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[en] (Greece) 92 communique of ITS

“We witnessed the crudity of this world, the so violent reality, we understood this very good, so for us, hope is dead, there’s no change nor will ever be a revolution or anything that will turn the shit into gold, we are lost and we accept our fall, facing straight into the real problem, human progress and modern civilization.”

“The world is like an hourglass, on the side above is civilization, with all its rigid structures that seek to ensure law and order, supported by the weight of its legal and moral frameworks that work to keep the whole cohesive. The lower side is Chaos, and bit by bit, the sand is falling. With it fall all the illusions of progress, all dreams about worlds of comfort and safety. Today, the upper side is still full enough, but bit by bit, Chaos is taking shape. It is only a matter of time for the world of human superiority to dissolve in the eternal waves of Chaos and Savagery. Meanwhile, we prefer to enjoy the fall, rather than clinging like fools to the mirages of a civilization whose very existence is based on a war against the imperturable advance of time that, like wild tides, gradually undoes everything.”
-8th interview of ITS

It seems like the world is on a downfall and in the midst of the panic, there are always prophets who seem to have the “solution” for all the bad things going on. A magic solution that comes always by the hand of some ideology that promises the paradise on earth. Each one give its contribution: Some ask for more democracy and freedom while others want dictatorship, some talk about seize the means of production and others about destroying them, some want liberalism and others want socialism, some promise a technological utopia in a near future and others tell us that we must come back to the caves, but in any case the end is always the same: A perfect (and anthropocentric) new world, is the perpetuation of the progress and the improvement of the civilized domination over the wild.

There are people with a simple-minded point of view, and they think that the problem is only the State, fascism, authority, the rich class…etc but for the ones who look a little bit further the problem and its responsibiles are not limited to the state, the governement, the political and economical elites nor any evil megacorporation that conspires in the shadows to control everything. Certainly, all those examples named here are in fact responsibile and they must pay for it, but the problem is not limited to the top but to the whole pyramid.

For many people, the one to blame for this disaster have a clear name: The capitalist system. Obviοusly the capitalist system of production plays a key role in the looting and destruction of the wild nature, but who are those that consume, sustain and keep working the capitalist system? Do you really belive that if we substitute the capitalist economical system for a socialist one or any other kind, the mindset of the citizens will change? Of course NOT.

Because the problem are also the 7 billion of human creatures that consume without limits, that actively or passively are part of the framework of the techno-industrial system. Because apart from the basic needs, in the current world the humans have acquired other kind of “needs” that makes them even more dependent of the system of industrial production.

The so-called “basic needs” are not the same that were 50,100 or 200 hundred years ago. Techno-indstrial progress has developed new “basic needs”, new ways of consuming, of social organization…. It has changed everything. If a new political-economical system take over and demand to the masses to abandon the “commodities” and the frentic way of life and consume that the modern civilization offers to them they will not accept it. Modern society masses do not want, can or know how to live in a different way. It is true that the capitalist system abuse and exploits the wild nature for profits, but because there is a demand for product that its never fulfilled. The millions of people that swarm every corner of the earth are the ones who ask for more and more products to consume and entertain themselves, they are the ones who want to have the latest model of car, smartTV, iPhone or any other useless crap, the ones who are anxotic to spend their free time and money earned in a horrible job buying as much as they can, the ones who fall in love with the new technologies that idiotize and enslave them, they are the ones who give up all their privacy and real life experience in exchange for acceptation and popularity in the social networks in wich they find their “friends” and even they fall in “love”, the ones who accept the new massive surveilance programs and laws, all in the name of safety and progress.
The modern human being is totally dependent of the current production system, and loves to fulfill their role of producer-consumer drowνing between mountains of useless products. They enjoy the supposed “liberation” οf the modern way of life. A way of life that, instead of liberating, imprisons in a continuous circle of decay and rottenness. That’s the price of human progress. And for those who still wait for some kind of “awakening of the counciusness” and believe that humankind will refuse the way of life and commodities that techno-civilized progress bring them, should stop believe in dusty political theories written 200 years ago and take a look to the current reality in wich we live.

We don’t stop in threatening or boring theoritical texts, but instead we bring our words to their last consequences.
The people who scandalize themselves over the issue of selectively and indiscriminately killing people and the use of terrorism as means of revenge for the irreparable damage caused to wild nature are the same thar blessed the murders and massacres perpetrated along the history by their side (whatever side it is, as every side on the history commited atrocities) against those who were considered “evil” or “enemies”.
If in the past was “god” the one who choose who have the right to live and who were the ones that must die, in the current days every crime and atrocity than can be imagined is commited in the name of “new gods” of the modern civilized society, shaped in the values of civility, human progress, law and order and western morality.
We REFUSE to be a part of this false double-morality game, and we refuse to give up to the civilizatory order the monopoly of violence. We take this responsibility in our hands and that’s why we answer the barbarism of the civilization with our own barbarism.

Our determination is strong and thats why our hands do not tremble at the time of the attack, thats why we always try to cause the biggest damage as possible with the means we have. Our motivations to carry out violent acts did not born from fantastic dreams of utopic societies that don’t exist, neither are based on useless hopes in future revolutions that will never happen nor any “visionary” ideology. Our motivations came through the analysis of the complex reality that surrounds us, seein the things as they are, assuming the facts and this difficult, pessimist and miserable reality without fantasies and idealizations.

For you we are just a bunch of lunatics and our war is a madness.
However, it was science, “common sense”, rationalism, progress and the logic of civilization the ones that created the greatest horrors in history, and we are not talking now only about the environmental catastrophe or the destruction and subjugation of wild nature but also agains the humanity: world wide wars, nuclear bombs, mass slavery, genocide and extermination of entire populations, and not only this but also a more subtle form of domestication through the modern lifestyle in the cities: The omnipresent technology in every aspect of our daily life has created invisible chains that tie and domesticate us, creating an absolute dependence to technological modernity and progress. At last, the civilization itself, in its arrogance and craving of keep pushing forward its progress no matter the cost, will be the one that drags us all to the abyss. For us, civilization, the unstopable human progress and its frentic way of life are the true madness, the destruccion of the biosphere is the true madness, the disproportionate scale of production-consumption to keep not only the “basic needs” but also the whims, luxury and entertainment of a every day more and more overpopulated humankind are the true madness…
Maybe in some years ahead, when the catastrophic path wich our choices put us in become more evident and an even more dark horizon start to be seing, some will look back and remember this words. And it will be then, in front of the abyss, when many will realize that neither their money, nor their social status, nor their miserable “revolutionary” ideologies, nor their dreams of a brilliant future are useful for anything but to feed their own fantasies.

Today’s world wasn’t builded by a few privileged ones, rather everyone did their part. This is the direct result of human progress, the legacy of humankind.
We are not seeking for any miraculous solution neither for a future for the humankind because there are not, not even that utopic return to the life in the wild nature suggested by primitivistic fantasies. The human being have been corrupted too much and from the wild nature there are only vestiges of what was once, waiting in agony the arrival of its final hour. The only thing that drives us is the revenge for everything lost, for the devastation caused by the human progress, their cities, their machines, their sick way of life.
Neither social justice, nor class struggle, nor equality between the people, nor build “all together” a new better society. May burn all that leftist bullshit and may burn this and every society. We despise this ridiculous and senseless life that the modern human being has created.
There is not other world possible, no brilliant and hopeful future is waiting for us, this is the fucking reality we live in. And if this world is falling apart, may everything fall with it.

On 15-12-19 we placed a bomb in front of the entrance of Zografou police station.

The police, that disgusting institution of frustrated idiots full of complexes, is one of the mechanisms for the imposition of civilized law and order, is one of the forms that have the civilization for perpetuating their normal flow. So, the security forces will be always our target. However, we are aware that the first line for the defense of the system is the servile and submissive behaviour of the citizen masses. There is a cop inside the head of the citizen masses.
We were expecting also to cause damages in the university premises, universities are the incubators of science and progress, therefore they will be always our targets. This time you were lucky, but we will see next time…

Some time attacks are sucessful and other times not, the risk is always there, The fact that the bomb was discovered and detonated by the cops does not discouraged us, in any case we were able to arrive until the very entrance of their nest and place a bomb under their nose, and we can do it again.

We also want to encourage everyone else who feel the need of the attack against civilized society, regardless if they are eco-extremists, nihilists, anarchist terrorists who rejected the filthy leftist humanism or just people who are frustrated and disgruntled with this reality,
to all those who walk towards the nothing…
We are a live example of that with homemade materials and without needing a “professional” training a big mess can be done. With little means we can do a lot of damage. We hope that our example and the example from our brothers and sisters from ITS around the world can serve as motivation for those who choose to carry on their own war. May the attacks multiply!

Nothing is over, we will be back.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Nocturnal Hunters
-Iconoclastic Sect

We want to state something one more last time for the parrots of the media and other big-mouths who spread lies and false information about us:

-We are NOT an anarchist group, nor a left wing or right wing group, neither we are affiliated to any political tendency. ITS is an antipolitical group with nihilistic tendencies focused on the revenge and extreme defense of wild nature, no more no less.

-We do NOT have any relation with the group “Sect of Revolutionaries” nor with the rest of non-sense and rumours spreaded by the media and some idiots on the internet.

[en] (Mexico) 91 Communique of ITS

Through this text we take responsibility for the following acts:

-December 19: Arson attack in the substation of Federal Commission of Electricity in Santa Marta Acatitla, Iztapalapa, Mexico City. The fire caused a black-out in dozens of neighborhoods that remained without electric supply, being thus a sucessful attack and being an evidence that we still lurking.

-December 24: While the christmas celebrations were about to begin, we set on fire the popular Market of la Merced, it was more than ready, the flames spread quicky due to the huge amount of garbage that is storaged there.
We are glad to mention that two people died because of our flames, loses of wich we feel no regrets at all, this is a War against society, we do not care if its members are rich or poor, we act indiscriminately, without mercy for anyone, this is already known by many people. Do not be surprised of the fact that we will continue killing directly and indirectly automatons whose only purpose is to be in the midst of sea of scum who live one of the most populated cities of the world.

We look at you with hatred, your celebrations disgust us, you created us and now face the consequences.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Mexico City


[en] (Greece) Zografou bomb could be linked to new group

17 de diciemrbe 2019

The counterterrorism department of the Greek Police (ELAS) believes the culprits that planted an explosive device across the road from a police precinct next to the campus of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Zografou, eastern Athens, Monday were young members of anti-establishment groups experimenting with bomb making, possibly linked to a group calling itself the Iconoclastic Sect.

Investigators found significant similarities between the devices wiring with that of an bomb planted by the Sect outside the NTUAs civil engineering department in April 2018.

The same group had planted a bomb outside the Church of Agios Dionysios in Kolonaki, central Athens, in late December last year, which exploded and injured a church employee and a police officer. As with Monday’s incident, there was no warning phone call.

According to police sources, the explosive device in Monday’s attack consisted of gunpowder (of the type used in large firecrackers etc) in a tightly closed metal tube inside a 5-liter plastic container filled with nails. The device had a timer.

Investigators were unable to determine when exactly the perpetrators had planned for the bomb to go off. They believe that the aim was for it to detonate either during the night or in the early morning, but this did not occur due to some kind of fault.

The bomb was found at around 9 a.m. by the police precinct chief, who noticed it as he was parking his motorcycle. A bomb disposal unit destroyed the device in a controlled explosion.

The Iconoclastic Sect has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks since last year. In one of their statements regarding the explosion in Kolonaki last December they bemoaned the fact it did not cause more mayhem. Although the injuries were not serious and [the two wounded] escaped death by chance because the explosion was not as strong as we thought, we learnt our lesson for the next time, the group said at the time.

The text had been published on a Spanish-language website titled Eco-extremist curse (Maldicion Eco-extremista), and members of the group declared themselves members of an international federation of eco-extremists called Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS).

[es] (Estados Unidos) 90 Comunicado de ITS

Nuestra sed de sangre ha sido saciada y alabamos a Pan y Dionisos y todo lo Desconocido por guiarnos hacia esta acción. Como los depredadores del bosque, percibimos el aroma de nuestra víctima y actuamos a partir de nuestra hambre por sangre humana. Nos CAGAMOS en toda la moralidad Occidental y todos nuestros detractores anarquistas Americanos. Nos regocijamos con el alzamiento de la muerte misma desde el mundo Submarino como nuestra cómplice personal. Luego de la acción, celebramos, fornicando mientras la dulce sangre de nuestras víctimas seguía fresca en nuestras manos. Deseándole la muerte a toda la civilización, nuestro grupo de extremistas asesinó felizmente a dos tecno-ejecutivos en la Costa Oeste, Tushar Atre y Erin Valenti. Realizamos los asesinatos sin más razón que el simbolismo de ver a dos endebles apéndices del sistema tecno-industrial yaciendo frente a nosotros primero en agonía, y luego inanimados. No nos importó una mierda Atre y su dinero, o sus empleados y como los abusaba. De todos modos, la muy certera fake news correctamente sostiene que ¡se estaba juntando con la gente equivocada! Nos reímos cuando Valenti se excitó por el hecho de ser secuestrada y cuando declaraba ante sus padres haber “despertado” horas antes de su muerte! La Pantera Submarina estuvo complacida por su sacrificio el cual parece haber aceptado.
Nos acercamos hacia ambas víctimas gritando “¡HOKA HEY!” en memoria de nuestros ancestros tribales quienes solo se mantenían como Jefes de Guerra si el balance de cuerpos se sostenía.

¡Por la muerte de todas las civilizaciones!
¡Que el Jaguar Negro se alze desde el mundo submarino para vengar a nuestros ancestros y satisfacer nuestros deseos de sangre humana!
¡Por la unificación de las Individualidades Salvajes!

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje-Estados Unidos
La ira de la Naturaleza


Enviado al mail.

Our thirst for blood has been satisfied and we praise Pan and Dionysus and all of the Unknowable for leading us to this action. Like the predators of the forest, we caught the sent of our prey and acted from our hunger for human flesh. We SHIT on all Western morality and all of our American anarchist naysayers. We rejoiced as Death itself rose from the Underwater World as our personal accomplices. After the action, we celebrated, fornicating while the sweet blood of our victims remained fresh on our hands. Wishing death to all of civilization, our group of extremists happily murdered two Tech executives in the West Coast, Tushar Atre and Erin Valenti. We conducted the killings for no other reason than the symbolism of seeing two flimsy appendages of the technoindustrial system laying first in agony, and then motionless before us. We gave no fuck about Atre and his money or his employees and how he abused. Although, the very real fake news claims correctly that he was mixed in with the wrong crowd! We laughed as Valenti became aroused at her kidnapping and as she plead with her parents to become awoken in the hours before her death! The Underwater Panther was pleased with her sacrifice which she seems to accepted.
We came before both victims yelling “HOKA HEY!” in the memory of our tribal ancestors who only remained Cheifs of War if the balance of bodies is maintained.

For the death of all civilizations!
May the Black Jaguar rise from the Underwater World to avenge our ancestors and satisfy our urges for human blood!
For the unification of Wild Individualities!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-USA
Natures Wrath

[en] (Chile) 89 Communique of ITS

“Indeed, the fundamental claim of Anarchism in order to eliminate any principle, order or government –Arkhé– implies, however, and as the Eco-extremists point out, the fundamental subsistence of the Social, and in that, of the Humane.
Against this, as we have seen, Eco-extremism seeks exactly the elimination of the Human and its “Regression” to “the wild” and the “individual”, to erect the “Non-human”, thus eliminating metaphysical dualism. That is why Eco-extremists do not consider themselves or act as mere anarchists. They do not only seek the elimination of all principles. What they are looking for is the elimination of the Human subject.”

“(…) They DON’T “have more animosity to people who were from the Concertación than to the same people on the right”: they do not care exactly if they kill someone from the right, from the left, from above, from below, black, white, Chinese, Jew, Palestinian, heterosexual, homosexual, male or female, child or elderly, disabled or Olympic champion, poor or rich, dumb or intelligent. For them, any civilized Human deserves to be dead.”
-What is Eco-extremism?
An analysis of “Individualists Tending Towards the Wild”

“The world is like an hourglass, on the side above is civilization, with all its rigid structures that seek to ensure law and order, supported by the weight of its legal and moral frameworks that work to keep the whole cohesive. The lower side is Chaos, and bit by bit, the sand is falling. With it fall all the illusions of progress, all dreams about worlds of comfort and safety. Today, the upper side is still full enough, but little by little, Chaos is taking shape. It is only a matter of time for the world of human superiority to dissolve in the eternal waves of Chaos and Savagery. Meanwhile, we prefer to enjoy the fall, rather than clinging as fools to the mirages of a civilization whose very existence is based on a war against the imperturable advance of time that, like wild tides, gradually undoes everything.”

-Eighth interview to ITS.

We arrive at the moment when the gates of hell open and the darkest instincts are unleashed. The invisible threat unfolds now, in broad daylight, stealing, looting, burning …

We wander on the streets of Santiago with our daggers and our homemade devices looking for chaos, and to go straight to the point, we are awarded the most notorious acts of which we take part in the middle of the riots:

– Indiscriminate arson of luxurious and not luxurious cars, at least three were completely burned.
– We stabbed a wanna-be-hero citizen who tried to alert the army with his screams in order to capture us , with a couple of stabs we left him on the ground, losing blood, we hope that he swelled the list of casualties.
– We beat the crap out of a woman who tried to film us while we were setting some cars on fire, we did not kill her so later we can’t be labeled as machistas and all that garbage, HA! as if we care!

The forces of the earth along with all its mysticity have awakened us from our rest whispering their anathema in our ears: “May the whole world burn”, and we have responded as before, dancing among the flames celebrating the awakening of the new warriors who move like the young Kloketen, just as we did there in 2016 with our first attacks.

They can call us fascists, infiltrators, agents of disorder, WE DON’T CARE, we are extremist terrorists and if we have to “infiltrate” with the anarchists to loot a supermarket or burn a bus we will do it, if we have to “inflitrate” with far right militants and take advantage of the chaos to burn synagogues as it will be. Because we are like the storm that unleashes without warning, like the tsunami that devastates everything and makes no distinctions of class, gender or anything. We were, we are and we will continue to be UNKNOWN WILD NATURE.

This is a call to all agitators, the psychopaths, to the worst of the worst in society, to become part of the riots to take the destabilization one step further, we know that for years these icy lands of the South have It has been the home of countless demons that now have their chance to go out like us, with the chaos in their hands to become part of this war and enjoy the disaster seeing how everything falls apart.

A war salute for the “Chaos Inciters”, a new group of ITS in Chile that also took part in the riots, wherever they may be, may the Unknown keep you safe little brothers!

Always on the side of Chaos!
Against human progress and its filthy civility!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild- Chile
Mystic Horde of the Forest

[en] (Chile) 88 communique of ITS

We incite chaos and destruction and once again we took advantaje of the mob within the demonstrations on these southerner lands, to cause destabilization.

Infiltrated in the midst of the enajenated mob and hooded vandals, we were around with only one target: fire and destruction.

We worship the burning flames, penetrating, see how everything burns, the gasoline has been a good ally.
Armed with bottles filled with flammable liquid, we proceed to burn everything, stealthy and always looking for our affinities, spreaded, we were, we are and we will be here, observing and laughing from the shadows.
Forwards the lumpen, mechas, destructive ones, criminals, looters, thieves and amoral ones.
The day of chaos is coming and we wish death to the city and human progress!



[en] (Mexico) 87 Communique of ITS

Taking advantage of the popular clamor, the demand for justice, the tolerant administration of the capital authorities and police incompetence, members of Individualists Tending towards the Wild have infiltrated the demonstration yesterday and have been participants in the riots generated in the downtown of the disgusting Mexico City.
Once again, Chaos seized the streets and our groups, along with other rabid antisocial, ravaged several targets within our reach. This is not the first or the last time we infiltrate a peaceful march, it is clear that ITS takes any opportunity to unleash Chaos, confusion and destabilization, we really don’t give a damn about their demands (from whoever).
For the mindless we clarify that, this is a small statement concerning of OUR responsibility in those riots, with this it does not mean that we were the ONLY responsible for the beautiful violence of a few hours ago, the merit also belong to others with whom we share masks, sweat, mocks and effusiveness.

For the Occult and the Unknown:

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Mexico