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[en] (Abyss) Nihilitically claimed misanthropic acts: 48th ITS communique

La Mafia Eco-extremista continúa su camino de destrucción retórica contra todo lo que asquea a los individualistas. Grupos de ITS están ya operando en Europa y en América desde hace tiempo, en lugares completamente distintos, afinando sus actividades delincuenciales, afrontando con fiereza la realidad artificial, afilando sus cuchillos, encendiendo hogueras con la modernidad, llenando el cargador de sus pistolas, burlándose de la moralidad y la cristiandad occidental de los políticamente correctos, probando explosivos, esperando el momento perfecto para quitar una vida y salpicar la sangre de sus presas.

ITS crece silenciosamente pero letal, y es razón de orgullo para nosotros presentar el comunicado 48 de ITS, haciendo pública la unión de Misanthropos Cacoguen (MC) al grupo internacional, MC se une a ITS en la mera representación de Egos Extremistas con la única finalidad de la Destrucción, las heridas sangrantes y la muerte.

¡Que las carnes de los híper-civilizados revienten con las bombas de los individualistas antisociales!

¡Que las bombas e incendios indiscriminados recorran América y Europa!

My End is My Beginning.

Abyss rises. The sound of the tunnels is thumping to my ears. I walk in desolation into the fields of urban greyness. All that surrounds me, every ”normal” humanoid, is performing a litany towards crushing determinism. One more time I seize the opportunity to act and unleash My Hatred. I get ready not to stray from the mechanistic ”life-form”. I call upon Death and we enter in a maelstrom of the heartbeat of Chaos that transforms blood into a pumping engine in the libido of voidance that dissolves humanity attempting indiscriminate Destruction and Murder.

In extreme misanthropic skepticism and experimentation, beyond any human notion, I claim nichilistically the following attacks:

-The arson of 2 mini buses transporting elder people.

Why? Why don’t you ask the guys from the books you read to tell you why? Oh shit! They’re dead? I’ll tell you why then! Because I hate old people! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!

-A package bomb left totally indiscriminately at a central location selectively.

Why do I not think of the ”innocent” people one might think… I answer with a question… Did my birth giver’s pussy think when it was fucked to be fertilized with microscopic semen that creates the vessels that I hate? Did anybody ask me to be born? Did anyone know what I would become? Do you know that some see consciousness as a curse? Fuck you, pathetic pricks, you don’t know shit then! I do not seek justification for existence, neither do I seek someone to blame. I seek the amoral rape of existence through the injection of life passing from the Death Gate. Anti-human odium is my life’s blood, transforming my vessel into the Beast.

The joke of human consciousness and what it creates I confront with nihilistic laughter, unconscious cynicism and misanthropic passion! When I say ”fuck you all”, it might as well be the most sincere thing I have said my whole life! I wish my scream could burn you all, but it can’t do fuckin shit! Hahahahahahahah! This is why I have to experiment with fire, poison, bombs, even if the attack fails. Next time it might not, until I satisfy my Egotistical Satanity.


I do not care at all to offer an ”alternative” to the cops’ rhetoric, I will let them have it their way, since this is not a conversation anyway! Though they broke my heart that they didn’t share my ”message” to the world! Hahahahahahaha! My acts and their claims are personalised and I will enjoy them in the way I want. In this only I make the rules. I learned what my mistakes were this time and I am not going to repeat them. But for me the experimentation is all that matters. Really beyond good and evil and not just in words.

All those who think they have theoretically banished morality make me laugh morbidly. To destroy morality one carries the knife and jabs it in the flesh till it reaches the bone. I blow myself amorally against the foundations of ethics to nihilistically recreate myself. Going beyond the normal nihilist and the tolerant attitude of internalized humanist emotional limit created by the evolutionary disease of the training epiphanies of modernity and the anthropocene.

Any judgement comes through thought. A world that for me doesn’t exist. All I hear is vomit coming out of a hole we named mouth. The correlation of thought with reality is for me as contemptible as is the human condition itself. I do not judge, I do not justify, I take the instance of Nihility and I transform it into an attack on Life and a flirt of Death. I obliterate any ethical question as a clutch of conscience that devours an organism. As a concept that conciliates its creation with the supposed ”reality”. If humans were to go extinct this instant nothing would happen except that there would be no consciousness to tell about it. What are ethics if not sophisticated human artificiality? What are ethics if not the soothing, illusory agreement of the valuer and what is valued? What are values if not a leap of faith in the continuation of ”human” existence? Values, either metaphysical or not are a branch for the human being to grasp in order not to fall into the Void of the Abyss, stare at itself, and see nothing.

In my descent there are no words to describe how I feel or who I am. Language is a useless mass of human sounds and holy scripts that limit my Ego. The foundationless Nihilism is concluded Anti-human, at least for me. If only we could be free of metaphysicality! But especially today where the image makes a host out of everyone and consolidates ideology nothing can be expected. Beyond good and evil means only one thing. Not even I am liable to re-establishing this concept. This human notion.

I am an enclosed circuit, but one that wouldn’t exist without the world that surrounds it. I am not a spirit. Nothing is ethically important. I have no important targets and others not so important. In my scorn for the human animal and its projection of existence I experiment with Total Nihilism into Unknown territory. I seek the dissolution of the limit, ”spiritual” or ”physical”, that had been imposed by man. I deny any injection of the spirit through the flesh opening the window to ideological compartmentalization. Flesh has its own life and the metaphysical gate is denied. I deny god without replacing it with anything and for this I am Satan. For every ethics and ideology I will always be Satan.

It takes one to have known the spirit in all its aspects to be able to negate it. The illusion of freedom of the ”untouched ones” by civilization, hahahahahahahahahaha, this is another form of slavery, a form of humanistic denial of reality. Misanthropy will either be real experimentation through Nihility or it will be the will of Christ. You choose. My Misanthropy is a bomb at the core of ”human existence”. I see the human condition and consequently the human being as an inherently artificial animal. Its cognition and the conciliation of the perception/ value/ judgement/ reality/ action with the world is an error. If human consciousness is a ”privilige” of ”being human”, I only see imbecility of the highest kind and I attack it nichilistically, embracing the Dead End.

Everything I write is blood, sweat, flesh and semen. This creates My Spirit that claims itself in the Moment of emanation out of the Abyss in direct contact with reality. Everything else is humanistic trash that will be eradicated through Nihilism. The human spirit runs rampant today and every word is diarrhoea blown backwards. Idealism is crushed in the same way humans are crushed like bugs by the cycles of nature. Knowing of course that every aspiration, passion and ego worshipping desire will never be the same in contact with reality. The correlation of the two is totally discarded. But this is not an impediment for me and My Will, only an admittance and realization.

I believe in uniqueness but not as an ideology which sees it as a value, but only as a reductive tool for analysing a neverending battle that can never be completed inside human nature. After Stirner became an ideology throughout the years, it was a clear example that ideology is part of human nature, and that freedom, whichever the approach, is a disease.

I ask all those who want to create an ideological consciousness, or let’s call it for what it is, conscience, where is the clear distinction between determinism and free choice? Where is the clear distinction between ”domination” and ”free relations”? I assume they have the answer in hand because all of them have lived these ”pure” relations in reality and know how to go about them. And how to synchronize their minds with others to learn how to do it! But it appears that some have taken it upon themselves to become the next relics taking their rightful and righteous place among the legacy of humanochristianism.

Just to make it clear I am not conducting an anti-anarchist war nor an anti-fascist war, these are concerns that I don’t give a fuck about. I have seen so much hypocrisy in people that I cannot forget. I have seen so much torment by ideas but also from habit, I have seen hidden but also crude moralism, I have met so many people that wasted my time, I have been betrayed indirectly and directly. My Hate has moved to other fields, I have become something else and I thank all of you for creating me!

Furthermore I claim myself as part of the international Terrorist Mafia known as ITS. Between egoist conspirators I accepted a criminal offering on the basis of common interest. This is no spiritual union like those of the anarchists. I am not an Eco-extremist, I am a Nihilist Misanthrope as I like to call myself. Of course words mean nothing and are used in a specific context and for my own benefit.

”ITS is no longer a merely eco-extremist group but is nourished by the strongest egos, the most isolated solitaires and the most resentful individuals with civilization / humanity,  within ITS there are people who do not share spirituality either, they do not have beliefs, they do not have deities or anything like that, and we respect that completely,  for the purpose is destruction and not so much “creed affiliation” or any other affiliation to some rotten and decadent ideology. That is, we want to make ITS a unique group,  primordial, that represents everything we think and do, that is a latent danger, constant and mobile to act anywhere, unstoppable and dangerous.”

We unite on the basis of egoistic respect, for concrete things that we share, for the materialization of our instincts against artificiality and not for the spiritualization of our desires, that dissolves the foundations of anarchochristianic solidarity and seeks to maximize power amongst interests for destruction of this humanistically pious world.

”The expansion of knowledge and egocentric experimentation are very important for individualists like us,  climbing animalistic violence to more extreme degrees makes our personal war unique, so that we can experience and nurture our experiences, at the end of the day ITS is just a timeless meeting of individuals with a desire for destruction,  where you can learn and teach with tangible facts,  destroying the idea that a “terrorist group” “must be” a circle where only rotten ideologies are shared among the members. The passion above all!”

Misanthropos Cacogen is a lover of nihilist anti-political violence. Terror inside the pettiness of this world is fun! My attempts for ”unholy” pleasure and murder are not over yet. All aspects of humanism are dead! Long live Death! Who would have the power to face the intensity of Nihil and survive? Then the question that arises is, who would become a Nihilist instead of a christly ”contemplator”?

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen – Individualists Tending towards the Wild

[en] (Grece) 47th ITS communique




“we are those evil, devilish and atrocious monsters that are seen and looming on the horizon, among the chiaroscuro of the days we are approaching with the chaos in the hands”

7 years have passed since a group of individualists began to lay the foundations of what is now known as the Eco-extremist Tendency. Have been 7 years of selective and indiscriminate attacks, arson, murders and bombs, but also of criticism and self-criticism, of reflexive texts and theoretical exchanges who contributed to forge the Tendency far away from humanism and their values. Have been 7 years of terror and blood, of asymmetrical warfare against the civilization, human progress and everything it represents. Since a time ago, the Tendency has begun to expand to different places and as it was expected soon or later, now it crosses the Atlantic to settle down in the old continent. The criminal and terrorist group ITS is now also operating in Europe.

It is said that Greece is the cradle of the western civilization, and is here, where the civilization had their origins where becomes more clear its decay.
It is only necessary to walk around in the overcrowded center of the “magnificent” metropolis of Athens to observe the decadence in all its splendor: Armies of junkies, bums and addicts to any vice dragging theirselves to get a dose or some coins, hostility and tension in the enviroment, misery everywhere, shit and filthyness, conflicts here and there, corruption in all levels, hiper-civilized citizens with a tired and disgust face, exausted from the routine that is killing them but of wich they are dependent and unable to detach themselves from, addicted to technologies, drugs or any other stupidity that makes them evade from their shitty pathetic existence, unable to walk 5 meters without checking their facebook account or stop looking the screen of their damned “smartphones”, humans who get stray from their nature, who rejected a real life and sacrifice their own existence in the altar of artificiality, modernity and progress.
And we are in the midst of this civilized disaster to contribute the destabilization, we are aware that with our actions we will never push this damned world to the bottom of the abyss of chaos, at least we will cause as much damage as we can.

We are aware that a bunch of individualists can do little against the dark reality in front of us, but this does not mean we will stay quiet and live like living-dead, what is still wild inside us pushes towards the attack against the extrange and the noxious, to unleash our most barbaric and brutal instincts even if it is clear that everything is lost.

The world in front of our eyes is the direct result of the unstopable advance of the human progress and their civilization, the inevitable disaster to wich the planet and everything on it is doomed is the product of the anthropocentrism of the modern human and his craving for feeling god in the Earth, it is too late to fix whatever that must be fixed, there is no solution or place for hopes. Humans, with our lack of consciousness and arrogance sentence ourselves to our own extinction and we will not stop untill we make sure that the rest of the planet come with us in this suicidal delirium.
The modern human in general tends towards the progress and artificiality, and this progress comes along – inevitably due to their mentality – with the destruction of the enviroment and the submission, domestication or extermination of the wild life (human and animal).

This is why we have in our aims persons and structures for their responsibility in the developement and mantainance of the civilized order as well as their society of smiling slaves. This is why ITS attacks selective and indiscriminately against everyone and everything who represents civilization and progress.
Because we are aware that is an specific group of people those who develop the technological and scientific advances who lead us to the abyss, but also are the hyper-civilized masses who fall in love with these technologies and consume them without stop.

We want to clarify since now – because on this places, many do not know us – what we are and what we are NOT.
First to mention is that we are not anti-civilization, nor primitivist and we do not organise ourselves in tribes who live in the mountain. The members of ITS are here, living like any other else, between the masses of civilized citizens, we are that one who sit next to you in the bus or that one who smile at you and say “good morning!” hiding our true malicious intentions to the rest of the world.
We are modern and civilized humans, born and raised in the civilization and its humanist and progressive values, but because of some individual and collective experiences and developements we decided not to accept a pacifict and passive coexistence with a system who is hostile and extrange to us, we arrive to the conclusion that even accepting our inconsistencies in the reality we live as civilized humans, who use the technologies and products of the techno-industrial civilization, we decide to let what remains wild and uncivilized break free, instead of self-repress our instincts and feel ashamed of them as the majority of civilized ones do.
And well, if we are about to talk about “purity” and coherence, then we can talk about all those who criticise us and call theirselves “anti-capitalists” while still working, consuming, using money and in general contributing, as everyone else, to the mantainance of capitalism. Also we can have a word or two about the big amount of individuals or groups who call theirselves as “revolutionaries” but the absolute lack of “revolutionary” acts or “revolutions” itself… Anyway, we will not say anything else on this matter, each one draw their own conclusions and each one look first themselves in the mirror before open the mouth.
We are NOT a political group nor we have political ends. We throw to the garbage and shake off the dust of the old ideologies and humanist dogma. We do not have demands or ask for nothing, we do not want to improve the society or we are interested in the struggles for social justice, equalty or the “rights” of the “oppressed people”, the working class and the upper class can go straight to hell, regarding this mass of conformist and snitches we just wish them the worst. The political ideologies want to convince the others that they have the absolute truth and reason and must join their cause to archieve or improve this or that, they want the political power to lead and do as they wish. We do not want to convince anyone and do not want followers, we are not interested in revolutions or reforms. Neither we expect to overthrow or destroy the techno-industrial system because we are aware that this is something that we will never be able to archieve, we are realists. There is no place for hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Is everything lost? Yes, but even knowing that we already lost, we do not conceive our life in a different way. We are warriors and our instinct makes us act in this way. The only sense that this life makes to us is attack our enemies, make damage, spread our poison as much as we can, fight until the bitter end.We do not believe in any coming paradise, either holy in the heaven or anarchist in the earth. We do not want a better of more fair world, we just want to see everything burn.

ITS is the negation of the values and pillars on wich civilization is sustained, is the proof of the lies of the progress and the fail of the civilization as well is the living evidence showing that even being subjected to a swarm of legal-moral codes and norms still individualists who refuse to adapt to a sick society.
We are not tied to the authority of men, neither to any law or morals extrange to us who try to impose over our egoist will. The only authority we recognise is the one of the natural law, the one of the wild, the one that wisely has been determining and regulating life and death in the planet since the begining of the times.

We are a group of Individualist criminals and Nihilist Terrorists devoted to the attack in all the possible ways in revenge and extremist defense of the Wild Nature and in rejection of the Techno-industrial system, its society, the artificialization of life, in definitive, the civilization itself, their values and morals.

“We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple. People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.”

-Fifth Communique of Individualists Tending towards the Wild.

We can not stand the characterictics of the modern human behaviour: Lies and falsehood, cowardice, hypocrysy, servitude, the lack of courage at the time of confront realities and problems, the modern human being is a sad and hatefull caricature in wich there is no place for the honesty and the real , but only for the virtual and artificial, has decay untill the point of being a pathetic automaton and a obedient producer/cosumer who drowns in his own misery.
We feel disgusted from being forced to coexist abnormally with a multitude of beings who we do not know and with wich we have absolutely nothing in common.

And now, we arrive to the part that everyone enjoy.

On 3 of January while the useless masses still celebrating the arrival of the new year, a telecomunication tower was torched in the town of Barkiza, in the periferical area of Athens.

On 6 of January we carried out a double hit with explosive-incendiary devices in Athens. The first target was the church of Agios Xaralabos, some time later while we were already far enough, the negative and positive cables make contact again, creating a new blast this time against some random parked cars in the neighborhood of Kaisariani, giving a as final result 4 vehicles torched.

Let’s make it clear: these are not the only attacks in wich we are involved. During the past year we carried out several attacks but because of different reasons we will not talk about them now, as we consider is not the appropiate time.
This time we executed a sabotage against structures and private property but we also aim to hit human targets.

We salute and send our criminal complicity and strenght to the brothers and sisters of ITS/GITS in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brasil,to the Wildfire Cell, as well as wherever there are eco-extremists and nihilist conspirers.
Strenght to those who attack, with or without claims, against the human progress, the civilization and the society, wherever you are. The war still going on!

This is all we have to say for now. We will be back soon.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild


-Nocturnal Hunters
-Iconoclastic Sect


[en] (Mexico) 46th ITS communique

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 46 de ITS desde México reivindicando su participación en los saqueos y vandalismo a principios del año.

¡Adelante Mafia de los ITS!

The vandalism demons reappeared on the nights of January 3 and 4. After the pretext of the rise in the prices of gasoline and the cost of the weekly basics, hordes of armed delinquents went out to implement chaos again, only to steal what they could from the departmental and self-service stores, but others (like us) to contribute to the destabilization of the fragile status of civilized life, and to dance happily in the rotten corpse of human civility.

A year ago after the “gasolinazo” we participated in various looting that shook the State of Mexico and Mexico City, now we did it again, that is why we take responsibility for our participation in this new wave of robbery registered in Ecatepec, Tecamac, and Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico and in the Iztapalapa delegation in Mexico City respectively.

In full criminal enjoyment we stole various products for our ego benefit, we had a confrontation with the civilians who protected the big commercial chains as alienated as if they were their property, fucking pathetic! We opened metallic curtains side by side with common criminals, we unlocked ATMs, we set up barricades and unleashed terror in the streets, passing through the ass of authority as usual.

With grace we saw how the police in the distance admired the stage and laughed, we saw how taxi drivers armed themselves with pipes and sticks guarding shops and laughed, we saw criminals help other looters without knowing each other to take things together and we laughed again, society as such is a damn joke, their supposed moral judgments do not matter shit when they have the opportunity to benefit at the expense of a situation like this.

That is why we do not care that the people who were involved in the looting have been “hauled” from this or that political party, or that they have been marginal that offered them something in return to join the crowd, or that they have been “conscious” people acting under certain ideological statutes, we infiltrate the mass because we want chaos, we long for the development of individualist criminal activities, we see in these situations a valid way to express with acts all the disgust we feel for civilization, its values, its rules and its morality. That is why from this claim we rejoice in the act of the arsonists who burned a shopping center in Zumpango, State of Mexico, we are glad of the looting in the Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, and in Veracruz because each one contributes to the destabilization of this fucking system. Some of our accomplices noticed that in places like Tultitlán, Coacalco and Neza the police were nervous, they deployed an operation to prevent looting from happening again like last year, even civilian policemen in civilian clothes roamed the streets on scooters, as if their looks were not recognizable and more with that square 9 mm that they carry in the waist, HA! As if the neighborhood were not aware of the presence of strangers …

This Gregorian year is just beginning, the Eco-extremist Mafia is more than ready to unleash chaos, to detonate deadly bombs, start indiscriminate fires and take human lives. Cheer up, strength and total complicity with the other ITS groups in the southern continent, with Misanthropos Cacogen, Wildfire Cell, the Terrorist-Nihilist Sects, and those warriors who are out there denying with savage violence the artificial reality.

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-State of Mexico

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Mexico City

[en] (Argentina) Forty fifth ITS communique: Claiming a package-bomb in Correo Argentino

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 45 de ITS, desde Argentina el grupo “Constelaciones Salvajes” se responsabiliza de un paquete-bomba detonado por accidente en un almacén del Correo Argentino, el atentado dejó dos heridos.

¡Por la expansión de los paquetes-bomba y el terrorismo anti-humanístico!

It seems that the satisfaction was decided to make us wait, or simply is the awkwardness of some people and the cunning of others that stands between us and our goal. This was evidenced in September, when the University City guard suspected our bomb pack abandoned at the IAFE and rightly so, because it appeared at an unusual and strange time. We take note of our last failure and this time we tried with the mail system, it seems that we still did not hit the objective. We are responsible for the package-bomb that exploded in the headquarters of Monte Grande del Correo Argentino, it is clear that we had addressed a person and our intention was not to explode on the way, but the careless hands of an employee had other plans. The fact that we left two affected workers (one with wounds in the shoulder and the other in a daze) tells us one thing: they ran with luck. The bomb had high amounts of explosive material at a very high pressure, and had enough shrapnel to generate injuries and even the death of our target, whose identity we will not reveal, we are only going to say that it was an important techno-nerd of the kind that we usually attack.

With this we demonstrate that the war against human progress continues and does not stop, we aim at the direct attack against civilization in the present, both its senior representatives and the infrastructure and ordinary people. We are against everything civilized and wherever we see it, we attack. We do not fall into any incoherence with our discourse since we do not intend to return to a savage state or anything like that, we are not interested in telling the masses what they have to do, for we are individualists.

Individualists Tending towards the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations








[en] (Mexico) Forty-fourth ITS communiqué: Group 7 positions itself

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 44 de ITS, desde México el grupo “7” reivindica una serie de actos criminales incluyendo incendios, robos a mano armada, sabotajes, etc.

¡Ánimo a la Mafia de ITS!

“I do not arrive late or early, I arrive at the moment I have to arrive”

Time has been in charge of finding us again, after the path of confrontation that we have chosen to follow despite the experiential complications we are here. We choose a path in which there is no regard for the enemy, nor are there warm contemplations, pull the trigger or they catch you and condemn you, and so it has been until now.

It was like that since that night in 2006 that we burned a KFC in the State of Mexico, It was like this when we faced grenadiers and undertook serious damages during that wild mobilization on October 2, 2008 in Mexico City, It was growing when we committed our first armed assault in a Xochimilco winery in 2011, and continued when we joined Wild Reaction in 2014, when we shot an ATM that protected the money of a Banbajio company in León, Guanajuato in 2015 and when we committed our first murder in 2016. The violence has been increasing in our individualities and we are proud to say that we do not feel any remorse, we sleep comfortably without any trace of unnecessary regret, and we succeed because everything we have done we have done with pleasure, because only people who commit atrocities against society and are not convinced of what they do, they feel remorse of conscience, in our case it is not like that.

We believe in the strength of the Wild, she has protected us, and our testimony from the anonymity has shown us, on more than one occasion it has crossed our minds that in this or that act we should have died, or that we should have been caught and condemned, but no, We remain here and it is for a reason, the Ancestral War continues and we are a small part that carries the fire of confrontation towards the hyper-civilized objectives.

We must say that since we separated from RS we have continued to commit attacks, although without any vindication, from our perspective we did not consider it necessary to say what we were related to, but we have changed this for the moment, given the conditions that concern us in the present we have seen with disgust, all the accusations and defamations that the humanists have spread about our brothers and sisters of ITS where they have a public presence, we learned about the witch hunt that exists in the north country with the eco-extremist theorists and we want to say the following:

1. Given these situations of pointing and lynching, we see it essential to position ourselves in total support for the whole international eco-extremist / nihilist mafia for the practitioners, and for the theorists. Let them know that they are not alone in this, there exist individuals who continue committing crimes in the shadows, who encourage them to continue with theirs, you and we know that the Wild is on our side and that will never change.

2. All those humanist anarchists who masturbate with the idea of human progress are as despicable as the civilians who want to “advance”, their anthropocentric utopia generates a gigantic repulsion and even more when they dare to squander their hypocritical verbiage condemning the acts of ITS and anti-humanistic terrorist groups .

To those kids, have you forgotten where the explosives that have anarchist groups detonated in Mexico since 2015 come from? If they forgot, we remind them that in many cases, these explosives have been provided by the aforementioned eco-extremists, with the idea of generating more destruction regardless of the political affiliation that divides us. We are not going to name those “anti-authoritarian” court groups that have bought explosives from our contacts so as not to risk their asses, they know very well who they are, why is it then that (with the exception of the old insurrectional groups? ) none of the “new” anarcho groups do not say shit against the eco-extremists?

Someone had already said it, we are a Mafia, we are in the places least thought by our enemies, beware that any of us may be listening to the shits that you say against us, so face the consequences of being beaten like the panochon in CU a few days ago …

3. As we have been saying, we are an anonymous group that since the death of the Wild Reaction has been unleashing chaos here and there, but for this unique occasion we adhere to the ITS project momentarily to continue our war to the death against civilization and human progress, so, generate the impact that our actions deserve.

4. With this statement we are putting aside our old decision not to vindicate acts, and as it is being seen we have already taken responsibility for some above, so we announced that it is our joy to make public our adjudication of the sabotage to an energy tower last August in Pesquería, Nuevo León. The sabotage consisted of loosening the screws of the angles with a key 1-3 / 8, and that was it, the sabotage that was not carried out that month but before, had an unexpected result, time passed and we honestly thought that the sabotage did not have any results. The rains and the wind arrived until the Wild had the strength for a tower to fall and thus pull others and knocked down another 2. But what beautiful chaos was unleashed at that moment! We together with the Wild had thrown those towers, the authorities and the press were filled with versions unable to give a conclusive explanation, some said that the air had been so strong that it had thrown them away, others said that a trailer had accidentally taken the wiring of one of them and that’s why it fell, others said that organized crime had stolen the cornerstones of the towers and these were weakened when they were demolished. None of these versions is the truth, the real thing is that we, a group of individualists sabotaged the angular and the Wild took care of everything.

We must say that this act was not random, it was thought and executed objectively, because if it succeeded, it would be able to leave hundreds of people without light and would affect the hated Research and Technological Innovation Park (PIIT) (which by the way, the sabotaged tower fell on one of its fences), and the detestable International Airport of Monterrey, which we finally achieved with the help of the force of Wild Nature.

We announce that we have done the same thing to other energy towers in other places, so as not to be strange that the same conclusions are repeated when the Wild manifests itself.

Great strength for the brothers and sisters of ITS in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, for the anonymous people who, without wanting to vindicate their actions, go out to commit crimes that satisfy their thirst for revenge and are filled with personal satisfaction, strength for the other Eco-extremist and Nihilist Terrorist groups in the world.


Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Nuevo León


[en] (Chile) Forty-third ITS communique

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 43 de ITS, desde Chile la orgullosa “Horda Mística del Bosque” se reivindica atentados incendiarios, que esta vez fueron frustrados, pero persisten las ganas de destrucción.

¡Ánimo criminal para los delincuentes mafiosos de ITS!

“(…) I have had plenty of time to think, I decided to use bombs (…) My days on earth are numbered (…) my only consolation is that I can counterattack, even from my grave (…)”

In times of great inaugurations we see how the hyper-civilized mass euphorically celebrates the progress of humanity. These contemptible humans like fucking demented run and fill the structures of the newly inaugurated line 6 of the Santiago subway (cataloged as the most advanced and technological in all of Latin America), with their harmful cellular devices recorded a historical fact for the progress of the country. In the same way, the news media and the press have celebrated with this new civilized construction, a construction that promises to save time in travel, decongest cities and many other amenities for the city life.

Then we ask ourselves; How are we going to feel the slightest consideration for these humanoid imbeciles? But with what gall do the revolutionaries question our methods? Does not seeing such a scene of progress and human idiocy, makes them want to explode or burn their bodies? Well, we do feel like that and much more, we feel the greatest of disgust seeing how civilized progress is celebrated. This new metro with camera systems in its interior promises the greatest security, but we know that it is not, we know that their systems are vulnerable, we have shown this, and we are sure that these infrastructures are also. In fact, just hours after the inauguration of the new facilities, some anonymous vandal scratched one of its windows! (1) This is the irrefutable proof that their systems are vulnerable and it only depends on our monstrous spirits to create Chaos once more…

We, the Mystical Horde of the Forest, egoistically and misanthropically claim two attempted incendiary attacks, the first, on September 28, at around 11 in the morning, we abandoned an incendiary charge hidden inside a shoe box, on the 216th route of the transantiago . With this attack we tried to set fire to the bus, but also and most importantly, we wanted to burn human beings, we were hoping that Chaotic Fire would burn some hyper-civilized body, we wanted to fill the air with the smell of “September 18”. We are completely sure that if activated, it would have seriously injured more than one. Why do we say this? Because when leaving the load the bus was full, children, young and old, it does not matter. We cautiously hid the contraption in the space between the last two seats, we got off and we expected Chaos … that never happened.

It was in this way and in view of our frustrated first attack that our minds immediately devised a new plan, this plan and this second attempt took place on November 2, we again slipped away on one of their public transport buses, this time we chose route 204. (2) With this second attempt we tried in the same way to burn human skin, this time the bus was not so full, but the gasoline was ignited and expanded like hell, that’s what we witnessed. We chose precisely this day November 02 as a symbolic act, because that day was the opening of the new subway line 6. We did not want to remain on the sidelines watching the advance of human progress continue frantically, with these frustrated fires we welcome the ugly fucking metro.

We wanted to write these cheerful words for having burned a fucking machine with its fucking occupants inside, we wanted with this second attack to claim the failed fire of September. But the truth is that we are sad to see our wills didn’t create Chaos, but we are also calm in that our courage, our trip to the abyss of the Unknown prevails, comforts us and enriches our lifeblood, and well, as they say : “The intention is the one that counts”. That is known and the precedent remains that we seek to indiscriminately hurt any human being, so that later they won’t say that we didn’t warn them, haha.

That sadness for not having been able to ignite the fcfm was settled when we hurt the despicable miner. Today we are just as sad as on that occasion, only time and our wills will say when we celebrate a new attack, with the wounds of who knows who we will rejoice, of that there is no doubt. Know that our hearts are saddened but our spirits are intact, our minds are already thinking about what to do next! Only the spirit of the ancient Lola Kiepja, the majesty of Hidabuan, or the vengeful soul of Tuwuch know where, when and whom …

Pretend that we do not exist, think we are asleep, we have gone off, but when they find out and see an indiscriminate fire or an explosive package, no doubt … it will have been us or the other brothers and sisters who share territory.

Attack for all the Unknown and Savage of the Earth, for our primal ancestors and for ourselves. The threatening presence of the Yosi protects us in each of our steps, she takes care of us for several moons.

We are the Mystical Forest Horde, the one that fails attacks, but also the one that concretes them! We continue free roaming the Wild Southern Lands, lurking around the disgusting cities. With dark intentions in our minds and bodies, we are still in the shadows of the forests and mountains, conspiring to return when you least expect…

Long live the eco-extremist Mafia, the misanthropic Nihilists and the Chaotic individualists!

Long live the war against progress and the modern human!

… Thanks to the spirits of the ancients, for taking care of our steps, for erasing our tracks, for encouraging us every day. With the Occult and the Unknown we continue till we die…

Individualists Tending towards the Wild

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

(1) http://www.24horas.cl/nacional/rayan-vagon-a-solo-horas-de-la-inauguracion-de-la-linea-6-del-metro–2551565


(2) http://www.cooperativa.cl/noticias/pais/policial/indagan-posible-artefacto-explosivo-al-interior-de-bus-del-transantiago/2017-11-02/172313.html



Traducción en inglés del comunicado 42 de ITS, reivindicando un ataque armado contra peregrinos católicos.

“You are from [your] father the devil and you want to do the wishes of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stayed in the truth because there is no truth in him. ”
-John 8:44

We reject to death the truth imposed by Western culture, the one that shows that the “sacred writings” are above men and women free of moralistic and religious ties.

We are not sorry for anything, there is not a single drop of remorse or regret that accompanies us in the life we choose to live, we face life and death and we will continue like this, crossing the limits of what is allowed, advancing beyond the point of no return.

We are a sect of incorrect individualists who travel through roads, cities and towns in search of our next victims, so we let them see when we killed the couple of hikers at the foot of Mount Tlatoc last May, now we reaffirm it.

We choose to be declared enemies of any trace of modern humanity that hypocritically declares itself concerned with nature, we are bitter enemies of scientific reason, we antagonize with any religious creed that imposes an anthropomorphic figure at the center of everything and nothing.

We hate their buildings called “temples”, their immaculate images, their priests and fathers, bishops and nuns, but we also hate their faithful and pilgrims …

“In the first place, we must set fire to their synagogues or schools, and bury and cover with dirt everything that does not ignite …”
-Martin Luther

As a result, we take responsibility for the armed aggression against a couple of pilgrims that occurred on October 28 at the height of the community of Miranda in the municipality of El Marqués, Querétaro. We observe these two beings walking along the road with a ridiculous image of Saint Judas Tadeo and at a short distance we aim them and shoot them leaving them badly wounded.

From what little the media covered, we learned that one of them died, while the other is still in critical condition, so we want his death to be painful and agonizing.
We know very well that the believers of St. Jude Thaddeus, who usually make pilgrimages to their temples every 28th of every month, are delinquents and drug addicts, but that does not matter to us, to our egoic eyes we only see idiots followers of Western beliefs, and that’s why they deserve death.

It is clear that our hatred is not only in curses, but transcends the physical.

We have no responsibility to anyone, think what you want, we do not care, we know very well what we did, and that is why we claim it before the media gives it another face as they usually do.

We are going to continue murdering, all those who think that our silence is a sign of withdrawal, are wrong, we are just waiting for the perfect moment.

What is the best response to the shits expressed by the modern anarchists, than to continue with what is ours?

Let’s be dangerous:

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Querétaro
-Savage Serial Murderers





[en] (Argentina) Fortieth Communqiue of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 40 de ITS, ahora reivindicando un atentado en Argentina. Traducción a cargo de Atassa.

¡Fuerza para la conspiración de los ITS!

“Vengeful spirits will hack the sky to pieces with their machetes, the forest behind the sky will fall upon us. So swift will be the end that we will not have time to scream. The spirits, untethered from the earth, will smash the sun, moon, and stars. And there shall be nothing but darkness..” 


The natural cycles continue on their course, the continuous movement of life and death…in that form we make our return, like the sprouting shoots of spring made strong by the cruelty of winter. “All has its moment. There are moments to speak and moments to keep silent. Moments of stillness and moments to act. Patience was and will be the greatest attribute of the savages.”

We recommended ourselves to the sky, the moon, the stars, and abandoned a package-bomb at the entrance of the Physics and Astronomy Space in the University City, addressed to Dr. Gloria Dubner, director of the establishment, who was awarded recently for her progressive efforts in support of the techno-industrial system. It seems that the person in charge of the place perceived that something was amiss and decided to call the police. We remark here that this won’t stop us. On the contrary, it compels us to do more. The next time we won’t fail. The package was aimed to wound physically and emotionally all of the techno-geeks who were nearby; not only Gloria herself but any student or simple worker. We don’t make distinctions in this war that we wage against our own species. We chose this establishment in particular because of the disgust it causes us seeing the human insisting on controlling everything. We see the sciences (specifically space sciences) as the clear expression of that sick wish to reduce all phenomena to simple numbers and calculations, domesticating all that is wild, to place at the forefront the ideologies and infrastructures that cement today’s hyper-technological world. In this view it is common to think about inhabiting other planets and traveling through space, daydreaming about ways to make life “easier” and more “comfortable”. All the while they ignore what’s below our feet, in our environment, and principally inside ourselve.

We know that we are not going to stop techno-industrial progress with attacks such as these, but at least the great minds of our time will have to walk around more cautiously. We lurk about their houses and work places. With the return of ITS activity in this region, death will prowl about the universities and bars, parks and malls, and in any place where the human masses move about. We have the determination to carry out this war until the last consequences. Being an international terrorist group responsible for six murders, many wounds, and property destruction, they will know that the threats are very real… Speaking with actions more than with empty words, the chaotic dance of the wild constellations continues on its course.

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations





[en] (Chile) Thirty-Ninth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild


Traducción en inglés del 39 comunciado de ITS atacando fieramente a los humanistas en Chile.

Traducción a cargo de Atassa.

Following the latest criticisms and responses that the anarchic nuns have spit out to people to defend their anarchist “comrades” who live in Chile along with us, we want to express some irrefutable points to situate the debate a bit.

We would like to speak of an “insurrectionary anarchist affinity group of tension,” or whatever they call themselves, that made amoral indiscriminate attack their own. FINALLY THEY ENTERED INTO OUR MADNESS! Or rather, they did so some time ago, and now they want to resurface.

It was 2014 and their target was what seemed to be the office of Chilean prison officials (conveniently without anyone present). That’s what they thought, since it was not clear what they thought they were burning. What is known is that they left a backpack with an explosive device in the street. They didn’t set up the famous anarchist guard of morality that makes sure innocents aren’t hurt.

And they shit the bed on this one by their standards since they became the first indiscriminate anarchists. A young drug addict named Sergio Landskron picked up the backpack and died due to the explosion. Finding this out probably made the anarchists fall off their bike, vomit up their vegan burgers, and start praying to St. Bonnano or Sister Bakunin asking for forgiveness for their sins.

Under the moral parameters of these crybabies, ITS was already in Chile in 2014. This couldn’t possibly have been anarchists. “It’s a set-up!” they should have cried.

But we know this isn’t the case, since the Mafia isn’t anti-prison, and at most eco-anarchist groups were already conspiring who share our hatred. But they don’t focus on prisons, as is well known. Landskron’s murderers never took responsibility for the attack, so much was their shame at violating their standards of the moral of attack.

This indiscriminate attack – let’s call it what it is – was a great SIN of the action group in question. Gallons of ink and saliva of anarchist morality burned that marginal youngster, who we recognize as one of the worst results of this rotten civilization, and, we could even call him a “victim”.

The anarchists kept quiet! They didn’t utter a peep about his death, there was no communique asking for forgiveness or explaining why they didn’t hit they intended target, as was the case with the prisoners of war Juan, Nataly, and Guillermo, to justify why they indiscriminately attacked a bus station.

Even less likely was the existence of a communiqué saying, “yes, we did it, it was an accident.” They hid their snouts out of fear of the cops. They were afraid to end up like savages without anarchist morality. Look at them killing the last victim of the system!

So now that it is all the style to threaten an anarchist war against the Eco-extremist Mafia, snitching included, we gave some clues about these nuns to the friends and family (some of them criminals) of Sergio Landskron, so that they’ll know who to shoot and stab to get even. They’re looking in freed squats around site of the indiscriminate attack and they’ll know who took their son-uncle-brother from them. They’re squats full of shitheads who have gotten out of the explosives game because of this anarcho-Christian sin, but we know that they have this hidden sin on their chest and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Do the moralists consider this snitching too? It’s all the same to us, it’s not for nothing that we are egoists, criminals, and amoral. But let it be known, what we have just stated is just one demonstration that we know quite well those behind certain things, we know where the campaign in Chile against eco-extremism comes from. We thus state that if they continue with this pathetic campaign they shouldn’t be surprised when we respond.

In their anarcho-civilized morality, killing that Landskron kid was a sin so great that the Chilean anarchist movement kept quiet out of shame. They shouldn’t criticize the Tendency with their moral standards, since we aren’t up for being judged by their crooked scales. More than that, people will see that the emperor has no clothes.

Prowling Port Changos (ITS-Chile)


(Estados Unidos) La Señora Campbell y su pleito con ITS

La campaña en contra de ITS continúa siendo liderada por “Scott Campbell”, quien es en realidad una mujer méxico-estadounidense que mantiene contacto con varias personalidades de los enfermizos entornos izquierdistas de ambos países, muy fácil de encontrar. Esta persona ahora ha escrito un pintoresco texto titulado “ITS ataca a los anarquistas”, el texto de por sí es muy cómico, hace ver a los anarquistas modernos como unas indefensas ovejas siendo acechadas por la jauría de lobos salvajes de ITS.

El texto de la señora Campbell podría ser considerado un comunicado más de ITS, con reivindicaciones en torno de sus ataques en contra de la comunidad anarquista internacional, pasando por las amenazas en contra de Zerzan, las críticas en contra del anarquista preso en Chile Joaquín García, llegando a parar a la bomba puesta por un grupo de ITS en una okupa de la Ciudad de México el año pasado.

En su texto, esta asustadiza mujer señala al pensador eco-extremista Abe Cabrera como uno de los “voceros de ITS”, acusa de “tener contacto” con ellos, decir esto es una cosa bastante idiota, puesto que los teóricos de la tendencia no tienen nada que ver con las actividades de los grupos de ITS. Sería prácticamente un suicidio que un teórico (que lleva su trabajo de manera pública) tuviera nexos con un grupo terrorista, ¿Qué piensas que somos, la Organización para la Liberación de Palestina de los años 70’s?

Y no sólo sería un suicidio para un teórico eco-extremista tener nexos con ITS, sería un gran problema para los mismos miembros de ITS tener incluso un sólo contacto con un teórico eco-extremista, pues esto acarrearía persecuciones y detenciones innecesarias, pondría en riesgo el proyecto criminal por el que los guerreros individualistas han estado trabajando desde hace varias lunas, hay que tener un conocimiento básico en la historia de los grupos armados del pasado para darse cuenta que un error como estos es indispensable no cometer.

Campbell dice: “ITS me amenazó de muerte en uno de sus comunicados”, ¡imbécil idiota!, ¡no sólo eres una marica (en el sentido de cobardía), sino también una retrasada!, ¿qué querías?, ¿que te aventaran flores y te premiaran con cachorros?, ¿pensabas ingenuamente que tus actos no tendrán consecuencias?, ¿que no te iba a pasar nada después de liderar una campaña en contra de un grupo terrorista internacional?, ¿de verdad estás bien de tus facultades mentales?

En realidad que no entendemos el afán de insultar y después llorar cuando se obtienen respuestas contundentes. Quizás esta mujer piensa que insultar a ITS es un juego, que siga jugando, que siga investigando, que siga pensando que es intocable.

¡Con lo Desconocido de nuestro lado!

¡Que las maldiciones salvajes aquejen a los difamadores de lo Oculto!

¡Lloro y crujir de dientes para Campbell!