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[en] (Chile) Forty-third ITS communique

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 43 de ITS, desde Chile la orgullosa “Horda Mística del Bosque” se reivindica atentados incendiarios, que esta vez fueron frustrados, pero persisten las ganas de destrucción.

¡Ánimo criminal para los delincuentes mafiosos de ITS!

“(…) I have had plenty of time to think, I decided to use bombs (…) My days on earth are numbered (…) my only consolation is that I can counterattack, even from my grave (…)”

In times of great inaugurations we see how the hyper-civilized mass euphorically celebrates the progress of humanity. These contemptible humans like fucking demented run and fill the structures of the newly inaugurated line 6 of the Santiago subway (cataloged as the most advanced and technological in all of Latin America), with their harmful cellular devices recorded a historical fact for the progress of the country. In the same way, the news media and the press have celebrated with this new civilized construction, a construction that promises to save time in travel, decongest cities and many other amenities for the city life.

Then we ask ourselves; How are we going to feel the slightest consideration for these humanoid imbeciles? But with what gall do the revolutionaries question our methods? Does not seeing such a scene of progress and human idiocy, makes them want to explode or burn their bodies? Well, we do feel like that and much more, we feel the greatest of disgust seeing how civilized progress is celebrated. This new metro with camera systems in its interior promises the greatest security, but we know that it is not, we know that their systems are vulnerable, we have shown this, and we are sure that these infrastructures are also. In fact, just hours after the inauguration of the new facilities, some anonymous vandal scratched one of its windows! (1) This is the irrefutable proof that their systems are vulnerable and it only depends on our monstrous spirits to create Chaos once more…

We, the Mystical Horde of the Forest, egoistically and misanthropically claim two attempted incendiary attacks, the first, on September 28, at around 11 in the morning, we abandoned an incendiary charge hidden inside a shoe box, on the 216th route of the transantiago . With this attack we tried to set fire to the bus, but also and most importantly, we wanted to burn human beings, we were hoping that Chaotic Fire would burn some hyper-civilized body, we wanted to fill the air with the smell of “September 18”. We are completely sure that if activated, it would have seriously injured more than one. Why do we say this? Because when leaving the load the bus was full, children, young and old, it does not matter. We cautiously hid the contraption in the space between the last two seats, we got off and we expected Chaos … that never happened.

It was in this way and in view of our frustrated first attack that our minds immediately devised a new plan, this plan and this second attempt took place on November 2, we again slipped away on one of their public transport buses, this time we chose route 204. (2) With this second attempt we tried in the same way to burn human skin, this time the bus was not so full, but the gasoline was ignited and expanded like hell, that’s what we witnessed. We chose precisely this day November 02 as a symbolic act, because that day was the opening of the new subway line 6. We did not want to remain on the sidelines watching the advance of human progress continue frantically, with these frustrated fires we welcome the ugly fucking metro.

We wanted to write these cheerful words for having burned a fucking machine with its fucking occupants inside, we wanted with this second attack to claim the failed fire of September. But the truth is that we are sad to see our wills didn’t create Chaos, but we are also calm in that our courage, our trip to the abyss of the Unknown prevails, comforts us and enriches our lifeblood, and well, as they say : “The intention is the one that counts”. That is known and the precedent remains that we seek to indiscriminately hurt any human being, so that later they won’t say that we didn’t warn them, haha.

That sadness for not having been able to ignite the fcfm was settled when we hurt the despicable miner. Today we are just as sad as on that occasion, only time and our wills will say when we celebrate a new attack, with the wounds of who knows who we will rejoice, of that there is no doubt. Know that our hearts are saddened but our spirits are intact, our minds are already thinking about what to do next! Only the spirit of the ancient Lola Kiepja, the majesty of Hidabuan, or the vengeful soul of Tuwuch know where, when and whom …

Pretend that we do not exist, think we are asleep, we have gone off, but when they find out and see an indiscriminate fire or an explosive package, no doubt … it will have been us or the other brothers and sisters who share territory.

Attack for all the Unknown and Savage of the Earth, for our primal ancestors and for ourselves. The threatening presence of the Yosi protects us in each of our steps, she takes care of us for several moons.

We are the Mystical Forest Horde, the one that fails attacks, but also the one that concretes them! We continue free roaming the Wild Southern Lands, lurking around the disgusting cities. With dark intentions in our minds and bodies, we are still in the shadows of the forests and mountains, conspiring to return when you least expect…

Long live the eco-extremist Mafia, the misanthropic Nihilists and the Chaotic individualists!

Long live the war against progress and the modern human!

… Thanks to the spirits of the ancients, for taking care of our steps, for erasing our tracks, for encouraging us every day. With the Occult and the Unknown we continue till we die…

Individualists Tending towards the Wild

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

(1) http://www.24horas.cl/nacional/rayan-vagon-a-solo-horas-de-la-inauguracion-de-la-linea-6-del-metro–2551565


(2) http://www.cooperativa.cl/noticias/pais/policial/indagan-posible-artefacto-explosivo-al-interior-de-bus-del-transantiago/2017-11-02/172313.html



Traducción en inglés del comunicado 42 de ITS, reivindicando un ataque armado contra peregrinos católicos.

“You are from [your] father the devil and you want to do the wishes of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stayed in the truth because there is no truth in him. ”
-John 8:44

We reject to death the truth imposed by Western culture, the one that shows that the “sacred writings” are above men and women free of moralistic and religious ties.

We are not sorry for anything, there is not a single drop of remorse or regret that accompanies us in the life we choose to live, we face life and death and we will continue like this, crossing the limits of what is allowed, advancing beyond the point of no return.

We are a sect of incorrect individualists who travel through roads, cities and towns in search of our next victims, so we let them see when we killed the couple of hikers at the foot of Mount Tlatoc last May, now we reaffirm it.

We choose to be declared enemies of any trace of modern humanity that hypocritically declares itself concerned with nature, we are bitter enemies of scientific reason, we antagonize with any religious creed that imposes an anthropomorphic figure at the center of everything and nothing.

We hate their buildings called “temples”, their immaculate images, their priests and fathers, bishops and nuns, but we also hate their faithful and pilgrims …

“In the first place, we must set fire to their synagogues or schools, and bury and cover with dirt everything that does not ignite …”
-Martin Luther

As a result, we take responsibility for the armed aggression against a couple of pilgrims that occurred on October 28 at the height of the community of Miranda in the municipality of El Marqués, Querétaro. We observe these two beings walking along the road with a ridiculous image of Saint Judas Tadeo and at a short distance we aim them and shoot them leaving them badly wounded.

From what little the media covered, we learned that one of them died, while the other is still in critical condition, so we want his death to be painful and agonizing.
We know very well that the believers of St. Jude Thaddeus, who usually make pilgrimages to their temples every 28th of every month, are delinquents and drug addicts, but that does not matter to us, to our egoic eyes we only see idiots followers of Western beliefs, and that’s why they deserve death.

It is clear that our hatred is not only in curses, but transcends the physical.

We have no responsibility to anyone, think what you want, we do not care, we know very well what we did, and that is why we claim it before the media gives it another face as they usually do.

We are going to continue murdering, all those who think that our silence is a sign of withdrawal, are wrong, we are just waiting for the perfect moment.

What is the best response to the shits expressed by the modern anarchists, than to continue with what is ours?

Let’s be dangerous:

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Querétaro
-Savage Serial Murderers





[en] (Argentina) Fortieth Communqiue of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 40 de ITS, ahora reivindicando un atentado en Argentina. Traducción a cargo de Atassa.

¡Fuerza para la conspiración de los ITS!

“Vengeful spirits will hack the sky to pieces with their machetes, the forest behind the sky will fall upon us. So swift will be the end that we will not have time to scream. The spirits, untethered from the earth, will smash the sun, moon, and stars. And there shall be nothing but darkness..” 


The natural cycles continue on their course, the continuous movement of life and death…in that form we make our return, like the sprouting shoots of spring made strong by the cruelty of winter. “All has its moment. There are moments to speak and moments to keep silent. Moments of stillness and moments to act. Patience was and will be the greatest attribute of the savages.”

We recommended ourselves to the sky, the moon, the stars, and abandoned a package-bomb at the entrance of the Physics and Astronomy Space in the University City, addressed to Dr. Gloria Dubner, director of the establishment, who was awarded recently for her progressive efforts in support of the techno-industrial system. It seems that the person in charge of the place perceived that something was amiss and decided to call the police. We remark here that this won’t stop us. On the contrary, it compels us to do more. The next time we won’t fail. The package was aimed to wound physically and emotionally all of the techno-geeks who were nearby; not only Gloria herself but any student or simple worker. We don’t make distinctions in this war that we wage against our own species. We chose this establishment in particular because of the disgust it causes us seeing the human insisting on controlling everything. We see the sciences (specifically space sciences) as the clear expression of that sick wish to reduce all phenomena to simple numbers and calculations, domesticating all that is wild, to place at the forefront the ideologies and infrastructures that cement today’s hyper-technological world. In this view it is common to think about inhabiting other planets and traveling through space, daydreaming about ways to make life “easier” and more “comfortable”. All the while they ignore what’s below our feet, in our environment, and principally inside ourselve.

We know that we are not going to stop techno-industrial progress with attacks such as these, but at least the great minds of our time will have to walk around more cautiously. We lurk about their houses and work places. With the return of ITS activity in this region, death will prowl about the universities and bars, parks and malls, and in any place where the human masses move about. We have the determination to carry out this war until the last consequences. Being an international terrorist group responsible for six murders, many wounds, and property destruction, they will know that the threats are very real… Speaking with actions more than with empty words, the chaotic dance of the wild constellations continues on its course.

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations





[en] (Chile) Thirty-Ninth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild


Traducción en inglés del 39 comunciado de ITS atacando fieramente a los humanistas en Chile.

Traducción a cargo de Atassa.

Following the latest criticisms and responses that the anarchic nuns have spit out to people to defend their anarchist “comrades” who live in Chile along with us, we want to express some irrefutable points to situate the debate a bit.

We would like to speak of an “insurrectionary anarchist affinity group of tension,” or whatever they call themselves, that made amoral indiscriminate attack their own. FINALLY THEY ENTERED INTO OUR MADNESS! Or rather, they did so some time ago, and now they want to resurface.

It was 2014 and their target was what seemed to be the office of Chilean prison officials (conveniently without anyone present). That’s what they thought, since it was not clear what they thought they were burning. What is known is that they left a backpack with an explosive device in the street. They didn’t set up the famous anarchist guard of morality that makes sure innocents aren’t hurt.

And they shit the bed on this one by their standards since they became the first indiscriminate anarchists. A young drug addict named Sergio Landskron picked up the backpack and died due to the explosion. Finding this out probably made the anarchists fall off their bike, vomit up their vegan burgers, and start praying to St. Bonnano or Sister Bakunin asking for forgiveness for their sins.

Under the moral parameters of these crybabies, ITS was already in Chile in 2014. This couldn’t possibly have been anarchists. “It’s a set-up!” they should have cried.

But we know this isn’t the case, since the Mafia isn’t anti-prison, and at most eco-anarchist groups were already conspiring who share our hatred. But they don’t focus on prisons, as is well known. Landskron’s murderers never took responsibility for the attack, so much was their shame at violating their standards of the moral of attack.

This indiscriminate attack – let’s call it what it is – was a great SIN of the action group in question. Gallons of ink and saliva of anarchist morality burned that marginal youngster, who we recognize as one of the worst results of this rotten civilization, and, we could even call him a “victim”.

The anarchists kept quiet! They didn’t utter a peep about his death, there was no communique asking for forgiveness or explaining why they didn’t hit they intended target, as was the case with the prisoners of war Juan, Nataly, and Guillermo, to justify why they indiscriminately attacked a bus station.

Even less likely was the existence of a communiqué saying, “yes, we did it, it was an accident.” They hid their snouts out of fear of the cops. They were afraid to end up like savages without anarchist morality. Look at them killing the last victim of the system!

So now that it is all the style to threaten an anarchist war against the Eco-extremist Mafia, snitching included, we gave some clues about these nuns to the friends and family (some of them criminals) of Sergio Landskron, so that they’ll know who to shoot and stab to get even. They’re looking in freed squats around site of the indiscriminate attack and they’ll know who took their son-uncle-brother from them. They’re squats full of shitheads who have gotten out of the explosives game because of this anarcho-Christian sin, but we know that they have this hidden sin on their chest and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Do the moralists consider this snitching too? It’s all the same to us, it’s not for nothing that we are egoists, criminals, and amoral. But let it be known, what we have just stated is just one demonstration that we know quite well those behind certain things, we know where the campaign in Chile against eco-extremism comes from. We thus state that if they continue with this pathetic campaign they shouldn’t be surprised when we respond.

In their anarcho-civilized morality, killing that Landskron kid was a sin so great that the Chilean anarchist movement kept quiet out of shame. They shouldn’t criticize the Tendency with their moral standards, since we aren’t up for being judged by their crooked scales. More than that, people will see that the emperor has no clothes.

Prowling Port Changos (ITS-Chile)


(Estados Unidos) La Señora Campbell y su pleito con ITS

La campaña en contra de ITS continúa siendo liderada por “Scott Campbell”, quien es en realidad una mujer méxico-estadounidense que mantiene contacto con varias personalidades de los enfermizos entornos izquierdistas de ambos países, muy fácil de encontrar. Esta persona ahora ha escrito un pintoresco texto titulado “ITS ataca a los anarquistas”, el texto de por sí es muy cómico, hace ver a los anarquistas modernos como unas indefensas ovejas siendo acechadas por la jauría de lobos salvajes de ITS.

El texto de la señora Campbell podría ser considerado un comunicado más de ITS, con reivindicaciones en torno de sus ataques en contra de la comunidad anarquista internacional, pasando por las amenazas en contra de Zerzan, las críticas en contra del anarquista preso en Chile Joaquín García, llegando a parar a la bomba puesta por un grupo de ITS en una okupa de la Ciudad de México el año pasado.

En su texto, esta asustadiza mujer señala al pensador eco-extremista Abe Cabrera como uno de los “voceros de ITS”, acusa de “tener contacto” con ellos, decir esto es una cosa bastante idiota, puesto que los teóricos de la tendencia no tienen nada que ver con las actividades de los grupos de ITS. Sería prácticamente un suicidio que un teórico (que lleva su trabajo de manera pública) tuviera nexos con un grupo terrorista, ¿Qué piensas que somos, la Organización para la Liberación de Palestina de los años 70’s?

Y no sólo sería un suicidio para un teórico eco-extremista tener nexos con ITS, sería un gran problema para los mismos miembros de ITS tener incluso un sólo contacto con un teórico eco-extremista, pues esto acarrearía persecuciones y detenciones innecesarias, pondría en riesgo el proyecto criminal por el que los guerreros individualistas han estado trabajando desde hace varias lunas, hay que tener un conocimiento básico en la historia de los grupos armados del pasado para darse cuenta que un error como estos es indispensable no cometer.

Campbell dice: “ITS me amenazó de muerte en uno de sus comunicados”, ¡imbécil idiota!, ¡no sólo eres una marica (en el sentido de cobardía), sino también una retrasada!, ¿qué querías?, ¿que te aventaran flores y te premiaran con cachorros?, ¿pensabas ingenuamente que tus actos no tendrán consecuencias?, ¿que no te iba a pasar nada después de liderar una campaña en contra de un grupo terrorista internacional?, ¿de verdad estás bien de tus facultades mentales?

En realidad que no entendemos el afán de insultar y después llorar cuando se obtienen respuestas contundentes. Quizás esta mujer piensa que insultar a ITS es un juego, que siga jugando, que siga investigando, que siga pensando que es intocable.

¡Con lo Desconocido de nuestro lado!

¡Que las maldiciones salvajes aquejen a los difamadores de lo Oculto!

¡Lloro y crujir de dientes para Campbell!

(en) 38th Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 38 de ITS, ahora desde Chile un nuevo grupo se hace público entrando fieramente al debate amoral.

¡Por la expansión del Caos anti-humanístico!

I. The dream

I had a dream where anarchism had the appearance of a human being.

Yes, it was precisely like a normal person with a head, legs, arms… All that is needed.

In the dream that I had anarchism died.

Suddenly, an accursed silent illness took hold of him, without symptoms. One day it knocked on his door and took him away.

Just like that.

Without time to act, understand, try…

Without escape.

Without warning.

No call beforehand.

Death did its job, turned around, and kept going down its path.

Not even a word, a gesture, a glance weighed with meaning.


II. Waking up.

Upon waking up, I realized it was a dream and I began to think.

Strange connections, reflections, cerebral impulses…

And afterwards I laughed.

My laughter became uncontainable, profound, full. Almost inconvenient.

It was a laughter so strong that tears filled my eyes and my sides moved.

You will ask why this reaction. That’s understandable.

Well, in my dream, Death treated anarchism (with the appropriate small “a”), exactly like all things and people.

Death acted and afterward continued to carry out its affairs.

Without conceding any privileges.

And while anarchism was dying without a burial, it continued the effort concerning its why and its debates, the comparisons, the propositions, morality, objective, resources, times, the interminable assembly, forms, and the whole catalogue of idiocies that, effectively, were not anything more than the same disease that was killing it.

Indignant, anarchism asked for solidarity from all places.

Anarchism, unsettled, was not able to resign itself: it was dying without anyone telling it, not even a sign or an indication, nothing.

And all the while all of this occurred. And no one cared.

Or better put, no one was interested.

So many years of history, so many battles, an honorable militancy on the global scene only to die under such banal circumstances, in the midst of general indifference.

And this guy who in my dream represented anarchism, he was livid.

And you won’t believe why.

In that extreme moment he had to get livid due to his unforeseen disappearance, for the manner in which his death was manifested: nothing epic, nothing heroic, no police frame-up or life sentence, nothing- or why no one was noticing its death.

Anarchism was dying anonymously, angry, amidst general indifference.

III. Epilogue

In these times, to dream with the anarchism, truly one has to overdo it at the bar or have ingested some natural or synthetic herb.

In any case when the mind has been freed and savagely separates itself from the civilizing control of reason, this makes the masks fall away and reveals, behind the dreams, the more inconfessable realities.

Friends, anarchy has died.

In general indifference.

It died from an excess of morality.

I know this now, it makes one laugh to the point of tears.

No one misses it.


Prowling Port Monkeys (ITS-Chile)

[en] (Chile) Thirty-Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción al inglés del comunicado de ITS número 37, ahora desde Chile, un nuevo grupo de la Mafia Eco-extremista se reivindica un indiscriminado y selectivo incendio caótico y destructivo.

Stealthy like the puma, on Monday August 7th we boarded a bus transporting masses and herds. We look at the faces of the passengers: there are 8 or 9 of them, and they all have the same face. They are all dominated by dirty society, worn down from the work that gives them artificial progress and false comfort. We don’t feel sorry for them, they’re all the same. They disgust us, their very existence perpetuates the same hyper-civilized society that enslaves them, the one that destroyed the natural state. This society annihilated our ancestors who did know how to live in the wild.

We carried a contraption with us. We had tested it before, leaving nothing to chance. It’s simple: two bottles filled with gasoline, a boiling mixture, a bulb, a clock with modifications that gave us time, and a switch as the safety. We left it under a seat and we sat in the back. We calculated the time and got off before it went off. Even though people were not burned, the damage we caused was more than what was expected. This time luck with on our side: the fire reached the electrical wires and lit a business on fire that turned out to be a hardware store!! Three birds with one stone: the Transantiago bus, the power line, and the store where more machines and chemical products were sold! Attention, the next ones could be those who use them!

This time the place we attacked was planned so that it coincided with an avenue where they are building a new corridor of the Transantiago and new metro lines, where more vehicles that carry imbeciles will occupy spaces that once were wild. This time it was the north of the city, before it was in Providencia, tomorrow it could be in any part of this dirty capital that we choose.

And lastly… No press, it was not a malfunction of the bus, don’t be stupid… this time more direct in the eye! No police-prosecutors-judges-government-whatever, don’t use the cliché statement, “causes that are still being investigated”. You were no match for the dudes from ITS-HMB, nor for the S.I…. now you don’t want to open more cases that you won’t be able to solve. This was our work and we take responsibility for it. Come at us from wherever, you won’t find us. Look for us on you security cameras, you won’t find us there because there were none. We planned this well and we aren’t prepared to transform ourselves into symbols, we would rather die first. We are already in hiding, stalking other prey.

Vengeance! The wekufes accomany us, and the darkness keeps us.

War against human progress!

Sincere complicity! Long live the Mafia of Extremist Individualists!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

-Vengeful Inquisitory Band

(en) Clarification by Maldición Eco-extremista

Traducción de una nota aclaratoria sobre los atentados de ITS.

As we published a piece which touched on the veracity of ITS’ action in Mexico, here we gratefully publish a translation of their clarifying note to their translation of our piece. Hopefully this clears things up.

On this text we would like to comment on some things. ITS-Mexico has been involved in a long polemic in comparison with previous years, one in which its discourse as well as its acts have been questioned. This has been the case in particular concerning if it is truly responsible for the murders committed from 2011 onward. In some cases the evidence fabricated by authorities has centered on demonstrating that recent ITS acts were committed by others. This is understandable since in a place like Mexico City and similar area where ITS is present, authorities tend to cover up the truth of some truly remarkable criminal acts that have become a daily occurrence. For example, some weeks ago, the southern part of the city was struck with narco-blockades in different important roadways after the death of one of the leaders of the Tlahuac Cartel (an organization that the authorities have always denied exists). As a consequence, a wave of police response was unleashed, the army and Marines were called out to the scene, and there were street battles with cartel assassins with high caliber rifles. This is something that occurs in places like Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Michoacán, etc. Even the Head of Government (who has aspirations to be President of the Republic), in order to not lose popularity, continues until now to deny the influence and importance that the drug cartels have in Mexico City. The same could be said of ITS. The authorities deny that they are terrorists, they deny that there are terrorist groups operating in the capital, and they minimize those types of threats (like they minimized the Tlahuac Cartel) so that afterwards they have egg on their face. Another example from here is that the Capital prosecutor, Edmundo Garrido, told the media that the package-bomb that exploded on an elderly man in the northern Mexico City on July 14th of this year was not a terrorist attack. What would the same radio audience think if the media had reported on the ITS group’s act?

It is understandable that some believe that ITS is not responsible for the acts that it claims to carry out. But it should also be remembered that, focusing on the ITS murders, these have always occurred on specific dates as reliable proof that indicates that no one else could have carried them out, without ITS groups having to provide photos or videos or any other physical group that indicates the scene of the crime. Maybe they don’t do this out of strategy, maybe the ITS groups want others to think that they are not responsible for these murders so that afterwards they can then come up with another surprise and then silence the naysayers. Maybe they employ the method of the Zodiac killer who took responsibility for 37 murders but the U.S. authorities could only confirm that he was responsible for five. Only they know, in any event our complicity with them does not falter, but rather increases.

The points that we can make public that are evidence of ITS’ responsibility for the murders that it has claimed to commit are the following:

Víctim 1. Ernesto Méndez Salinas (expert in biotechnology), Morelos, 2011

On August 8th, 2011, ITS successfully detonated a package-bomb at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico State, where there were two prestigious researchers severely wounded. On exactly the 8th of November of the same year, a prestigious investigator in biotechnology was killed with a bullet to the head in Morelos. Was it circumstantial that the first murder occurred on the 8th, but in another month on the same day, they killed an investigator? It’s not possible, it was really ITS.

* (An aside) The wounded of Mutipak, Mexico City, 2011

In September 2011, in the fourth ITS communique it is mentioned that there would be a silence and no other taking responsibility for an attack until the appropriate moment. A month later in October, a package-bomb exploded at a courier company leaving three workers who were handling the package wounded. Was that just coincidence? ITS has always stated that it doesn’t take responsibility for every attack that it carries out. Maybe this is one of those instances, and for some reason it has stated nothing about it.

Victim 2. Ángel León de la Cruz (Computer Science student at the IPN), Mexico City, 2016

As in other cases today, after the murder that ITS carried out in Morelos in 2011, the authorities mentioned that they had caught the person responsible for the death of the researcher in 2012. At first he was only charged with vehicle theft and robbing public transport in Cuernavaca, Morelos, but then they found him with the gun that was the same one used against the biotechnologist. At the same time as well, ITS took responsibility for the attack in 2013. One month after taking responsibility for the attack, the accused man was set free due to lack of evidence, or his lawyer found out about the claim of responsibility from ITS and presented it as evidence in favor of his client, or maybe that was just coincidence? A similar situation occurred in 2016, when the Indiscriminate Faction (which at that time was not publicly part of ITS) took responsibility for the murder of an IPN student in May. The press reported that the police had caught people who in their possession a gun that coincided with the one used in the mentioned crime. Before this, one cannot state that they were responsible for the crime just for having the gun used in the crime on them. It should be remembered that in Mexico there is a large quantity of guns, most (if not all) of which are used in murders, attempted murders, shootouts, threats, all sorts of robberies, etc. It’s not unusual to be caught by police carrying a gun and then get charged with the crime committed with that gun, such as what happened in Morelos in 2012 or in Mexico City in 2016.

Victim 3. José Jaime Barrera Moreno (Worker at the Chemistry Department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ), June 2016, Mexico City

After ITS’ murder of the UNAM worker in June 2016, which had significant media repercussions, ITS became an object of focus for authorities. For months, ITS groups had been leaving explosives around the University City campus while the authorities covered up the information on various occasions. For that reason, the group decided to kill again. ITS had not killed since 2011 and this time the impact was tremendous. The communique detailed the event quite well, giving information only the authorities knew about. They even recounted facts that the press didn’t know about at the time. The authorities ended up looking ridiculous, and, desperate to bury the whole thing, they made up that the man was killed by some of his coworkers, who apparently have never been caught or charged with any crime. If the police “knew” that his coworkers had supposedly killed him, why didn’t they lock them up and present them to the press as those responsible? We reply that it is because the authorities knew it was all a cover-up to divert attention and close the case of the ITS menace against the University City.

Víctim 4. Luis Arturo Torres García (Vice-Rector of the Tec de Monterrey), Chihuahua, February 2017

As is known now, in January 2017, the proud members of ITS in Chile carried out a well-planned attack against one of the chiefs of the ignominious mining company, Codelco. Signs of support for the hunted eco-extremists of the South didn’t take long to emerge from Mexico. A month later, ITS in Coahuila took responsibility for three attacks in Torreon, two against churches and one against a biotechnology company. From the groups in the center of the country there was only an incendiary attack on a bus that was put out by the passengers. But a new group emerged in Chihuahua at the end of February that executed the Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey in the same manner that the old ITS killed the investigator in Morelos in 2011: with a bullet to the head. And even though a claim of responsibility for the attack took place a short time afterwards which gave few details, the press did not report on it, and until today no one has been arrested for the crime. Through what we have seen in this international stage of ITS is that an act always takes place which has repercussions that imply a rigorous investigation of the responsible group. The other ITS groups respond with acts in support of their investigated brethren, and this case is no exception. It is not coincidence that ITS in Chihuahua would kill in order to give encouragement to the folks of ITS Chile or that ITS in Mexico City and Mexico State would kill again in April and May to give the same support to ITS Chile after its January attack. The same occurred when ITS in Brazil detonated a bomb at a mall in August 2016, and the groups of ITS in Chile welcomed their Amazonian brethren to the Mafia with their bomb threats and incendiary attacks. The same occurred with ITS in Argentina who poisoned dozens of bottles of Coca-Cola in two malls in Buenos Aires. At the same time, ITS in Mexico abandoned a suitcase-bomb at a suburban train station against a genomic expert. That is to say, you can’t just look at the taking of responsibility for that act without visualizing the context in which this war unfolds.

Victims 5 and 6. Two hikers, Mexico State, April 2017

The press only reported that a man and a woman were found dead on a trail near Mount Tlaloc in the municipality of Texcoco in Mexico State. Their names were never revealed but a photo was published by the press showing their lifeless bodies, products of gunshot wounds to the head, with all of their belongings lying at their sides. One of the groups of ITS, the Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS, before the Indiscriminate Faction), in its March communique had warned the following:

Our position now is to attack the human being, killing and mutilating, now that the human being is the principal culprit for the changes that Planet Earth has suffered.

The threat dates all the way back to December 2016 when the joint communique with ITS indicated:

It makes us sick to our stomach that more and more individuals are attracted in a superficial manner to this… They are the ones who like to hike in the woods, the desert, and the jungle. They feel like they’re shamans and pagans …. We’d like to state to all those people who attracted by “natural beauty” that you too are in our sights. Just like the list of scientists, the list of “forest lovers” who we will attack is quite long. Don’t be surprised if one day while you’re out camping the “Devil” shows up… you’ll just be fertilizer for the trees.

With these words there’s not much more to say. Whoever thinks that ITS was not responsible for these murders is an irredeemable idiot.

Victim 7. Lesvy Osorio (Drug addict university drop-out), May 2017.

There is no doubt that the case of the woman found dead in the University City that ITS took responsibility for has been a complete disaster. To begin, the case has appeared to be very turbulent from the get-go. The prosecutor’s office detailed the personal life of woman to show that she had hung herself with a cable from a telephone, and from the effects of the drugs, she could not react. This was a scandal, especially for the indignant feminists, who issued protests against the prosecutor’s office for issuing these demonizing facts about the woman.

Afterwards the boyfriend of this woman, with whom he had a rather sick relationship (according to the media) was accused of the death of the woman. While all of this was happening, ITS took responsibility for the attack while the prosecutor continued with the version that it has been a suicide. Then a group of women specializing in these types of cases offered to clear up the murder. These women complained that the prosecutor refused to hand over evidence like video recordings of the security cameras and the like. Now they say that there is a recording where the boyfriend strikes the victim, a typical act of aggression in a couple that likes to drink large quantities of beer and consume psychotropic pills. But then the video seems to indicate that the boyfriend leaves and the woman is left alone. Minutes later the woman appears dead and hung from a telephone. Now they accuse the boyfriend of negligent homicide, since the official version is that the boyfriend saw how she was hanging from the telephone and did not seem to care. Just as in the case of the stabbed UNAM worker in 2016 on the same campus, the prosecutor’s office gives a dumb version of things so that ITS is not once more the center of attention. It’s no coincidence that the murder took place only some days after the murder of the hiker couple in Texcoco, and only one day after the abandoning of an incendiary device in the Faculty of Science on the same campus. What is very much true is that GITS (formerly GI) sets itself apart by claiming responsibility for two or three acts carried out in the last two to three days. This shows that the demons had been on the loose, and no matter what the official versions state, these end up not being able to hold water. The Mexican authorities are really making an effort for ITS to not be noticed since they know that they are on the loose, that they are responsible for these attacks, and that they aren’t going to stop.

In any case, we don’t believe that ITS cares much if people say that the acts that they commit are done by others, or if people believe that any given bombing or murder was the work of the Mafia. As long as they can keep attacking and generating terror, whatever the authorities, the media, or shit-talkers say matters very little.

Forward with the criminal project!

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-Sixth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Traducción en inglés del comunicado 36 de ITS haciendose cargo de un ataque incendiario indiscriminado que dejó en cenizas una repugnante máquina.

¡Por la conspiración contra el progreso humano!

The fire “spoke”, the mania to light vehicles has not left us, nor will it ever.

In the early morning of the first day of August, we lit a trailer on fire in the alternate avenue of the Via Lopez Portillo, around Fovissste, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.

Our device consumed the entire accursed machine. The flames were unleashed and expanded threatening the surrounding houses that also deserve to burn. It would not have mattered to us if the slumbering citizens came out hurt, intoxicated, or whatever, since all in this repugnant society deserves to lie in smoldering ashes.

With this first act we declare to the authorities that we’re back. We are going to unleash a wave of indiscriminate / selective arsons sooner or later. So don’t be surprised if this picks up…

Our devices are designed to burn and some minutes afterwards to detónate. So we recommend that heroic citizens should be aware of the consequences should they try to put out the Great Consumer.

Because we hate the loud, disruptive, and harmful machines, symbol of despicable human progress:

Fire and explosives against civilization

With the Wild at our side!

Courage to criminality!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

Pagan Sect of the Mountain

[en] (Mexico) Thirty-fifth communique of ITS

Traducción del comunicado número 35 de ITS al inglés. En este los individualistas reivindican ataques contra execrables templos religiosos en el Estado de México.

¡Con lo Desconocido de nuestro lado!

“Do not wait for everyone to like you, but to get tired of hating you”

We continue the attacks against religious places undertaken by the brothers of Popocatzin Clan on July 14 with their thunderous package-bomb that left a serious injured in Mexico City, egoistically we claim the responsability for the following actions during this week:

Leaving a package-bomb inside the Great Temple of Jehova Witnesses located on the avenue Lopez Portillo, in front of the mexibus station De la Cruz-San Mateo, in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.

Incendiary Device composed of gasoline, napalm and other flamable materials detonated on the door of a catholic church located on the Avenue Lago de Guadalupe, in Atizapan, Mexico State.

Brother accomplices, let the acts speak instead of words!

Let the anti-humanistic threat of the ITS groups, of the Terrorist Nihilists groups and antisocial individuals continue despite any obstacle!

Fire, bombs, bullets, threats and knives against the representatives of EVERY religion, including the “elite” bureaucrats from the satanist churches!

The steps of war and confrontation of our ancestors accompany us in the ambush!

Death to the moral of the attack!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre