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[en] (Greece) 61th Communique of the ITS

Traducción al inglés del comunicado 61 de ITS.

“I think the human race should be annihilated, actually even us, since I consider that it is the human being the greatest enemy of nature. As a destructive agent it is the most harmful for the planet and for that reason we deserve our own extermination.”
-Mauricio Morales

Through this text we take responsability for the incendiary attack carried out on 17/7 against a telecomunications tower in the area of Kamatero. This act has been silenced by the media but we know that the attack was succesfull because once we were far enough at a safe distance, we were able to see how the tower structure went up in flames, burning the cables and the electric transformers.

We attacked again telecommunications infrastructure not only because of its vital role for the development of normal life in cities but because we see in this type of technology and its derivatives one of the most damaging facets of the techno-industrial civilization. The technology of telecommunications is one of the agents that has most influenced and contributed to the human progress and the artificialization and domestication of life.

Do you think your acts will not have consequences? the recent heat waves, the more unstable and hostile weather conditions, the wildfires that devours Greece, California and other places of the world, earthquakes, floods… All this things that you call “disasters” are in fact the manifestations of the revenge of the wild nature. If you think that was too much, you did not see nothing yet… the revenge of the wild nature will be unleashed relentlessly and ITS is another mechanism of this revenge, this is just the beginning.

Neither the police investigations nor some coward snitches who hide behind a computer will stop us.

We are in complicity to Kevin Garrido, recently sentenced to 17 years of imprisonement in Chile, but also sentenced by the priests of the nunnery of the anarcho-christian morality.

Forward ITS from America and Europe!
The war continues!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Nocturnal Hunters

[en] (Mexico) 58th Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

The Great Consumer rose up again threatening the air of the great city, in the middle of one of the areas under the greatest surveillance and on one of the most used means of public transport in the Metropolitan area. We left there our terrorist footprint. On Saturday July 14th late at night we boarded the Number 10 Metrobus around Insugentes Sur, and we abandoned an incendiary device around the motor. We got off and without a problem waited for our gift to do its thing. Some meters away we saw that the device exploded and began a fire and everything started to burn. The few passengers on the bus were evacuated at Durango station while the arrival of firefighters ended our Saturday night party. No matter, the bus was damaged and we obtained new experiences for future attacks on public transport.

The lies of the press and the authorities were of course forthcoming and they were quick to state that our attack was the result of a short circuit. How funny, without a problem we could do the same on another bus line, even on a Mexibus in any given municipality of Mexico State. They’ll shut up when that happens. Let them be warned, they won’t be able to sweep it under the rug. This type of incendiary attack is not new, many accomplices of ITS in Chile have put it into practice. For example, they did so in January 2016 when they destroyed a Transantiago bus, following it up with another such attack in August 2017. Here in Mexico, the Pagan Sect of the Mountain, now affiliated with ITS, planted bombs in various Mexibus buses in October 2015.

Disgusting faggot citizens, they won’t be safe even on their accursed buses!

Fire and more fire to the cities!

With the force and guile of the Wild!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

Popocatzin Clan

[en] (Mexico) Black April for the Catholic Church

In a series of events without precedent, the month of April has been a black one for the representatives of the Catholic Church. By the close of the month, a total of four priests had been murdered under different circumstances and in different states.

Criminality and lack of respect for human life (and any belief system) are reflected in the alarming number (for the authorities) of criminals and indiscriminate terrorists who don’t seem to care about long-held beliefs nor the threats of spending an eternity in the lake of fire. They commit atrocious acts in the eyes of society and most of the time get away with it.

This in a place like Mexico in which according to statistics, a murder is committed every 18 minutes. So this is totally normal, but what is unusual in this case is the total indifference to Holy Mother Church and her representatives.

For starters, on April 18th, the priest Ruben Alcántara was killed in his church in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli in the state of Mexico. The media initially reported a version of events in which the man responsible clashed with the priest and had mentioned a suspected assault on his wife. Days afterward and in a press conference, the Prosecutor for the State of Mexico discounted this version of events and stated that a couple of individuals were the suspects. According to this version, one of the supposed attackers argued with the priest but there was no accusation of sexual assault by either one of the assailants. This reinforces what the ITS group, “Wild Serial Killers,” from Mexico State said when they stated, “We came upon this disgusting priest and before we stabbed him we exchanged some words….” This is relevant since, if this is a true version of events, this ITS group has never been caught nor found by authorities in the wake of these murders, which now total four. Back in October of last year “Wild Serial Killers” also carried out an armed attack on a couple of pilgrims in the State of Queretaro, which killed one and gravely injured another. This was preceded by an attack on two hikers in Texcoco in Mexico State last May.

Also of note is how these ITS murders were followed by another murder of a priest a few days later (April 20th): Juan Miguel Contreras García was shot within the church of St. Pio of Pietrelcina in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. On April 21st, Fr. Lucino Flores Sánchez was found dead in Cholula, Puebla under suspicious circumstances. On April 26th, Fr. Moisés Fabila Reyes was also found dead after his kidnapping in Morelos. The various reasons for the murders of these bastards are of little importance. It could have been for kidnapping or just reasons of common criminality. What interests us here is that these murders were unleashed in the wake of ITS’ murder. It’s as if this first violent bloody murder unleashed the violence that followed it. In the spiritual realm it is difficult not to see this, and we who have firm beliefs are certain that these three murders during that phase of the Moon were no coincidence. This will be understood by those who know that, in many cases, occult sects and organizations, as well as Satanists, have carried out certain acts that unleash the dark forces of Chaos, resulting in death and destruction.

While the invocations continue, the call of the Hidden will resound in our minds.

AXKAN KEMA TEHUATL NEHUATL! (Until your death or mine!)