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[en] (International) 94 Communique of ITS

We believe that it is always necessary and positive for any project to advance that there is a constant self-criticism, reflection and analysis of the different questions that arise around a specific project, even more so to one like ours.

The time has come to position ourselves and clarify some issues that have been constantly on the lips of some, sometimes more and sometimes less, and lately it seems that they are back in fashion. There have always been among our many detractors those who have supported the idea that ITS is a false group that does not even exist, or that works for the government, or that claims false actions that never occurred or were carried out by others, etc.

First things first, if this situation has been reached, it is not only because there are individuals or groups of despicables who do not lose a single opportunity to vomit their infamy cowardly, but that mistakes have been made that have made it possible for this kinds of “criticism” have found some “legitimacy”.

A project like that of ITS, due to its characteristics, where different cells and individuals distributed around the world who do not know each other, together with the provocative style of eco-extremist theory and practice, added to that aura of mystery and mysticism that surrounds everything that has to do with the eco-extremist tendency and with ITS, it easily gives rise to people outside the tendency, whether they are crude attempts by the police intelligence services, or attempts to discredit us by those who oppose the trend or either by individuals seeking their dose of adrenaline and feeling important, try to appropriate or take advantage of the project and at the same time undermine it, each with different purposes.

Similarly, this occurs (or has the potential to occur) in virtually any similar project (in the illegal aspect at least), be it anarchist action groups, communist guerrillas, religious sects, neo-Nazi terrorists, or organized crime groups. There is always the possibility that there is an attempted police infiltration, a provocation by political rivals or some internet coward who without having touched a weapon in his life or having felt the tension of loading and placing a bomb in the middle of a crowded city ​​want to have a dose of prominence at the same time that they feel “dangerous” and part of a tendency, of which they clearly are NOT part. And whoever has a memory, both of past and recent times, will soon find a multitude of cases of false statements and claims, of any tendency, as well as surely they have met someone who was dedicated to go around pretending to be who he was not. We are aware that this occurs in all environments, and personally to us in our past experience within anarchic action groups we are 100% aware that there were (and still are) cases of these, even in more than one case there still are claims of responsibility that was already proven to be false, and still being upload on pages of anarchist “counter-information”. In the same way, we are also aware of the sincere efforts of a part of that tendency to clear its name of phonies and provocateurs, uncovering falsehoods and phonies.

From the ME blog, dubious groups or statements have been given a voice and sometimes this has led to feeding this type of rumor mill against us, we believe there has been too loose criteria when it comes to filtering what is published and what not, but at the same time, from what we have explained above, with this type of project it is difficult to discern between what should be published and what not, and it has always been decided to give the benefit of the doubt, as long as they were not obviously false claims.

At the same time, constant work has been carried out by ME to dismantle the infiltration and falsification attempts of the tendency, alleged groups that turned out to be false have been discovered and exposed, such as the case of the “group” that was called ” shadows of the forests” in Mexico, although they have not been the only case or attempted interference by others in the tendency. After all, as we have already said, this seems inevitable to us.

On the other hand, the obvious can’t be denied no matter how hard some characters insist. Many responsibility claims from ITS and other groups of the eco-extremist tendency around the world have been accompanied by graphic documents such as pictures of the devices, even some actions have been recorded on video, data and details have been given, for example of the composition of the devices, how, when and where they were placed… and other details that can ONLY be known by those who actually carried out the action. A multitude of press releases and police investigations regarding ITS attacks or other groups of the same tendency have also been attached, although at the end of the day we know that the press publishes what it wants and many of the attacks have been deliberately silenced and hidden.

Be that as it may, we are not going to change the foolishness of the habitual idiots, there are people who continue and will continue to insist on covering the sun with a finger. We believed that it was necessary to position ourselves on this issue and we have done so. At the end of the day, everyone will believe what they want to believe, meanwhile, members of ITS and supporters of the eco-extremist tendency spread across various countries in both America and Europe remain free, active and preparing their next movements from the shadows.

For Chaos:
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (Europe)
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (America)

[en] (INTERNATIONAL) 93 Communique of ITS


“There is no end to this war that we wage, there is no end to the confrontation, this is inherited from generation to generation, and before this monster with a thousand heads there is no certainty that we can defeat it. In this sense ITS is pessimistic but realistic at the same time, there is nothing to win, because whoever plans to win from that moment has already lost. Many do not understand this logic, they continue with the same vision of the seventies guerrilla, who yearned to win his war and establish a revolution which always turned into reform, we do not want a change of power, we do not want the overthrow of civilization for the reign of nature (as the primitivist fools want it), because although that may occur in a few hundred years, we do not see it achievable today, that is why we only want chaos within civilization, we do not want to gain anything nor defeat civilization (apart from the fact that it is practically impossible for a group of individuals to do such a thing), we only have to destabilize, make despair and madness reign, we wage an individual war, and in that sense we win it when We come out safe and sound from an attack, when we strike the stab or the bullet at the target and it dies, that is when the ego of the individualist rises and is exalted with the action, but this remains at the individual level and does not go beyond (…) we live in the present and under extreme conditions, extremist responses.”

This quote summarizes one of our main theoretical bases, we have made it clear many times, we have assumed that we cannot win, that even with all our attacks we could never even knock down a partial part of the system or do great damage to it. Every material target destroyed by fire or explosives is promptly rebuilt and put into operation again. Every scientist, investigator, policeman, or common citizen we hurt or kill is promptly replaced by another. And so the wheel of progress and the social machine keeps turning, impassive to everything that happens, until at some point, whether due to its own unsustainability or other causes, everything falls into the abyss. That we are aware of all this and assume it as an unflappable reality does not imply that we are not aware of what surrounds us, of the changes that are taking place in the sick society in which we live and of the opportunities that are offered to us.

The events of the last months do nothing but confirm that civilization and the world we know has entered a period of decline, this is certainly not something new but it is at times like this when it is most accentuated and becomes very obvious. The imposed order is faltering, the economies are collapsing, the authoritarian tendencies of the governments are increasing at the same time that massive insurrections are breaking out, social tension is exploding and now a virus is causing a global pandemic that not all of its technological, human or all its convoluted bureaucracy, quarantines and closings of entire countries have managed to stop, the modern and civilized human being trembles before the dark present-future that is coming, everyone wonders how it is possible that this has happened and nobody knows with certainty what is to come .

What does seem certain is that troubled times are coming, the system has given evident signs of its multiple failures and imperfections, of course we do not know for sure what will happen, we do not know if there will be a global financial collapse of which the world do not recover, we do not know if the coronavirus pandemic will end in a few months or on the contrary it will become a true threat to civilization and human life even more serious than it already is, what we do know is that there is a before and a later in the world as we know it and even if it ends up returning to normality, we believe that nothing will ever be the same.


Humanity trembles before COVID19, something so insignificant for modern humans, it has made us remember the fragility of human life, the fragility of civilization and the supposed glory of humanity, of everything that exists by the hand of man and it has made them all tremble before the onslaught of a microscopic natural element.

Now we are flooded with speeches and propaganda, everywhere politicians, the media and celebrities lecture the masses anxious that someone come to fix their problems, they tell us that difficult times will come but that “all together” we will overcome it, that we have to tighten our belts to overcome this crisis and return to normalcy. Now many, especially from the petty-bourgeois middle classes, see how everything they took for granted suddenly disappears. They thought that living as dictated by the established, bowing their heads and obeying would have a good life, good studies, a good job and a good future, their own version of the “American dream”. But life is not a straight path already drawn on the map, but a chaotic path where you never know what will happen, the only thing we have is uncertainty.

Despite all the “negative” consequences that COVID19 may bring and directly affect us also (restriction of movement, increased social control, impoverishment or illness, including death for ourselves or someone we love… etc.) even with everything, is a scenario that we prefer an infinite number of times before returning to the normality of the worldly life of the civilized. Hard times do not scare us, in fact, we wish them, not only because they open many interesting possibilities for us (and not only for us) but because it is in the midst of disaster where we feel really comfortable. If the choice is between the normality of life in civilized society and barbarism, the choice is clear to us.


“Damn corner of the world, your infamy makes laugh at time with a mocking grimace and your misery has not softened any delicate heart desirous of funeral charms! Seen from the Balkans, the universe is a suburb through which syphilitic sluts and murderous gypsies stroll.
Its tremendous passion for trash, from stirring it joyous at the sound of funerany trumpets, it could not even invent a lustful god. What yearning star from the peripheries could have fallen there? Boisterous worms dancing the dance of leprosy!”

Now everything is green again, sightings of “strange” animals appear in cities and ports, the coasts are cleaned and the sea is crystalline or bioluminescent, they no longer emit large amounts of pollutants, the most disgustingly populated cities look lonely, the horizon no longer has that gray cream that prevailed a few months ago, the pandemic is NOT revealing a “new world”, it is revealing the world as it REALLY would be without all the negative consequences that we have caused. Wildness “celebrates” the human purge, manifesting as never before, 15 volcanoes erupting in America, Europe and Asia, a raging fire threats the old Chernobyl nuclear power plant, tornadoes destroying everything in its path in Texas, alert for extreme heat in different parts of the globe, and everything reveals the fragility of the human species, its pathetic and ephemeral existence. How right we misanthropes have been, us who bet on the disdain towards human progress! life can go on, continue its cycle without us, the proof is before your damn eyes and some still deny it, putrid humanists, vicious progressives of black mirrors with flashes of modernity, pestilent incubators of exacerbated sedentary lifestyle, we are NOT going to make any effort to return to normality, we are not going to work “all together” to overcome this or any other crisis, we do not want society to recover and return to the course of things. We are going to work, and very hard, to push everything off the cliff, to continue spreading chaos, to bring the situation to the worst of the worst.


Days of Chaos are coming, and it is there that individualists must focus their efforts and resources. Because although we have made it clear that we cannot win or destroy the techno-industrial civilization, its many faults and holes can be used by individualists like us to deliver accurate blows that contribute to plunging it even further into chaos and disorder. It does not take a fortune teller to predict what is coming upon humanity. And it is in this scenario as conducive to groups like ours where we incite all the individualists who are part of our acronyms around the world, and beyond our group all those who feel the call of the Wild, who long to see the Chaos scattered in every corner of the world, those who wait patiently for the moment to attack, those who live to provoke the social decline, to prepare, sharpen your knives, load your bullets, prepare your explosives, study your objectives, check your security practices and be vigilant for the moment of the escalation.

As we have said, the system has many flaws, and these offer many opportunities where it can be attacked to create great destabilization and even more so in the current times, we will leave to each individualist to choose and carefully study the objectives that please them, whether they are arson, murders, bombings or infiltrating the riots and insurrections that will undoubtedly explode in much of the planet and worsen in places where there is already a latent conflict. It matters little to us whether they try to silence us or ignore us, as they did with our communiqué where we claimed responsibility for the bomb at the Zografou police station in Greece, just as we do not care at all for the sterile criticism of right or left wing humanists bastards, nor of the anarcho-christians with their opportunistic double morality. We are here, we still alive, free and dangerous, we have not wasted our time. We are already doing our homework, and they will hear from us soon. When blood splashes onto the asphalt again, when the roar of the explosion shakes everyday normalcy and the fire devours its structures, a single name will come to your mind: ITS.


Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Europe
Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – América


Recibimos al mail la quinta edición de Mictlanxochitl, trabajo encargado de la recopilación de los comunicados de ITS en español. En este número se encuentran los comunicados que van desde el 61 hasta el 75, cubriendo la franja temporal entre septiembre del año 2018 y febrero del 2019.

Primera, segunda, tercera y cuarta edición aquí.


(México) Ubican a ocho grupos que organizan desmanes en la UNAM

ITS se coló a los movimientos de izquierda durante el conflicto universitario, segun la prensa mexicana.

7 de enero 2020

Los desmanes y daños ocasionados durante los últimos días en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) son obra de ocho grupos investigados por la Fiscalía General de Justicia de la Ciudad de México (FGJ- CDMX), en coordinación con Fiscalía General de la República FGR.

Exmilitares, narcomenudistas, ciudadanos extranjeros, ladrones y hasta exprofesores de Ciudad Universitaria forman parte del ala más radical de estos colectivos señalados como los organizadores principales de marchas y protestas.

Estos grupos han establecidos nexos con otras organizaciones, como Antorcha Campesina, el SME, grupos porriles, el Frente de los Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra, Federación Libertaria de México, Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje, Círculo Eco-Extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje y Regeneración Radio, según varios medios destacados.

Autoridades locales y federales no descartan que en los siguientes días el movimiento —que inició hace cuatro meses en una lucha contra la violencia de género y que ha provocado paros de diferente duración en 23 escuelas y facultades— se torne más violento.

Con base en información reunida desde el año pasado, los grupos más agresivos y que por la fuerza han tomado diversos planteles y dañado la Torre de Rectoría de Ciudad Universitaria fueron identificados como Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, Colectivo Anarquista (Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia), Centro Cultural Ocupado El Engrane, Okupa Ché, Cooperativa Café Victoria, Comparsa Chanti Ollin, Colectivo Reta, así como el Colectivo Coordinador Estudiantil Anarquista.

Se estima que las organizaciones están compuestas hasta por mil integrantes, y algunos incluso han recibido “adiestramiento” de corte “anarquista” de universidades de Sudamérica, pues entre los líderes del movimiento se ha identificado a cuatro chilenos —dos mujeres y dos hombres— y a cuatro argentinos —también dos mujeres y dos hombres—, quienes son protegidos por los mismos estudiantes dentro de Ciudad Universitaria.

Estas organizaciones empezaron a estar en la mira de las autoridades luego de los desmanes que se registraron durante la marcha feminista.

[pt] (México) Comunicado 91 de ITS

Por este meio reivindicamos os seguintes atos:

– 19 de dezembro: Incêndio na subestação da Comissão Federal de Eletricidade de Santa Marta Acatitla, Iztapalapa, na Cidade do México. O incêndio afetou dezenas de bairros que ficaram sem energia, sendo um ataque bem-sucedido que comprova que seguimos em tocaia.

– 24 de dezembro: Enquanto a celebração de Natal estava prestes a começar, incendiamos o popular Mercado de la Merced, e como esperado, as chamas avançaram rapidamente devido à quantidade de lixo vendido lá.

Temos o prazer de mencionar que houve duas pessoas mortas após nossas chamas. Não lamentamos em nada suas mortes, já que isso é uma Guerra contra a sociedade, não nos importa que seus integrantes sejam ricos ou pobres, atuamos indiscriminadamente, sem contemplações por ninguém, e isso muitos já sabem. Não estranhem se sigamos matando direta e indiretamente os robôs cuja única finalidade é incomodar e habitar o mar de gente que vive em uma das cidades mais povoadas do mundo.

Os vemos com repúdio, suas celebrações nos repugnam, vocês nos criaram e agora terão que nos engolir.

Individualistas Tendendo ao Selvagem – Cidade do México


[en] (Mexico) 91 Communique of ITS

Through this text we take responsibility for the following acts:

-December 19: Arson attack in the substation of Federal Commission of Electricity in Santa Marta Acatitla, Iztapalapa, Mexico City. The fire caused a black-out in dozens of neighborhoods that remained without electric supply, being thus a sucessful attack and being an evidence that we still lurking.

-December 24: While the christmas celebrations were about to begin, we set on fire the popular Market of la Merced, it was more than ready, the flames spread quicky due to the huge amount of garbage that is storaged there.
We are glad to mention that two people died because of our flames, loses of wich we feel no regrets at all, this is a War against society, we do not care if its members are rich or poor, we act indiscriminately, without mercy for anyone, this is already known by many people. Do not be surprised of the fact that we will continue killing directly and indirectly automatons whose only purpose is to be in the midst of sea of scum who live one of the most populated cities of the world.

We look at you with hatred, your celebrations disgust us, you created us and now face the consequences.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Mexico City



Por este medio nos reivindicamos los siguientes actos:

-19 de diciembre: Incendio en subestación de la Comición Federal de Electricidad de Santa Marta Acatitla, Iztapalapa, en la Ciudad de México. El incendio afectó a decenas de colonias que se quedaron sin el servicio eléctrico, siendo un ataque exitoso dando la prueba de que seguimos acechantes.

-24 de diciembre: Mientras la celebración navideña estaba a punto de empezar, incendiamos el popular Mercado de la Merced, este estaba más que puesto, las llamas avanzaron rápidas por la cantidad de basura que se vende ahí.
Nos alegra mencionar que hubo dos personas muertas tras nuestras llamas, de las cuales no lamentamos para nada sus pérdidas, esto es una Guerra contra la sociedad, no nos importan que sus integrantes sean ricos o pobres, actuamos indiscriminadamente, sin contemplaciones para nadie, eso ya más de uno lo sabe, que no se extrañe que sigamos matando directa e indirectamente autómatas que su única finalidad es estorbar en el mar de gentuza que vive en una de las ciudades mas pobladas del mundo.

Los vemos con repudio, nos asquean sus celebraciones, ustedes nos crearon y ahora la beben o la derraman.

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje – Ciudad de México



“The only possible way to start such a statement is to say that I hate writing. The process itself summarizes the European concept of “legitimate thinking.” What is written has an importance that is denied to the spoken… It is one of the paths of the white world to the destruction of the cultures of non-European peoples, the imposition of an abstraction on the oral relationship of a people… Actually I don’t care if my words reach the targets or not, they have already shown, through their history that they cannot hear, nor see, that they can only read (of course, there are exceptions, but the exceptions only confirm the ruler).

Sen needs a great effort on the part of each one of the American Indians to not be Europeanized. The strength of this effort can only come from tradition, its forms and paths, the traditional values ​​that our elders retain. It must come from the hoop, from the four directions of the wind, from relationships: it cannot come from the pages of a book or a thousand books …

But there is another way. There is the traditional path of the Lakota and the paths of the other American Indian peoples. It is the path that knows that humans have no right to degrade Mother Earth, that there are forces beyond everything that European minds have conceived, that humans must be in harmony in all relationships or those things will end up eliminating disharmony …
-The European arrogance of acting as if they were above the nature of all things – can only result in total disharmony and in a readjustment that cuts the arrogance of the human being, gives it a taste of the reality that is beyond of your reach or control and restore harmony. There is no need for any revolutionary theory for this, it is beyond human control. The natural peoples of this planet know it, and do not need to theorize about it.
The theory is an abstract, our knowledge is real.

Rationality is a curse since it can cause humans to forget the order of things in ways other creatures cannot. A wolf never forgets his place in the natural order.

Mother Earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, and this cannot continue forever. No theory can alter this simple truth. Mother Earth will retaliate, the whole environment will retaliate and the abusers will be eliminated, things complete the circle back to the starting point. That is the revolution, and this is a prophecy of my people, the Hopi people and other right people. ”

Wanbli Othinka, For America to live Europe must die.

The question now is what to do with these words, just keep them (as intellectuals usually do) in the coffers of useless knowledge, and then be able to bring them out in some talk, writing or debate through which to feed your miserable ego? Or really take for once something that is not aimed at selfish benefit.

Because, let’s be honest, many of you know that both anthropology and the academy itself are bullshit, but you know that through it you can obtain certain civilized benefits: comfort, recognition, power within your society. So they just excuse themselves and even lie to themselves saying that from that place they will make their contribution to improve things, but we know that it is not so, we know that the vast majority just want to earn money and get comfort to their possibilities, hypocritically this society says it wants good for everyone, but good is the enemy of the best, and what is good for you is bad for the earth, for individuals who do not want to submit to this sick world order. For us, the only dignified and honorable path is the war to this civilized society, to this techno-industrial order and above all to the darkness that proliferates within the human heart, and which materializes before our eyes in this great apocalyptic catastrophe that we witness horrified, but feed day by day.

Many spirits from wise ancestors today are sold for any misery, alienated people seek to escape their suffering, and when they try to flee from it, it increases more and more, increasing the circle of self-destruction. What happens at the apparently personal level, happens at the macro level, as a complete species. For this reason, we decided to stop ignoring the voices of the spirits, OUR OWN VOICE, and face a spiritual war, which is being waged in our interior, and that at the same time manifests itself in our life, by attacking this rotten society and each one of its bastions.

October 12
According to the “official history” five hundred and twenty-seven years ago, a European fleet arrived in these lands in search of India. This is how the devastation of our sacred world began, the world of our grandparents.

With Europeans, a new and decadent way of understanding reality and relating to it (that is, of relating to the Great Spirit, the EVERYTHING) was brought here.

Respect for life and its cycles, sacred medicine, sexuality and even food, our magic and our Gods were changed by a lower and mediocre worldview, called Catholicism, a religion created several centuries earlier by other ambitious Europeans (Romans) with the intention of creating subjects from the psyche, taking slaves massively (throughout their empire) trying to ensure the perpetuity of their tyranny.

This could only be achieved by covering the spiritual eyes and ears of all subjugated peoples (we could say that the conquest happened first in Europe). The loss of souls through separating the individual (more and more) from their cycles, from their surroundings, from their father sky, their mother earth and their sisters stars, from their medicine, from energies and living beings, from every knowledge lovingly guarded by ancestors.

You, anthropologists, have heard the voice of our peoples, and have misrepresented your words for convenience, you think that everything can be translated into your poor western language, your mediocre reasoning.

Anthropology is another expression of Western arrogance and betrayal of the whites. (Remember that by whiteness we mean an acculturation, a way of thinking, of being and relating and assuming its place in the world, but not a specific skin color). They get involved with a certain community, take out all the information they can, deform it with their corrupt interpretation to share it with their world (and incidentally extol their name) and use the knowledge obtained for their selfish purposes, often to the detriment of the same community that opened their doors.

You Westerners locked in your academies do nothing but masturbate your egos and tell lies.

The knowledge they obtain is almost always used to maintain the macabre order (which they often say they hate) by strengthening the progress of their degenerate society (society of wich we are enemies).
Their humanistic speeches about peace, respect for others or inclusion are ridiculous. Who said we want to be included in their hell? We don’t want to be slaves of the western world, we want to attack it to illuminate its darkness.

(México) Atentados explosivos de octubre

Enviado al mail, publicado algo tarde, pero publicado.

“La única forma posible de comenzar una declaración de este tipo es decir que detesto escribir. El proceso en sí mismo resume el concepto europeo de “pensamiento legítimo”. Lo que está escrito tiene una importancia que se le niega a lo hablado… Es uno de los caminos del mundo blanco para a destrucción de las culturas de los pueblos no europeos, la imposición de una abstracción sobre la relación oral de un pueblo… En realidad, no me importa si mis palabras llegan a los blancos o no, ellos ya han demostrado, a través de su historia que no pueden oír,, ni ver, que sólo pueden leer (por supuesto, hay excepciones, pero las excepciones solo confirman la regla).

Sen necesita un gran esfuerzo por parte de cada uno de los Indios Americanos para no ser europeizado. La fuerza de este esfuerzo solo puede venir de la tradición, de sus formas y caminos, los valores tradicionales que conservan nuestros mayores. Debe venir del aro, de las cuatro direcciones del viento, de las relaciones: no puede venir de las páginas de un libro o de un millar de libros…

Pero hay otro camino. Esta el camino tradicional de los Lakota y los caminos de los otros pueblos Indios Americanos. Es el camino que sabe que los humanos no tienen derecho a degradar a la Madre Tierra, que hay fuerzas más allá de todo lo que las mente europeas han concebido, que los humanos deben estar en armonía en todas las relaciones o dichas cosas terminarán eliminando la disarmonía…
-La arrogancia europea de actuar como si estuvieran por encima de la naturaleza de todas las cosas – puede solo resultar en total disarmonía y en un reajuste que corte de tamaño la arrogancia del ser humano, le de una probada de la realidad que está más allá de su alcance o control y restaure la armonía. No hay necesidad de ninguna teoría revolucionaria para esto, está mas allá del control humano. Los pueblos naturales de este planeta lo saben, y no necesitan teorizar sobre ello.
La teoría es un abstracto, nuestro conocimiento es real.

La racionalidad es una maldición desde que puede causar que los humanos olvide el orden de las cosas en formas que otras criaturas no pueden hacerlo. Un lobo nunca olvida su lugar en el orden natural.

La Madre Tierra ha sido abusada, los poderes han sido abusados, y esto no puede seguir para siempre. Ninguna teoría puede alterar esta simple verdad. La Madre Tierra tomará represalias, todo el ambiente tomará represalias y los abusadores serán eliminados, las cosas completan el círculo de vuelta al punto de partida. Eso es la revolución, y esto es una profecía de mi pueblo, del pueblo Hopi y de otros pueblos correctos.”

Wanbli Othinka, Para que América viva Europa debe morir.

La pregunta ahora es qué hacer con estas palabras, ¿solamente guardarlas (como suelen los académicxs) en las arcas del conocimiento inútil, para después poder sacar a relucirlas en alguna charla, escrito o debate a través del cual alimentar su miserable ego? O de verdad tomar en serio por una vez algo que no vaya encaminado a un beneficio egoísta.

Porque, seamos sincerxs, muchxs de ustedes saben que tanto la antropología como la academia misma en sí son una mierda, pero saben que a través de ella pueden obtener ciertos beneficios civilizados: comodidad, reconocimiento, poder dentro de su sociedad. Así que solo se excusan e incluso se mienten a sí mismos diciendo que desde ese lugar harán su aporte para mejorar las cosas, pero nosotrxs sabemos que no es así, sabemos que la gran mayoría solo quiere ganar dinero y obtener comodidad a sus posibilidades, hipócritamente esta sociedad dice querer el bien para todos, pero lo bueno es enemigo de lo mejor, y lo que es bueno para ustedes, es malo para la tierra, para lxs individuos que no desean someterse en este orden mundial enfermo. Para nosotrxs el único camino digno y honorable es la guerra a esta sociedad civilizada, a este orden tecno-industrial y por sobre todo a la oscuridad que prolifera dentro del corazón humano, y que se materializa frente a nuestros ojos en esta gran catástrofe apocalíptica que presenciamos horrorizados, pero alimentamos día con día.

Muchos espíritus provenientes de sabios ancestros hoy día se venden por cualquier miseria, alienados van buscando escapar de su sufrimiento, y al tratar de huir de él, este se aumenta más y más, acrecentando el círculo de la autodestrucción. Esto que sucede a nivel aparentemente personal, sucede a nivel macro, como especie completa. Por esto, nosotrxs decidimos dejar de ignorar a las voces de lxs espíritus, NUESTRA PROPIA VOZ, y hacer frente a una guerra espiritual, que se libra en nuestro interior, y que al mismo tiempo se manifiesta en nuestra vida, atacando también de forma material esta podrida sociedad y cada uno de sus bastiones.

12 de Octubre
Según la “historia oficial” hace quinientos veintisiete años, arribó a estas tierras una flota europea en busca de las Indias. Así fue como comenzó la devastación de nuestro sagrado mundo, el mundo de nuestrxs abuelxs.

Con lxs europeos se trajo hasta aquí una nueva y decadente forma de comprender la realidad y relacionarse con ella (Es decir, de relacionarse con el Gran Espíritu, el TODO).

El respeto a la vida y sus ciclos, la medicina sagrada, la sexualidad e incluso la alimentación,nuestra magia y nuestrxs Dioses fueron cambiados por una cosmovisión inferior y mediocre, llamada catolicismo, una religión creada varios siglos antes por otros ambiciosos europeos (romanos) con la intención de crear súbditos desde la psique, formar esclavos masivamente (a lo largo de todo su imperio) tratando de asegurar la perpetuidad de su tiranía.

Esto solo podría lograrse a través de tapar los ojos y oídos espirituales de todxs lxs pueblos subyugados (podríamos decir que la conquista sucedió primero en Europa). El extravío de las almas a través de separar al individuo (cada ves más) de sus ciclos, de su entorno, de su padre cielo, su madre tierra y sus hermanxs estrellas, de su medicina, de las energías y seres vivos, de todo el conocimiento guardado amorosamente por lxs ancestrxs.

Ustedes, antropólogos, han oído la voz de nuestros pueblos, y han tergiversado sus palabras a conveniencia, creen que todo puede ser traducido a su pobre lenguaje occidental, a su raciocinio mediocre.

La antropología es otra expresión de la soberbia occidental y de los rastreros y traidores que son lxs blancxs. (Recordad que la blanquitud es una aculturación, un modo de pensar, de ser y relacionarse y asumir su lugar en el mundo, mas no un color de piel específico). Se involucran con cierta comunidad, sacan toda la información que pueden, la deforman con su interpretación corrupta para compartirla con su mundo (y de paso ensalzar su nombre) y utilizan el conocimiento obtenido para sus fines egoístas, muchas veces en detrimento de la misma comunidad que les abrió las puertas.

Ustedes los occidentales encerrados en sus academias no hacen más que masturbar sus egos y contar mentiras.

El conocimiento que obtienen casi siempre es usado para mantener el orden macabro (que muchas veces dicen odiar) fortaleciendo el progreso de su degenerada sociedad (sociedad de la que somxs enemigxs).
Son ridículos sus discursos humanistas sobre paz, respeto a la otredad o inclusión ¿Quién dijo que queremos ser incluidxs en su infierno? No queremos ser esclavos del mundo occidental, queremos atacarlo para iluminar en su oscuridad.

Hace quinientos y pico de años que su progreso llegó a nuestra madre, tratando de destruirlo todo en nombre de su ambición, ¡ustedes han sido y son los verdaderos demonios!

La modernidad, y todo lo que ahora azota la vida en el planeta, no habría sido posible sin su cristianismo, sin su razón instrumental, sin sus ganas de poseerlo todo.

Llevaron su germen nauseabundo a cada rincón del planeta y se han enriquecido con nuestro sufrimiento. Pero ya no es tiempo de lamentos, ¡es tiempo de guerra y fe!

Es por eso que atacamos este símbolo de la arrogancia, blancos “enseñando” sobre nuestrxs ancestrxs, ¡que asquerosa ofensa nos escupen en la cara!

Sepan que cada causa tiene un efecto, y cada acción una reacción. No somos amigos, ni son bienvenidxs en esta Tierra. Su estilo de vida no será mas tolerado por nosotrxs. Europeos, gringos y colonizadxs que traicionan a su sangre, sepan que el cuchillo aguarda al doblar cada esquina, somos lxs Jovenes Guerrerxs que se preparan para iluminar con relámpagos. Sonreímos a la muerte porque amamos la vida.

¡Somos hijos del sol y de la luna!

¡Somos Tlahuele Iknoyotl!

¡Somos la Conspiración del Trueno!