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(es) Inundaciones catastróficas en Alemania y Bélgica

Recibido al mail

“La gobernante del estado alemán de Renania-Palatinado, Malu Dreyer, ha descrito la inundación como catastrófica“.

“Mi suegro tiene casi 80 años, es de Mayen y dice que nunca ha experimentado algo así”.

“Los expertos aseguran que se pronostica que el cambio climático aumente la frecuencia de eventos climáticos extremos como este…”.

Un aviso para los despistados, estamos en la década de las catástrofes. Las consecuencias de todo el desprecio que el humano moderno ha demostrado hacia el mundo natural se harán cada vez más evidentes, pronto nadie podrá esconderse de ellas ni seguir indiferente. Pero ¿saben qué?, la hora de despertar ya ha pasado, el tiempo no perdona y a nuestra especie se le está acabando poco a poco. Afortunadamente, nuestra extinción ya es inevitable.

Celebramos los más de 180 fallecidos y los centenares de desaparecidos, porque la humanidad moderna ofende al mundo natural con su mera existencia, pero gracias a la majestuosidad del agua unos cuantos ya no podrán hacerlo más.

Nunca miraremos por el bienestar de esta especie despreciable, nuestra muerte no es una tragedia, a nivel cósmico es irrelevante pero a nivel ecológico es una “bendición”.

¡Disfrutemos del desastre y gocemos con la manifestación del Caos, cuando la muerte venga por nosotros también, la recibiremos con los brazos abiertos!

¡Qué la fortaleza Europa se inunde entera!

[en] Traitors to our own kind

Interesante reflexión enviada al mail por “Askafroa”.

Traitors to our own kind

Eco extremism and anthropocentrism


When i was a child my father once told me about a rat who got lost in his office, the confused rodent immediately sparked panic amongst the workers who were not used to wildlife interfering with their orderly routine and after a long chase they finally cornered the animal. Relived he and his coworkers considered the unusual situation as good as over when the rat, scared and surrounded by giant creatures with no apparent motive, ran towards them and started its last attack. Loudly squeaking the prey became the hunter and chased anxious workers, clearly overburdened with the situation, on to tables while others were desperately trying to protect their ankles from the clearly suicidal rodent and while its last stand ended with its own destruction none of the people in the office that day would ever forget the moments where they were cowering on tables on the run from an animal a hundred times smaller than them. In its last moment the rat wasn’t rational, it did not distinguish between the workers who wanted it dead and the ones who wanted to set it free and it did not comply in the hopes of living another day. It saw humanity as one, a menacing power far beyond its own who wanted nothing more than get rid of this threat to daily routine. Its feral instinct kicked in one last time and it fought till its own end. In a sense this rat understood the spirit of eco extremism better than most of us humans ever could. A desperate last stand to no immediate end besides our own is so alien to the mindset of humanity when for, most of us, the goal is to live as long as possible. We fear death but deep down i believe the rat understood that even if it lived that day soon there is nowhere to run anymore. On an increasingly overpopulated earth there simply is no place for wild nature and if its end hadn’t came in that office it would have been a car or a disgruntled canal worker a few days later. Compliance brings nothing but buying you a little bit of time, fleeing somewhere else is always a temporarily solution before that place as well becomes infested by humanity. It is this feeling that’s the underlying sentiment of ITS, out of this feeling of violent hopelessness eco extremism was born. I feel more of a kinship to the rat and its motives than to any social cause and this is why eco extremism was never a stranger to controversy. The rejection of humanistic values is nothing more than a open declaration of war on the anthropocentrism that’s the foundation of almost all of western philosophy, various leftist Ideologies included and while the leftist is quick to determine that overt misanthropy is, in a twisted way, anthropocentric itself (one must simply admire the leftist refusal to mentally age past the age of ten you so rarely hear “no you” outside of playgrounds and schoolyards) eco extremism’s misanthropy is less the centering of humanity out of a desire for easy solutions or a symptom of the superiority complex over nature inherent to the domesticated modern human, its a case of correctly identifying the perpetrator. As the activist likes to say “the people destroying the planet have names and addresses” of course they have and they are easy to find out just look at the next letter you get. The destruction of nature by the hand of corporations doesn’t come from a place of sheer evil, the average CEO has no hatred of nature like a children’s book villain, it comes from the rational point of supply and demand. This demand for comfort would still persist after some utopian revolution and the left has to satisfy it otherwise the majority of people would just go back to the economic system that gave them smartphones, cars and microwaves. That’s why,besides the simple fact that anti capitalism is a byproduct of industrial civilization and therefore pretty unnecessary without it, certain “ecological” schools of thought enjoy such popularity amongst the left. They promise the illusion of sustainability, similar to what the advocates of green energy preach you, without changing the current standard of living. As various anti civ thinkers had to painfully learn you cant build a movement around the promise of “less but natural” because the majority of humanity is content if not happy with industrialized living and consumerism so this time its worker lead co ops that pollute the planet, city councils who approve oil pipelines through wild nature and trains instead of planes who destroy entire ecosystems. If “all power comes from the people” we have to admit our complacency. Even when faced with climate change the go to response of humanity is to calm themselves with empty promises and otherwise ignore it, to paraphrase Grey’s law “any sufficiently advanced apathy is indistinguishable from malice”.

After the enlightenment and with it the ideals of anthropocentrism, rationality and humanism took over Europe they joined Europeans on their colonial conquest until this mindset took over most of the world and became a cornerstone of modern society. The universe stopped centering around the sun and instead started to revolve around humanity, everything, nature included became judged by its use for humans,nothing had value on its own anymore. This is also true for those who desire to “protect” or “safe” the earth, for environmentalism even in its most “radical” forms (primitivism and deep ecology). Their critique of civilization is born from a domesticated mother and how does the old saying go ? “the master tools will  never destroy the masters house” the foundational Idea behind anti civ is one of rational self preservation, its the self serving desire to preserve earth for future generations by stealing from past ones. There is no real connection to nature in their writing and while they are trying to make up for it by copying indigenous traditions they mostly got from books written long after the fact it stays the sad imitation of an imitation. Like nature indigenous society has no value on its own, the value comes from the credibility it is able to lend to anti civ theory. As soon as a tribe becomes to patriarchal,violent or “civilized” by some arbitrary standard it loses its merit in the eyes of the anti civ thinker. Anti civ either ignores or doesn’t understand (depending on the author) the influence different landscapes and its spirits and gods had on indigenous society and therefore turn Indigenity into a homogeneous, socially just and peaceful theme park version of itself. But when you ignore the land you get a critique that is once again centered around human suffering, “civilization is bad because of the harm it inflicts on humanity” and even the instances where it destroys nature are measured in their repercussions for humans. Civilization caused hierarchy, war, mental illness, obesity, addiction and likely every other evil that inflicts humanity that alone warrants its destruction and the war industrial civilization wages on nature is an afterthought at best. In most Instances environmentalism is a reaction to the imminent threat that environmental destruction and climate change pose for humanity’s survival so instead of accepting that like everything before and after us, the age of humans has an expiring date, they ignore earths decision to get rid of the plague that is humanity and keep fighting against the tide and therefore once again center the needs of humanity over other species and even earth itself. The deeply European mindset behind environmentalism, the lack of spirituality makes the whole thing feel like a good scam, you treat nature like an algorithm meant to be solved instead of accepting that some things are not designed for us to understand. Even in its current unnaturally expanded form the human lifespan is so short compared to a mountain or a tree, completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things and yet in true enlightened fashion we claim that we are superior, that our survival is the first priority. We dare to assume our understanding of the world is the right one though we are nothing but mere children compared to even the youngest mountains and lakes. Like the zoo animal which, if born in captivity, is hard to re-wild since it has grown accustomed to the cage that provided safety and comfort,we, the children of industrial civilization, are almost incapable to think in uncomfortable non anthropocentric terms. To accept the fact that we will never really understand nature nor should we strive to do so, that we are nothing more than one animal amongst many, meant to be just another puzzle piece to an incredible complex ecosystem and how our original function as both prey and predator means that we were designed for death by nature and therefore should accept it as natural just as we currently accept death by car accident or cardiac arrest. Our self preservation instinct became a lazy, passive Insistence on the survival of the ill fittest. The notion that nothing lasts forever and nature is in a state of constant change where species die out while new ones will be born to take their place is not to comprehend for the scientific minds who declared war on nature and victory over it in the same breath. Surely we will be able to cheat death, nature and fate in a triple strike since we are far too rational to respect any of those concepts anyway.

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

In its early stages eco extremism was no doubt influenced by neo luddism, (green) anarchism and animal liberation but after some time and some self reflection ITS found its voice not in the egalitarian polemic of anarchism or in the revolutionary gospel of ted kaczynski but in indigenous resistance and the indiscriminate attack of the wild. The eco extremist is a force of nature as political as wildfires, floods and the swift attack of animals of prey and like the hurricane who knows neither mercy nor moral we declare war on humanity at large, craving to sacrifice as many as possible to the pagan gods of old, just one reason amongst many why eco extremism was never intended to be a philosophy taught at universities or meant to create a movement. Not only is the european mindset beyond those concepts alien to it, if we would lust for political power, academic acceptance or mass appeal we wouldn’t invoke the forgotten gods of nature in our writing rather we would worship the deities of the modern age and wave around alleged facts, sing the praise of science and logic. Eco extremism means the utmost rejection of anthropocentrism with all its rationality and humanist social causes, it is not a political dogma set in stone, no common pantheon of deities or set of morals, no plans for future utopias or present activism. What makes eco extremism what it is, is the focus on attack, to wage a lone war against industrial society with no chance of reward or victory and to do it in the here and now not in or for a Future that only exist in the imagination. This war is not and never will be part of a greater agenda and we do not claim the moral superiority of working towards some greater good. Earths retaliation will never be political and it doesn’t bow to European definitions of morality. To say it in a way science junkies can understand its a simple case of newtons third law: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” Nature detected a disturbance to the natural order and now seeks to eradicate it. In its war eco extremism is, contrary to political movements and ideologies, not limited to mankind. The spirit of ITS is the same as that of the tiger who, when faced with the destruction of its natural habitat, develops a taste for human flesh, the wolf who frightens the shepherd at night, the storms that ravish human settlements after the last of the nearby trees has fallen, the indigenous warrior who fought the European invader to preserve the way of his ancestors so he can, if he’s not able to live as part of nature, at least dies as one. The call of nature is our teacher and our leader and we don’t need more, there is no human wisdom that could compare to the truths of wild nature. When a place becomes overpopulated by rabbits the local fox population increases, when a place becomes overpopulated by humanity eco extremism arises. There are powers far beyond our own and in one way or another they will restore the balance. Eco extremism is just one amongst many names Humanity created to explain the unknowable, a human expression of earth’s self defense. And while we won’t bring human extinction ourselves we gladly join earth, as a fifth column of traitors on our species, in its retaliation.

You don’t have to love eco extremism and eco extremism doesn’t want you to. Too often it speaks uncomfortable truths and no love can grow from such honesty. No one wants to admit complacency, no one wants eco extremism but we all deserve eco extremism. Your outrage over it’s “innocent” victims rings hollow when we are all living over the corpse of nature. We kill a million lifeforms everyday simply by existing. What you are witnessing is nature’s final attack and humanity’s last stand and whatever side you choose, you now have to live with the consequences. When there’s nowhere to escape attack is the only option. And even when my attack is nothing compared to a raging fire or an unstoppable tsunami, mine is the racing heart of a cornered rat. The certainty that when faced with no way out, death on your own terms is preferable over a life on the run. That is my personal truth, nature’s call sounds different for every listener. Sometimes there’s defiance in hopelessness and sometimes even a losing battle must be fought. After centuries the rat became a synanthrope, adjusted to humanity and yet the old instincts are far from gone, this is true for the rats and for humans as well. Eco extremism is, by design, not meant to be described in rational terms but if you would ask me I would say that eco extremism is a feeling. The feeling that I rather die as part of nature, a hunter like my earliest ancestors, than languish in artificial cities full of artificial feelings and a night sky without stars, and maybe that makes me, for better and worse, truly human, that’s more than any humanist can claim to be.


Por J. Alienus Richalsky

En 1999 solicité a Theodore J. Kaczynski una entrevista para Blackfoot Valley Dispatch, a lo cual él amablemente accedió. La entrevista tuvo lugar ese mismo año en el Centro Penitenciario de Máxima Seguridad de Florence, Colorado, Estados Unidos.

Blackfoot Valley Dispatch: Bueno…
Theodore John Kaczynski: Vamos allá…

BVD: Bien, ¿Por qué abandonaste tu trabajo en Berkeley y tu carrera como matemático?

TJK: Cuando acepté el trabajo en Berkeley, ya había decidido que lo mantendría como mucho dos años y después me iría a vivir a los bosques. El hecho es que nunca, en ningún momento, me sentí satisfecho con la idea de pasar mi vida trabajando exclusivamente como matemático, sin más. Incluso ya en mi adolescencia soñaba con escapar de la civilización -en cosas como irme a vivir a una isla desierta o a cualquier otro lugar salvaje.
El problema era que no sabía cómo conseguirlo y me resultaba tremendamente difícil recabar el coraje y la determinación necesarios para liberarme de las ataduras que me encadenaban a la civilización y huir a los bosques. Es algo muy difícil porque a veces no somos conscientes de en qué medida las decisiones que tomamos vienen determinadas por las expectativas de la gente que nos rodea y por el hecho de que lo que queramos hacer sea algo que otros considerarían una locura. Es muy difícil conseguir dar ese paso. Es más, yo ni siquiera sabía a dónde ir realmente.
Pero más o menos al principio de mi último año en la Universidad de Michigan experimenté una especie de crisis. Se podría decir que las cadenas psicológicas con que la sociedad nos ata se rompieron de algún modo en mi caso. Tras esto, tuve claro que tenía valor para romper con el sistema, para escapar a algún lugar salvaje y tratar de vivir allí. Cuando fui a Berkeley, no tenía la intención de continuar allí indefinidamente. Acepté el trabajo en Berkeley sólo para ganar algo de dinero para empezar, para poder comprar un pedazo de tierra.

BVD: Dices que cuando eras adolescente soñabas con irte a vivir a un lugar desierto. ¿Recuerdas algo que te llevase a tener ese sueño? ¿Algo que viste o experimentaste?

TJK: Algunas cosas que leí me guiaron en esa dirección. Robinson Crusoe, por ejemplo. Y cuando tenía quizá 11 ó 12 años aproximadamente, leí algunos libros de antropología acerca del hombre de Neanderthal; teorías acerca de cómo vivían y cosas así. Comencé a mostrar un gran interés por leer acerca de este tipo de cosas y llegó un momento en que me pregunté por qué quería seguir leyendo más acerca de estas materias. Llegado a este punto, me di cuenta de que lo que yo quería realmente no era leer más acerca de estas cosas, sino en realidad vivir de ese modo.

BVD: Es interesante que estas cosas te impactaran tanto como para llevarte a actuar en base a ellas. ¿Qué piensas que fue lo que te atrajo de las vidas o modos de vida de Crusoe y del neandertal?

TJK: Entonces no creo que supiese por qué me sentía atraído por esos modos de vida. Ahora pienso que tenía mucho que ver con la libertad y la autonomía personales.

BVD: Este tipo de cosas deben atraer a mucha gente. Así que, ¿por qué no todos ellos tratan de vivir así?

TJK: Creo que a muchas personas les atraen estos temas, pero que carecen de la determinación suficiente para romper sus ataduras y lanzarse a hacer algo así realmente. Robinson Crusoe es considerado uno de los libros más leídos en todo el mundo. Así que obviamente resulta atractivo para mucha gente. Una investigadora de mi caso me dijo que a ella misma le interesaba mucho el modo de vida que adopté en Montana y que mucha gente con la que había hablado de mi caso estaba también muy interesada en ello. Y también que mucha gente con la que habló me envidiaba. Por ejemplo, uno de los agentes del FBI que me arrestaron me dijo: “envidio realmente su modo de vida aquí arriba”. Así que, hay muchas personas que reaccionan de ese modo, pero sólo se revuelven en sus ataduras, sin llegar nunca a romperlas.

BVD: Cuando te fuiste, llegaste a Lincoln, Montana. ¿Por qué a Lincoln?

TJK: Bueno, al principio solicité una parcela de tierra de la Corona en la Columbia Británica [Canadá]. Después, creo que al cabo de más de un año, me la denegaron. Pasé el siguiente invierno, el de 1970-1971, en casa de mis padres en Lombard, Illinois. En esa misma época, mi hermano se había ido a vivir a Great Falls, Montana, donde eventualmente había conseguido un trabajo en la fundición de la Anaconda Company. En algún momento durante aquel invierno él mencionó en una carta a mi madre que si yo quería comprar un trozo de tierra en la parte del país en que él estaba, él estaría interesado en ir a medias conmigo. Así que en la primavera fui a Great Falls, me presenté en su apartamento y acepté su oferta. Con la pasividad que le caracteriza, él dejó en mis manos la tarea de encontrar un terreno.
No se me ocurrió más que hacer que dirigirme al oeste por la Autopista 200, que en aquella época creo recordar que se llamaba Autopista 20, para ver qué me encontraba por el camino. Al pasar por Lincoln vi una pequeña caseta, casi un kiosko, al lado de la carretera, con el cartel de una inmobiliaria. Paré y pregunté al vendedor, un anciano llamado Ray Jensen, si podría mostrarme algún terreno tranquilo y apartado. Me enseñó un lugar en la subida del puerto de Stemple. Me gustó. Llevé a mi hermano a verlo y también a él le gustó, así que lo compramos. Pagamos 2.100$ en efectivo -en billetes de veinte dólares- al dueño, Cliff Gehring, Padre.

BVD: Así que podría haber sido cualquier otro lugar, en realidad.

TJK: Sí.

BVD: ¿Cómo era Lincoln cuando te mudaste allí? Continue reading UNA ENTREVISTA CON TED

(tü) Özgürlük Kulübü Bildirileri: San Francisco Müfettişine Mektup

San Francisco Müfettişine Mektup (1985)

[El Yazısı:] Aralık 1985’te San Francisco Müfettişine gönderildi.

[Daktilo ile yazılan:]


Geçen mayıs ayında Özgürlük Kulübü adlı bir terörist grup tarafından yerleştirilen bomba Elektrik mühendisliği lisansüstü öğrencisinin sağ kolunu sakat bırakan ve Berkeley California’da U. ki bir bilgisayar laboratuvarına zarar verdi. Bundan önceki bazı bombalama girişimlerimizden de sorumluyuz; diğerlerinin yanı sıra, California’da U. daki bilgisayar bilimleri binasında bir profesöre zarar veren bomba, 3 yıl önce Vanderbilt Üniversitesi’nde bilgisayar uzmanı sekreteri Patrick Fischer’ın yaralandığı posta bombası ve hiç gitmeyen, Utah U. daki Meslek Okulu’na yerleştirilen yangın bombası. Akademisyenlere karşı böyle bir şeyimiz yok. Özel şirketler için çalışan işadamlarına veya bilim adamlarına saldırmış olabiliriz. Ancak akademisyenler kolay hedeflerdir çünkü herkes sorgulanmadan kolej binalarına girebilir ve akademisyenler iş dünyasındaki birine göre postayla teslim alınan bir paketten şüphelenme olasılığı düşüktür.

Şimdiye kadar kendimizi ilan etmeyi bekledik, çünkü önceki bombalarımız utanç verici derecede etkisizdi. Yaralanmalar nispeten küçük yaralardı. İnsanları etkilemek için, bir terörist grup belli bir başarı göstermelidir. Nihayet, dumansız barut miktarını fark ettiğimizde herkesi veya herhangi bir şeyi havaya uçurmak için gerekli olduğunu fark ettiğimizde pratik olamayacak kadar büyüktü, patlayıcı madde hakkında bir şeyler öğrenmek ve etkili bir bomba geliştirmek için birkaç yıl uzaklaşmaya karar verdik.

İlk olarak, bazı temel fizik, kimya ve matematik öğrenmek zorundaydık, çünkü hiçbirimizin başlamak için herhangi bir bilimsel geçmişi yoktu. Sonra biraz zaman harcayan deneyler yapmak zorunda kaldık. Artık etkili bir bombamız olduğunu iki onsdan(1) daha küçük patlayıcı ile elektrik mühendisinin koluna yaptığımız şey gösteriyor.  Eğer parçayı kol yerine vücuttan alsaydı ölmüş olurdu. Bu patlayıcıyı daha büyük miktarlarda, örneğin on, yirmi beş ya da elli darbede kullanmanın yollarını araştırdığımızda neler yapabileceğimizi düşünebilirsiniz. Üniversitedeki bilgisayar meraklıları üzerine havai fişek gibi olacağını umut ediyoruz, çünkü bazı iyi olanlar görürler.

Bunu kanıtlamak için geçen mayıs ayında California U. ya bomba yerleştirmeye geldik, sadece biz ve olayı soruşturan FBI tarafından bilinen birkaç ayrıntıdan bahsedeceğiz. Patlayıcı iç çapı sembolik olarak ¼ inç (aslında yaklaşık 13/16 inç) olan bir demir boru içinde bulundu. Borunun uçları 5/16 inç çapında, demir iğnelerle sabitlenmiş demir tıpalarla kapatılmıştır. Harflerin birinde FC (Özgürlük Kulübü için) harfleri vardı. (İyi bir mühür sağlamak için fişe takılı bir metal disk vardı. Bu patlamadığında FC harflerini görmek için kaldırılması gerekecektir.) Bomba ince bir çelik filamentten geçen elektrikle ateşlendi. Yük telleri 18’lik yeşil yalıtkan ile filament tıpasına doğru geçer. Kabloların gerisi yalıtkan kaplı bedeni ile 16’lıktı. D boyutunda altı Duracell pil kullanıldı. Bu bombayı yerleştirdiğimizi kanıtlamak için yeterli olmalı.

Amacımızı anlatan kısa bir açıklama ekliyoruz. Böylelikle biz San Francisco müfettişine tam olarak herhangi bir yazdırma izni ve bu zarfın içerdiği tüm materyalleri hediye ediyoruz. Bunu yazdırma iznini HERKESE veriyoruz. Materyalin herkesin yayınlayabileceği şekilde kamusal alanda olmasını isteriz. [El yazısı: Eğer bilmiyorsak, okumalıyız.] Bu not yasal olarak özellikle ismimizi imzalamayacağımız için, kamusal alanda beyanımızı belirtmek için[Aynen]  yeterlidir [Çarpıtılmış: bu mektupta], fakat bu materyali yazdırırken telif hakkı ihlal edildiği için kimseyi dava etmeyeceğimizden emin olabilirsiniz, dolayısıyla da bunu öne çıkarabilir ve yazdırabilirsiniz.


[Sayfa 2:]

1. Özgürlük Kulübü’nün amacı dünyanın her yerindeki modern sanayi toplumunu tam ve kalıcı bir şekilde yok etmektir. Bu artık uçaklar yok, artık radyolar yok, artık mucize uyuşturucular yok, ve benzeri anlamındadır. Bugün giderek artan sayıda insan özgürlüğün en büyük düşmanı olarak endüstriyel-teknolojik sistemi haklı bulmaya geliyor. Bu değişen tutumların pek çok kanıtı gösterilebilir. Şu an için bir istatistiğe değinerek kendimizi tatmin ediyoruz. “Ocak 1980’de yapılan bir ankete göre, Almanya Federal Cumhuriyeti vatandaşlarının [Batı Almanya] yalnızca yüzde 33’ü teknolojik gelişmenin daha fazla özgürlük sağlayacağına inanıyor; 56’sı bizi daha az özgür kılma ihtimalinin daha yüksek olduğunu düşünüyor. “ Bu “1984: Uzmanların Onyılı” dan — 1934’de Johanno Strasser tarafından yenilenen bir makale:  Yüzyılımızdaki Totaliterizm, Irving Howe tarafından düzenlenmiş ve Harper ve Row tarafından 1983’te yayınlanmıştır. (Bu yazı bir bütün olarak teknolojinin bir hedefi haline geldiğini göstermeye yardımcı olur.)

2. Sosyalizmi merkez alan eski devrimci ideolojilerin boşluğu açık hale gelmiştir. Şimdi ve gelecekte isyanın süngüsü endüstriyel-teknolojik sisteme karşı olacak ve bu sistemin yönetimini idare etmesi beklenen herhangi bir siyasi ideolojiye ya da ona karşı değil. Tüm ideolojiler ve politik sistemler sahtedir. Sadece geri kalanı çevremizde kalıp hamle yapan özel gruplar için güç kazanırlar. Çevrilmekten kurtulmanın tek bir yolu var ve bu da tüm sistemi ezmek ve onsuz devam etmek. Bir köle olmak ve tüm hayat boyunca itilmektense fakir ve özgür olmak daha iyidir.

3. Hiçbir ideolojik veya politik sistem endüstriyel toplumda yaşamın zorlu gerçeklerinin üstesinden gelemez. Çünkü herhangi bir endüstri toplumunun biçimi sürdürülebilecek politik kurgular dikkate alınmaksızın,  tüm kararlar küçük bir seçkin lider ve uzman tarafından mutlaka tüm güce sahip olmak zorundayken, yüksek bir organizasyon düzeyi gerektirir. Bu seçkinlerin gayeleri tamamen bencil olmasa bile, sistemi sürdürebilmek için yalnızca bizi kötüye kullanmalı ve manipüle etmeliler. Böylece kötülük teknolojinin doğasında bulunur.

4. İnsan, grup halinde yaşamak isteyen bir sosyal hayvandır. Fakat sadece küçük gruplarda, 100 kişiye kadarını ifade edersek, bütün üyeler birbirlerini yakından tanırlar. İnsan sanayileşmiş toplumun herhangi bir biçiminde yaşamasının tek yolu budur ki, büyük bir örgüt içinde önemsiz bir atom olarak yaşamak demek değildir.

5. Özgürlük Kulübü kesinlikle anti-komünist, anti-sosyalist, solcu karşıtıdır. Bunun bir nedeni solun bilinçli olarak (kasten değilse de) herhangi bir isyan hareketini yıkıp sola dönük hareketlere dönüştürülmesiyle ilgili tutarlı bir kayda sahipti. Şimdiye kadar solculuk ayaklanma ideolojisi olarak bir imaja sahipti, böylece herhangi bir isyancı hareketi katılmak isteyen çok kişinin sol-eğilimli olması muhtemeldir. Yeterli solcu böyle bir harekete katıldığında hareket başka bir sosyalist mezhebe gelene kadar daha da solcuları cezbeden sola dönük bir ortam elde eder. Dolayısıyla Özgürlük Kulübü kendisini herhangi bir solculuk biçiminden tamamen ayırmalıdır. Bu herhangi bir anlamda sağ kanat bir hareket olduğumuz anlamına gelmiyor. Biz apolitikiz. Siyaset yalnızca dikkati gerçek meseleden uzaklaştırmaktadır.

6.  Bizleri sadist veya heyecan arayanlar ya da düşünmeden terörizmi benimsemiş olduğumuzu düşünmeyin. Her ne kadar gençsek sıcak kafalar değiliz. En ciddi düşüncelerin ardından terörist olduk.

Yukarıdaki açıklama, hedeflerimizin ve amaçlarımızın yalnızca eksik bir göstergesidir. Kendimizi daha sonraki bildirilerde daha ayrıntılı olarak açıklayacağız.

(1): Ons: 28,3 gram

¡El Comienzo del Derrumbe! Pandemia, Colapso, Democracia Liberal y el Marxismo

(…) Hoy, casi la totalidad de corrientes marxistas, después de más de dos siglos, siguen siendo casi totalmente ajenas a los problemas relacionados a la crisis ecológica! Y a pesar de que algunas vengan intentando en el último tiempo discutir, de manera siempre “coyuntural” y oportunista (a menudo con fines electorales), a veces, la problemática ecológica, esta última sigue estando casi absolutamente ajena de las reales discusiones estratégico-programáticas, políticas y tácticas de la izquierda marxista.

Un ejemplo de lo anterior es que, en el caso de la actual pandemia de Covid-19, producto directo de la crisis ecológica, la mayoría de los análisis de la izquierda marxista la reducen a un mero factor de “catalizador” (es decir, secundario) de los procesos económicos, políticos y sociales “clásicos” de la dinámica imperialista, esto último sin discutir ni el caracter inédito de esta crisis, asi como tampoco la relación entre la actual crisis pandémica y la irrupción en el proceso histórico de una serie de factores de crisis eco-sistemica (no clásicos) que, distintos a aquellos que han marcado el curso del desarrollo social durante la fase imperialista, constituyen los antecedentes no de un nuevo “ciclo revolucionario” tradicional a nivel mundial… sino que, por el contrario, de una dinámica (cercana) de derrumbe definitivo del capitalismo y del inicio de un proceso fulminante de extinción humana! (…)

(…) Trotsky, de hecho, preparó el terreno para una gran parte de las políticas industriales que Stalin aplicó posteriormente: por ejemplo, entre otros ámbitos, sus planes para la construccion de la destructiva mega-represa del Dnieper! Lenin tampoco fue diferente de Stalin en el ámbito de sus concepciones brutal-industrialistas, sintetizadas en su politica anti-ecológica (ultra destructiva) de “Electrificacion más Soviets”, esta última totalmente ajena de cualquier consideración ecológica. En el caso del Che Guevara, son también conocidas, por ejemplo, sus políticas brutal-desarrollistas en el ámbito de la industria química y su predilección por la utilización de agro-tóxicos.

Otros teóricos del Marxismo Clásico tales como Gramsci (el más anti-ecologico y vulgar de los pensadores marxistas en el terreno de la relación hombre-naturaleza), ni siquiera fueron concientes de la existencia del problema ecológico, esto a pesar de los elementos de pensamiento ecológico-político que ya se encontraban presentes en la obra de Marx y Engels. Para Gramsci, el problema de la crisis ecológica y la relación hombre-naturaleza, asi como también las dinámicas propias del mundo natural, ni siquiera debían ser consideradas dentro de las temáticas relevantes en el estudio de la “dialéctica histórica”. Esta fue la base, entre otras cosas, tal como plantea correctamente Foster, del giro historicista-culturalista vulgar anti-ecológico adoptado por la Escuela de Frankurt y el burdo y mecánico rechazo de la “dialectica de naturaleza” (defendida antes explícitamente por Engels) de un Lukács! (…)

(…) Esta es la verdad del atraso del Marxismo con respecto a la problemática ecológica. Incluso Hitler y el Partido Nazi, perros rabiosos de la reacción capitalista, otorgaron un lugar mucho más importante en sus concepciones estratégicas y políticas a la problemática ecológica que el conjunto de los Marxismos Industrialistas (desde el Stalinismo hasta el Trotskysmo) hasta hoy! Es más, a nivel práctico, las políticas medioambientales del III Reich Hitleriano se encuentran igualmente por encima a todo lo que ha podido alcanzar el llamado Ecosocialismo o cualquiera de los actuales “movimientos verdes”, los cuales, en los hechos, no han salido jamás ya sea de los cuartos de la academia (Foster, Lowy, Tanuro, Riechmann), ya sea de los espacios del lobby empresarial (el ejemplo más reciente es Greta Thunberg, amiga de Obama y de la ex líder del FMI Lagarde).

Esta es la verdad del atraso del Marxismo y los “Movimientos Verdes” con respecto a la problematica ecológica. Incluso Hitler y el Partido Nazi, perros rabiosos de la reacción capitalista, dieron un lugar mucho más importante a la problematica ecológica en sus respectivas discusiones estratégicas y programáticas que el conjunto de los Marxismos Industrialistas (desde el Stalinismo hasta el Trotskysmo)! (…)

Los Marxismos Industrialistas, aliados del Capital en el ámbito de sus respectivas concepciones moderno-antropocéntricas, deben correr la misma suerte que los capitalistas y sus partidos: las Guillotinas!

Mientras la Izquierda Moderno-Industrialista y sus cómplices Ecosocialistas se vuelven más y más obsoletos como producto de los primeros golpes del colapso civilizatorio, un nuevo pensamiento de lucha avanza: el Colapsismo!

Derechistas, Izquierdistas, Capitalistas, Marxistas Industrialistas!
Neoliberales y Trotskystas, Conservadores Religiosos y Guevaristas… todos basura moderna!


[es] Recopilación de textos

Traemos una recopilación de los textos contenidos en el antiguo blog “Asilvestrados” gracias al trabajo de la Editorial “punta de flecha”. Una vez más disfrutamos de estos bellos poemas y reflexiones.


La presente es una recopilación de todos los textos publicados en el blog vagueversesauvage(punto)wordpress(punto)com

Los siguientes han sido publicado entre 2011 y 2015 y siguen dicha cronología.

Esta edición intenta ser una manera un poco más práctica de acercarse a estos bellos textos. Algún árbol que te permita acompañarlo en su copa, algún río, o cualquier lugar lejos de humanos sería un lindo lugar para leerlos.

Encontrá el tuyo.

Editado en algún lugar de la Patagonia durante el 2020

[en] (International) 94 Communique of ITS

We believe that it is always necessary and positive for any project to advance that there is a constant self-criticism, reflection and analysis of the different questions that arise around a specific project, even more so to one like ours.

The time has come to position ourselves and clarify some issues that have been constantly on the lips of some, sometimes more and sometimes less, and lately it seems that they are back in fashion. There have always been among our many detractors those who have supported the idea that ITS is a false group that does not even exist, or that works for the government, or that claims false actions that never occurred or were carried out by others, etc.

First things first, if this situation has been reached, it is not only because there are individuals or groups of despicables who do not lose a single opportunity to vomit their infamy cowardly, but that mistakes have been made that have made it possible for this kinds of “criticism” have found some “legitimacy”.

A project like that of ITS, due to its characteristics, where different cells and individuals distributed around the world who do not know each other, together with the provocative style of eco-extremist theory and practice, added to that aura of mystery and mysticism that surrounds everything that has to do with the eco-extremist tendency and with ITS, it easily gives rise to people outside the tendency, whether they are crude attempts by the police intelligence services, or attempts to discredit us by those who oppose the trend or either by individuals seeking their dose of adrenaline and feeling important, try to appropriate or take advantage of the project and at the same time undermine it, each with different purposes.

Similarly, this occurs (or has the potential to occur) in virtually any similar project (in the illegal aspect at least), be it anarchist action groups, communist guerrillas, religious sects, neo-Nazi terrorists, or organized crime groups. There is always the possibility that there is an attempted police infiltration, a provocation by political rivals or some internet coward who without having touched a weapon in his life or having felt the tension of loading and placing a bomb in the middle of a crowded city ​​want to have a dose of prominence at the same time that they feel “dangerous” and part of a tendency, of which they clearly are NOT part. And whoever has a memory, both of past and recent times, will soon find a multitude of cases of false statements and claims, of any tendency, as well as surely they have met someone who was dedicated to go around pretending to be who he was not. We are aware that this occurs in all environments, and personally to us in our past experience within anarchic action groups we are 100% aware that there were (and still are) cases of these, even in more than one case there still are claims of responsibility that was already proven to be false, and still being upload on pages of anarchist “counter-information”. In the same way, we are also aware of the sincere efforts of a part of that tendency to clear its name of phonies and provocateurs, uncovering falsehoods and phonies.

From the ME blog, dubious groups or statements have been given a voice and sometimes this has led to feeding this type of rumor mill against us, we believe there has been too loose criteria when it comes to filtering what is published and what not, but at the same time, from what we have explained above, with this type of project it is difficult to discern between what should be published and what not, and it has always been decided to give the benefit of the doubt, as long as they were not obviously false claims.

At the same time, constant work has been carried out by ME to dismantle the infiltration and falsification attempts of the tendency, alleged groups that turned out to be false have been discovered and exposed, such as the case of the “group” that was called ” shadows of the forests” in Mexico, although they have not been the only case or attempted interference by others in the tendency. After all, as we have already said, this seems inevitable to us.

On the other hand, the obvious can’t be denied no matter how hard some characters insist. Many responsibility claims from ITS and other groups of the eco-extremist tendency around the world have been accompanied by graphic documents such as pictures of the devices, even some actions have been recorded on video, data and details have been given, for example of the composition of the devices, how, when and where they were placed… and other details that can ONLY be known by those who actually carried out the action. A multitude of press releases and police investigations regarding ITS attacks or other groups of the same tendency have also been attached, although at the end of the day we know that the press publishes what it wants and many of the attacks have been deliberately silenced and hidden.

Be that as it may, we are not going to change the foolishness of the habitual idiots, there are people who continue and will continue to insist on covering the sun with a finger. We believed that it was necessary to position ourselves on this issue and we have done so. At the end of the day, everyone will believe what they want to believe, meanwhile, members of ITS and supporters of the eco-extremist tendency spread across various countries in both America and Europe remain free, active and preparing their next movements from the shadows.

For Chaos:
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (Europe)
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (America)

(Internacional) 94 Comunicado de ITS

Creemos que siempre es necesario y positivo para que cualquier proyecto avance que haya una costante autocrítica, reflexión y análisis de las diferentes cuestiones que surgen en torno a un proyecto concreto, más aún a uno como el nuestro.

Ha llegado el momento de posicionarnos y aclarar algunos temas que han estado constantemente en boca de algunos, a veces mas y a veces menos, y ultimamente parece que vuelven a estar de moda. Desde siempre han existido entre nuestros muchos detractores aquellos que han sostenido la idea de que ITS es un grupo falso que ni siquiera existe, o que trabaja para el gobierno, o que reivindica acciones falsas que nunca ocurrieron o que fueron llevadas a cabo por otros, etc.

Lo primero es lo primero, si se ha llegado a esta situación, no es únicamente porque haya individuos o grupos de despreciables que no pierden una sóla oportunidad para vomitar su infamia cobardemente, si no que se han cometido errores que han dado cábida a que este tipo de “críticas” hayan encontrado cierta “legitimidad”.

Un proyecto como el de ITS, debido a sus características, donde distintas células e individuos repartidos alrededor del mundo que no se conocen entre sí, junto al estilo provocador de la teoría y la práctica eco-extremista, sumado a ese aura de misterio y misticismo que rodea todo lo que tenga que ver con la tendencia eco-extremista y con ITS, da lugar fácilmente a que personas ajenas a la tendencia, ya sean burdos intentos de los servicios de inteligencia policiales, ya sean intentos de desprestigiarnos por parte de quienes se oponen a la tendencia o ya sea por individuos que buscan su dosis de adrenalina y de sentirse importantes intenten apropiarse o aprovecharse del proyecto y al mismo tiempo socavarlo, cada uno con distintos fines.

Del mismo modo, esto ocurre (o tiene la potencialidad de ocurrir) en prácticamente cualquier proyecto similar (en el aspecto ilegal al menos), ya sean grupos de acción anarquistas, guerrillas comunistas, sectas religiosas, terroristas neonazis o grupos de crimen organizado. Siempre hay la posibilidad de que haya un intento de infiltracion policial, una provocación por parte de rivales políticos o algún cobarde de internet que sin haber tocado un arma en su vida o haber sentido la tensión de cargar y colocar una bomba en medio de una abarrotada ciudad quieren tener una dosis de protagonismo al mismo tiempo que se sienten “peligrosos” y parte de una tendencia, de la que claramente NO forman parte. Y quien tenga memoria, tanto de tiempos pasados como recientes, no tardará en encontrar multitud de casos de comunicados y reivindicaciones falsos, de cualquier tendencia, así como seguramente habrán conocido a algun que otro personaje que se dedicaba a ir por ahí fingiendo ser quien no era. Nos consta que esto ocurre en todos los ambientes, y personalemente a nosotros en nuestra experiencia pasada dentro de grupos de acción de corte anárquico nos consta al 100% que hubo (y aún hay) casos de estos, incluso aún queda por ahí más de un comunicado que ya se demostró ser falso, y todavia sigue colgado en páginas de “contrainformación” anarquista. Del mismo modo también nos consta los esfuerzos sinceros de una parte de esa tendencia por limpiar su nombre de farsantes y provocadores, destapando falsedades y a farsantes.

Desde el blog de ME, se ha dado voz a grupos o comunicados dudosos y aveces esto a llevado a alimentar este tipo de rumorología en contra nuestra, creemos se ha tenido una criterio demasiado laxo a la hora de filtrar que se sube y que no, pero al mismo tiempo, por lo que hemos explicado arriba, con este tipo de proyectos es complicado discernir entre qué se debe publicar y qué no, y siempre se ha optado por dar el beneficio de la duda, siempre que no fueran cosas evidentemente falsas.

Al mismo tiempo desde ME se ha llevado un trabajo constante para desmontar los intentos de infiltración y falsificación de la tendencia, se han descubierto y expuesto a supuestos grupos que resultaron ser falsos, como por ejemplo el caso del “grupo” que se hacia llamar “sombras de los bosques” en México, aunque no han sido el único caso o intento de entrometimiento ajeno en la tendencia. Al fin y al cabo como ya hemos dicho, esto nos parece inevitable.

Por otra parte, no se puede negar lo evidente por mucho que algunos personajes se empeñen. Multitud de comunicados de ITS y de otros grupos de la tendencia eco-extremista en todo el mundo han sido acompañados de documentos gráficos como fotografías de los artefactos, incluso algunas acciones han sido registradas en video, se han dado datos y detalles, por ejemplo de la composición de los artefactos, de cómo, cuando y dónde se colocaron… y otros detalles que ÚNICAMENTE pueden conocer quienes realmente llevaron a cabo la acción. Tambien se han adjuntado multidud de notas de prensa y de investigaciónes policiales respecto a los atentados de ITS u otros grupos de la misma tendencia, aunque al fin y al cabo sabemos que la prensa publica lo que quiere y muchos de los atentados han sido deliberadamente silenciados y ocultados.

Sea como sea, no vamos a cambiar las necedades de los imbéciles habituales, hay gente que sigue y seguirá empeñada en tapar el sol con un dedo. Nosotros creiamos que era necesario posicionarse sobre esta cuestión y lo hemos hecho. Al final del día, cada uno creerá lo que quiera creer, mientras tanto, miembros de ITS y simpatizantes de la tendencia eco-extremista repartidos por varios países tanto de América como de Europa siguen libres, activos y preparando sus próximos movimientos desde la sombra.

Por el Caos:
Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Europa)
Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (América)

[en] (USA) Reivindicación de acciones violentas durante los disturbios de las últimas semanas en Estados Unidos

Enviado al mail.

Protesters set fires at the 3rd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis. Violent…

The media likes to talk about how some protests like “Black Lives Matter” are used as an excuse for violent groups that only want to bring Chaos. Leftists rage at this, they claim it’s only a minority, that are isolated cases, etc. Of course, leftists are wrong. Peaceful protests are the best cover for us, the perfect scenario to unleash our destructive impulses against all that stands in our way. Be it infrastructure, police, protesters, by passers, it’s all the same.

We don’t care if you don’t like us, our own lives are an act of rejection against the very concept of getting along and we exist to remind you of all the things that haunt you in your worst nights of distress and sorrow. The dream of a brotherhood binding all mankind has failed, our species is walking straight towards the abyss and this is NO tragedy. Because at the end of the day, we were never as important as we wanted to believe.

That’s why we were in the streets of minneapolis and didn’t hesitate to throw the first rocks at the third precinct (police station) as the “black pacifists” begged us to keep it peaceful. We were the “black” & “brown” nihilists infiltrating the protests with the sole intent on doing whatever we wanted, instigating chaos. The “outside agitators” the media talked about so much.

We are not your “comrades” and besides being among the instigators and the first stone tossers at the third precinct we also met anyone attempting to extinguish fires with violence. We attacked anarchists, black lives matter supporters and marxists alike that stood in our way of destruction.

We live in a world filled with weak people, claiming their right to exist as if it was granted by birth as some sort of privilege that only applies to our species. But we remind you with our violence that such right does not exist beyond your own abstractions, and as the structures of this system start to crumble, your pathetic lives will fall too if you don’t learn how to defend yourselves. Because outside of this fake world of comfort and security, nobody really cares if your are white, black, brown, gay, straight or whatever. If you don’t have the strength and the courage needed to defend your own life, someone stronger than you will come and take it. That’s why we no longer expect the State or any other institution to guard our safety, we chose to arm ourselves and self-defense as the only alternative. If you want to keep offering your heads as target practice for the cops, go ahead, we will continue our development in the shadows.

a group of people standing in front of a building: Police work to keep demonstrators back during a protest on May 31, 2020 in Washington, DC. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

If you fell for the illusion that this sudden revolt would bring something “new” or “better”, get ready to be disappointed when the current order imposes itself again. Keep on with your eternal cycle of hope and disbelief that will never get you anywhere. And then cry for the loss of more of your people in the hands of the police, white-supremacists, or whomever, peacefully contemplating the ever existing cycle of violence.

Our rifles are waiting for the moment to spit lead.

Neither anarchists nor leftists. Anti-political, amoral and indiscriminate.

-Armed Negativity

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