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[en] (Brasil) 57th ITS Communique – Secret Wilderness Society

“Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee. Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the Lord shall swallow them up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them.” Psalm 21: 8-9

The house of god burned. We the Secret Wilderness Society claim responsibility for the criminal fire set in San Geraldo Chapel of the Muncipal Park of Paranoa this past Saturday, the 16th. We know that the fire was started since we set it with our own hands. We threw gasoline in the back of the church we set fire to that shit, and we disappeared into the cold dark night. The next day from afar we could observe the place and unfortunately we discovered that the structure was still standing. There were damages in the back of the church where the fire reached. It saddens us that the gasoline was not enough to burn the church down. No problem, next time we will bring more gasoline to soak the place in flammable liquid and create a blazing inferno. We will have again the unique joy of it burning right before our eyes.

Those believers spread their gospel to our ancestors and cursed our pagan beliefs. They profaned and destroyed our sacred lands and in their place they erected Christian statues and established the temples of their religions. They also financed progress and brought civilization with its foreign values. With their actions they catechized and destroyed our savage ancestors. They made them forget their Spirits who inhabited the cosmos and taught them to not respect the Earth. By the Cross and the sword they imposed the civic mentality and aided the expansion of this shame, for that reason they deserve our egoic ancestral vengeance.

Remember that Pero Fernandes Sardinha, the first accursed bishop who wanted to impose Christ in these lands, ended up being eaten by the savage Caete tribe. We inherit the war that our ancestors waged, and thus you should expect dead Christians, however many we are able to exterminate, just like our friends of the Wild Serial Killers are doing. Chaos will overtake evangelization and destroy the Inquistorial faith.

Aside from being the disgusting enemy of paganism, Christianity was and continues to be the great ally of civilization. Let it burn then. Let it burn until nothing else is left on the path, until Christianity is totally annihilated. They should know that we will not just use arson, but also stabbings, shootings, explosives, poison, and curses. Wait and see… You can expect everything and more from us. Watch out, little flock. The eco-extremist comes to rob, kill, and destroy. We are a figure of the Antichrist.

Let the believers fall into despair. Your god will not stop us. We will burn and kill with impunity. While you kneel and pray in vain to a sky empty of your divinity, we eco-extremists look to the heavens and we see storms, lightning, gusts of wind, torrential rains, the stars, the sun, the moon, and we believe in all of this and we violently defend it, immeasurable Wild Nature. On earth as it is in heaven, these are the real Gods: volcanoes, mountains, rivers, seas, deserts, forests, rock formations, fog, and many other untamed manifestations. Your god is dysfunctional and against all of this greatness. That is why we will obliterate him.

For the rest, it is because of our egoist hatred that wishes to see Christ profaned. Bring out your leader and we will spit in his face. If your god comes, let him come armed.

All churches will be burned to the ground!

May Anhangá’s fury fall upon you!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

Secret Wilderness Society


Era of the Crucified

[en] (México) 56th ITS Communique

With egoist enthusiasm we take complete responsibility for the fire that totally destroyed a lumberyard in Iztapalapa Delegation this past June 2nd.

That morning we abandoned a 7 liter incendiary device in the middle of a large wood pile which caused a fierce fire that not only consumed the business but also seven vehicles, while affecting as well ten nearby houses.

Chaos was reborn at sunrise, and like shadows we disappeared without a trace.

This is only a small demonstration that practice nurtures criminal extremist activity, transforming any activity of egoic pleasure in individualist potential.

The darkness that covers us like an ancestral cloak of animal skin also anoints us with impunity. The terror that we cause to our victims is nothing else than final in a series of offerings to the forces of the Unknowable, for though we walk in the valley of death we will fear not, for we know that the Hidden is with us.

The Lord of Fire was reborn in our attack and was uncontrollable.

For invocation and Chaos!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan


[en] (Brasil) 55 ITS Communique: indiscriminate abandonment of an incendiary package – Secret Forest Society

“Drowning in seas of misanthropy, like the suffocation of seeing cars on the avenue, my breath will also be baited by the desire to see that this species sees its last days.”

Terror again is seen in ancient Pindorama. Yes, we’re back. The Erebo thing didn’t work, sicking their hunting dogs to look for us. We dissipated like fog before their eyes and we let the wind carry us away. They carried out useless investigations with all of their counterintelligence techniques and of course, during their failed attempts at investigation we were stalking in the deepest darkness. We were observing them, not the other way around.

Being the fierce animals that we are, did you really think it was going to be easy? Of course you did. Because your minds are only accustomed to old style terrorism and its motivations. Eco-extremism never was like that. It stayed in the shadows looking upon civilized progress and the destruction of the Earth.It submerged itself in the seas of misanthropic hate and pledged by the Wild a great revenge. Reviving the wisdom of the ancients, we were patient in waiting for the appropriate moment to return. Distant from the civilized cacophony we spoke with the Moon for many nights, calmly meditating on the sounds that the Inhuman emitted. Observing the stars, we asked her with her enchantment that together with all the Untamed, she would be at our side in what was to come. In this way it came to pass and it will remain thus, of this we are completely certain. The moment came, we returned.

A year of partial silence passed in these lands, but there were many developments beyond them. Of course, the echo reached to our band and with great joy we egoistically salute every act of terror against the modern human and progress. In the south, in the north, and most recently, in Europe. Explosions, incendiary attacks, frontal attacks, armed attacks, much blood, almost a dozen dead, burnt flesh, open wounds, and much, much terror. We are spreading like weeds throughout this gray world, stomping underfoot dumb dead utopias and impoverished humanism, in our own name and for the Wild.

Remember that silence is what comes before the earthquake, catastrophic and sudden. We break the silence, the epicenter is the heart of techno-industrial society and its values. The target is civilization in itself. We will attack indiscriminately in an amoral form. It structures, any of its inhabitants. Those who construct this world or those who just live in it. There are no innocents. Devastating like a tornado.

There is no way out for the civilized and modern man other than his own extinction. He is a total failure in the phenomenon of existence. He will never bend before the immensity and force of Wild Nature in all of its beauty, splendor, wisdom, and richness. He will always seek to manipulate and dominate the Unknowable, name the Unnameable, and challenge its fury. He will dare to stick his dirty hands in all that is beautiful and living to yank out the entrails of the Earth and impose his gray world, loud and full of smoke. He will never be able to understand the beauty of the constellations, the taste of natural waters, the serenity of forests, the quietness of night, the mystery that is unknown, the song of the animal deep in the forest, the heaving of wind, the courses of rivers, the anger of storms, the infinity of the heavens, never. While he walks the Earth he will eternally cause shame to the Spirits of the Earth, paving over all that is vital until nothing else is left but his sick and dry metropolises . It is this aberration that we misanthropically attack. In contrast to other idiots out there, we are the real species traitors.

Now, getting to what is most interesting, we claim responsibility for the indiscriminate abandoning of an incendiary package (specifically, a wrapped gift) in Brasilia, last Saturday the 5th, at a bus stop in front of the Barracks of the Military Police. The device was designed to go off by nylon trip wire, and intended for any citizen passerby and for the citizenry in general. Inside the device was a bottle with 700 ml of highly flammable liquid. Up until now we have had no news of the device that we ourselves constructed which would not fail easily after the many successful tests we carried out. Reported or covered up, we are the ones who haphazardly abandoned it. Just like the Nocturnal Hunters, an Eco-extremist Mafia group in Greece, we contaminated this and other devices with prints of random people. It doesn’t matter to us who gets blamed for it. Let it be known that we directed our recent homemade explosive devices and bombs against the center of the Federal District. That changes from now on. We have a long list of targets in various cities that for months we have been scoping out and one by one we will hit all of them (including human targets), starting with the attack that we just carried out. Yesterday’s explosive was only a “Hi, we’re back.” More are coming down the pipeline.

We don’t fear their investigations that until now have been a joke. We are conscious of the possible consequences to ourselves of our actions. Death embraces us and at any moment we can be pulled down into the abyss that inevitably awaits us. We have dodged their cages, they missed their shot. The personification of darkness does not depart from us, since we live within it. In any event, nothing intimidates us. Our war continues everywhere and at any cost. Revenge is turning out to be terrible, and will continue to be so.

Well then, in the middle of this great cosmos perhaps we are are the only animist spirits who seek revenge following that which the Ancients whisper in our ears.

May the fury of Anhanga fall upon you, for ours is certain.

For the chaotic spread of misanthropic terrorism!

Go forth to attack, kill, and commit crime!

A warm embrace to all Mafiosos in the south, north, and Europe!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

Secret Wilderness Society


*Operation Erebo was a large scale investigative police operation at the federal level that was exposed last year, but had been underway for some time. The targets were individualist anarchists, nihilists, and eco-extremist ecologists and those not so extreme. All of these groups were mixed in together and the results were obtained, Erebo. The investigations ended in all places but we and those in affinity with us are still on the street conspiring. They didn’t detect us.

**An unheard of response to the name of the operation. In Greek mythology Erebus was the personification of darkness.

[en] (Greece) 54 ITS Communique

Without needing to write whole pages with a pompous content we claim the responsablity for placing an timed explosive device made of a small metal pipe filled with black powder, two gas cannisters of 500g each and a plastic bottle containing 2 liters of gasoline in the School of Civil Engeeniering in the early hours of 7 of April. This time the device was discover by the snitch security guard of the place who call the cops, then the device was collected and transfered to the forensic laboratories for investigation*.
We do not know if the device was neutralized or did not explode by a fail in its mecanism.

It is really necessary to explain why a group of this Tendency choose to attack a engeeniering school or any other university premises? There is no need to explain the reasons we had to carry out this or any other attack, those who know us already do not need explanations, even if they agree or not with us.

For those who do not know us yet, in our previous communique we set up clear many of our positions and who is really interested can check any of the texts of communiques released by the several cells of ITS as well as other people who, even without being part of ITS, are part of the Tendency and they can contribute with words and actions.

The fact that this time we did not had what we expect do not means nothing, we assume all the scenarios that can may happen when doing this kind of actions, including this and others even worst, and we are ready to face it. It is an obvious truth that we would like that our device exploded, but if there are anyone who thinks that because of this we dont have anymore the will to continue placing bombs, that we give up or we are defeated YOU ARE WRONG. We keep going forward, with pacient and cautious steps, developing new methods, more efficent and destructive, to spread chaos and terror among the society. You can be sure attacks will continue happening.

What is done is done.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens

Nocturnal Hunters**

*As we said, we already had in mind the chance of this scenario and we are aware that the antiterrorist department and the forensic investigators like to roleplay the scientists collecting DNA and other evidences from the places where attacks have been done, well, you better know that all our devices are build taking the best cautions and also they had been “contaminated” on purpose with traces from other people (like hair) carefully and “randomly” collected. For example, among other things, we erased the barcodes and serial numbers of the gas cannisters, making them impossible to be tracked, and we use wire instead of tape to attach the components of the device as we are aware that tape can easily catch DNA and other traces. On the other hand we left some componentes without cleaning or we just directly contaminated them on purpouse like the cartoon box that we use as base to build the device, wich was collected “radomnly” and carefully without touching nothing and without being filmed by cameras or spotted by witnesses in one of the thousands of streets of the Athens metropolis. So try to find something, you will not find nothing.

** We choose our name as a tribute to one of the most active groups from Wild Reaction (RS), the Faction Nocturnal Hunter.



It has been executed another sign of ancestral revenge, our knife filled with blood again, the frenzy of the situation focused our angry and lurking look toward the flesh of the objective, the dark forces of the Wild accompained and pushed us to the homicidal action. The Nameless is prowling like a vulture hungry for dirty meat of dead humans, we are the heretics which they couldn’t massacre hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were the ones who died rejecting their humanist creed, the ones who were burned in the inquisitor fire, their bones turned into dust covered the land uniting with it and taking part of the everything and the nothing, their cursed spirits, which curse over and over the extermination of millenary cultures away from any civilization, are still with us.
Miclantehcutli, the ancient God of the underworld, representation of the death, the Occult and the Unknown entered into a catholic church this April 18th, with the desire to take someone with him, anyone, he, led us to the priest Ruben Díaz Acántara, highest representative of the church “Nuestra Señora del Carmen”, in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State.
We came to the filthy priest and before stabbing him we said some words in nahuatl, including the ancestral curse:

The media have said that we argued with him, but that is false, because the last words that this priest listened in his devout life were in the language which they tried to eradicate with their evangelization and colonization centuries ago.
We didn’t mind that the town was still hit by the murder of two police officers by the organized crime the last week, which is why the army, the navy and the federal police made an entire operation to capture the responsible, thus, we executed one more murder showing that we can do it without any problem and be here, writing calmly this claim letter ridiculing their pompous useless operations. Effectively, our act is rather the prolongation of other more aimed to hit -the heinous religion- that have been developing before, between package-bombs, explosives, incendiary attacks against temples and churchs, and armed attacks against pilgrims.

So we will continue, because our words and threats aren’t in vain, because the Wild is still with us…
And it is evident that acts like this one, in which it can be clearly seen a pagan invocation and an ancestral motivation have answer of the Occult, this materialized in a pair of murders of religious in Jalisco and Puebla days after our blood offering. From our act, the forces of Chaos that possessed the minds of the criminals who violently took the pathetic lifes of that flesh and blood sacks were detached.

To finish, we remember that the same day 18 -but in the morning- our brothers of “Ouroboros Silvestre” (OS) detonated a pair of bombs in Tultitlán and Ecatepec, joining in a complicit coordination executed neatly, by the way, that Special Operations Group of the local police that has been wandering around the streets in which OS supposedly was, is a damn prank, a fucking joke!!

For the propagation of the antihumanist homicide!
May the ancestral curses return from the underworld and fill our hands with human blood!
Fire and explosives, bullets and knives against the objective wherever there are mafia individualists!
For the Egoist Union!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Mexico State
-Savage Serial Murderers

*The translation (although never literal) is, “may the furious force fill your face with pestilence”


[en] (Spain) 52 Communique of the ITS

It can be heared the fierce thunders hitting the cities of the “Old Continent”, where a deformed and artificial mass don’t live but vegetate. It can be heared the tempestuous wind, that one which predicts the advent of something tragic. The first drops begin to fall from inhumane black clouds that cover the sky with their unknown darkness…

The storm is here! Everybody knew that sooner or later it would arrive! Hyper-civilized look surprised the sky, they don’t know what is coming yet… But when they look at the eyes of the destruction, the chaos, the death, the terror will seize them and they will run to hide. A few, however, listen the call of the storm, the roar of the thunder, the shout of the wind and the rain, and attend it with the knives freshly sharpened, full of hate for the despicable shitty humanity… Because we are those egoistical savages who enjoy the death, who take delight with human misery!

That storm is the ITS Mafia. That group of eco-extremist criminals and nihilist terrorists which in January of this year crossed the Atlantic to Greece and that today, only a few months later, is operative in another two european countries.

We attack misanthropically the techno-moral society in a indiscriminate way because the humanity disgusts us, this ridiculous thing that decays in the cities full of smoke, that crawls from work to home and from home to work, like machines without life, insulting everything sacred for us every second of its existence; we sicklily hate its customs, its routines, its aspirations, its no-lifes… we want to see all of them dead! We live among you, weak human trash, we live without raising any suspiction, being just a few more sheeps, smiling in the needed moment to go unnoticed, we are those nice creatures who give you the seat in the public transport… behind this smiles are occulted our homicidal intentions!

We deliver a mortal blow to the moral of attack, how are we going to feel empathy with this stupid domesticated animal who lives distant from its natural essence? Are there innocent humans in the humiliation of the Wild Nature? Anyone who believes this is naive, a humanist or a fool (or the three). We attack, yes, foreign to the dualism of the humanist assessments, we don’t care if rich or poor, if man or woman, if white or black, modern human is our enemy and we don’t make boring humanist distinctions. Does Wild Nature make distinctions when it manifests with its characteristic brutality? ¿Did the ancient barbarian warriors of this continent make distinctions? You can make this question to the entire populations massacred by those vikings “northen beasts”.

There isn’t any political objective to reach in our acting, we don’t look for any revolution, we don’t have demands of any type, we don’t want to go back in time either. We attempt because that Unknown Force hidden in the mountains, forests, rivers, wild animals, in the Moon… carried by tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes… that force is within ourselves too, in the form of dark, violent and primitive instincts. We are civilized humans, but we know that all the centuries of civilized life haven’t achieved to eliminate this instincts. Modern human represses them, keeps them dissatisfied, chains them with its goddess Reason… we wait with ancient patience the moments when we liberate them, when we momentarily satiate them embracing chaos!

As can be seen, we don’t make the secular and modern distinction between us as subjects and Nature as object. We are pagan warriors in extreme defense of the Wild, but we don’t understand the Wild as something alien to us. To the contrary, for us the alien is the civilized life at all levels, and because of this we attack it without more regard than the strategical one.

We lack hope in a better tomorrow, we know the end that awaits us in this unequal war. And despite this we attack, like the ancient did.

Therefore, we claim that the night of April 18th we went out in the city of Valencia with a
trash bag, in it there wasn’t food waste but an incendiary device of approximately 5 liters, with a small explosive adhered and designed to detonate moments after the activation of the device, this to expand the fire and in case some noble citizen thought of extinguish it. We walked determined and with the ancients in our mind, in our pockets we carried pagan war amulets given by the spirits of the Unknown. We abandoned the device indiscriminately in the street, near a line of cars, we ignited the fuse with tranquility and disappeared from that place stealthily. Although we couldn’t know the damage caused because we didn’t read anything about the arson in the local press, we know that the device was activated because when we were far from the place we listened the explosion, so the artisanal fuse ignited correctly and the fire came to our call. There goes our gift for the normality and stability of the peaceful civilized night…

This time the fire consumed material objectives because our egos desired it, but it was also an attempt in which we carbonized the humanist values that govern the civilized life, imposing authoritatively our will above the properties of the anonymous citizens and destroying the good-evil binomial raising over its ruins our egoistical interests. Who knows when and where are we going to appear again, who knows what device or weapon will we hide then and if our objective will be material or human… may the spirits guide us in this war!

Force for the terrorists brothers and sisters of the Mafia in America and Europe!

Force for the Wildfire cell and for all those that attempt anonymously! And we remember the terrorist of the 7 bombs, Mark Conditt, with special respect!

The Mafia expands… we have chaos in our hands!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Spain

-Animist Criminals

[en] (Mexico) 51 Communique of the ITS

We went out again with the conviction that characterize us and with the Wild on our side, we prepared our improvised explosive devices in the dark and surrounded by the ancient copal smoke that our ancestors used to “clean” the close environment.

This time we went to two objectives in the periphery of the disgusting Mexico State, the first one a Toks restaurant on López Portillo avenue (between Tultitlán and Coacalco), there we abandoned, today April 18, before sunrise a bomb composed of butane gas cans and an artisan detonator, all tied with annealed wire.

We waited just a few seconds and a ball of fire of approximately three meters, appeared with an infernal noise that rumbled various meters around, the large windows of the restaurant ended up ground because of our attempt, we executed this attack directly opposite the municipal video surveillance control center, proving that neither their fucking cameras, nor their model citizens, nor their shitty police officers can prevent or stop our terrorist desires of destruction.

The second device was abandoned inside an ATM of the Azteca Bank on the same avenue (between Coacalco and Ecatepec) when it had dawned, evading again the security controls and the public and private video surveillance cameras.

We attacked this bank because we wanted, there aren’t boring political discourses in our motivations, or economic pseudo-critiques, we just attacked it because the objective was within our grasp, to mock the civilized slavery and to satisfy our egoistical instincts of attack. It doesn’t matter that they had silenced our bombs, in any case we have more materials to detonate and cause destruction and wounds!

In this detonations were the cursed memory of the solitary terrorist Mark Conditt.

Force for the ITS groups in America and Europe!

Courage for the misanthropes and incorrect terrorists!

With the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Mexico State
-Ouroboros Silvestre

Foto del objetivo atacado un día después. Se puede ver que el explosivo derribó la parte frontal del banco, también se observa un auto negro de la policía de investigación a un costado custodiando el objetivo.

[en] (Chile) 50th Communique of the ITS

Once again we left our refuges to enter the abyss of the eco-extremist and misanthropic action. We plunge ourselves to its depths and talk with its inhabitant spirits, they advise us, they are glad and applaud us. Yes, they applaud us because they know that not everyone has the determination and the amount of blood in the veins to go visit them. A few have achieved to see their faces of Chaos and beauty, their action bodies that still inspire those who continue in the surface. We know that sooner than later our spirits will unite in the abysmal eternity. And when we dwell there, we will advise and applaud those who dare to plunge themselves and return.

We went out with our spirits commended to the Unknown, the Invisible, the Nameless. With the blessing from the Earth, we walked through the city carrying the explosive charge on our backs, with the device that desires the combustion and the enemy blood. Walking among deads with Chaos in the hands, we move cautiously, we rest in our accomplices and kept weapons.

We misanthropically claim the abandonment of a package-bomb on the outside of the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez (General Jofré 462), on Friday, April 13th. Our explosive package without message was aimed against any imbecile student, but it was also aimed against any curious passer-by. We yearned for the bloody and mortal explosion to any human, we don’t care if he is rich or poor, woman or man, young or old. With this we affirm that any inept and unpleasant student, of any branch of knowledge, of any political current, is and will be a target to the action of the ITS Mafia.

Our steel niple filled with black powder apparently hasn’t exploded (yet), perhaps it ended up in the trash and someday it blews the fingers of some garbage man or who knows. The important thing is that the eco-extremist intentions still intact. The set of ITS attempts in the south don’t stop at nothing, neither at the investigations of the chilean intelligence nor at the last sentences of terrorism. We the HMB-ITS, the truly terrorist, are free, wild and unpunished, we don’t care a fuck about their new counter-terrorist laws. We are the invisible menace, cautious and patient, we are the Mafia ITS…

We pretended with this explosion to fill the south with Chaos again, I don’t know why but the south is calm lately, it seems that some have got scared with the sentence of Flores, well we don’t, and this indiscriminate attempt to hurt people demonstrate it.

Our attempt goes in the name of all the Wild of the Earth, in the name of its cycles and terrific manifestations for civilization. The Unknown called us a few days before, its appeal went unnoticed to everyone but not to our bodies, we listened that message of the Wild, that movement of the Earth woke us and whispered in our ears: “now, for my spirit, attempt”. And that’s it… in its name we plunged ourselves…

Our attempt also goes to the spirit of Mark Conditt, yes, in your name goes our try, for you indiscriminate warrior, for your glorious death and life. Your bombs and your courage are an example for individualists like us. Warrior Mark, we will see you in the abyss! ¡We extor your spirit and try to revive it with every explosion! In your name we plunge ourselves…

“(…) Honestly I would prefer to be surrounded by a dense forest than by so much disgusting and filthy human being (…)”
– Mauricio Morales

That’s all for now, we will return when they least expect it, we continue through the indiscriminate path against the civilized world. Giving life to ITS for more than two years we are still free and unpunished avoiding all their intelligence equipment. They are no longer artisanal nipples, it is no longer match powder, they are no longer only knives, no! Our bodies are upright for what is coming, may the Occult says when it comes…

War on civilization, human race and progress!

For the Earth and our Egos, forward brothers of the mafia in America and Europe!

Eternal glory to Warrior Mark Conditt!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild
-Mystical Horde of the Forest




Maldición Eco-extremista blog


A few days ago, this blog received a Pingback*, in which a link from this site was replicated in some websites of the european media, the link in particular is the communique of Misanthropos Cacogen, in which he claims the abandonment of a package bomb and the arson of two mini buses.

In the claim text MC adheres to the international criminal project of ITS, without mentioning dates and places as he does it from the beginning of his public claims since May of 2017.

When we have read the news of the european media we have heard that the police of that place where MC-ITS left his package bomb (which was detonated by the anti-bomb squad of the counterterrorist division and that it was thought at first that it was a false bomb), is in a desesperated search to capture the responsible of the indiscriminate attempt. At first the authorities thought that it was the work of neo-nazi groups, they even arrested one of them using him as cannon fodder for the public opinion, the attempt was associated too with the islamic extremism threat, very latent in Europe.

The disconcerted authorities analyzed the device and checked that effectively the bomb had the power to cause serious physical damage to the one who opened the package. When they revised all the closed circuit of video surveillance cameras of that place they couldn’t catch any responsible, apparently the responsible had avoided ALL the telltale lens in one of the most monitored countries of the world. Desesperate, police invited the citizenship to send them photos and videos of that day of the attempt to be able to catch someone, “any information helps” they said, which also didn’t work.

Then something ocurred, according to the media “someone” send the link of the MC-ITS claim to the police of that country, from “an e-mail server that protects the anonymity based on United States” (it isn’t difficult to find out which one was, especially because this one is widely used by modern anarchists who want to fuck us so much, not only to us but to all the groups related with ITS).

So the police (once again) monitors this site, and the media recently published that “an extremist group would be the responsible of the bomb…”, demonstrating that “someone” in Europe is terrified of the idea that ITS is in “his house” now, so much that he reduces himself to a blabbermouth informer to point with his dirty finger at the responsibles to the police, what a vileness!

From Maldición Eco-extremista, we want to say that although there are undesirable people who want to fuck us, we aren’t going to stop our difussion work, and they won’t stop the Invisible Menace of ITS in America nor Europe.

We aren’t going to stop, neither with their accusations nor their shitty criticism, nor they intimidate us, nor anything, all you do is to bring on more and more our hate against you, and that one day your blood will spill, you bastards!

Forward with the ITS Mafia in Europe!

Always unpunished and hazardous!

Absolute support and complicity with Misanthropos Cacogen!

Maldición Eco-extremista blog

*A Pingback is a notification that arrives to you when other media replicates a link of your site publicly or privately.