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[en] (Chile) Thirty-Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado de ITS número 37, ahora desde Chile, un nuevo grupo de la Mafia Eco-extremista se reivindica un indiscriminado y selectivo incendio caótico y destructivo.

Stealthy like the puma, on Monday August 7th we boarded a bus transporting masses and herds. We look at the faces of the passengers: there are 8 or 9 of them, and they all have the same face. They are all dominated by dirty society, worn down from the work that gives them artificial progress and false comfort. We don’t feel sorry for them, they’re all the same. They disgust us, their very existence perpetuates the same hyper-civilized society that enslaves them, the one that destroyed the natural state. This society annihilated our ancestors who did know how to live in the wild.

We carried a contraption with us. We had tested it before, leaving nothing to chance. It’s simple: two bottles filled with gasoline, a boiling mixture, a bulb, a clock with modifications that gave us time, and a switch as the safety. We left it under a seat and we sat in the back. We calculated the time and got off before it went off. Even though people were not burned, the damage we caused was more than what was expected. This time luck with on our side: the fire reached the electrical wires and lit a business on fire that turned out to be a hardware store!! Three birds with one stone: the Transantiago bus, the power line, and the store where more machines and chemical products were sold! Attention, the next ones could be those who use them!

This time the place we attacked was planned so that it coincided with an avenue where they are building a new corridor of the Transantiago and new metro lines, where more vehicles that carry imbeciles will occupy spaces that once were wild. This time it was the north of the city, before it was in Providencia, tomorrow it could be in any part of this dirty capital that we choose.

And lastly… No press, it was not a malfunction of the bus, don’t be stupid… this time more direct in the eye! No police-prosecutors-judges-government-whatever, don’t use the cliché statement, “causes that are still being investigated”. You were no match for the dudes from ITS-HMB, nor for the S.I…. now you don’t want to open more cases that you won’t be able to solve. This was our work and we take responsibility for it. Come at us from wherever, you won’t find us. Look for us on you security cameras, you won’t find us there because there were none. We planned this well and we aren’t prepared to transform ourselves into symbols, we would rather die first. We are already in hiding, stalking other prey.

Vengeance! The wekufes accomany us, and the darkness keeps us.

War against human progress!

Sincere complicity! Long live the Mafia of Extremist Individualists!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

-Vengeful Inquisitory Band

(en) Clarification by Maldición Eco-extremista

Traducción de una nota aclaratoria sobre los atentados de ITS.

As we published a piece which touched on the veracity of ITS’ action in Mexico, here we gratefully publish a translation of their clarifying note to their translation of our piece. Hopefully this clears things up.

On this text we would like to comment on some things. ITS-Mexico has been involved in a long polemic in comparison with previous years, one in which its discourse as well as its acts have been questioned. This has been the case in particular concerning if it is truly responsible for the murders committed from 2011 onward. In some cases the evidence fabricated by authorities has centered on demonstrating that recent ITS acts were committed by others. This is understandable since in a place like Mexico City and similar area where ITS is present, authorities tend to cover up the truth of some truly remarkable criminal acts that have become a daily occurrence. For example, some weeks ago, the southern part of the city was struck with narco-blockades in different important roadways after the death of one of the leaders of the Tlahuac Cartel (an organization that the authorities have always denied exists). As a consequence, a wave of police response was unleashed, the army and Marines were called out to the scene, and there were street battles with cartel assassins with high caliber rifles. This is something that occurs in places like Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Michoacán, etc. Even the Head of Government (who has aspirations to be President of the Republic), in order to not lose popularity, continues until now to deny the influence and importance that the drug cartels have in Mexico City. The same could be said of ITS. The authorities deny that they are terrorists, they deny that there are terrorist groups operating in the capital, and they minimize those types of threats (like they minimized the Tlahuac Cartel) so that afterwards they have egg on their face. Another example from here is that the Capital prosecutor, Edmundo Garrido, told the media that the package-bomb that exploded on an elderly man in the northern Mexico City on July 14th of this year was not a terrorist attack. What would the same radio audience think if the media had reported on the ITS group’s act?

It is understandable that some believe that ITS is not responsible for the acts that it claims to carry out. But it should also be remembered that, focusing on the ITS murders, these have always occurred on specific dates as reliable proof that indicates that no one else could have carried them out, without ITS groups having to provide photos or videos or any other physical group that indicates the scene of the crime. Maybe they don’t do this out of strategy, maybe the ITS groups want others to think that they are not responsible for these murders so that afterwards they can then come up with another surprise and then silence the naysayers. Maybe they employ the method of the Zodiac killer who took responsibility for 37 murders but the U.S. authorities could only confirm that he was responsible for five. Only they know, in any event our complicity with them does not falter, but rather increases.

The points that we can make public that are evidence of ITS’ responsibility for the murders that it has claimed to commit are the following:

Víctim 1. Ernesto Méndez Salinas (expert in biotechnology), Morelos, 2011

On August 8th, 2011, ITS successfully detonated a package-bomb at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico State, where there were two prestigious researchers severely wounded. On exactly the 8th of November of the same year, a prestigious investigator in biotechnology was killed with a bullet to the head in Morelos. Was it circumstantial that the first murder occurred on the 8th, but in another month on the same day, they killed an investigator? It’s not possible, it was really ITS.

* (An aside) The wounded of Mutipak, Mexico City, 2011

In September 2011, in the fourth ITS communique it is mentioned that there would be a silence and no other taking responsibility for an attack until the appropriate moment. A month later in October, a package-bomb exploded at a courier company leaving three workers who were handling the package wounded. Was that just coincidence? ITS has always stated that it doesn’t take responsibility for every attack that it carries out. Maybe this is one of those instances, and for some reason it has stated nothing about it.

Victim 2. Ángel León de la Cruz (Computer Science student at the IPN), Mexico City, 2016

As in other cases today, after the murder that ITS carried out in Morelos in 2011, the authorities mentioned that they had caught the person responsible for the death of the researcher in 2012. At first he was only charged with vehicle theft and robbing public transport in Cuernavaca, Morelos, but then they found him with the gun that was the same one used against the biotechnologist. At the same time as well, ITS took responsibility for the attack in 2013. One month after taking responsibility for the attack, the accused man was set free due to lack of evidence, or his lawyer found out about the claim of responsibility from ITS and presented it as evidence in favor of his client, or maybe that was just coincidence? A similar situation occurred in 2016, when the Indiscriminate Faction (which at that time was not publicly part of ITS) took responsibility for the murder of an IPN student in May. The press reported that the police had caught people who in their possession a gun that coincided with the one used in the mentioned crime. Before this, one cannot state that they were responsible for the crime just for having the gun used in the crime on them. It should be remembered that in Mexico there is a large quantity of guns, most (if not all) of which are used in murders, attempted murders, shootouts, threats, all sorts of robberies, etc. It’s not unusual to be caught by police carrying a gun and then get charged with the crime committed with that gun, such as what happened in Morelos in 2012 or in Mexico City in 2016.

Victim 3. José Jaime Barrera Moreno (Worker at the Chemistry Department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ), June 2016, Mexico City

After ITS’ murder of the UNAM worker in June 2016, which had significant media repercussions, ITS became an object of focus for authorities. For months, ITS groups had been leaving explosives around the University City campus while the authorities covered up the information on various occasions. For that reason, the group decided to kill again. ITS had not killed since 2011 and this time the impact was tremendous. The communique detailed the event quite well, giving information only the authorities knew about. They even recounted facts that the press didn’t know about at the time. The authorities ended up looking ridiculous, and, desperate to bury the whole thing, they made up that the man was killed by some of his coworkers, who apparently have never been caught or charged with any crime. If the police “knew” that his coworkers had supposedly killed him, why didn’t they lock them up and present them to the press as those responsible? We reply that it is because the authorities knew it was all a cover-up to divert attention and close the case of the ITS menace against the University City.

Víctim 4. Luis Arturo Torres García (Vice-Rector of the Tec de Monterrey), Chihuahua, February 2017

As is known now, in January 2017, the proud members of ITS in Chile carried out a well-planned attack against one of the chiefs of the ignominious mining company, Codelco. Signs of support for the hunted eco-extremists of the South didn’t take long to emerge from Mexico. A month later, ITS in Coahuila took responsibility for three attacks in Torreon, two against churches and one against a biotechnology company. From the groups in the center of the country there was only an incendiary attack on a bus that was put out by the passengers. But a new group emerged in Chihuahua at the end of February that executed the Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey in the same manner that the old ITS killed the investigator in Morelos in 2011: with a bullet to the head. And even though a claim of responsibility for the attack took place a short time afterwards which gave few details, the press did not report on it, and until today no one has been arrested for the crime. Through what we have seen in this international stage of ITS is that an act always takes place which has repercussions that imply a rigorous investigation of the responsible group. The other ITS groups respond with acts in support of their investigated brethren, and this case is no exception. It is not coincidence that ITS in Chihuahua would kill in order to give encouragement to the folks of ITS Chile or that ITS in Mexico City and Mexico State would kill again in April and May to give the same support to ITS Chile after its January attack. The same occurred when ITS in Brazil detonated a bomb at a mall in August 2016, and the groups of ITS in Chile welcomed their Amazonian brethren to the Mafia with their bomb threats and incendiary attacks. The same occurred with ITS in Argentina who poisoned dozens of bottles of Coca-Cola in two malls in Buenos Aires. At the same time, ITS in Mexico abandoned a suitcase-bomb at a suburban train station against a genomic expert. That is to say, you can’t just look at the taking of responsibility for that act without visualizing the context in which this war unfolds.

Victims 5 and 6. Two hikers, Mexico State, April 2017

The press only reported that a man and a woman were found dead on a trail near Mount Tlaloc in the municipality of Texcoco in Mexico State. Their names were never revealed but a photo was published by the press showing their lifeless bodies, products of gunshot wounds to the head, with all of their belongings lying at their sides. One of the groups of ITS, the Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS, before the Indiscriminate Faction), in its March communique had warned the following:

Our position now is to attack the human being, killing and mutilating, now that the human being is the principal culprit for the changes that Planet Earth has suffered.

The threat dates all the way back to December 2016 when the joint communique with ITS indicated:

It makes us sick to our stomach that more and more individuals are attracted in a superficial manner to this… They are the ones who like to hike in the woods, the desert, and the jungle. They feel like they’re shamans and pagans …. We’d like to state to all those people who attracted by “natural beauty” that you too are in our sights. Just like the list of scientists, the list of “forest lovers” who we will attack is quite long. Don’t be surprised if one day while you’re out camping the “Devil” shows up… you’ll just be fertilizer for the trees.

With these words there’s not much more to say. Whoever thinks that ITS was not responsible for these murders is an irredeemable idiot.

Victim 7. Lesvy Osorio (Drug addict university drop-out), May 2017.

There is no doubt that the case of the woman found dead in the University City that ITS took responsibility for has been a complete disaster. To begin, the case has appeared to be very turbulent from the get-go. The prosecutor’s office detailed the personal life of woman to show that she had hung herself with a cable from a telephone, and from the effects of the drugs, she could not react. This was a scandal, especially for the indignant feminists, who issued protests against the prosecutor’s office for issuing these demonizing facts about the woman.

Afterwards the boyfriend of this woman, with whom he had a rather sick relationship (according to the media) was accused of the death of the woman. While all of this was happening, ITS took responsibility for the attack while the prosecutor continued with the version that it has been a suicide. Then a group of women specializing in these types of cases offered to clear up the murder. These women complained that the prosecutor refused to hand over evidence like video recordings of the security cameras and the like. Now they say that there is a recording where the boyfriend strikes the victim, a typical act of aggression in a couple that likes to drink large quantities of beer and consume psychotropic pills. But then the video seems to indicate that the boyfriend leaves and the woman is left alone. Minutes later the woman appears dead and hung from a telephone. Now they accuse the boyfriend of negligent homicide, since the official version is that the boyfriend saw how she was hanging from the telephone and did not seem to care. Just as in the case of the stabbed UNAM worker in 2016 on the same campus, the prosecutor’s office gives a dumb version of things so that ITS is not once more the center of attention. It’s no coincidence that the murder took place only some days after the murder of the hiker couple in Texcoco, and only one day after the abandoning of an incendiary device in the Faculty of Science on the same campus. What is very much true is that GITS (formerly GI) sets itself apart by claiming responsibility for two or three acts carried out in the last two to three days. This shows that the demons had been on the loose, and no matter what the official versions state, these end up not being able to hold water. The Mexican authorities are really making an effort for ITS to not be noticed since they know that they are on the loose, that they are responsible for these attacks, and that they aren’t going to stop.

In any case, we don’t believe that ITS cares much if people say that the acts that they commit are done by others, or if people believe that any given bombing or murder was the work of the Mafia. As long as they can keep attacking and generating terror, whatever the authorities, the media, or shit-talkers say matters very little.

Forward with the criminal project!

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-Sixth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 36 de ITS haciendose cargo de un ataque incendiario indiscriminado que dejó en cenizas una repugnante máquina.

¡Por la conspiración contra el progreso humano!

The fire “spoke”, the mania to light vehicles has not left us, nor will it ever.

In the early morning of the first day of August, we lit a trailer on fire in the alternate avenue of the Via Lopez Portillo, around Fovissste, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.

Our device consumed the entire accursed machine. The flames were unleashed and expanded threatening the surrounding houses that also deserve to burn. It would not have mattered to us if the slumbering citizens came out hurt, intoxicated, or whatever, since all in this repugnant society deserves to lie in smoldering ashes.

With this first act we declare to the authorities that we’re back. We are going to unleash a wave of indiscriminate / selective arsons sooner or later. So don’t be surprised if this picks up…

Our devices are designed to burn and some minutes afterwards to detónate. So we recommend that heroic citizens should be aware of the consequences should they try to put out the Great Consumer.

Because we hate the loud, disruptive, and harmful machines, symbol of despicable human progress:

Fire and explosives against civilization

With the Wild at our side!

Courage to criminality!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

Pagan Sect of the Mountain

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-fifth communique of ITS

Traducción del comunicado número 35 de ITS al inglés. En este los individualistas reivindican ataques contra execrables templos religiosos en el Estado de México.

¡Con lo Desconocido de nuestro lado!

“Do not wait for everyone to like you, but to get tired of hating you”

We continue the attacks against religious places undertaken by the brothers of Popocatzin Clan on July 14 with their thunderous package-bomb that left a serious injured in Mexico City, egoistically we claim the responsability for the following actions during this week:

Leaving a package-bomb inside the Great Temple of Jehova Witnesses located on the avenue Lopez Portillo, in front of the mexibus station De la Cruz-San Mateo, in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.

Incendiary Device composed of gasoline, napalm and other flamable materials detonated on the door of a catholic church located on the Avenue Lago de Guadalupe, in Atizapan, Mexico State.

Brother accomplices, let the acts speak instead of words!

Let the anti-humanistic threat of the ITS groups, of the Terrorist Nihilists groups and antisocial individuals continue despite any obstacle!

Fire, bombs, bullets, threats and knives against the representatives of EVERY religion, including the “elite” bureaucrats from the satanist churches!

The steps of war and confrontation of our ancestors accompany us in the ambush!

Death to the moral of the attack!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-Fourth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 34 de ITS, dede Torreón, Coahuila, los individualistas reivindican el abandono de un paquete-bomba en un lugar público.

¡Adelante con los atentados indiscriminados!

“I prefer nothing to be true before any of you being right, before your truth is right.”

-F. Nietzsche

Our path has become uncomfortable, nauseating, despicable, and the other pejoratives that the humanists never tire of hurling at us. The acts of ITS as well as its words don’t stop offending the great horde of anarchist sons of leftism. It seems that they can’t confront the terrifying fact of the Death of Anarchism. They can’t let go of the rotting corpse, they weep without any consolation, just as the crowd of women cried in their great sorority for the staggering body of Lesvy Osorio who was killed by our sisters and brothers who lurk about the horrible streets of Mexico City. This murder provoked such indignation that even the most radical leftists vowed to “kill the eco-extremists,” while a tear streamed down their cheek provoked by the death of some woman they didn’t know. What a beautiful and altruistic world!

Why weep for the hyper-civilized world and its humans?! How many tears do we humans deserve, who in our condition of homo sapiens have done nothing but drive the Earth into this debacle. We don’t deserve any tears, we deserve extinction. But the human drinks, eats, breathes, fucks, sleeps, consumes, lives… feeling himself God, the most luminous and indispensable thing in existence. Those anarchists with noble hearts who claim to be anti-anthropocentric but deny and fuss over indiscriminate attack that harms “innocents” are nothing but hypocrites. Does not the hyper-civilized feel like God? Or is that only a habitus of the powerful? It’s as if the young man of the poorest neighborhood didn’t dream of driving a Lamborghini, or of wearing gold chains and having ten women in his bed. That’s unfortunate for those who believe that: there are NO innocents. Civilization in this techno-industrial epoch has molded the human, educating him and making him docile when he is believed to be violent. He becomes a servant who smiles because it says he’s free, that is, it has made him hyper-civilized.

We eco-extremists don’t see innocents at the moment we attack. It should be pointed out that the attacks have become more indiscriminate each time. We have become blind men who have abandoned hope and have opted for the misanthropic. Supporting this Tendency that walks on the road of misanthropy we claim responsibility for: Some days ago we abandoned another explosive envelope with even more black powder in it than the one that exploded on that young girl Michelle on the Alameda Zaragoza last April. This time again we abandoned it in ANOTHER public place: in the Venustiano Carranza Forest in the city of Torreón. We don’t know what happened to the envelope. We think that it was found by the police who patrol the area, or it could be that one of these days the badly intentioned device explodes on another curious girl like Michelle. How misogynist are all of those eco-extremists who place bombs that detonate on women! Poor people, if they only knew…

For indiscriminate attack!

Let us take the road of misanthropy!

All hope is dead!

We do not see men or women, only a mass of hyper-civilized!

An accomplice embrace to ITS groups in the south and the new groups that share our words!

Strength to the sharp theoreticians in the United States who respond and silence all of the “big talking anarchists,” strength to our brothers in Central Mexico who have made the anarchists of that part of the world tremble!

Nothing ends!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Torreón

Flint Point Hidden Clan

From the hell of 42 degrees centigrade, Torreón, July 2017

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-Third Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Comunicado 33 de ITS traducido al inglés, en donde los guerreros responden puntualmente a las nuevas difamaciones en su contra por parte, ahora, de los ex-integrantes de los grupos de acción anarquista insurreccional en México.

¡Adelante con la Guerra!
¡Ánimo delincuencia!

a) On professorial insults and blah blah blah

It seems like our 31st communique has hit rather hard, and even the most distant individuals who want our heads have noticed it. They have thus become the same authoritarian monster they want to “eliminate.”

For years we have chosen to not put our finger in the wound and tried to contain ourselves in order to maintain some prudence concerning the lived situation over here. But now it’s time for us to say something about it.

Some hours ago on a stupid friendly anarchist blog a text appeared called, “ITS or the rhetoric of decadence.” This is a “new” communique signed by various former anarchists groups from some time ago and ones most tied to their guild, to wit: Anonymous Anarchist Action, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the Mariano Sanchez Anon Insurrectional Cell, and others. They have squandered their beautiful harsh yapping against us calling us “disheveled madmen,” (noting the use of the gender neutral noun now used by the politically correct), with a “delirious fascistic rhetoric,” “misogynist,” “authoritarians,” “protofascists,” and the other qualifications that ITS members know from memory since the beginning of our efforts in 2011.

The hour has come for these anarchists to raise their voice so that they can be heard, and what better way to return to the ring than with a text criticizing us. They let go of their disgusting words like explosive diarrhea. To what aim? To scare us? To stop us? To intend to continue this miserable fever of “let’s all attack ITS”? Cool.

Their resentment unfolds for all to see. They can’t believe that that group that they once had “solidarity” with has left the pen and has separated itself from the flock of black sheep that they once were part of some suns ago.

And in one part of their text they even try to pass as expert university professors of psychoanalysis in the style of Ultimo Reducto and say:

“Their roots are nothing but the disgusting shit of social dysfunctionality. After a sad childhood and frustrated adolescence, having been bullied from the cradle and traumatized from their ancestors, they begin to channel their frustrations and all of their hate to themselves and once accumulated they project without ethical mediation.”

What do you know? In the same manner, we can say that you channel all of your frustration and hate against authority, against the cops you have killed, or against the Wal-Mart you set on fire. Thus that premise refutes itself. We members of ITS don’t deny that we are frustrated, that it has frustrated us to live in cities from our birth, to tolerate the imposed rules from academic institutions and faggoty jobs, to stand all of these alienating technological innovations, to live together abnormally with people we don’t know, and smile while gritting our teeth when it has been necessary to do so. Invasive religious teachings, as well civic and juridical moral rules have also frustrated us, as well as seeing that any hope for the future is a vile lie. This frustration has turned into resentment, a resentment and sick hatred against society, technology, science, religion, civilization in its totality in a word. It’s frustrating for us to deal with this artificial reality, and we don’t deny it. And yes, ITS is filled with frustrated individuals, the socially resentful, potential misanthropes, suicidal rejects, serial killers, and a bunch of other disgusting things this civilized society can produce. It’s true, and we’re not ashamed to say it since that is what we have become in the process of interpersonal and group interaction with this asphyxiating reality. Our will to destroy and sow Chaos in the most poisonous form has manifested itself. The darkest instincts have returned to us, and irremediably this civilization returns to primitive barbarism, and here in this discussion, we are the prime example.

Oh, and that whole thing they say about “bullying”, that made us laugh. Well from the time we were kids we had that pesky habit of making fun of ugly people and lift up girls’ skirts!

Then they say:

“[ITS is] the axiomatic fruit of this fucking civilization that they say they want to destroy. Only in the deepest bowels of this rot can such decadent conduct manifest itself..”

Ladies and gentleman, you’ve lived this many years without knowing how to read? The goal of ITS is not the destruction of civilization, you ignorant little shits! When are you going to get that?

What’s that you say? We are the axiomatic fruit of civilization? LOL! And you aren’t? Let’s just say that both of us are the fruit of this civilization, look in the mirror and you’ll see us.

b) Revisiting old hat

We clarify and affirm the following points:

One. In that collective pronouncement that the indignant mention, it was not a total defense of ITS, that pronouncement was what it was because of what it stated at the moment. “Saboteamos.info,” “Noticias de Rebelion, “La Haine,” “La Mama de Mummia,” etc. in opposition to ALL the framework of individual groups of eco-anarchist and anarcho-insurrectionary action which in their moment committed arsons and busted up banks left and right; it’s not true that, as they stated, it was published only “in defense of the Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).”

Two. We sincerely thank you (not at all sarcastically) for the money that you sent us in 2012. If not for that, our brother would not have been able to escape from the police who were chasing him, and a shoot-out resulted in which the warrior responded with bullets but came out unscathed and was able to escape with expenses covered, all because of the economic help you gave us. We’re never going to deny that. When we were anarchists, the solidarity between us was not just in the written word.

Three. Yeah, yeah, we accept that we like to come out on the news, to give interviews, and to be famous up to a point. And that’s bad why? It’s part of the egoic pleasure that stirs in us as politically incorrect individualists. The more propaganda that the mass media gives us, the more the message spreads. We have no moral qualms about using the “press of power,” as you call it.

We’re in the northern and southern parts of the continent. We have accomplices in Europe, and ever more propaganda projects. Videos are published, there are individualists writing provocative texts and translating them into languages we would not have imagined that they would be translated into. This sick message against the humanistic values of civilization is becoming more and more uncontrollable. That’s what we want, that ITS and the groups that emerge as a consequence are unleashed like bloodthirsty beasts that REALLY generate chaos; that they are never ashamed of being the monsters that they have become; that they express themselves through indiscriminate murder and explicit violence. We want for all of this “gets out of hand” so that it becomes a tangible indicator of the rotten artificial reality to which they have condemned us and in which we are developing with pleasure. And that annoys more than one anarchist, but they can eat a dick!

c) Crucify him! The Jews said. Burn them! Said the Inquisition. Let us eliminate them! Screamed the anarchists.

“All that we can identify as negative elements within our ‘space’ is also a responsibility of each one of us to contribute to eliminate.”

This is the “intimidating” sentence that the people in question replicated, but it is really strange. We ask ourselves, are not the people who the federal government sent to infiltrate your anarchist spaces more important than ITS, who aren’t in those spaces? And speaking of, did you know that one of our groups placed a bomb at the “Che Squat”?  That was done mainly because they were defaming us and we shit on those anarcho-rock star ex-con politicians and drug addicts who hang out there, because the auditorium is supposedly so legendary: a symbol of “autonomy” and the “combative” student movement of the ‘90’s. Now it’s just a den of slimy journalists, a place where the Cisen and Mexico City Investigative Police plant their informers to gather information no matter how irrelevant. From there the press has gathered names, nicknames, photos, addresses, etc. of “comrades” in 2014 after various “slaps,” from there you get the Pegasus malware that infected the personal cellphones of anarchists that year and at that site. Let it be noted that we are not saying this to portray ourselves as “defenders of anarchists,” of course not, that ITS group placed the bomb at that squat because inside was a person who was trying to pass himself off as one of us. He foolishly deceived a bunch of young anarchists and dazzled them with his guns, with his threats, his made-up stories, and supposed connections with us to gain popularity and be “that guy”. With that bomb we got him out of the scene and we started to hunt him. Only with the help of anarchists that he had deceived (who you should try to “eliminate” instead of posturing as the “new people who will deal with ITS,” which is apparently now in style). That person returned to his police barracks and we lost track of him. This isn’t a lie, you can investigate it with your sources and you will see that its not part of our “pathological lying.” Ha!

You have your contacts, ITS has its own…

Of course, and we repeat, instead of asking for searchlights so that you turn around again to see, and instead of threatening to “eliminate” us, you should fuck up all those snitches who are in anarchist circles, that bald Tony who for years has been a police informant (and more than one person knows that), and that faggot is still around as if nothing happened in his library near La Raza Metro. He’s not a priority? We could mention more than one who after years in the anti-authoritarian scene, really have turned their backs on the whole idea and the praxis that they once defended, and they have turned informant, or even cops. There have even been people with a record of being rapists in the squats. Where are all of the anarcho-superheros in those cases?

And what about the Neonazis who destroyed the “crew”? Some years ago skinhead nationalist organizations were walking about La Lagunilla with t-shirts with swastikas on them, selling books on Mexicanism, and recruiting young people into their disgusting ethnocentrist movements. They beat up more than one anarchist and punk, and killed an indigenous person in the Escuadron 201 Metro. These people are now members of the Mexican military, or are important members of Sinarchist circles. When did you “eliminate” them? You knew where they were, but they’re still alive and kicking today.

What about that ex-anarchist snitch who was talking about you and other groups, and now is with the reds? Does he merit “elimination” or no because he’s not a member of ITS? How that’s persecution that you are suffering at the hands of the Marxists going?

But well, if the purpose of your text that condemns us as good judges you are with your pompous words and your academic language is to respond to the call of the international anarchist movement to denigrate us, you did well. Truly, more than one anarcho will applaud your words, but you best put your cards on the table and see reality. The reality that you try to avoid is that the anarchist scene in Mexico is complete shit. There’s hypocrisy everywhere and collaboration like you wouldn’t believe, hierarchies that are not hierarchical, black bureaucracy, clear betrayals, etc. If you are seeking to “eliminate negative elements in its spaces,” good luck, you’ll even up eliminating 99% of the anarchist scene in Mexico.

d) On hypocrisy, murder, and authority

These anarchist superheroes have called us “misogynist”. Surely, we’re so misogynist that entire ITS groups exist made up entirely of women. Guess who were designated to kill our female victims? Imagine that, right? What would you call a woman who kills another woman? “A misogynist” as well? “A machista woman”? “A feminicide daughter of the patriarchy?” Here we have noticed the feminist trend with its suffocating humanism has corroded even the most radical anarchist thinking which we sympathized with some years back.

But what hypocrites they are, they condemned us for killing or hurting women? And you haven’t done that? The workers you burned in 2012 after an arson attack of the CCF in Iztapalapa, there were no women there? And the people you wounded when you left grenades in the banks of Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas in 2012, there weren’t any women there either? We’re certain that in one of your “irreducible attacks against power” which you haven’t made public, you’ve left some women dead or injured. If we were radical lefties like you, surely we’d be indignantly yelling, “fascists,” “machistas,” “authoritarians”.

You anarchists, always with your moral Golden Rule coming out of the Enlightenment, always with your abject humanist gaze, always preaching your ideas against authoritarianism. Let’s be realists here, we like you know how it feels to take a life, either of a policeman or a common civilian. It’s all the same, in the end it’s a life for fuck’s sake. We, like you, know that to kill a person is to impose irremediably our authority on that being, no matter how anarchist you are, no matter how much you try to justify it as “self-defense,” and no matter how much you oppose authority. When you take a life, you are imposing yourself on your target.

So if you call us authoritarian, you aren’t excluded from it either. We would expect these moral judgments from the social anarchists, but from you? Get the fuck out!

e) To conclude

We suspect that these anarchists are angry with us not only because we have left the anarchist struggle, or because we reject their values, but also because we give a bad reputation to their anarchist project. They worry too much about the gossip that people outside the movement murmur. They worry so much about “what they’ll say” so they decided to come out with their communique to leave behind their dark past with us. Perish the thought that they would be tied to those “fascists,” “authoritarians,” “sons of Satan”!

Either way, already some time ago they excommunicated us from the churches of international anarchism, let them throw us out of the temples of local anarchism as well, it’s not a tragedy.

Let the Individualist War continue against the Alien!

For the international chaotic homicidal conspiracy!

No witch hunt will stop this witchcraft!

With the Unknowable at our side:

IIndividualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico City)

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Popocalitzli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Wild Serial Killers

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chihuahua)

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Coahuila)

-Flint Point Hidden Clan

-Coyote Pack Faction

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Jalisco)

-Feral Criminal Band

[en-it] (Mexico) Thirty-Second Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés e italiano del comunicado 32 de ITS, en donde se adjudica la detonación de un paquete-bomba dirigido originalmente contra una repulsiva iglesia, pero que hirió a un humanista curioso.

¡Que la sangre de los híper-civilizados fluya como los canales de aguas negras de sus propios desperdicios!

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We’ve gotten to the point that wounding people not associated with the target is all the same to us, and more because it takes away the joy of striking at those who we choose. In any case the joy at having caused human suffering and bloody wounds persists.

This time we didn’t go out to strangle, stab, or shoot anyone. We didn’t go out to burn, but we did go out with a package-bomb that was tremendously effective when we abandoned it at one of the institutions most detested by us and our ancestors always thirsty for vengeance.

This time, as a target we picked an abject Catholic church located on Avenida de los Insurgentes Norte, in Colonia Lindavista, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, north of Mexico City.

That’s how it went when in the early evening of July 13th, we abandoned our bomb in the gardens of that church. It was in a black box which contained a galvanized nipple full of nails and marbles. The package had an electromechanical switch, that is, it exploded when the top was opened. On the package was written, “A gift for the House of the Lord, with love.” We did this thinking that the bomb would be taken into the church and it would explode in the “house” of the Western god imposed for centuries.

But, as the press knows, our package-bomb did not explode in the church, but a curious and dumb man was passing by, saw the package, and seeing the word, “gift,” put aside his “Christian honesty,” (which of course only happens in Mexico, son of a bitch!), and, upon opening it at a bus stop, an infernal detonation tore through his old and disgusting flesh. His fingers were blown off, his hands were severely burned, his guts were hanging out, and surely his eardrums were punctured, all that for being a dumbass. They say that you get what you deserve, and it seems in this case, the saying is true…

Let it be known that the attack was directed at the church, but in any case, a meddling Good Samaritan “sacrificed” himself without realizing it, and received wounds that were intended for the religious of that vomit-inducing place. Let it be known as well that if the church and its faithful came out safe and sound in this eco-extremist attack, we aren’t going to rest until we see their churches burned, and we slit the throats of its priests and nuns, and indiscriminately wound religious society as a whole, Amen.

Let’s see if with this the PGJ continues to deny our existence as they have been doing for some time. Maybe they’ll invent some stupid excuse to cover the sun with a finger as they are wont to do at this point. Maybe now the authorities, after reading of our taking responsibility for this action, will retract what they have said previously and deny that the man was wounded by a bomb, but rather was wounded by an accumulation of gas that came out of the ground or some other stupidity of that type, HA!

The investigative police, the agents of the Attorney General’s Office, and the useless people in the Task Force already know who is responsible for this attack. You and we know that the galvanized nipple had the initials “ITS” written on it. But for some reason you said nothing about it to the press, naughty kids!

The “demons” of the natives massacred by the invading Christians are on the loose, no one and nothing will detain their fury.

The attacks continue in the form of murders, arson, package-bombs, and in general, in the deformed “form” of CHAOS!

Courage to the individualist egoists, the eco-extremists, the nihilist terrorists who have shaken off the sickness of humanism and strike without any regrets!

Wounds, blood, suffering, and death to the hyper-civilized!

With the Unknowable at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan


(Messico) Trentaduesimo comunicato delle ITS: Rivendicazione del pacco-bomba in GAM

“La curiosità ha ucciso il gatto”.

Siamo arrivati a un punto nel quale ferire persone aliene all’obiettivo desiderato per noi è uguale, in più perché ci tolgono (in qualunque modo) il piacere di colpire chi NOI scegliamo. In ogni modo il godimento per il dolore umano e le ferite sanguinolente persistono.

Questa volta non siamo usciti per strangolare, accoltellare o sparare a nessuno, non siamo usciti per incendiare, ma siamo emersi con un pacco-bomba estremamente effettivo per abbandonarlo in una delle istituzioni più detestate da noi e i nostri antenati, sempre assetati di vendetta.

Ora, come obiettivo abbiamo scelto un’abietta chiesa cattolica ubicata sopra Via del los Insurgentes Norte, nella colonia Lindavista, delegazione Gustavo A. Madero, a nord di Città del Messico.

Così al tramonto del 13 Luglio, abbandoniamo la nostra bomba dentro una scatola nera, nella zona dei giardini di detta chiesa. Questa conteneva un tubo galvanizzato ripieno di chiodi e biglie. Il pacco era con attivazione elettromeccanica, cioè, quando forzando il coperchio, si genera l’esplosione. La scatola aveva una legenda che diceva, “Donazione per la casa del Signore, con tutto l’amore.” Questo era stato pensato affinché la bomba fosse portata dentro la chiesa ed esplodesse nella “casa” del (imposto da secoli) dio occidentale.

Come abbiamo saputo dai giornali, (1) la nostra bomba-scatola non è esplosa nella chiesa, ma un uomo curioso e idiota che passava in zona, vede il pacchetto e vedendo la parola “Donazione”, ha fatto la sua parte nell’“onestà cristiana”, prendendo l’impegno con cattiveria, portandola lontano dal nostro obiettivo (in realtà questo succede solo in Messico puttana madre!), e aprendolo a una fermata di un autobus (2). Un’infernale esplosione scuote la sua vecchia e immonda carne, le dita sono fatte a pezzi, le mani sono seriamente bruciate, lo stomaco è ferito, e in maniera sicura i timpani sono esplosi, tutto perché è stato un coglione. Dicono che uno riceve quello che merita, e apparentemente in questo caso, il detto ha indovinato…

Che si sappia dunque, che l’attentato era diretto alla chiesa, tuttavia, un buon samaritano ficcanaso si è “sacrificato” inconsciamente e ha ricevuto le ferite che erano pensate per dei religiosi di questo posto stomachevole. Che si sappia anche, per adesso, che la chiesa come istituzione e i suoi apprendisti si sono salvati da quest’attentato eco-estremista. Non ci riposeremo fino a che non vedremo bruciate le loro chiese, fino a sgozzare curati e suore, fino a ferire indiscriminatamente la società religiosa in generale, amen.

Vediamo con questo se la PGJ continua a negare la nostra esistenza come lo fa da qualche tempo. Magari può inventare stronzate per coprire il sole con un dito, com’è abituato a farlo. Magari ora l’autorità, dopo avere letto questa rivendicazione, si ritiri e neghino che l’uomo non fu ferito da una bomba, bensì da un’accumulazione di gas che è provenuta dal sottosuolo o stronzate di questo tipo, SI!

La Polizia Investigativa, gli agenti della procura, e gli incapaci del gruppo di Forza di Lavoro sanno già chi sono i responsabili di quest’attentato (3), tanto voi quanto noi sappiamo che il tubo galvanizzato utilizzato aveva scritto sopra la sigla ITS, solo che per chissà quale ragione non lo hanno detto alla stampa, furbi!

I “demoni“ dei nativi massacrati dai cristiani invasori sono liberi, e niente e nessuno può fermare la loro furia.

Gli attacchi continuano in forma di assassini, fuoco, pacchi-bomba, e in generale, nella “forma” disforme del CAOS!

Forza agli egoisti individualisti, gli eco-estremisti, i nichilisti terroristi che sconquassano la malattia dell’umanesimo e colpiscono senza alcun rimorso!

Ferite, sangue, sofferenza e morte per gli iper-civilizzati!

Con l’ignoto dalla nostra parte:

Individualisti Tendenti al Selvaggio – Città del Messico

-Clan di Popocatzin


  1. http://www.jornada.com.mx/ultimas/2017/07/14/un-hombre-lesionado-por-explosivo-en-callejon-de-gam

  2. http://www.enfoquenoticias.com.mx/noticias/pgj-investiga-lesiones-de-un-hombre-al-detonarle-artefacto-explosivo-en-gam

  3. http://www.radioformula.com.mx/notas.asp?Idn=698619&idFC=2017

Ps: Merda, perché in Messico, non ci sono vecchi primitivisti come il frocio di Zerzan? Che sia la stessa cosa per i progressisti…

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Comunicado 31 de ITS traducido al ingles por Atassa. Traducido igual al italiano.

Que comiencen a ladrar los anarquistas modernos angloparlantes de cagada!

“You will be dead very soon, little man, and the world will continue without you. You will be nothing. Everyone will forget your name!

No, in that you are wrong, old woman. We will leave a brand in the city, we are going to spread it like a virus.”


We have learned somewhere that the Europeans of the “anarcho-insurrectionary” blog 325 were going to publish a text criticizing us. But honestly we got tired of waiting for it since they’ve dragged their feet quite a bit in publishing it. Maybe they have not yet left the assembly where they formulate their ideas, or maybe they are preparing to go on their anti-globalist vacation at the G20 summit in Germany that is happening soon. In the end, only Saint Bakunin knows, so what follows is what we feel has to be said in response to the referenced anarchists. We take up this medium again to do so, though to be honest, we don’t expect much from them or anything positive about us. To be sure they’ll come up with the usual shit: that we’re “fascists,” that we “turned our back on anarchy,” maybe they’ll have a call-out to condemn us like the good judges they are (though they deny it); the same boring things that today’s anarchists do against us. So then the following:


What great fright was caused by the three murders that we took credit for last May! Right? And we speak not of the fright that Mexican society had to “suffer”, a society that is quite accustomed to seeing dead people in their cities and suburban spaces (since for the majority of people in Mexico, three murders in such a short time is nothing.) No, we speak of the fright that foreign anarcho-humanists had observing from afar, as well as their great worry at the expansion of this Tendency in Mexico and the southern part of the continent. They squeal like pigs getting their throat slit crying, “if you have an anarchist project, don’t support them,” “they didn’t commit those murders, it’s a false flag,” “ITS are CIA agents out to justify repression,” “they kill people indiscriminately, don’t sympathize with them,” “ITS doesn’t even exist,” “they’re only doing those things to get attention,” “ITS are most like the Islamic State, Hitler, and the Cookie-Monster,” and other funny things.

And yes, we are referring specifically to the filthy progressivist Scott Campbell of It’s Going Down and the clowns at Horizontal Hostility in the United States, who recently made a whole drama out of our mischief.

So let’s see, if the attacks we took responsibility for are false like you people are saying, why go to such lengths to defame us? If what we are taking responsibility for supposedly isn’t real, you should breathe easy, right? If you believed your own words, when you find out about something that we have done, you would just shrug us off as a bunch of crazies and that’s it, right? Why are you mad then? Is one of our members screwing one of your Anglo mothers? Shit, sorry that came out, it was supposed to be a secret…

Mr. Campbell, you should value your life more. You’re addressing some dangerous people who have killed people indiscriminately for over six years. We are still free, and they have not been able to catch us. How are you so sure that we don’t know the place in Mexico where you “vacation” and we won’t show up as we tend to do? You should chill out because in a country where killing journalists is very common, it’s not a good idea that you go about everywhere with your camera, or you’ll end up like your colleague Bradley Will. Remember him? Only this time the bullets won’t be coming from PRI goons.

What these gringo leftists don’t understand is that the only thing their words published on blogs or said on the radio, or their articles from any influential thinker (like the shit Zerzan or his mules write), cause in us is laughter.

They speak of ITS as if we committed an unpardonable offense to them personally, since, of course, we’re going against humanity! Their promiscuous altruism shows itself backed by the Christian values they claim to reject as anarchists. You modern anarchists disgust us! You lefty gringos are always trying to “fix” things. If the Kurdish minorities are in conflict, you go to Turkey. If there are unprotected immigrants in Oakland, you’re there. If there are children dying in Africa, you go to Africa. If there’s a Black Bloc about to happen, you go to “defend” the people repressed by the state. If there’s a terrorist group close to your country, you go there to attack it (at least via Internet). Don’t you get tired of all that stupid interventionism? The same thing happens with the U.S. army, the CIA, the DEA, etc. If there is armed conflict in Afghanistan, they go; if human rights are being violated in Venezuela, they’re there. If there’s a shipment of drugs in Mexico, they’re about. If there’s a dangerous war in Paraguay, they’re there. You’re always sticking your long noses in stuff that’s none of your business.

And in the background of that drama there is, if I am not mistaken, that president of yours, that pink creature with the hair like a head of corn. Yes, since he’s arrived on the scene lefties see fascism even in the toilet bowl after they take a dump. That’s why they call us “eco-fascists,” what a joke.

In the end, if you’re so hurt by the sight of the families of those we have wounded or killed, if you are so upset by the words that we have put out in our communiqués, and if you are so deeply upset by ITS itself, why not come down and try to find us? Stop hiding behind your fucking monitors and come and face us. Let’s see if you have the balls since you go around bitching so much. Come on down and stop fucking around.

We are well aware that people like you feel really secure in the United States talking shit on the Internet. You walk around in safe neighborhoods with your stable lives and far away from the dangers of the “Third World.” We’d like to see you down here at dawn in Tepito, in the red light district of Tijuana, in the ranches full of assassins in Chihuahua, in the side streets of Acapulco, in the slums of Mexico State. We would like to meet you face to face so you can tell us all of those idiocies in person. Surely you’d shit yourselves.

One recommendation: if you do come, bring lots of people with sufficient firepower. We know that the United States has a lot of it to go around (and it’s not too hard to smuggle it in, we notice). That way you can really fuck us up, since ITS is always packing (Shit, now I feel like Pancho Villa when he challenged the gringo army after the Columbus massacre, fuck yeah!)

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet!


Mexico, as is well known, has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It is one of the most violent countries. Here we have the most powerful drug cartels on Earth: the Sinaloa Cartel, the Jalisco Cartel New Generation, the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas, and that’s only mentioning a few. These have been the authors of brutal massacres, car bombings, well-known attacks, and scandalous kidnappings. Among their members are the lethal assassins, the cooks (who are in charge of making bodies disappear in acid), the “conectes,” etc. In other words, a whole network of sociopaths within the drug trade and related businesses. In Mexico there are robberies every day, so many that people are so tired of the criminals that they surround and lynch them, or they die while committing their crimes. Home burglaries, shootings, etc. are the highest they have been in decades.

People are looking for any excuse to go out and loot, to get out of their miserable routine, and it is here that we note that Mexico is a shitty country, up to its neck in its own vomit, about to drown in its internal problems.

There are also some very particular serial killers, ones that the Mexican government would rather ignore.

There are also Islamic terrorist groups here which of course the authorities choose to ignore. We have the example of the Hindu who shot a consular worker in the U.S. embassy in Guadalajara this year. Or the Frenchman who tried to slit the throat of a priest in the middle of Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral this past May who they wanted to pass off as another mentally ill person. This is a lie, the arrest of three Yemeni terrorists in the middle of the Historic District on the same month more than shows this.

The refusal of the authorities to recognize that terrorists and serial killers etc. actually exist and their pretending all is well, are things that benefits us as criminals.

And that’s because the authorities are so swamped with their own “business” that we, the common criminals, enjoy absolute impunity. We have complete freedom to do whatever we want.

Why is it that ex-members of ETA hide out here, and have lived many years unnoticed until Interpol recognized them? How is it that Comandante Emilio of FPMR went about kidnapping people for years in Guanajuato without being detected until a frightened taxi driver called the police. Emilio was then caught and recognized as one of the most important Chilean guerrillas of his time. Why is it that the most wanted Italian mafiosi in Europe come to live in Mexico?

Thus, in a country of indiscriminate assassins, powerful cartels, armed groups, serial killers, military kidnappers, international terrorists, bloody criminals, mass gangs, foreign Mafiosi, corrupt politically powerful groups, , and the rest; in the midst of this spectrum of criminality there is also ITS. And if we’re not at the level of organization as the armed narcotraffickers (for example), we still have our thing going on.

And for that reason, since the conditions are right to wage our ancestral war as we would like, we do so with great pleasure.

And that is why many foreign lefties hear of us from afar and are skeptical. It is hard for them to accept that we have killed three people in such a short period of time, and we understand. But if a group of assassins with enough bullets are sent by their Boss to kill dozens of people in cold blood as the Zetas did in San Fernando, Tamaulipas in 2011, what could a small group of motivated individuals do with a loaded gun and commanded by anti-humanist rage? The answer is obvious…


“The silent wolf gets more done than the barking dog.”

Is ITS truly a priority for the anarchist agenda? Are we truly on the side of the riot police, the Neonazis, and the State according to their concepts? We feel so flattered by that, boys!

We forgot that thousands of white supremacists share the same country as the gringo anarchists. Why not kill one of those fat Neonazis if you want (which seems easier) and then afterwards come get us? It would be good training at least. Or maybe you’ll send mercenaries trained in Rojava? Wait a minute, white anarchists coming to a country full of brown people to hunt eco-extremists? That story sounds familiar!

But no, they only look ridiculous as we saw in California, where various anarchists were beaten by white supremacists in a street fight. We had a good laugh at that. You can see they aren’t used to violence. Scenes like that, but multiplied by a hundred in terms of blood and fury, are seen on street corners here daily. So, lesson 1: if you know the reputation of Neonazis, why are you showing up to fight them with only your fists, sticks, and rocks? A true anarchist would have taken a bomb, a dagger, and a gun. That is why modern anarchists are trampled on, and always will be. They are completely clueless. Did you think the Neonazis who showed up that day would only toss accusations at you and throw water in your face? For fuck’s sake!


And so the altruism of these gringo anarchists makes us laugh so much. They talk about the tragedies that we have caused as if we killed a family member of theirs. They get so mad that they cry out for someone to please come and arrest us for this crazy murder in the Name of the Wild, oh the agony!

Why not settle old scores that haven’t been settled on the Mexican left? Why not try to get the man responsible for the massacre of students in Tlatelolclo in 1968, ex-president Diaz Ordaz? Wait, he’s dead, never mind, that’s taken care of.

But ex-President Luis Echeverria is still alive, the one responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of guerrillas in the 1970’s. He knew about the activities of the torturer Nazar Haro (chief of the now defunct Federal Directory of Security) responsible for the White Brigade that participated in the massacre on Corpus Christi in 1971. This person is still alive, he has never paid for having participated in these deaths, forced disappearances, torture and harassment of social movements in those years. Are you going to let them get away with it? Think of the tears, pain, suffering, and poverty that those family members suffered because of the massacres of the PRI government. Almighty gringos, please help the debts, the victims of the party dictatorship, the poor innocent souls who wander without rest!

You know who is still alive and kicking? Ulises Ruiz, ex-governor of Oaxaca. He’s now a senator and goes cavorting about in Mexico City and Oaxaca itself. Just to jog your memory, he’s the one responsible for the “repression” that the teachers’ movement suffered in 2006. This movement led to a popular uprising that took the Oaxacan capital. Oh, what times those were! He is responsible for the tortures, disappearances, deaths, and numerous other things that people’s organizations had to suffer in those years and after his tenure as governor. Isn’t he a priority? Maybe you would trade his head for that of ITS? LOL!

The thing is that you, modern anarchists, are mad, and it’s not healthy to talk when you’re angry. That’s what fucks you up.

We also remind you that those responsible for the Acteal massacre are still on the loose (Emilio Chuayffet and Ernesto Zedillo), as well as those responsible for the rapes of women and men in Atenco (Wilfredo Robledo and Peña Nieto); the members of the “Olympia Battalion” who are now old men; the predecessors of the Cristeros “Cut out the tongues of communists”, the Sinarchists, etc. who are now called the “Nationalist Front of Mexico,” who are businessmen, soldiers, and politicians in the governing elite. All these guilty people who are responsible for a ton of injustice against the “defenseless Mexican people” are still on the loose. You should focus on resolving all of those issues before saying that you are going to come down here to look for us, fucking faggots.


We don’t know the real motive that these modern lefties have to cling to the rotting corpse of revolution. It’s obvious that the utopian end is obsolete (obtained either by armed or political means). Even the most veteran and mature revolutionary know this.

The era in which we find ourselves has no escape. The alternatives that the designers of the system propose only serve to perpetuate it all the more. For that reason it is shameful to think that people exist who still uphold this vague concept.

This is made evident by the example of ETA. This group’s indiscriminate attacks, spectacular kidnappings, and terrorist trappings have long fascinated us. Recently the organization has ceased the armed struggle. Many of its members are now on the run and dedicated to trying to survive. They did what they had to do at the moment. They made the effort, and their dedication remained firm. They had hope that one day they would see the independence of Euskal Herria and, in the end, the “revolution” failed.

The same has occurred with RAF: its bombs detonated with a deafening force damaging gringo property in the 1970’s in Germany, its kidnappings were featured in the media in those years, and its alliances with radical Palestinian groups like the PLO, though quite scandalous, were effective for their time. The murders they carried out were inspiring, but their hope to see a “different” world was chucked in the garbage. With the coming of the third generation, the group dissolved in 1998, and now they have passed from being historical revolutionaries to being common criminals who the police suspect of participating in various armored car robberies.

The same thing happened to the FARC in a different part of the world. The FARC have also given up their arms (and the ELN is on the same path). Even though some groups are determined to continue in the jungle as they have for decades, the organization itself has signed a peace accord with the Colombian government. This has generated different reactions. Some members of the paramilitary groups (that fought to the death against the FARC) have dedicated themselves to hunting down ex-guerrillas, now disarmed and mere vulnerable civilians.

On the other side are the ex-guerrillas who refuse to give up their arms. They don’t want to be easy prey, and even though they know the “revolution” failed, they can’t really return to civilian life after so many years of war. So they contract themselves out as mercenaries for strong criminal groups like the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital, a criminal organization with its origin in Brazil but with strong presence in Paraguay and Argentina, which is dedicated to drug and arms trafficking.) This was seen in the “Robbery of the Century” in Paraguay in April of this year, where different decentralized groups lit various cars on fire to serve as a distraction for the main mission. At the same time, the principal body of heavily-armed commandos detonated a large explosive that blew apart one of the walls of a transport company, and after a firefight the bandits entered the company and robbed ten million dollars. On top of this, they had the nerve to escape on a boat that passed through the Itaipu Reserve in Brazil. This act, totally different from the usual methods of the PCC, could not be realized without military expertise, and without the technical and strategic help of the ex-guerrillas of the FARC now working for the PCC.

For some time these types of criminal actions have pleased us more than the acts of political guerrillas. This is sufficient to allow us to say with pleasure that the era of “revolution” has passed and the only thing left is to commit oneself to the individualist struggle for survival, leaving behind weak and disgusting humanist values.

Though we should mention all of those Europeans and gringos who have went over to the Kurds recently, be they anarchists, Marxists, feminists, antifascists (in a word, lefties). Upon coming back to their countries of origin, they will inevitably form new armed groups that they raise anew, the old banners of “revolution” by the armed path, and surely they’ll do that for some years. If they survive jail, the anti-terrorist agencies, and their own errors, they will see that ITS was always right in saying that revolutionaries eventually become common bandits and/or mercenaries capable of any work that requires firepower, battle tactics, and collateral damage. In other words, the same vicious circle we have been talking about. But guess what? It’s not only those on the left fighting side by side with the Kurdish minority against the Islamic State, but also those who belong to the far right. They too are learning, observing, and thinking of the future. And it may be the case that they too return to their homes after the war and just like the lefties, form armed groups that will mortally oppose each other. We don’t want to be killjoys about it, but we’ve seen how this movie ends.


For some time we have been saying that the media has tried to hide all trace of evidence that, in different countries in the Americas, there exists a “discrete” presence of a terrorist group totally different from what we are accustomed to. Various analysts and columnists have exposed the cover-up.

It’s not coincidence that in the countries where ITS has a presence, the authorities have tried to deny our existence or divert attention to something else since they have not been able to catch us. This happened here in Mexico, when we stabbed the UNAM worker in June 2016. The Attorney General of Mexico City denied that we had any presence in Mexico City, when in February 2013, the same office investigated us and publicly recognized our package bomb that had wounded a postal worker.  Afterwards in October of that year, the Cisen recognized us as a terrorist group, but in May of this year, a reporter’s source at the PGR said that they don’t consider us a terrorist group but only common criminals. Please make up your minds, playing with our emotions like that is not funny LOL! We in ITS really don’t care if we are considered common criminals, terrorists, mentally ill, or whatever by the authorities. What is important to us is action with which we enjoy our egoic spirit, either with “good” or “bad” propaganda. In any case, the message continues, it expands, and is concretized.

The same situation occurred in Chile, with the ITS group, “Mystical Horde of the Forest” which executed with full wisdom the first eco-extremist package-bomb attack on the Southern continent in January of this year. Until now the police investigations have not brought forth successful results that have led to the capture of the proud individualists of ITS. For this reason even that bastard mining company executive Landerretche has helped the authorities to divert attention concerning the authorship of that attack, saying that ITS is a false front.

Due to the useless investigations of the Chilean intelligence services, the only thing left to do is say that ITS wasn’t responsible or come up with excuses so that the audience swallows them whole.

In contrary manner, on more than one occasion people have thought that ITS has been responsible for an attack or murder or other action. An example of this occurred this past June with the death of an Odontology student in one of the buildings of the Philosophy Department in the University City. And this is due to the fact that the conditions under which the guy died have not been very clear, and the university as well as the authorities have not revealed any discoveries from the investigation of this death. Maybe it was one of us, maybe it wasn’t. In the meantime, fear reigns in one of the most important centers of human progress here.

The same thing happened by in 2013, when various bombs were set off in one old and worn-down building called the Pemex Executive Tower. The explosives and the shoddy construction of the Tower were an explosive combination that had a deadly effect. In the explosion and partial collapse of the building, 37 died and 120 were wounded. Sure, the PGR shelved the work of foreign experts and published their own official version of the story, which stated that the explosion was “accidentally caused” by a methane gas leak. How convenient.

In this case some foreign and national media stated that ITS was responsible for the attack. From 2010 onward, we have been stating that we do NOT take responsibility for every attack that we carry out, and there are more acts that we have participated in than the ones that we have taken responsibility for through the years. We stated that for a reason…


And well, as we have been saying since the beginning of this communique, the defamation of gringo anarchists (discussed above),  of the Chileans (here we refer to the Perkin pussy motherfucker sons of Contrainfo and others), and of the Europeans against our Mafia have remained in the void as they have not refuted the ACTS in question. While they bark the usual things like bitches in heat, we’ll be laughing our asses off at their poisonous intentions. But let it be clear that everything has its limit, and our patience isn’t forever.

We anxiously hope that they come to confront us at some point, so that the demon of Di Giovanni returns to fill the bodies of defaming anarchists with scandalous lead as it did in its time the body of Lopez Arango.

It is clear that they won’t be able to stop us with their populist verbiage unleashed from the alternative media, nor can it be done by the social anarchists, nor the insurrectionists (including those Spanish kids from “Voz con Arma” or “Rebelion de las Palabras,” those well-intentioned lefty nuns who disgust us so much). They can’t stop it because this Tendency has expanded past the point of being able to be eradicated, contained, or “neutralized”. The more they eliminate the blogs that publish the actions and words of the Tendency, while they try to “denounce” content on the Internet and organize entire events just to talk shit about us, the more disillusioned anarchists are passing from the same old tired anarchism to the Eco-Extremist and Nihilist Terrorist Mafia. This is a fact.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about a group devoted to hunting eco-extremists and nihilist terrorists, maybe you can open up a dialogue with the members of the old “Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups” (that hunted members of ETA in Spain, France, and beyond in the 1980’s) or the “Pursuers of Pablo Escobar” (the “Pepes,” who hunted members of the legendary Medellin Cartel in the 1990’s in Colombia). We just need to remind you that when they decided to hunt the ETA or Pablo Escobar’s folks, the violence escalated instead of diminishing, just as Murphy’s Law predicts in those circumstances. So in that case think it over first…

Surviving just another weekend (with 65 recorded murders throughout the country), and celebrating the murders that we ourselves committed, and with the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico City)

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Popocalitzli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Wild Serial Killers

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chihuahua)

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Coahuila)

-Flint Point Hidden Clan

-Coyote Pack Faction

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Jalisco)

-Feral Criminal Band

(México) Trigésimo primer comunicado de Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje

Contundentes palabras y previo análisis de ITS sobre recientes acontecimientos.

¡Fuerza para la Mafia Eco-extremista!

¡Fuerza para con los Terroristas Nihilistas!

¡La Guerra continúa!

“–Muy pronto hombrecito, estarás muerto, y el mundo seguirá sin ti, no serás nada, y ¡todos van a olvidar tu nombre!

“–No, en eso está equivocada anciana, dejaremos una marca en la ciudad, la vamos a esparcir como un virus”


Nos enteramos por ahí que los europeos del blog “anarco-insurreccionalista” 325 iban a publicar pronto un texto criticándonos (1), pero sinceramente nos cansamos de esperar pues se han dilatado bastante en quererlo lanzar, quizás aún no salen de su asamblea en la cual tratan de concretar sus ideas, o quizás estén ocupados preparándose para ir de vacaciones altermundistas a la cumbre del G20 en Alemania que se celebra muy pronto, en fin, solo San Bakunin lo sabe; así que lo que sigue son algunas cosas que tenemos que decir, ya que si los anarcos referidos sacan su crítica y vemos que hay algo qué responder, retomaremos este medio para eso, aunque siendo honestos, no creemos que digan gran cosa o algo positivo sobre nosotros, seguro sacan la misma mierda de siempre, que somos “fascistas”, que le “dimos la espalda a la anarquía”, quizás lancen un llamado a que nos condenen como buenos jueces que niegan ser pero que realmente son (2), y esas cosas aburridas que hacen los anarquistas de hoy en día contra nosotros, en fin. Allá vamos:


¡Qué gran susto han dejado los tres asesinatos reivindicados en mayo pasado!, ¿verdad?, y no nos referimos al susto que “tuvo” que sufrir la sociedad mexicana, la cual está más que acostumbrada a ver muertos en sus ciudades y áreas conurbadas (porque para la mayoría de la gente en México, tres asesinatos en un corto tiempo no es nada), ¡NO!, nos referimos al susto que tuvieron los anarco-humanistas extranjeros, quienes observan desde lejos y con tremenda preocupación, la expansión de esta Tendencia en México y en el sur de continente. Chillan irritablemente como puercos siendo degollados, gritando “si tú tienes algún proyecto anarquista no los apoyes”, “esos asesinatos no los cometieron ellos, es un montaje”, “ITS son agentes de la CIA para justificar la represión”, “ellos asesinan personas indiscriminadamente, no simpatices con ellos”, “ITS ni siquiera existe”, “solo hacen lo que hacen para llamar nuestra atención”, “ITS son lo más parecido al Estado Islámico, a Hitler y al monstruo come-galletas”, y demás cosas igual o más chuscas.

Y sí, nos referimos específicamente al apestoso progresista Scott Campbell de “It’s Going Down” (3) y los payasos de “Horizontal Hostility” (4) de Estados Unidos, que desde hace tiempo han hecho todo un drama de nuestras fechorías.

A ver, en primera, si los atentados que reivindicamos son falsos como ustedes chillan, ¿por qué entonces esmerarse por difamarnos?, si supuestamente lo que reivindicamos es falso tendrían que estar tranquilos, ¿verdad? Si ustedes se creyeran sus propias palabras, cuando se hayan enterado de algo que hayamos hecho, nos dejarían pasar como unos locos y ya está ¿no?, entonces, ¿a qué se debe tanta saña?, ¿acaso se enteraron que alguno de nuestros miembros sostiene una aventura sexual-erótica con cada una de sus anglo-madres? ¡Mierda! Se nos salió, eso era un secreto…

Señor Campbell, debería de valorar más su vida, está dirigiéndose a personas peligrosas que han matado personas indiscriminadamente por más de 6 años, seguimos libres, no nos han podido detener, ¿qué seguridad tiene ustedes de que sepamos en qué lugar de México anda “vacacionando” y lo encaremos como acostumbramos hacerlo? Debería de relajarse porque en un país en donde matar periodistas es muy común, no es muy conveniente que vaya con su cámara para todos lados, o terminará como su colega Bradley Will, ¿lo recuerda? Solo que esta vez las balas no vendrán de los priistas.

Lo que estos gringos izquierdistas no entienden es que a nosotros, ninguna de sus palabras publicadas en blogs, ni dichas en sus radios, ni ningún artículo de algún pensador influyente (como el mierda de Zerzan [5] y sus mulas), no van a causarnos más que risa.

Hablan de ITS como si les hubiéramos causado un mal imperdonable, pues claro, ¡nos estamos metiendo con la humanidad!, su altruismo promiscuo se hace presente respaldado por sus valores cristianos que tanto dicen rechazar como ácratas, ¡qué asco nos dan los anarquistas modernos como ustedes! Ustedes los gringos izquierdosos siempre están tratando de “arreglar” las cosas, que si hay un conflicto contra las minorías kurdas, van a Turquía; que si hay inmigrantes desprotegidos en Oakland, ahí están; que si hay niños muriendo en África, van a África; que si hay una concentración del Bloque Negro pronto a realizarse, van a “defender” al pueblo que siempre reprime el estado; que si hay un grupo terrorista cerca de su país, ahí van a atacarlo (aunque sea solo por internet), ¿no se cansan de tata tontera “intervencionista”? Lo mismo hace el ejército de Estados Unidos, la CIA, la DEA, etc., que si hay un conflicto armado en Afganistán, allá van; que si hay derechos humanos siendo violados en Venezuela, para allá van; que si hay trasiego importante de drogas en México, acá andan; que si hay una guerrilla peligrosa en Paraguay, allí están. Siempre metiendo sus alargadas narices en donde no les corresponde.

Y es que en la profundidad de este drama está, si no me equivoco, el presidente que tienen, ese ser rosa con cabellos de elote. Sí, desde la llegada de ese personaje seguro que los izquierdosos ven fascismo hasta en la cagada que dejan en sus lustrosos retretes, es por eso que nos han llamado “eco-fascistas”, que risa.

A ultimas, si tanto dolor les causan las familias de las personas que hemos herido o asesinado, si tanto enojo les dan nuestras palabras en los comunicados emitidos, y si tanta visceralidad les causa ITS en sí, ¿porque no vienen y tratan de encontrarnos? Dejen de ocultarse detrás de un monitor pinches putos maricones de cagada y vengan a dar la cara, a ver si muchos pinches huevos de andar escribiendo puterias, vengan acá y dejen de estarle haciendo a la mamada.

Conocemos de sobra a gente como ustedes, se sienten muy seguros en Estados Unidos diciendo mierda por internet, paseando en zonas tranquilas, con sus vidas estables y lejos de los peligros del “tercer mundo”, ya los quisiéramos ver de madrugada en Tepito, en la zona roja de Tijuana, en los ranchos llenos de sicarios de Chihuahua, en los callejones de Acapulco, en los barrios bajos del Estado de México. Ya los quisiéramos tener de frente para que nos digan toda la sarta de idioteces que tanto han escrito pero a la cara, seguro que se cagan parados.

Una recomendación, si es que vienen, tráiganse bastante gente, y con buenas armas, sabemos que en Estados Unidos hay de sobra (y no es muy difícil pasarlas de este lado, nos consta), digo, para darnos en la madre chingón, porque ITS no va “descalzo”. (¡Ay wey! ¡Hasta me sentí como Pancho Villa al retar al ejército gringo después de la masacre en Columbus, chingao!). (6)

¡El tiro está cantado!


México, como se sabe, es uno de los principales países con mayor índice delictivo del mundo, es uno de los más violentos (7), aquí tenemos a los carteles de la droga más poderosos de la Tierra, el Cartel de Sinaloa (8), el Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (9), El Cartel del Golfo, los Zetas, solo por mencionar algunos, estos han sido protagonistas de masacres brutales (10), de detonación de coches-bomba (11), de atentados ampliamente difundidos (12), de escandalosos secuestros (13), y junto a ellos están sus letales sicarios (14), los cocineros (quienes se encargan de desaparecer cuerpos en ácido), los “conectes”, etc., existe toda una red de inadaptados sociales dentro del negocio de la droga y de los negocios que se derivan de ella. En México, los robos se suscitan diariamente, tanto que en ocasiones, la gente harta de los delincuentes se les van encima y los linchan (15), o muere en el intento (16). Los robos a casa habitación, los homicidios por arma de fuego, etc., son los más altos en décadas. (17)

La gente solo está esperando cualquier pretexto para salir a saquear, para salir a liberarse de su rutina miserable, y es aquí donde nos damos cuenta que México es un país de mierda, sumergido hasta el cuello en un mar de vomito de sus problemáticas internas, pronto a ahogarse.

Hay presencia de asesinos seriales bastante particulares, sí, asesinos seriales mexicanos que el gobierno no quiere reconocer. (18)

También hay presencia de grupos terroristas islámicos que de igual forma, las autoridades se han negado a difundir, ejemplos tenemos al hindú que disparó contra un trabajador consular de la embajada de Estados Unidos en Guadalajara en enero de este año (19), o el francés que intentó degollar a un sacerdote en plena misa en la Catedral Metropolitana en mayo de este mismo año (20) y el cual lo hicieron pasar como enfermo mental. Todo esto no es mentira, la detención de tres terroristas de Yemen paseando en pleno Centro Histórico (21) ese mismo mes de mayo lo demuestra enormemente.

La negativa de las autoridades para reconocer que existen terroristas, asesinos seriales, etc., y fingir que todo está bien, la verdad es que es una de las cosas que nos beneficia a nosotros como criminales.

Y es que las autoridades están tan metidas en sus “asuntos”, que nosotros, los delincuentes en general, gozamos de una total impunidad, de verdadera libertad para hacer y deshacer lo que queramos.

¿Porque será que ex-miembros de ETA viene a ocultarse aquí (22), y han vivido bastante tiempo sin problema alguno (solo hasta que la Interpol los reconoce)?, ¿cómo es que el Comandante Emilio del FPMR estuvo por años secuestrando personas en Guanajuato sin ser detectado (23), hasta que por un taxista asustado que llamó a la policía, el comanche Emilio fue atrapado y reconocido como uno de los más importantes y legendarios guerrilleros chilenos de su época?, ¿por qué será que los mafiosos italianos más buscados de Europa vienen a vivir a México? (24)

Es por lo mismo que decimos, México es el paraíso para la criminalidad, en donde se esconden y actúan los peores, y en donde si no te reconoce nadie, puedes hacer lo que se te venga en gana, al final de cuentas, el gobierno siempre dice que todo está bien y no pasa nada. (25)

Así que en un país de sicarios indiscriminados, carteles poderosos, grupos armados, asesinos seriales, militares secuestradores, terroristas internacionales, delincuentes sanguinarios, pandillas multitudinarias, mafiosos extranjeros, grupos corruptos con poder político, y demás, en medio de todo el amplio espectro de la criminalidad, está ITS (26), que si bien, no somos una organización al nivel de los grupos armados del narcotráfico (por ejemplo), pero tenemos lo nuestro. (27)

Es por eso que, como las condiciones en las que vivimos nos permiten desenvolvernos a placer en nuestra Guerra ancestral, la desatamos a placer.

Y es también por eso que, muchos de los extranjeros izquierdosos que ven de lejos lo que hacemos, son incrédulos, les cuesta trabajo asimilar que hayamos matado a tres personas en un lapso muy corto de tiempo, y lo entendemos. Pero si un grupo de sicarios con suficientes balas al mando de un Patrón es capaz de asesinar a sangre fría a decenas de personas como lo hicieron los Zetas en San Fernando, Tamaulipas en 2011 (28), ¿qué no hará un pequeño grupo de individuos motivados con una pistola con cargador lleno y con rencor anti-humanístico al mando? La respuesta es obvia…


“Más hace el lobo callado, que el perro ladrando”

Y, es que ¿de verdad ITS es prioridad en la agenda anarquista?, ¿de verdad estamos a lado de la policía antidisturbios, los neonazis y el Estado según sus concepciones? ¡Que alagados nos sentimos muchachos!

Se nos olvidaban los miles de supremacistas blancos que comparten territorio con los anarquistas gringos, ¿porque no primero matan a uno que otro neonazi con sobrepeso si quieren (para que les sea más sencillo), y después vienen a cazarnos aquí? Digo, para que traigan entrenamiento al menos. O ¿van a enviarnos a mercenarios entrenados en Rojava?, esperen un momento… ¿anarquistas blancos llegando a un país de morenos a cazar eco-extremistas? ¡Esa historia nos parece familiar!

Pero no, solo hacen el ridículo como lo pudimos ver en California (29). En donde varios anarquistas fueron aporreados por supremacistas blancos en una pelea callejera que da risa, se ve que no están para nada acostumbrados a la violencia, escenas como esas, pero multiplicadas por cien en grado de sangre y furia, se ven acá en las esquinas diariamente. Así que, lección 1, si saben la fama que tienen los neonazis, ¿porque llegar a enfrentarlos solo con sus puños, con palos y piedras? Un verdadero anarquista se hubiera llevado una bomba, un puñal, una pistola. Es por eso que los anarquistas modernos siempre son y serán pisoteados, son completamente ingenuos, ¿acaso pensaron que los neonazis ese día los enfrentarían con acusaciones de demandas y les arrojarían solo líquidos a la cara? ¡Ya ni la chingan!


Y es que el altruismo de estos anarquistas gringos nos da tanta risa, se adjudican tragedias que hemos causado cómo si hubiéramos asesinado a algún familiar suyo, se enojan tanto que claman diciendo que por favor alguien nos detenga en esta locura homicida en nombre de lo Salvaje, ¡ay que dolor!

¿Porque no vienen mejor a arreglar asuntos viejos que han quedado sin resolver para la izquierda mexicana?, ¿porque no mejor tratan de “hacer que pague” el responsable de la masacre de estudiantes en Tlatelolco de 1968, el expresidente Díaz Ordaz? Esperen, ese ya murió, ni modo, se les adelantó.

Pero el expresidente Luis Echeverría sigue vivo, aquel responsable de desapariciones de cientos de guerrilleros en los años 70’s, quien estaba al tanto de las actividades del torturador Nazar Haro (jefe de la extinta Dirección Federal de Seguridad), responsable directo de la Brigada Blanca que participó en la masacre del Jueves de Corpus en 1971. Ese sigue vivo, ese nunca ha pagado por haber sido participe de muertes, desapariciones forzadas, tortura y hostigamiento contra los movimientos sociales de aquellos años. ¿Lo van a dejar así? Piensen en las lágrimas, el dolor, el sufrimiento y la penuria que tuvieron que pasar los familiares de los masacrados por el gobierno priista. ¡Gringos todopoderosos, ayuden por favor a las deudas, a las víctimas de la dictadura partidista, a las almas sin pena que vagan sin descanso!

¿Saben quién más está vivo y coleando? Ulises Ruíz, el exgobernador de Oaxaca, ahora es senador y se la pasa regodeándose en la Ciudad de México y en Oaxaca misma, él, por si no lo recuerdan, fue el responsable de la “represión” que sufrió el movimiento magisterial en 2006, por lo que se desató todo un movimiento popular que tomó la capital oaxaqueña, ¡ah, qué tiempos aquellos! Él es el responsable de las torturas, desapariciones, muertes y un sinfín de cosas que las organizaciones populares tuvieron que sufrir en esos años y en años posteriores a su mandato, ¿qué acaso él no es prioridad?, ¿acaso cambiarían su cabeza por la de ITS? ¡JAAAA!

Lo que pasa es que ustedes, anarquistas modernos, están enojados, y no es muy sano hablar cuando uno está molesto, porque solo terminan cagándola.

Les recordamos que los responsables de la masacre de Acteal también están sueltos (Emilio Chuayffet y Ernesto Zedillo); están sueltos los responsables de las violaciones a mujeres y hombres de Atenco (Wilfredo Robledo y Peña Nieto); los miembros del “Batallón Olimpia” que ahora son ancianos; los predecesores de los cristeros “corta lenguas de comunistas”, de los sinarquistas, etc., que ahora se hacen llamar “Frente Nacionalista de México” (30), los cuales son empresarios, militares y políticos de la elite gobernante, están sueltos los responsables de un montón de injusticias cometidas contra el “indefenso pueblo mexicano”, deberían de venir mejor a arreglar esos asuntos antes de que dizque vengan a dizque buscarnos, pinches jotos.


No sabemos cuál es el motivo real por aferrarse al cadáver putrefacto de la “revolución” que tienen estos mismos izquierdosos modernos en cuestión, es obvio que esta utópica meta ya quedó obsoleta (ya sea por vía armada y por la vía política), y lo saben hasta los revolucionarios más veteranos y maduros.

La era en la que nos encontramos ya no tiene salida alguna, las alternativas que encuentran los diseñadores de este sistema solo permiten que el mismo se siga perpetuando de manera más efectiva, por lo que es nefasto el tan solo pensar que existan aún personas que sigan tendiendo a ese vago concepto.

Esto lo ha dejado en claro ETA, este grupo del cual nos fascinaron sus atentados indiscriminados, sus espectaculares secuestros, y sus indumentarias particularmente terroristas, recientemente ha declinado en su lucha armada (31), varios de sus miembros están ahora en fuga dedicándose solo a sobrevivir, hicieron lo que tuvieron que hacer en su momento, se esforzaron, su dedicación se mantuvo firme, tuvieron esperanza de algún día ver la independencia de Euskal Herria y al final, su “revolución” fracasó.

Lo mismo ha pasado con la RAF, sus bombas detonaron con una fuerza estrepitosa dañando propiedad gringa en los 70’s en Alemania, sus secuestros fueron tremendamente cubiertos por los medios de esos años, sus alianzas con grupos radicales palestinos como el OLP fueron aunque escandalosas, un proyecto efectivo (para algunos) de complicidad para la ápoca, los asesinatos que cometieron fueron inspiradores, pero toda su esperanza por querer ver un mundo “diferente” se fue a la basura. Con la llegada de su tercera generación, el grupo se disolvió en 1998, y ahora han pasado de ser unos históricos revolucionarios a unos simples delincuentes comunes que la policía les sigue el rastro al verificar su participación en diferentes asaltos a camiones blindados. (32)

De igual forma pasa lo mismo pero en esta parte del mundo, las FARC han entregado las armas (33) (y por la misma vereda va el ELN [34]), y aunque algunos grupos se aferran hoy en día a seguir en la selva como desde hace décadas, la organización como tal ya ha firmado el acuerdo de paz con el gobierno de Colombia, esto ha generado diferentes reacciones, por una parte algunos miembros de grupos paramilitares (peleados a muerte con las FARC), se han dedicado a cazar a los exguerrilleros, ahora que no cuentan con armas, ni tienen un ejército que los respalde, y que son simples civiles vulnerables (35).

Por otro lado, están los exguerrilleros que no piensan entregar sus armas, que no quieren ser presa fácil, que saben que su “revolución” fracasó y que no pueden ser simples civiles después de años de guerra, estos han sido contratados como mercenarios por parte de grupos delincuenciales muy fuertes como el PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital [36], organización criminal originaria de Brasil pero con presencia también en Paraguay Argentina, que se dedica al tráfico de drogas y armas). Prueba de esto fue el “Robo del Siglo” (37) que se suscitó en Paraguay en abril de este año, en donde diferentes grupos descentralizados incendiaron varios autos que sirvieron de distracción para la misión del grupo central, al mismo tiempo, el comando principal fuertemente armado, detonó una gran carga explosiva en una de las paredes de una empresa de transporte en efectivo que echó abajo, segundos después hubo un enfrentamiento armado, los bandidos entraron por la fuerza a la empresa robando la jugosa cantidad de diez millones de dólares, encima, estos tuvieron la osadía de escapar en un barco pasando por la reserva de Itaipu de Brasil. Este hecho, totalmente diferente al modus operandi tradicional del PCC, no pudo ser efectuado sin el adiestramiento militar, y sin la ayuda técnico-estratégica de exguerrilleros de las FARC para con los criminosos del PCC.

Desde luego que a nosotros nos agradan más este tipo de acciones delincuenciales, que los actos de las guerrillas políticas, y es muestra suficiente para decir con todo gusto que la era de la “revolución” se terminó y que solo queda volcarse en una lucha individualista por la supervivencia dejando de lado los valores humanistas débiles y asquerosos.

Aunque, cabe destacar que, todas esas personas europeas y gringas que se han ido con los kurdos últimamente, ya sean anarquistas, marxistas, feministas, anti-fascistas, (izquierdosos, en resumen), al regresar a sus lugares de origen es casi inevitable que formarán nuevos grupos armados que levanten de nuevo las añejas banderas de la “revolución” por la vía armada, y seguro que pasarán los años, y si sobreviven a la cárcel, a los servicios anti-terroristas y a sus propios errores, verán que ITS siempre tuvo la razón al decir que los revolucionarios se convierten tarde o temprano en bandidos comunes, y/o en mercenarios capacitados para encarar cualquier trabajo que conlleve armas, tácticas de guerra y daños colaterales, al final es el mismo círculo vicioso al que estamos acostumbrados. Pero ¿adivinen qué?, no solo los de izquierda están luchando de la mano con las minorías kurdas en contra del Estado Islámico, también hay personas pertenecientes a la extrema derecha en esos grupos de autodefensa, aprendiendo, observando, y pensando a futuro (38). Y es muy posible que estos, al regresar a sus casas de la guerra, con entrenamiento y capacitados para matar, hagan lo mismo que los izquierdosos harán, formar grupos armados que se estarán enfrentándose a muerte. No quisiéramos ser aguafiestas, pero ya sabemos el final de esta película.


Desde hace tiempo que venimos diciendo que de igual forma, los medios de comunicación tratan de sepultar todo rastro que evidencie que, en diferentes países de América existe presencia “discreta” de un grupo terrorista totalmente diferente de los que estamos acostumbrados, pero ya varios analistas (39) y columnistas (40) han echado abajo ese ocultamiento (41).

No es una casualidad que en los países en donde ITS tiene presencia, las autoridades al no poder atraparnos, traten de desviar la atención del tema central o simplemente negarnos. Pasó aquí en México, cuando acuchillamos al trabajador de la UNAM en junio de 2016, la Procuraduría General de Justicia de la Ciudad de México negó en septiembre de ese año que teníamos presencia en la Ciudad de México (42), cuando en febrero de 2013, esa misma procuraduría nos investigó y nos reconoció públicamente al registrarse la detonación de unos de nuestros paquetes bomba que hirió a un trabajador postal (43). Después en octubre de ese año, el Cisen (44) nos reconoció como un grupo terrorista, pero en mayo de este año, una fuente de un reportero en la PGR dijo que no nos consideran terroristas sino simplemente delincuentes (45), pónganse de acuerdo que no es muy gracioso jugar con los sentimientos de las personas, ¡JAJA! A nosotros en ITS realmente no nos importa si a los ojos de las autoridades somos delincuentes comunes, terroristas, enfermos mentales o cualquier cosa, lo que nos importa es el protagonismo con el que goza nuestro espíritu egóico, ya sea con propaganda “mala” o “buena”, de cualquier forma el mensaje prevalece, se expande y se solidifica.

La misma situación pasó en Chile, el grupo de ITS “Horda Mística del Bosque” ejecutó con plena sapiencia el primer atentado con paquete-bomba eco-extremista en el sur del continente en enero de este año, hasta ahora las investigaciones policiales no han dado resultados efectivos que lleve a la captura de los orgullosos individualistas pertenecientes a ITS. Por lo que hasta el bastardo minero de Landerretche ha ayudado a las autoridades desviando la atención sobre la autoría del atentado (46) y/o diciendo que ITS es un montaje (47).

Dadas las inútiles investigaciones de los servicios de inteligencia chilenos, solo les queda decir que ITS no fue el responsable o inventar excusas para que la audiencia se las trague enteras. (48)

De manera contraria, en varias ocasiones más de uno ha pensado que ITS ha sido el responsable de uno que otro asesinato o atentado, el último ejemplo fue en junio pasado con la muerte de un estudiante de odontología en uno de los edificios de la Facultad de Filosofía en Ciudad Universitaria (49), y es que las condiciones en las que murió el muchacho no han sido muy claras y tanto la universidad como las autoridades no han dado a conocer las investigaciones que aclaren el hecho (50), quizás sí fue alguno de nosotros, quizás no, mientras tanto el miedo reina en una de las más importantes cunas del progreso humano.

La misma cosa se replicó pero allá por 2013, cuando varias bombas fueron accionadas en un viejo y maltrecho edificio llamado, Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, los explosivos (51) y la mala calidad de la Torre fueron una mezcla detonante la cual tuvo resultados mortales. Tras la explosión y la caída de parte del edificio se reportaron 37 muertos y más de 120 heridos. Claro, la PGR obstaculizó los trabajos de los peritos extranjeros (52) y difundió su versión oficial, la cual juraba que la explosión había sido “causada accidentalmente” por una fuga de gas metano (53), que conveniente.

En este caso algunos medios extranjeros (54) como nacionales (55), señalaron a ITS como el responsable de este atentado. Nosotros desde 2011 venimos señalando que NO reivindicamos todas las cosas que hacemos, que hay más actos en los que hemos participado que los que nos hemos adjudicamos a través de los años, será por algo…


Y bueno, como venimos diciendo desde el principio de este comunicado, las difamaciones que hacen los anarquistas gringos (ya abordados), chilenos (aquí nos referimos a los perkin culiaos reconchasumare hijos de Contrainfo y otros), europeos, etc., en contra de nuestra Mafia se quedan en un vacío al NO trascender a los ACTOS, mientras sigan ladrando como perras en celo las cosas de siempre, nosotros solo nos estaremos carcajeando de sus venenosas intensiones, pero que quede claro que todo tiene un límite y que nuestra paciencia no es para siempre…

Esperamos con ansias entonces, que quieran batirse con nosotros en algún momento, así para que el demonio de Di Giovanni regrese a incrustar escandaloso plomo en el cuerpo de los difamadores anarquistas como lo hizo en su tiempo contra Lopez Arango.

Es claro que no nos van a poder parar ni con su más selecta verborrea populista soltada en sus medios alternativos, ni los anarco-sociales, ni los “insurreccionalistas” (aquí también van incluidos los españolitos de “voz como arma” o “rebelión de las palabras”, esas monjas bienintencionadas izquierdosas que tanto asco nos dan), y decimos que no nos pueden parar porque esto ya se ha expandido lo suficiente como para tratarlo de “erradicar”, contener o “neutralizar”. Mientras más sigan eliminando los blogs que difunden actos y palabras de esta Tendencia, mientras sigan “denunciando” contenido en internet y sigan realizando eventos enteros en donde nos tiren mierda, más anarquistas desilusionados con su misma anarquía estarán pasándose a la Mafia Eco-extremista y Nihilista Terrorista, eso es un hecho.

¡Ah! y si piensan armar un grupo que se dedique a cazar eco-extremistas o terroristas nihilistas, sería efectivo que puedan entablar un dialogo con miembros de los antiguos “Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación” (quienes cazaron etarras en los 80’s en España, Francia, y más allá), o de los “Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar” (los “Pepes”, quienes cazaron miembros del legendario Cartel de Medellín en los 90’s en Colombia). Solo que les recordamos que cuando estos grupos decidieron cazar etarras o la gente de Pablo Escobar, la violencia en vez de detenerse se recrudeció, lo que dicta aquella “Ley de Murphy”. Así que piénsenla muy bien…

Sobreviviendo a otro fin de semana común (con más de 65 muertos registrados [56]), celebrando nuestros (57) asesinatos (58), y con lo Salvaje de nuestro lado:

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Ciudad de México)

-Grupo Indiscriminado Tendiendo a lo Salvaje

-Mafia Eco-extremista/Nihilista

-Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje

– Clan de Popocatzin

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Estado de México)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Secta Pagana de la Montaña

-Salvajes Asesinos Seriales

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Chihuahua)

-Banda Desértica

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Coahuila)

-Clan Oculto Filo del Pedernal

-Grupúsculo Jauría de Coyotes

-Grupúsculo Furia de Cachiripa

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Jalisco)

-Banda Feral Delincuencial



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(en) Abe Cabrera talk

El programa de radio por internet “The Brilliant”, en donde hace unos meses publicaron una conversación con Abe Cabrera y Aragorn (el encargado de la editora “Little Black Card” quien alojó retóricamente el trabajo editorial de la Revista Atassa), ha vuelto a publicar un nuevo podcast sobre una conversación de los dos individualistas en cuestión. El audio que está totalmente en inglés, cuenta a grandes rasgos la historia del eco-extremismo, llevando el tema de las críticas que han recibido, por parte de los anarco-cristianos en Estados Unidos por apoyar posiciones de la Tendencia en aquel país lleno de maricas progresistas “radicales”.

¡La defensa del eco-extremismo sigue en pie!

¡Adelante con la propaganda retórica!


This is an informal conversation between Aragorn! and Abe Cabrera the primary editor of the Atassa journal. It is not intended to be a defense of ITS or a serious attempt to engage in the criticisms towards us (Atassa, LBC, and me personally). It’s intended to sound like a conversation between people who share some similar perspectives. Obviously those who don’t share those perspectives are going to feel less comfortable and perhaps feel misrepresented.

Tick Tock

1.00 definition of eco-extremism as practice, splitting hairs
2:30 abe’s history
8:15 activism in berkeley in the 90s
12:15 eco-extremists moving away from ted k
12:30 early indiscriminate violence tendencies in E-E
15:15 breaking into different groups
16:35 is it a hoax?
21:00 tactics similar to ISIS, from nechaev
22:00 formation and reformation of various groups
27:45 reaction of NA anarchists
33:00 significance of anarchist label
34:30 types of allies
38:10 non-attraction of these ideas
40:30 theology, thinking in eons
42:00 abe: anarchists are irrelevant
44:00 a!: types of anarchists
44:30 the light of hatred
45:20 the challenge of ITS to anarchism
47:50 terrorist tactics are what is required now to do violence at all
50:35 talking about pieces vs the board and context of the actions
53: marx and the bible, st paul = first anarchist