truly I say unto thee that before the cock crows thrice, Peter will deny me.”) I have seen denial and condemnation come from the lips of many frightened cowards. They obfuscate like so many vile canons and Jesuits… they compete with each other to be the most ignoble and vile.”

“Seminatore” , Severino di Giovanni. June 1928

(An excerpt from the text written after detonating an explosive at the Italian consulate in Buenos Aires, which left 9 dead and 34 wounded, on May 7th, 1928)

“…vicious and repugnant like whore’s vomit, stinking like a dirty latrine, cowardly and vile, neither a kiss from Judas nor one of Maramaldo’s clubs was absent. ‘La Protesta’ [the Zerzanites, Earth First!, Noblogs, social anarchists, etc.], eternal shame of the anarchist movement of Argentina and the universe, den of infamies and cowardice, spittle coming from the marriage of the informer and police, they have added to their acts a new shame. But not until today has their nakedness been revealed to the light of day.”

“Suspicious violence and Franciscan violence. Echoes, commentaries, and decrees concerning the attacks on the U.S. banks.”

Severino Di Giovanni, in Culmine.

June 15th, 1928

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

For attack and death for our enemies!

Nothing will silence the voice of our warrior ancestors!

Let the war continue

¡Axkan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Wilderness Society

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

-Wild Constellations

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

-Uncivilized Southerners

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Mexico City

-“Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group

-Eco-extremist /  Nihilist Mafia

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Torreón

– Cachiripa* Fury Faction

– Coyote Pack Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Jalisco

-Criminal Feral Band

* Cachiripa, was a god of the Irritilas, ancient natives of Coahuila. This god manifested himself by appearing in whirlwinds that appear frequently in that region, especially during dust storms.

(es-it-pt) Décimo sexto comunicado Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje-Torreón

Comunicado de un nuevo grupo de ITS, ahora en Torreón, Coahuila, ciudad norteña de México. El grupo asume la responsabilidad de ataques pasados y reivindica el envio de un perfume con veneno para una de las cabeza del monstruo del Tec de Monterrey en la región Lagunra.

¡Que se expanda la amenaza del eco-extremismo!

¡Adelante con la guerra heredada de nuestros antepasados!

La telaraña se expande, la araña del eco extremismo continúa con su camino maldito. Ahora en tierras del norte, en medio del desierto donde caminaron los salvajes irritilas. Poseídos por los espíritus de nuestros ancestros, por el retumbar del trueno que anuncia la llegada de una tormenta, continuamos en guerra. La Naturaleza Salvaje fue destruida, el futuro ideal es tan gris e inerte. Desde esta realidad atacamos; somos individualistas librando una guerra vengativa, en nombre de la montaña derrumbada para construir una mega carretera, por la flora y fauna destruida en nombre del progreso, en nuestro ser portamos la esencia del río desaparecido por alguna gran presa.

Sin ninguna esperanza por un mundo mejor, ni anhelar la llegada de la revolución, nos lanzamos al abismo egoísta y amoral tan incómodo para la gran mayoría. No nos representa nadie, no somos izquierdistas, ni comunistas, ni anarquistas, sus “luchas” no nos representan, sus “demandas populares” nos dan lo mismo. Sólo sentimos afinidad por aquellas individualidades anárquicas que dan una guerra egoísta sin esperar “un mañana mejor”, quienes decidieron abandonar anhelos utópicos y enfrentar a la civilización con todos los medios posibles en el presente. Nos representamos nosotros mismos, nos representan nuestras siglas malditas. No luchamos por un mundo colectivista, su mundo basado en la solidaridad, apoyo mutuo y justicia, no llegará, lástima.

Ilusos seríamos al creer que nuestra guerra conseguirá la caída de la civilización, pero no, nosotros somos realistas. Sabemos bien que la civilización se reproduce día con día, cada vez crea más instrumentos de dominación. Basta con ver la noche en la urbe para darse cuenta de la realidad, la noche invadida por las luces artificiales. Las sierras corrompidas por “cabañas vacacionales” desestabilizando el ecosistema (como sucede en la sierra de Durango) y un sinfín de “actividades humanas” que destruyen lo hermoso de la Tierra.

Lunas y soles pasaron…, nosotros atacábamos en silencio, guiados por nuestros instintos salvajes, sabiendo que nuestros afines daban guerra en distintas tierras y protegidos por La Naturaleza Salvaje. En nombre de nuestros antiguos, reivindicamos lo siguiente:

– Artefacto incendiario colocado dentro de una iglesia católica en Torreón, Coahuila. Sí, fue ese el artefacto al que se refería la policía municipal de Torreón en su declaración tras el artefacto incendiario activado en la sede del PRI en el mismo municipio. Acto presuntamente realizado por el “Grupo Insurgente Torreón Rebelde”. Aclarando…, nosotros no tenemos nada que ver con el ataque al PRI, ni con dicho grupo, ni nos interesan sus fines.

– Quema de una cabina telefónica de la empresa TELMEX. En el año 2015 a plena luz del día y a unas cuadras de donde pasaban los corredores de un maratón, en Torreón, Coahuila.

– Amenaza de bomba al INE ubicado en frente de la Alameda Zaragoza de Torreón. Durante el 2015.

– Pinta en contra de la UAC, realizada en la Coordinación de la Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. Repudiamos su escolaridad que apunta a fomentar la perpetuación de la civilización tecno-industrial. Durante el verano del año 2015 en Torreón Coahuila.

– 20 de noviembre del 2014, nos infiltramos en la manifestación por la aparición de los 43 estudiantes de Ayotzinapa y participamos en los actos vandálicos a las afueras de la presidencia municipal de Torreón. La causa popular no era de nuestro interés, no fuimos de solidarios, ni nada parecido. Sólo utilizamos la gran cantidad de gente que se reunió ese día para perpetuar nuestros actos y generar tensión ¡Qué coincidencia!, varios grupúsculos del extinto Reacción Salvaje hicieron lo mismo en la plancha del zócalo ese mismo día.

Una nueva luna ha comenzado, en nuestro interior retumba el llamado del coyote, nos acercamos a él, damos muerte a un ciclo que nos llenó de experiencias y aprendizajes, damos muerte para dar vida a un nuevo ciclo. La guerra contra la civilización continua; el desierto, las deidades de nuestros antiguos y las siglas malditas han poseído nuestro ser. Con la siguiente acción damos vida a nuestro nuevo ciclo:

– El día 8 de septiembre mandamos un perfume a la ingeniera Priscila Galván Nevárez directora de admisiones del ITESM Campus Laguna, sólo que había un pequeño detalle en el perfume, estaba relleno de ácido. Esto para dejar en claro que tenemos en la mira a toda la comunidad del Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Laguna, no nos importa que sean estudiantes, catedráticos o trabajadores, están advertidos.

Algunas palabras incómodas

Hace unas semanas las lluvias torrenciales atacaron a la ciudad de Torreón, Coahuila, creando un estado de crisis en sus ciudadanos y autoridades. El temor aumentó a la par que aumentaban las inundaciones y la latente posibilidad de que la presa Francisco Zarco se viera rebasada y el río Nazas se desbordara. Nosotros nos reíamos y festejábamos con la Naturaleza el pánico en la ciudadanía, nos resultaba ridículo y gracioso ver a los asustados ciudadanos apoyando a las fuerzas del orden a levantar barricadas, intentado que el río no atacara sus hogares. No pasó mucho tiempo para que la Naturaleza Salvaje cobrara su primera víctima mortal, un taxista quedó atrapado en la inundación y falleció, la indignación de la ciudadanía no se hizo esperar, más tarde La Naturaleza Salvaje se cobraría otras dos vidas. Pero recuerden “a toda acción hay una reacción”, a veces esa reacción es salvaje. Merecido lo tiene Torreón y sus ciudadanos, quienes con sus prácticas colaboran a la perpetuación de la civilización tecno-industrial. Ves al horizonte y encuentras un cerro negro artificial creado por la empresa “socialmente responsable” de nombre Peñoles, agua envenenada, el aire contaminado, fauna y flora aniquilada por la expansión sin freno que tiene la urbe. Para todo eso…, tres muertos nos parecen pocos.

¡Por la defensa extrema de la Naturaleza Salvaje!

¡Por el ataque indiscriminado y selectivo!

¡Qué continúen las “catástrofes naturales”!

¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

¡Por la expansión de la mafia nihilista/eco-extremista!

Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje-Torreón

-Grupúsculo jauría de coyotes


La ragnatela si espande, il ragno dell’Eco estremismo continua il percorso maledetto. Ora- nelle “terre” del nord, in mezzo al deserto dove camminarono i selvaggi Irritilas. Avanziamo per la guerra posseduti dagli spiriti dei nostri antenati, attraverso il fragore del tuono che annuncia l’arrivo di un temporale. La Natura Selvaggia è distrutta, il futuro ideale è tanto grigio e inerte. Attacchiamo questa realtà; siamo Individualisti che combattono una guerra vendicativa, nel nome della montagna abbattuta per costruire una mega strada, per la flora e la fauna distrutta in nome del progresso, portiamo dentro “noi” l’essenza del fiume estinto per colpa delle grosse industrie.

Senza nessuna speranza per un mondo migliore, né nell’anelare per l’arrivo della rivoluzione, ci lanciamo nell’abisso egoista e amorale, tanto fastidioso alla moltitudine. Non ci rappresenta nessuno, non siamo di sinistra, né comunisti, né anarchici, queste “lotte” non ci rappresentano, i “postulati popolari” lo stesso. Sentiamo solo affinità per quelle individualità anarchiche che fanno una guerra egoista senza aspettare “un domani migliore”, è che hanno deciso di abbandonare gli aneliti di utopia e affrontare al presente, la civilizzazione con tutti i mezzi possibili. Rappresentiamo noi stessi e le nostre sigle maledette. Non lottiamo per un mondo collettivista, “mondo” basato sulla solidarietà, il mutuo appoggio e la giustizia, cazzate che non avverranno mai, è così.
Saremmo illusi nel pensare che la nostra guerra otterrà la caduta della civilizzazione, e noi siamo realisti. Sappiamo bene che la civilizzazione si riproduce giorno per giorno, creando sempre più strumenti di dominazione. Basta vedere la notte nell’urbe, invasa dalle luci artificiali per capire cosa è la realtà. Le catene montuose corrotte da “cottage di vacanza”, che destabilizzano l’ecosistema (come succede nella catena montuosa di Durango), e un’infinità di “attività umane” che distruggono la bellezza della Terra.
Lune e soli passati … attacchiamo in silenzio, guidati dai nostri istinti selvaggi, sapendo che i nostri affini, ”danno” guerra in distinte terre, protetti dalla Natura Selvaggia.
In nome dei nostri antenati, rivendichiamo:

-Artefatto incendiario posto dentro una chiesa cattolica in Torreón, Coahuila. Si, era questo l’artefatto al quale si riferiva la polizia municipale di Torreón, dopo l’altro artefatto incendiario attivato nella sede del PRI dello stesso municipio. Atto probabilmente realizzato dal”Gruppo Insorto Torreón Ribelle.” Chiariamo..non abbiamo niente a che vedere con l’attacco del PRI, né con suddetto gruppo, ne ci interessano i fini.

-Cabina telefonica dell’impresa TELMEX bruciata, nel 2015, di giorno, ad alcuni isolati dove passavano degli atleti di una maratona in Torreón, Coahuila.

– Allarme bomba, all’INE, nel 2015, ubicato di fronte a Alameda Zaragoza di Torreón

–Bottiglia incendiaria contro l’UAC, realizzata durante l’estate dell’anno 2015, contro l’organizzazione dell’Università autonoma di Coahuila. Ripudiamo la scolarizzazione che punta a fomentare la perpetuazione della civilizzazione tecno-industriale.

– Il 20 Novembre del 2014, ci infiltriamo nella manifestazione per il ritrovamento dei 43 studenti di Ayotzinapa, a cui partecipiamo, con atti vandalici, fuori dal comune del municipio di Torreón. La causa popolare non era il nostro interesse, né ci interessava solidarizzare, né altro. Abbiamo “utilizzato” il grosso quantitativo di persone che si sono riunite, per perpetuare i nostri atti e generare tensione. Che coincidenza! Vari gruppuscoli dell’estinto gruppo Reazione Selvaggia (RS),fecero lo stesso, con una “presa di ferro”, lo stesso giorno.

Una nuova luna è cominciata, dentro noi rimbomba la chiamata del coyote, a lui c’avviciniamo, dando morte a un ciclo che ci ha riempito di esperienze e apprendimenti. Diamo morte per creare un nuovo ciclo. La guerra contro la civilizzazione continua; il deserto, le divinità di nostri antenati e le “sigle” maledette ci possiedono. Con la seguente Azione creiamo il nostro nuovo ciclo:

–Il giorno 8 settembre, abbiamo mandato un profumo all’ingegniera Priscila Galván Nevárez direttrice delle ammissioni dell’ITESM a Campus Laguna. Solo che il profumo aveva un piccolo dettaglio: era ripieno di acido. Questo per chiarire che abbiamo come obiettivo tutta la comunità del “Tecnologico” di Monterrey- Campus Laguna. Siete “avvertiti”: studenti, professori universitari o lavoratori.

Alcune scomode parole:
Qualche settimana fa, le piogge torrenziali attaccarono la città di Torreón, Coahuila, creando uno stato di crisi nei cittadini come nelle autorità. Il timore aumentò con l’aumento delle inondazioni, e la latente possibilità che la diga Francisco Zarco fosse inondata dallo straripamento del fiume Nazas. Abbiamo riso e festeggiato, con la Natura Selvaggia, per il panico della cittadinanza. Era ridicolo e grazioso vedere gli spaventati cittadini appoggiare le forze dell’ordine nell’erigere barricate, capito che il fiume non avrebbe attaccato le case.
Poco tempo dopo, la Natura Selvaggia prenderà la sua prima vittima mortale, un tassista rimasto intrappolato dall’inondazione. L’indignazione della cittadinanza non si è fatta attendere, dopo che la Natura Selvaggia si è presa altre vite. Ricordate: “Ogni azione è una reazione”, e a volte la reazione è selvaggia, e Torreón e i suoi cittadini, se lo meritano, con le loro pratiche che collaborano alla perpetuazione della civilizzazione tecno-industriale. Vedi l’orizzonte e incontri una collina artificiale creata da un’impresa “socialmente responsabile” di nome Peñoles: acqua avvelenata, aria contaminata, fauna e flora annientata dall’espansione senza freno dell’urbe. Per tutto questo..tre morti ci sembrano pochi.

Per la difesa estrema della Natura Selvaggia!
Per l’Attacco Indiscriminato e selettivo!
Che le “catastrofi naturali continuino!
¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!
Per l’espansione della mafia nichilista/eco-estremista!
Individualisti Tendenti al Selvaggio- Torreón
-Gruppuscolo Branco di coyote

México – Décimo Sexto Comunicado de Individualistas Tendendo ao Selvagem

A teia se expande, a aranha do eco-extremismo continua com seu caminho maldito, agora em terras do norte, no meio do deserto onde caminharam os selvagens Irritilas. Possuídos pelos espíritos de nossos ancestrais, pelo estrondo do trovão que anuncia a chegada de uma tormenta, continuamos em guerra. A Natureza Selvagem foi destruída, o futuro ideal é tão cinza e sem vida. A partir desta realidade atacamos; somos individualistas travando uma guerra vingativa em nome da montanha demolida para construir uma mega rodovia, pela flora e fauna destruída em nome do progresso. Em nosso ser levamos a essência do rio desaparecido por alguma grande barragem.

Sem nenhuma esperança por um mundo melhor nem ansiando a chegada da revolução nos lançamos ao abismo egoísta e amoral bastante incômodo para a grande maioria. Ninguém nos representa, não somos esquerdistas, nem comunistas, nem anarquistas. Suas “lutas” não nos representam, suas “demandas populares” tanto faz para nós. Apenas sentimos afinidades por aquelas individualidades anárquicas que impulsionam uma guerra egoísta sem esperar “um amanhã melhor”, aqueles que decidiram abandonar desejos utópicos e enfrentar a civilização com todos os meios possíveis no presente. Nós mesmos nos representamos, representamos nossas siglas malditas. Não lutamos por um mundo coletivista, seu mundo baseado em solidariedade, apoio mútuo e justiça não chegará. Uma pena.

Sonhadores seríamos ao crer que nossa guerra conseguirá a derrubada da civilização, mas não, nós somos realistas. Sabemos bem que a civilização se reproduz dia a dia, cada vez mais cria novos instrumentos de dominação. Basta olhar à noite na cidade para se dar conta da realidade, a noite invadida por luzes artificiais. As serras corrompidas pelas “pousadas de férias” desestabilizando o ecossistema (como ocorre na serra de Durango) e uma série de “atividades humanas” que destroem a beleza da Terra.

Luas e sóis se passaram…., nós atacávamos em silêncio, guiados por nossos instintos selvagens, sabendo que nossos afins travavam guerras em distintas terras e protegidos pela Natureza Selvagem. Em nome de nossos antepassados, reivindicamos o seguinte:

– Artefato incendiário colocado dentro de uma igreja católica em Torreón, Coahuila. Sim, foi esse o artefato no qual se referia a polícia municipal de Torreón em sua declaração após o artefato incendiário ativado na sede do PRI no mesmo município. Ato alegadamente realizado pelo “Grupo Insurgente Torreón Rebelde”. Esclarecendo…, nós não temos nada haver com o ataque ao PRI, nem com o dito grupo, não nos interessam suas finalidades.

– Queima de uma cabine telefônica da empresa TELMEX no ano de 2015 em plena luz do dia a umas quadras de onde passavam corredores de uma maratona em Torreón, Coahuila.

– Ameaça de bomba ao INE localizado em frente ao Alameda Zaragoza de Torreón, em 2015.

– Pintura contra a UAC realizada na Coordenação da Universidade Autônoma de Coahuila. Repudiamos sua escolaridade que aponta a fomentar a perpetuação da civilização tecno-industrial. Isso foi durante o verão do ano de 2015 em Torreón, Coahuila.

– 20 de novembro de 2014, nos infiltramos na manifestação pela aparição dos 43 estudantes de Ayotzinapa e participamos nos atos vandálicos nas imediações da presidência municipal de Torreón. A causa popular não era de nosso interesse, não fomos com o intuito de solidariedade nem algo do tipo, apenas utilizamos a grande quantidade de pessoas que se reuniu neste dia para perpetuar nossos atos e gerar tensão. Que coincidência! Vários grupúsculos do extinto Reação Selvagem fizeram o mesmo na Praça da Constituição nesse mesmo dia.

A lua nova começou, em nosso interior retumba o chamado do coiote, nos aproximamos dele, damos morte a um ciclo que nos encheu de experiências e aprendizagens, damos morte para dar vida a um novo ciclo. A guerra contra a civilização continua; o deserto, as deidades de nossos antepassados e as siglas malditas possuíram o nosso ser. Com a seguinte ação damos vida a nosso novo ciclo:

– Em 8 de setembro enviamos um perfume à engenheira Priscila Galván Nevárez, diretora de admissões do ITESM – Campus Laguna, no entanto havia um pequeno detalhe no perfume, estava cheio de ácido. Isso é para deixar claro que temos em nossa mira toda a comunidade do Tecnológico de Monterrey – Campus Laguna. Não nos importamos que sejam estudantes, professores ou trabalhadores, estão avisados.

Há algumas semanas as chuvas torrenciais atacaram a cidade de Torreón, Coahuila, criando um estado de crise em seus cidadãos e autoridades. O temor aumentou ao mesmo tempo que aumentavam as inundações e a grande possibilidade de que a represa Francisco Zarco fosse realinhada e o rio Nazas transbordasse. Nós ríamos e festejávamos com a Natureza o pânico da cidadania, achávamos ridículo e engraçado ver os cidadãos assustados apoiando as forças de ordem a levantar barricadas, tentando fazer com que o rio não atingisse suas casas. Não demorou muito para que a Natureza Selvagem cobrasse sua primeira vítima mortal. Um taxista ficou preso na inundação e faleceu, a indignação da cidadania não se fez esperar, mais tarde a Natureza Selvagem cobrou outras duas vidas. Mas recordem, “para cada ação há uma reação”, às vezes essa reação é selvagem. Merecido tem Torreón e seus cidadãos, aqueles que com suas práticas colaboram com a perpetuação da civilização tecno-industrial. Olha ao horizonte e encontra uma colina negra artificial criada pela empresa “socialmente responsável” de nome Peñoles, a água envenenada, o ar contaminado, fauna e flora aniquilada pela expansão sem freio que tem a urbe. Para tudo isso…., três mortos nos parece pouco.

Pela defesa extrema da Natureza Selvagem!

Pelo ataque indiscriminado e seletivo!

Que continuem as “catástrofes naturais”!

¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

Pela expansão da máfia niilista/eco-extremista!

Individualistas Tendendo ao Selvagem-Torreón

– Grupúsculo Matilha de Coiotes