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[en] (Chile) 86 Communique of ITS: About the arrest of a supposed member of ITS-Chile

We still here, observing and laughing from the shadows while the cops celebrate the arrest of an alleged member of ITS, you should know that, as usual, you’re WRONG and in your incompetence, you left yourselves in ridiculous as you did during the previous years.

The dead protect us and that’s why we praise them before the attack, the cursed deities of the South cover us with their mantle and we get away safe again and again.

We are used to the made-up stories of the cops and in this side of the mountain range aren’t nothing new. Did you remember the joke that was the “Caso Bombas” back in the day? or the constantly made-up stories against the mapuche peoples that even end up with cops being charged with criminal offenses and the biggest JOKE have been all your investigations and research since we burned the skin of that disgusting miner back in 2017.

Lies have short legs, and you will swallow all your words when we unleash chaos again, more soon than later, in this lands of the south.

We don’t know who is Camilo, the truth is that he is not a member if the ITS Mafia, so he had nothing to do with the bombs against Landerretche, Louis de Grangue and the other four attacks that are blamed on him, those are only OURS, and those who rejoice today with the arrest of a dangerous terrorist will end up accepting the fact that probably they arrest nothing but a simple vandal, because the supposed “materials for making bombs” are common products available in every home, screws, tape, matches, carbon, etc. But from everything they are saying about, the most funny part is that of the “lone wolf”, this not even Mr. Chadwick believe it, neither the prosecutor nor anyone with a bit of common sense. Was just a single person the one who crafted and sent explosives, wounding important people and without help of anyone else? HA! We wish we had a fellow partner like that one within the Horde.

The call of the wild has summoned us for the fierce defense of wild nature, and we will continue on this path until the end, the path of terror and explosives, wounds and murders.

And if some day they really manage to arrest or kill us, from hell we will continue our war, like Kevin, Mark, Mauricio and all the ancient ones who confronted the advance of civilization.

Death to civilization and human progress!
Death to their lies and tricks!
Until the last eco-extremist is killed, we will continue at war!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile

-Mystic Horde of the Forest

[en] (Brazil) 85 Communique from ITS: Dismantling a political invention with our name

Until now we had choosen not to talk about this issue, as it was “behind scenes” and we did not give much importance until then, but as now has became publicly in a political narrative, takin position on this issue is of a vital importance to take back our name from the dirty mouth of the liars with political goals.

Since we emerged publicly, there are many who try to understand our motivations, and the interpretations of who we are varies depending the observers, each one more imaginative than the other. In short, for the right wing we are a extreme-left terrorist group, and for the left-wing we are a fascist group created by the right-wing, both theories based in political justifications. It is not a surprise and actually it is very repetitive, but we reafirm that we are not on any of those sides, we are far beyond politics. ITS is a nihilist group of an extremist ecological tendency. Using a more complex languaje, there are many “fake news” about us, even in Wikipedia some lies have been included.

The world has learned a lot from the strategies of Steve Bannon, and more specificly in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro was chosen only because of the massive strategy of virtually propagandistic lies and some political maneuvers executed by the judicial powers that now are on foreground. But not only the lies comes from the righ wing, the left also worship it. Left journalists and sites clearly interested in the Bannon strategy wich they criticize so much, created very funny lies about ITS, as it was the case of DCM (1), Brasil247 (2) and Revista Forum (3), wich situates us in a paranoic invention of the right wing to justify a “coup d’etat” due to the evident failure of the Jair Bolsonaro’s government. According to them, we were created some months ago by the “fascist right wing governemnt” as a secondary strategy to “create an insurrectional situation” in order to “block democracy” and “build a police state” (those are the words of Mauro Lopes). How many bad words, Mauro. In this way, hurts the spirit of journalism and it degrades to the level of sites like 0 Antagonista. We are not a “very serious political operation created by bolosonarism” some months ago. For a good investigation journalist, it is clear that we emerged on 2016, long time ago from the actual government, even during the presidence of Dilma Rouseff, wich was later defeated and Michel Temer came into power. Back in that time, we just started the inaugural week of the Olimpics (4) shortly after the spectacle articulated by the, at the moment minister, Alexandre de Moraes, who extravagate an operation of Federal Police wich arrested a supposed cell of Islamic State in Brazil, wich in reality was a bunch of beginners without capabilites and without any personal contact between them or capacity to carry out attacks. They did not attack and were arrested and the case spectacularized, but we did attack. We detonaded a pressure cooker filled with nails and spheres in the upper platform of Pilot Plane bus station (5). If we are not mistaken, we never revealed this information, but that was NOT the intended place for the blast, but instead we planned to place the bomb in a LINE of dozens of people who were waiting to get into a bus. We just changed the place in the last moment because the place was infested with cops and army officers, only 4 days before the start of the Olimpic Games of that year. What would happened if we blasted the intended spot? How many would been wounded or killed? that was in 2016 and Bolsonaro did not have even the chance to become president at the moment. Dilma go out and Temer come in, and we continue the attacks, here in Brasilia and other places, in darkness and publicly. Temer leaves and comes Bolsonaro, and we still planting bombs and carrying arson attacks. But for the “respected” leftist journalism, “we are clearly a fascist invetion from the far-right to justify an state of emergency under the governement of Jair Bolsonaro”. You are provoking self-shame with this stupidity, my dear.

Agencia Publica published once an interest reportage showing how the terrorist attacks from the righ wing promoted the AI-5 (6) in past times. That makes sense, but not this narrative builded by the newspapers. Those leftist think that if the governement was behind our attacks, they would be exectued as we did? with the same materials? with the same frecuency? or the same targets? They need to read some novels in order to stimulate their creativity and build something more spectacular, not those cringey and paranoid narratives.

Also crazy is the right wing who think of us as a “creation of PCC”. In the eve of takeover of Jair Bolsonaro we stated that we are aligned with PCC and CV, but that means only an intellectual alignment with the chaotic intentions of those groups in opposition to the politicians and the army, revealed together with the plans of scape of the São Paulo faction the last year. There is not direct dialogs nor pacts with those groups. But that does not means that we do not have interest. So, we are not a creation of those criminal factions.

The far-right journalist of the site Terça Livre, Fernanda Salles, recently contacted the blog Maldicion Eco-extremista saying that she was being “threatened by the Secret Wilderness Society”, and the administrators of the blog ME pass this information along with the contact of the journalist. We never threatened journalists. So, also, we are not the people behind the threats against Allan dos Santos nor the other journalist. In that moment we stated that we were not responsible for that and we do not care much about it, that if they felt threatened call the cops. The curious thing is that Fernanda lately wanted to give us information about the people behind those supposed threats, as if she wanted to make us stand against them to search for them and “take revenge”, wich did not happened, as we were not interested in this fight, even if implies (not publicly) our name. The journalist Allan do Santos, the journalist Fernanada Salles and the site Terça Livre are responsibile of many “fake news” (7), so we will be not surprised if they made-up those alleged threats using our name to play with their political rivals. But we do not discard also the possibility that a mediocre leftist use our name to archieve political goals with this threats.

The political narrative with our name have been intesified and reached levels that make us furious. The new episode of this lie was published by 0 Antagonista. On July 3, the site published a supposed e-mail received by the senator Marcos do Val (8), rapporteour of the “package against crime”, and supposedly the e-mail was signed by us. Marcos delivered a video to the Federal Police in wich can be seen armed men wandering around his house, stating that he was being threatened because of his complaing of the wrecked “package” made up by Sergio Moro. We did not sent any e-mail to Marcos and no member of ITS wander around the house of this senator. In short, either this is a fake of the right “create a dangerous enemy for the left” to demoralize it (even more) or is a joint of the left to block the political projects of the right through terror. Everything related to our activities is reported in the blogs “mouthpiece” of ITS, if not disclosed on those spaces is because is not from us, is just lies.

The left call us “fascist creation of the far-right”, the right call us “communist invention of the far-left”, and from far away we watch, some times laughing and some times infuriating us. Both stupid groups, failed, clearly defective in their political articulations and both harmful for the few things that are important to ITS. The fact that we make angry the governemnt of Jair Bolsonaro does not make us leftists. This is colossally harmful because wild nature does not have political sides nor flags. While the left was on power on the last years of administration also was extremely harmful as any other government would do. So all that structure can go to hell, this is not what we deal with or what we care for, if every civilization collapses in fron of our eyes with their politics and their values, we will enojoy it laughing. We are more worried about the starving polar bears that travel hundred of miles in search of food and feed themselves with piles of rubbish (9), about the bees producing honey with waste (10), about the sea animals with human produced garbage merged into their bodies (11), about the birds feeding their babies with cigarette butts (12), about the forests teared apart because of the progress (13), with mineral dams collapsing and swallowing eco-systems (14), this is what matter to us. We do not care about anything else.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
– Secret Wilderness Society

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[en] (Chile) 84 Communique of ITS: Frustrated massacre, on the historical shooting in the south

South of Chile, Lake’s Region, Puerto Montt city, there where the southern land begin to break. May 27, 2019, at 9 in the morning an antisocial soul get ready to materialize his devilish desires. Destiny, bad luck, a jammed gun, who knows why, but thay day a major tragedy was avoided, tragedy that was aiming to be a massacre.

Death did not wanted to embrace the cursed south and instead had enough with a severely injured person.

Thus, in the fashion of the “Columbine Massacre” (except for the proportions) a 14 years old teen, masked and armed with a revolver rush into his school. Stealtht walk around until he arrives to a classroom in wich he pulled the trigger 3 times, wounding one student in the neck (he survived), and then he ran away fast.

What we just narrated is a peak in the history of Chile, even if there wasn’t any deaths, the important act in this case are the intentions, the terrible intentions. If is true that the reasons of the teenager to carry out the armed attack are not enough clear, the facts, the footage and what he wrote are quite clear.

“Wow, as it seems it didn’t worked out, if this happened is because you gave me reasons to. Each one of the people who died was because of something”

That was stated in the letter found in the home of the teen, besides he had more than a dozen of bullets as extra ammo, all of this are clear signs that he was aiming to do something bigger.

We could make theories about why the massacre did not worked out, like for example that the revolver was in a bad condition and jammed – remembering that he shoot 3 times- and because of this he had to refuse to continue. Or, the fact that the almost murderer was inside the classroom for more than 3 minutes, what he did? what he said? did he just sat there to wait for the right moment? did he keep them as hostages? A never ending bunch of questions that will have difficult answers. In any case, the important thing here are the hellish intentions of the boy, his brave and willfull crime of contempt for human lives.

A shooting neverseen before in the cursed lands of the south and ITS could not remain indifferent. The truth is that the south is geting soaked with a new kind of criminality wich will be not easily stopped.

We still continue making history with our attacks, others out there carry out their crimes, and some others unleash their ferocious desires.
We as an extremist group with misanthropic tendencies, obviously embrace this kind of action, in general we feel simpathy towards the criminal underworld, but this kind of actions executed with coldness, violent and homicidal have a bigger weight and meaning for us. Specially if they come from the absolute individuality, the materialization of the dark desires of someone is something always valuable.

Actions like that one unleash the dark forces of Chaos and come with an essential value.

Little teenager, your massacre did not happen, but you gave is a fresh breath for our own paths, you earn a place in the history on the Uniques and it was just by luck that we did not witnessed your homicidal rage. Be aware of this, there in your home arrest, that the members of ITS salute your bravery, and celebrate and inmortalize it, because you were Chaos carrying your gun, the abyss is waiting for you….

For little you did not join the savages Luis Henrique de Castro and Guilherme Tucci, the homicidal Vladislav Roslyakov, the terrible Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the bloodthirsty Nikolas Cruz, Federico Guevara, the young cold-blooded Jaylen Fryberg, the macabre Will Cornick, the ruthless Sergey Gordeyev, the horrendous Thomas Lane, the bestial Tim Kretschmer and many other homicidal kids.

Disgraceful modern humanity, cities and civilization made us sick, intoxicate us with progress and modernity, now get ready to face the consequences. We are what rose up from your own shit and our crimes are the agonical answer.

Parcel-bombs, arson and school shootings for the civilization!
May the USA “tradition” of school shootings find its place on the south!

-Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile

[en] (Chile, video) Message from ITS-South

Louis de Grange Concha,today you were saved by miracle of dying or be seriously maimed. Our explosive present unlike of the one that we used with Landerretche promised death. The iron pipe filled with almost half kilo of blackpowder and a dozen of bolts forgive your life…

And no, Louis, we did not choose you because of your belonging to a state owned company, neither the miner back in 2017, you were selected because of your role on charge of corporations that destroy the earth, period. The idiots will raise laughable conspiration theories, but the truth is in the facts and who doesn’t want to believe it, can suck and still sucking.

We shit in state security, we clean our asses with the left, the right and the center. We don’t give a fuck about Chadwick, ANI, GOPE, OS9 and all those shitty institutions.

We’re gonna continue with our terrorist actions in the name of the Unknowable and the Wild. We will continue crafting explosives and creating indiscriminate and selective terror.

On January we attacked randomly against humanity, today we attacked a specific person that was very lucky.

This time was the head of Metro, tomorrow who knows, maybe we blow up or set on fire one of your subway cars. The time and our will will arrange it…

We still being out there, free and wild in total impunity, you will not trap us easily because we are blessed by the spirits of the ancestors. We walk alongside the deities of the Hain ritual, the spirits of the mapuche warriors care and guide us.

In the video that we expose is materialized the creation of the chaos. This recorded material are the only evidence of our activities, the only trace of our horrendous crimes. This audiovisual material is meant for the restless minds who wait just for the momentum to jump into the terrible abyss of the action.

We encourage with ferocity the war of the antisocial anarchists. May the fire extinghishers filled with blackpowder, the wild arson attacks and the shootings come back like in the old times.

Forward brothers of ITS in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Greece and Spain, on the lands of the end of the world the war still going on!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – South
-Red Blood Sect
-Mystic Horde of the Forest


We’re back, the mafia grows and create networks from north to south and from east to west. We crossed the mountain range as our ancestors did when they traveled from one place to another on the snowed mountains to make deals, but this time it wasn’t an exchange of food, skin or cattle, this time was an explosive device, thats right, a parcel-bomb. The device was done by an artisan accomplice from the lands of the west, wich without any doubt and as has been proved in previous attacks, knows very good how to craft this kind of mechanisms. What do we offer in exchange for such great and destructive creation?… just our action.

We crossed their borders to find us face to face with our brothers from the other side, we found each other again and re-opened the mystic and ancestral conection than only ferocious souls can conceive, we talked, laugh and conspired to generate chaos.

We conspired carefully in the shadows to choose who will the the one who deserve the explosive. Disgust and rage fulfill our beings, the construcction and inaguration of the new line 3 of metro deserved revenge. Thus, as it was the case with “the minner”, this time our target was the president of Metro of Santiago, LOUIS DE GRANGUE CONCHA. This civil engineer whose name and existance represent one of the biggest transport companies of this country. Metro of Santiago is the company that claims to bring solutions and progress to the “great city”, with their upcoming projects and the ones already finished they just manage to gnaw and destroy even more the land, open it and tearing it apart each time more kilometers, causing a great damage to the soil. In the name of human progress they carry from one side to other those herds of bastard and monotonous civilized sheep. And so, at the expense of the injuries inflicted on the earth they continue to increase their fortune.

Before all these destructive actions, we can’t just remain without doing nothing, we had to do something about, we felt more and more the call of the wild, we felt restless living inserted in this disgusting city. It was just needed to get away from this city and spend some days in the wild nature to get filled with strenght, we left our nest to materialize our anti-humanist desires. With this explosive present we claim every square centimeter or land that is stolen to let pass the stupid and putrid progress. We can’t let them to continue installing their destructive machines, to install their high technology trains that are driven automatically and even replace the human being, and that are only useful to move the crowds around.

With our attack we did’t aim to end with the Metro company, neither to stop their projects, as that would be stupid and proper of a dreamer. We just want to honor the earth with blasts and blood. This time was the top head of Metro, yesterday was the one of Codelco, tomorrow any other important CEO.

As we did with Oscal Landerretche, once the prey was chosen, we lurked around his home, checked his security and were wandering around the neighborhoods that claim to be the safest ones in the city, we, the most wanted ones, laught straight in front of your face again. We stared into the eyes of the target, he looked at us, but didn’t saw us, did’t saw our intentions. In our hideout we discuss about killing him directly, as his execution was something possible, we have the tools and the will, but we desisted for now. For now we continue with the explosive presents that bring death. Knives and bullets are more and more thirsty for hyper-civilized blood, but as we say before… the dead will tell you when…

Amuleto mistico de ITS-Chile

We did exactly the same and still you don’t learn, but it is said that the human is the only specie that falls two time in the same trap… maybe this is the reason of why mankind is condemned to extinction… without hesitation we act in the shadows to avoid being detected, we are covered and protected by the pagan deities of our ancestors. Thats why it is so difficult to find us, becase when comes the moment in wich you open the eyes we will be watching and enjoying comfortably our chaotic creation, from the other side of the Andes mountains or from the very south of the continent.

This time the satisfaction wasn’t full and didn’t end as expected… De Grangue, you have to arrange with a pedophile priest to change your name, from now you are baptized as THE LUCKY ONE, only the luck saved you.

We move in the south, from capital city to capital city, from sea to sea, on the white mountain and you’re not even close to catch us. We continue the war against modern humanity and its progress, its us, the ghosts of ITS; the Mystic Horde of the Forest and the Red Blood Sect joining in the conspiration and materialization of our inhuman desires.

You already know us, and we alredy mention it in several communiques, either you are miopic or don’t want or simply you’re just fools. We warned on the past January when we incrusted burning metal on civilized flesh “CEO, politicians, students and plain citizens are our target. The blast will warn you…” And so it was, this time was the lucky progresist De Grangue, tomorrow can be any other scumbag who think is important, who represent a company that want to introduce the progress, make extraction works, humiliate our ancestors or, simply, someone like YOU.

In the name of the progress and their rotten civilizations the modern human being will continue damaging terribly the earth, and this will not change. But remember that we are here, ready for everything that happens, writing down names, checking adresses, here we are to give back at least a little of the damage caused to our enviroment and for that we use homemade explosives and other weapons.

Continue with your science and progress frenzy that we will continue attackin in the name of everything wild on the earth. For the rivers and the mountains, for the insects and the birds, for the cougar and the fox, for the ancestral warriors that fought civilization and for those who filled us with their beliefs and spirituality.

The disgraceful modern humanity deserve the worst, deserve devastating earthquakes, floods, murderous tsunamis and volcanoes blasts that burn them to ashes. Our bombs and the blood that we may spill are just a little offering to wild nature.

The spirit of the misanthropic warrior Mauricio Morales inspired us in our attack, in this special month for the Chaos we honor the antisocial memory of punki mauri.

With the spirits of the wild warriors Kevin Garrido and Mark Conddit always in our paths, continue with your demonic dance in the abyss!

From north to south, from coast to coast and through the mountains; forward with the war brothers of the Eco-extremist mafia!

War against modern humanity, its progress and its science!

Misanthropy, Chaos and Wild Nature always!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Chile, Argentina
-Red Blood Sect
-Mystic Horde of the Forest

[en] (Brazil) 81 Communique of ITS: Damara Alves walk on the valley of Death

Today we learned through the press about the possible resignation of the head of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves (1). The information is still confusing, perhaps intentionally disproved to avoid further erosion of a government falling apart and that has already lost some ministers. Whether it continues or not, there is discomfort, that is a fact, it can be an emotional exhaustion on the part of Damares. Veja, the media that reported this possible resignation of the minister was clear, there were death threats, oppositions and attacks. The media scored and is right, certainly the greatest threat until then came from us, from the Wilderness Secret Society when we left in a church in Brazlândia an explosive device of 5 kilos with high destructive power (2). We did not care about how many we would have killed and if we were targeting a specific group, Christian religious, the same group of Damares, even if it was Protestant. We looked at this group and we had our reasons, and at the moment we made clear the threatening position and our murderous intentions also against Damares Alves. Let it be clear that they still exist, and they are increasingly dangerous. The Federal Police, with the help of Abin and other organs, carried out a large operation, but detained random people, not us (3). We keep developing and attacking. The last attack was at dawn on the last Sunday (28) in the National Forest of Brasilia where we left a trail of destruction in FLONA and burned two IBAMA cars (4). The attack is being investigated by the Federal Police according to Sérgio Moro (5). Of course, we recorded the moment to make it clear that we were the authors, the video can be accessed by anyone. On this occasion, we are concentrating our threats especially on Ricardo Salles, and this is one of the reasons for the chosen objective (ICMBio and IBAMA). Then, you can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking in eggshells, or better, in a minefield. Have you thought about a cult in your church flying through the air like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of his? And a deadly toxin in some food of his? A bullet in your head while traveling to work? Precautions have limits when you are a public figure, and in addition, the walls have eyes. We are willing to take this to the most extreme consequences. Silence precedes the explosion, just wait.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Secret Wilderness Society

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[en] (Chile) 80 communique of ITS: Destructive first of May

Once again the took advange of the inert masses in one of their fiestas trasnformed into demostration. This time was the worldwide known “day of the worker”, the first of may was the perfect excuse to create destabilization and anarchy.

With this little message we take responsibility for our participation in the riots of this first of may. We were in the middle of the mass, in the middle of the vandalic hooded ones.

In this historical date the fools march and sing, but we dont. We did not mixed ourselves within the mob to conmemorate the “Chicago Martyrs”, much less to ask for an improvement of the labor laws. Our goal was fire and destruction.

Because we worship the destructive flames, that orange color that burns, we are fascinated by the smell of the gasoline that fuel the flames. Armed with bottles filled with gasoline we went to burn everything that crossed our path. We spilled the flamable liquid and the lighter did the rest.

And dont be naive, tear gas are not enough to unleash that terrible fire…

Spreaded and always looking for our affines, aware of the citizes who dare to play the heroes, with us they will pay a high price.

Greetings to the ones with molotovs, with hammers, the destructive ones, the criminal looters and antisocial anarchists that contribute with their instruments to that day of destruction and fire.

May start and the “Day of Chaos” is approaching. May Mauricio Morales be remembered with fire and explosions!

Death to the city and the human progress!

Individualists Tending Towards The Wild – Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners
-Inquisitive Revengeful Gang


[en] (Brazil) 79 Communique of ITS: Attacks against FLONA

“We must walk here in the land with soft steps, like a bird that pass flying on the sky and you look after and leave no traces.”
– Ailton Krenak

As the water cycle we come back to fight for the wild. Some dirty mouths talked against us, frustrated investigators of PC and PF hunted us even under the rocks, but not even there they found us, and here we are again, the Secret Wilderness Society, provoking chaos and terror.

We take responsibility for destructive attacks in the National Forest of Brasilia (FLONA) that happened during the morning of Sunday 28th of April, this time in Taguantinga region. We did the following attacks:

– A signal tower in construction was partially destroyed. We tried but did not managed to collapse the tower. In any case have been put out of service, the base is heavily damaged, as well as the iron cables that hold the tower. Every cable was cutted, including the land cable;

– Total destruction of the solar panel that gave energy to the tower. We cutted the lock of the control box with pliers and destroyed everything we found inside. The solar panel was completely smashed using hammers;

– Graffiti with threats in several signs on the forest, specially against Ricardo Salles;

– Destruction of a small brigde for visitors inside the forest;

– After being welcomed in the entrance and in the exit by a imponent Guara Wolf, as if he greet us, we caused the arson and destruction of two IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Enviroment) vehicles by placing incendiary devices of 8 liters of gasoline divided in four bottles tied to little explosives and several fuses, placed un the front and back part of the vehicles;

Neither ecoturism nor technological structures will have a place within the forest, the extremist war agains the grey and artificial modern world still going on, the artifacts to the cities. We reject the Techno-industrial System out of pure contempt. Of course, the violent disgust towards civilization flows hot in our veins, and the catharsis smell like explosives. And for some who think that a bunch of individualists can do little the National Thowheed Jamath proves the oppossite after the well deserved carnage against christians in Sri Lanka. In the last december this scenario of terror was about to happen on this land by us, Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil. But we do not care, our intentions still vigent, remember that silence comes before the blast. The attacks of that sunday morning in FLONA are just a spark, is logical that the savagery that comes out of our hands will be materialized over the citizenry. This appearance after the investigations of Federal Police come full of surprises, instead of intimidating us, we upgrade our terrorist power. The tocaia is going on.

For us, forests are sacred places that deserve a profound respect, is not of our desire to make explosives blast on those places, rather attack in the metropolis than antagonize with the sounds of the forests and the animals. The executed attacks were not at random. Cerrado have become a desert, the little that remains will become extinct in a few years more, and those are the words of the scientists, people like Antonio Donato with their respectful research. But someone sensitive is able to feel that, is not necessary that science comes to told us that the earth is ill. In name of human progress the cities are indiscriminately swalloging the nature and cornering wild life. THe wild sounds heard in the dense bushes are just memories now, a memory is the Gavião-Peneira, wich is not anymore flying on the skies searching for little preys in the ground as the land nowadays is uninhabitable, dry and filled with asphalt. In the last days we were traveling through the woods meditating about how destructive is the existence of the human race. The ecological impact of the civilization that we witness comes sowing a growing pain in our spirits. The earth screams. In the forests we found piles and paths of garbage left by “nature lovers” that come to their “sunday leisure”, in many places there are erosions caused by the flow of hundred of cyclists, the beings of nature have been forced to flee because of the mass of civilized ones that come each wekeend to the woods as “relaxing moment”, but during the week contribute anguishedly with the progress of the technological modern society. We saw disgusting machines breaking the earth expanding urbanization and obviously we witnessed also bushes and rivers damaged after the typical hipster festivals. This is the old Cerrado succumbing before the intervention of only one being, the invasive human race. Not only in the cities, but in any forest the risk of attack is here. We announce to you, civilized humans, that you are not welcome on there areas, stay away from wild nature, go back to your artificial and sick enviroments, you are an invasive and disgusting species, forests are not for you, left them for the wolves, the puma, the Seriemas, the rattlesnakes, deer, capybaras, teius, tatus, left the wild for the wild. May the ecoturism succumb. Think twice you scouts, turists, cyclists, hunters, families, hipsters, patrols, vagabonds or any civilized who dare to walk on those places where civilization did not fully intervened yet, it will be no surprise any kind of sudden barbaric attack.

FLONA is under the jurisdiction of ICMBio, an entity that underwent a drastic change this week in its direction, and which in turn is linked to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), currently headed by Ricardo Salles. The graffiti on the signs inside the forest highlight the threats to this charlatan and “anti-environmental” character who works strictly for mining, industry and agriculture. Salles has been convicted of document fraud to favor mining companies. Do you remember what happened with the bastard Oscar Landerretche, dont you? So be careful, Salles. You are a public figure. We are not like the despicable ones of the Workers’ Cause Party that snarl all the time salivating radicalism, but when they find you they pat your car. We operate as terrorists. We are not in a hurry, only disposition, arsenals and objectives, and you are one of them, along with the incompetent and pathetic class of the “Bolsonaros” and others that we already mentioned. We do not do this expecting changes in these institutions, since we do not obey political logic. In addition to the MMA and several such as the ICMBio, the Brazilian Forest Service and the IBAMA logically always worked in favor of an insane “sustainable” and progressive civilization, as if there were such a possibility. Now under Salles management these bodies are just verdicts for catastrophic activities. It is well known that this ecocidal operation will intensify abysmally with the interventions of Ricardo Salles, his movements in the last three weeks prove very well that. This type is of the type that is made of the blind eye with companies like the Vale that consecutively destroyed several kilometers of biomes after two gigantic civilized disasters coming from mining activities in the state of Minas Gerais. That is unforgivable. Put Salles, “Bolsonaros” and the others as a target comes also from a revengeful egoist hate that burns within us. This is not because of the “climate justice” desired by progressist garbage like Greta Thunberg neither for the leftwing oppossition, fuck the left, we can also attack them. This is an anti-political stand, Wild Nature does not have “political sides”. And of course, it is good to cause paranoia and political disorder, as it causes destabilization within the social order. If is true that in what concerns destablization the incompetence of Bolsonaro and his filthy gang are, by far, leading the race, we celebrate this, the pathetic deeds and words of this rookie political group collaborate actively in the chaos that we want as they partially stuck the normal functioning of some of the state structures with the clash of interests and their dense ideological bias, creating thus also severe conflicts between different groups because of the political dualism that leads the western civilization

What we did was little, only that we have a life to expel our hatred of civilization and human progress. For the moment the attacks in FLONA and we leave this message to Salles and company. Is it impossible to attack them? ITS almost killed the president of Codelco, one of the largest mining companies in the world. Who would imagine? Frankly, we are not in a hurry. Revenge is coldly tasted. It is clear that we will continue with other indiscriminate and selective attacks seeking to damage and destabilize civilization. Peace and order will be broken by savagery. Who knows in the next opportunity, maybe Sri Lanka will be here. We are not going to extend more, that the explosives speak for themselves. We are serene and who is part of this group, knows that it is without mercy.

Back to the darkness we join the animals of nature, to worship the moon, the sun, the stars, the wind, the waters, the forests, the whole.

May the fog cover our steps. Misanthropy and wild nature always.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Secret Wilderness Society

[en] (Chile) 78 communique of ITS: Crime night

Enviado al mail.

ITS is fire and gunpowder, incendiary devices and pipe-bombs, but we also are criminality and taking advantaje.

March 29 in Chile and the accomplices of southern lands are not indifferent to it. Far away from commemorations and revolutionary acts we assume the responsibility for the participation in the 2019 “Day of young deliquent”(sorry, combatant) riots.
In a totally anonimous way and spreaded all over different neighborhoods of the great Santiago we get ready with our weapons, with the help of the night and the criminal mass gathered we contribute to the clashes.. vandalism in wich we have been present on previous years and we make public today for merely strategic reasons.

This date fill us with joy as well as September 11, we see in this historical commemoration the perfect chance to create a bit of anarchy. We don’t take the streets to commemorate nothing, we don’t care the reason about why on that night happen clashes. We move away from the political load that some leftist want to give to this night of pure delinquency. Make no mistake, we are not interested in commemorate the death of the Vergara brothers nor salute any battle flag except for ours.

Preceeded the previous day for the paranoia imposed by some criminals who detoned their guns in the capital, we tood advantaje to unleash our amoralistic instincts in several locations of the disgusting city, causing disorder and pulling the trigger as much as possible, expecting that the bullet hit in any skull, of whoever, of some bastard, a curious pedestrian or a journalist, every human can be our target.

So, between thugs and delinquents, hooded anarchists and revolutionaries. We are in the middle of the neighborhood, the ghosts of ITS, the most wanted terrorists of Chile.

Camouflaged between the mob we handle ourselves good, in our bodies we carry the weapons. This moment is the best chance we have to shoot everywhere with our guns, we shoot against the cops, without caring if in the middle a civilian can be wounded. The firearms are complemented with molotovs and knives if comes any issue.

Mass media rejoice stating that year after year this day together with September 11, are each time less violent, but we that are engaged in the mess know that this is not true, if is true that there are less spectacular acts, the criminal violence is present and more alive than ever and we members of ITS are proud to be a part of it.

We do not hide behind this date, not at all, that has been set clear by ITS attacking when is less expected, this is a warning, the mafie spread and the fire and bullets will let pass to the blackpowder and shrapnel. It could be any day, do not forget that we still in the shadows lurking our targets and the only thing that has change is that every day we grow stronger.

Forward Delinquency!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild-Chile
-Uncivilized Southerners
-Inquisitive Revengeful Gang
-Mystic Horde of the Forest