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[en] (Greece) 92 communique of ITS

“We witnessed the crudity of this world, the so violent reality, we understood this very good, so for us, hope is dead, there’s no change nor will ever be a revolution or anything that will turn the shit into gold, we are lost and we accept our fall, facing straight into the real problem, human progress and modern civilization.”

“The world is like an hourglass, on the side above is civilization, with all its rigid structures that seek to ensure law and order, supported by the weight of its legal and moral frameworks that work to keep the whole cohesive. The lower side is Chaos, and bit by bit, the sand is falling. With it fall all the illusions of progress, all dreams about worlds of comfort and safety. Today, the upper side is still full enough, but bit by bit, Chaos is taking shape. It is only a matter of time for the world of human superiority to dissolve in the eternal waves of Chaos and Savagery. Meanwhile, we prefer to enjoy the fall, rather than clinging like fools to the mirages of a civilization whose very existence is based on a war against the imperturable advance of time that, like wild tides, gradually undoes everything.”
-8th interview of ITS

It seems like the world is on a downfall and in the midst of the panic, there are always prophets who seem to have the “solution” for all the bad things going on. A magic solution that comes always by the hand of some ideology that promises the paradise on earth. Each one give its contribution: Some ask for more democracy and freedom while others want dictatorship, some talk about seize the means of production and others about destroying them, some want liberalism and others want socialism, some promise a technological utopia in a near future and others tell us that we must come back to the caves, but in any case the end is always the same: A perfect (and anthropocentric) new world, is the perpetuation of the progress and the improvement of the civilized domination over the wild.

There are people with a simple-minded point of view, and they think that the problem is only the State, fascism, authority, the rich class…etc but for the ones who look a little bit further the problem and its responsibiles are not limited to the state, the governement, the political and economical elites nor any evil megacorporation that conspires in the shadows to control everything. Certainly, all those examples named here are in fact responsibile and they must pay for it, but the problem is not limited to the top but to the whole pyramid.

For many people, the one to blame for this disaster have a clear name: The capitalist system. Obviοusly the capitalist system of production plays a key role in the looting and destruction of the wild nature, but who are those that consume, sustain and keep working the capitalist system? Do you really belive that if we substitute the capitalist economical system for a socialist one or any other kind, the mindset of the citizens will change? Of course NOT.

Because the problem are also the 7 billion of human creatures that consume without limits, that actively or passively are part of the framework of the techno-industrial system. Because apart from the basic needs, in the current world the humans have acquired other kind of “needs” that makes them even more dependent of the system of industrial production.

The so-called “basic needs” are not the same that were 50,100 or 200 hundred years ago. Techno-indstrial progress has developed new “basic needs”, new ways of consuming, of social organization…. It has changed everything. If a new political-economical system take over and demand to the masses to abandon the “commodities” and the frentic way of life and consume that the modern civilization offers to them they will not accept it. Modern society masses do not want, can or know how to live in a different way. It is true that the capitalist system abuse and exploits the wild nature for profits, but because there is a demand for product that its never fulfilled. The millions of people that swarm every corner of the earth are the ones who ask for more and more products to consume and entertain themselves, they are the ones who want to have the latest model of car, smartTV, iPhone or any other useless crap, the ones who are anxotic to spend their free time and money earned in a horrible job buying as much as they can, the ones who fall in love with the new technologies that idiotize and enslave them, they are the ones who give up all their privacy and real life experience in exchange for acceptation and popularity in the social networks in wich they find their “friends” and even they fall in “love”, the ones who accept the new massive surveilance programs and laws, all in the name of safety and progress.
The modern human being is totally dependent of the current production system, and loves to fulfill their role of producer-consumer drowνing between mountains of useless products. They enjoy the supposed “liberation” οf the modern way of life. A way of life that, instead of liberating, imprisons in a continuous circle of decay and rottenness. That’s the price of human progress. And for those who still wait for some kind of “awakening of the counciusness” and believe that humankind will refuse the way of life and commodities that techno-civilized progress bring them, should stop believe in dusty political theories written 200 years ago and take a look to the current reality in wich we live.

We don’t stop in threatening or boring theoritical texts, but instead we bring our words to their last consequences.
The people who scandalize themselves over the issue of selectively and indiscriminately killing people and the use of terrorism as means of revenge for the irreparable damage caused to wild nature are the same thar blessed the murders and massacres perpetrated along the history by their side (whatever side it is, as every side on the history commited atrocities) against those who were considered “evil” or “enemies”.
If in the past was “god” the one who choose who have the right to live and who were the ones that must die, in the current days every crime and atrocity than can be imagined is commited in the name of “new gods” of the modern civilized society, shaped in the values of civility, human progress, law and order and western morality.
We REFUSE to be a part of this false double-morality game, and we refuse to give up to the civilizatory order the monopoly of violence. We take this responsibility in our hands and that’s why we answer the barbarism of the civilization with our own barbarism.

Our determination is strong and thats why our hands do not tremble at the time of the attack, thats why we always try to cause the biggest damage as possible with the means we have. Our motivations to carry out violent acts did not born from fantastic dreams of utopic societies that don’t exist, neither are based on useless hopes in future revolutions that will never happen nor any “visionary” ideology. Our motivations came through the analysis of the complex reality that surrounds us, seein the things as they are, assuming the facts and this difficult, pessimist and miserable reality without fantasies and idealizations.

For you we are just a bunch of lunatics and our war is a madness.
However, it was science, “common sense”, rationalism, progress and the logic of civilization the ones that created the greatest horrors in history, and we are not talking now only about the environmental catastrophe or the destruction and subjugation of wild nature but also agains the humanity: world wide wars, nuclear bombs, mass slavery, genocide and extermination of entire populations, and not only this but also a more subtle form of domestication through the modern lifestyle in the cities: The omnipresent technology in every aspect of our daily life has created invisible chains that tie and domesticate us, creating an absolute dependence to technological modernity and progress. At last, the civilization itself, in its arrogance and craving of keep pushing forward its progress no matter the cost, will be the one that drags us all to the abyss. For us, civilization, the unstopable human progress and its frentic way of life are the true madness, the destruccion of the biosphere is the true madness, the disproportionate scale of production-consumption to keep not only the “basic needs” but also the whims, luxury and entertainment of a every day more and more overpopulated humankind are the true madness…
Maybe in some years ahead, when the catastrophic path wich our choices put us in become more evident and an even more dark horizon start to be seing, some will look back and remember this words. And it will be then, in front of the abyss, when many will realize that neither their money, nor their social status, nor their miserable “revolutionary” ideologies, nor their dreams of a brilliant future are useful for anything but to feed their own fantasies.

Today’s world wasn’t builded by a few privileged ones, rather everyone did their part. This is the direct result of human progress, the legacy of humankind.
We are not seeking for any miraculous solution neither for a future for the humankind because there are not, not even that utopic return to the life in the wild nature suggested by primitivistic fantasies. The human being have been corrupted too much and from the wild nature there are only vestiges of what was once, waiting in agony the arrival of its final hour. The only thing that drives us is the revenge for everything lost, for the devastation caused by the human progress, their cities, their machines, their sick way of life.
Neither social justice, nor class struggle, nor equality between the people, nor build “all together” a new better society. May burn all that leftist bullshit and may burn this and every society. We despise this ridiculous and senseless life that the modern human being has created.
There is not other world possible, no brilliant and hopeful future is waiting for us, this is the fucking reality we live in. And if this world is falling apart, may everything fall with it.

On 15-12-19 we placed a bomb in front of the entrance of Zografou police station.

The police, that disgusting institution of frustrated idiots full of complexes, is one of the mechanisms for the imposition of civilized law and order, is one of the forms that have the civilization for perpetuating their normal flow. So, the security forces will be always our target. However, we are aware that the first line for the defense of the system is the servile and submissive behaviour of the citizen masses. There is a cop inside the head of the citizen masses.
We were expecting also to cause damages in the university premises, universities are the incubators of science and progress, therefore they will be always our targets. This time you were lucky, but we will see next time…

Some time attacks are sucessful and other times not, the risk is always there, The fact that the bomb was discovered and detonated by the cops does not discouraged us, in any case we were able to arrive until the very entrance of their nest and place a bomb under their nose, and we can do it again.

We also want to encourage everyone else who feel the need of the attack against civilized society, regardless if they are eco-extremists, nihilists, anarchist terrorists who rejected the filthy leftist humanism or just people who are frustrated and disgruntled with this reality,
to all those who walk towards the nothing…
We are a live example of that with homemade materials and without needing a “professional” training a big mess can be done. With little means we can do a lot of damage. We hope that our example and the example from our brothers and sisters from ITS around the world can serve as motivation for those who choose to carry on their own war. May the attacks multiply!

Nothing is over, we will be back.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Nocturnal Hunters
-Iconoclastic Sect

We want to state something one more last time for the parrots of the media and other big-mouths who spread lies and false information about us:

-We are NOT an anarchist group, nor a left wing or right wing group, neither we are affiliated to any political tendency. ITS is an antipolitical group with nihilistic tendencies focused on the revenge and extreme defense of wild nature, no more no less.

-We do NOT have any relation with the group “Sect of Revolutionaries” nor with the rest of non-sense and rumours spreaded by the media and some idiots on the internet.

[en] (Greece) 61th Communique of the ITS

Traducción al inglés del comunicado 61 de ITS.

“I think the human race should be annihilated, actually even us, since I consider that it is the human being the greatest enemy of nature. As a destructive agent it is the most harmful for the planet and for that reason we deserve our own extermination.”
-Mauricio Morales

Through this text we take responsability for the incendiary attack carried out on 17/7 against a telecomunications tower in the area of Kamatero. This act has been silenced by the media but we know that the attack was succesfull because once we were far enough at a safe distance, we were able to see how the tower structure went up in flames, burning the cables and the electric transformers.

We attacked again telecommunications infrastructure not only because of its vital role for the development of normal life in cities but because we see in this type of technology and its derivatives one of the most damaging facets of the techno-industrial civilization. The technology of telecommunications is one of the agents that has most influenced and contributed to the human progress and the artificialization and domestication of life.

Do you think your acts will not have consequences? the recent heat waves, the more unstable and hostile weather conditions, the wildfires that devours Greece, California and other places of the world, earthquakes, floods… All this things that you call “disasters” are in fact the manifestations of the revenge of the wild nature. If you think that was too much, you did not see nothing yet… the revenge of the wild nature will be unleashed relentlessly and ITS is another mechanism of this revenge, this is just the beginning.

Neither the police investigations nor some coward snitches who hide behind a computer will stop us.

We are in complicity to Kevin Garrido, recently sentenced to 17 years of imprisonement in Chile, but also sentenced by the priests of the nunnery of the anarcho-christian morality.

Forward ITS from America and Europe!
The war continues!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens
-Nocturnal Hunters

[en] (Greece) 54 ITS Communique

Without needing to write whole pages with a pompous content we claim the responsablity for placing an timed explosive device made of a small metal pipe filled with black powder, two gas cannisters of 500g each and a plastic bottle containing 2 liters of gasoline in the School of Civil Engeeniering in the early hours of 7 of April. This time the device was discover by the snitch security guard of the place who call the cops, then the device was collected and transfered to the forensic laboratories for investigation*.
We do not know if the device was neutralized or did not explode by a fail in its mecanism.

It is really necessary to explain why a group of this Tendency choose to attack a engeeniering school or any other university premises? There is no need to explain the reasons we had to carry out this or any other attack, those who know us already do not need explanations, even if they agree or not with us.

For those who do not know us yet, in our previous communique we set up clear many of our positions and who is really interested can check any of the texts of communiques released by the several cells of ITS as well as other people who, even without being part of ITS, are part of the Tendency and they can contribute with words and actions.

The fact that this time we did not had what we expect do not means nothing, we assume all the scenarios that can may happen when doing this kind of actions, including this and others even worst, and we are ready to face it. It is an obvious truth that we would like that our device exploded, but if there are anyone who thinks that because of this we dont have anymore the will to continue placing bombs, that we give up or we are defeated YOU ARE WRONG. We keep going forward, with pacient and cautious steps, developing new methods, more efficent and destructive, to spread chaos and terror among the society. You can be sure attacks will continue happening.

What is done is done.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens

Nocturnal Hunters**

*As we said, we already had in mind the chance of this scenario and we are aware that the antiterrorist department and the forensic investigators like to roleplay the scientists collecting DNA and other evidences from the places where attacks have been done, well, you better know that all our devices are build taking the best cautions and also they had been “contaminated” on purpose with traces from other people (like hair) carefully and “randomly” collected. For example, among other things, we erased the barcodes and serial numbers of the gas cannisters, making them impossible to be tracked, and we use wire instead of tape to attach the components of the device as we are aware that tape can easily catch DNA and other traces. On the other hand we left some componentes without cleaning or we just directly contaminated them on purpouse like the cartoon box that we use as base to build the device, wich was collected “radomnly” and carefully without touching nothing and without being filmed by cameras or spotted by witnesses in one of the thousands of streets of the Athens metropolis. So try to find something, you will not find nothing.

** We choose our name as a tribute to one of the most active groups from Wild Reaction (RS), the Faction Nocturnal Hunter.


[en] (Grece) 47th ITS communique




“we are those evil, devilish and atrocious monsters that are seen and looming on the horizon, among the chiaroscuro of the days we are approaching with the chaos in the hands”

7 years have passed since a group of individualists began to lay the foundations of what is now known as the Eco-extremist Tendency. Have been 7 years of selective and indiscriminate attacks, arson, murders and bombs, but also of criticism and self-criticism, of reflexive texts and theoretical exchanges who contributed to forge the Tendency far away from humanism and their values. Have been 7 years of terror and blood, of asymmetrical warfare against the civilization, human progress and everything it represents. Since a time ago, the Tendency has begun to expand to different places and as it was expected soon or later, now it crosses the Atlantic to settle down in the old continent. The criminal and terrorist group ITS is now also operating in Europe.

It is said that Greece is the cradle of the western civilization, and is here, where the civilization had their origins where becomes more clear its decay.
It is only necessary to walk around in the overcrowded center of the “magnificent” metropolis of Athens to observe the decadence in all its splendor: Armies of junkies, bums and addicts to any vice dragging theirselves to get a dose or some coins, hostility and tension in the enviroment, misery everywhere, shit and filthyness, conflicts here and there, corruption in all levels, hiper-civilized citizens with a tired and disgust face, exausted from the routine that is killing them but of wich they are dependent and unable to detach themselves from, addicted to technologies, drugs or any other stupidity that makes them evade from their shitty pathetic existence, unable to walk 5 meters without checking their facebook account or stop looking the screen of their damned “smartphones”, humans who get stray from their nature, who rejected a real life and sacrifice their own existence in the altar of artificiality, modernity and progress.
And we are in the midst of this civilized disaster to contribute the destabilization, we are aware that with our actions we will never push this damned world to the bottom of the abyss of chaos, at least we will cause as much damage as we can.

We are aware that a bunch of individualists can do little against the dark reality in front of us, but this does not mean we will stay quiet and live like living-dead, what is still wild inside us pushes towards the attack against the extrange and the noxious, to unleash our most barbaric and brutal instincts even if it is clear that everything is lost.

The world in front of our eyes is the direct result of the unstopable advance of the human progress and their civilization, the inevitable disaster to wich the planet and everything on it is doomed is the product of the anthropocentrism of the modern human and his craving for feeling god in the Earth, it is too late to fix whatever that must be fixed, there is no solution or place for hopes. Humans, with our lack of consciousness and arrogance sentence ourselves to our own extinction and we will not stop untill we make sure that the rest of the planet come with us in this suicidal delirium.
The modern human in general tends towards the progress and artificiality, and this progress comes along – inevitably due to their mentality – with the destruction of the enviroment and the submission, domestication or extermination of the wild life (human and animal).

This is why we have in our aims persons and structures for their responsibility in the developement and mantainance of the civilized order as well as their society of smiling slaves. This is why ITS attacks selective and indiscriminately against everyone and everything who represents civilization and progress.
Because we are aware that is an specific group of people those who develop the technological and scientific advances who lead us to the abyss, but also are the hyper-civilized masses who fall in love with these technologies and consume them without stop.

We want to clarify since now – because on this places, many do not know us – what we are and what we are NOT.
First to mention is that we are not anti-civilization, nor primitivist and we do not organise ourselves in tribes who live in the mountain. The members of ITS are here, living like any other else, between the masses of civilized citizens, we are that one who sit next to you in the bus or that one who smile at you and say “good morning!” hiding our true malicious intentions to the rest of the world.
We are modern and civilized humans, born and raised in the civilization and its humanist and progressive values, but because of some individual and collective experiences and developements we decided not to accept a pacifict and passive coexistence with a system who is hostile and extrange to us, we arrive to the conclusion that even accepting our inconsistencies in the reality we live as civilized humans, who use the technologies and products of the techno-industrial civilization, we decide to let what remains wild and uncivilized break free, instead of self-repress our instincts and feel ashamed of them as the majority of civilized ones do.
And well, if we are about to talk about “purity” and coherence, then we can talk about all those who criticise us and call theirselves “anti-capitalists” while still working, consuming, using money and in general contributing, as everyone else, to the mantainance of capitalism. Also we can have a word or two about the big amount of individuals or groups who call theirselves as “revolutionaries” but the absolute lack of “revolutionary” acts or “revolutions” itself… Anyway, we will not say anything else on this matter, each one draw their own conclusions and each one look first themselves in the mirror before open the mouth.
We are NOT a political group nor we have political ends. We throw to the garbage and shake off the dust of the old ideologies and humanist dogma. We do not have demands or ask for nothing, we do not want to improve the society or we are interested in the struggles for social justice, equalty or the “rights” of the “oppressed people”, the working class and the upper class can go straight to hell, regarding this mass of conformist and snitches we just wish them the worst. The political ideologies want to convince the others that they have the absolute truth and reason and must join their cause to archieve or improve this or that, they want the political power to lead and do as they wish. We do not want to convince anyone and do not want followers, we are not interested in revolutions or reforms. Neither we expect to overthrow or destroy the techno-industrial system because we are aware that this is something that we will never be able to archieve, we are realists. There is no place for hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Is everything lost? Yes, but even knowing that we already lost, we do not conceive our life in a different way. We are warriors and our instinct makes us act in this way. The only sense that this life makes to us is attack our enemies, make damage, spread our poison as much as we can, fight until the bitter end.We do not believe in any coming paradise, either holy in the heaven or anarchist in the earth. We do not want a better of more fair world, we just want to see everything burn.

ITS is the negation of the values and pillars on wich civilization is sustained, is the proof of the lies of the progress and the fail of the civilization as well is the living evidence showing that even being subjected to a swarm of legal-moral codes and norms still individualists who refuse to adapt to a sick society.
We are not tied to the authority of men, neither to any law or morals extrange to us who try to impose over our egoist will. The only authority we recognise is the one of the natural law, the one of the wild, the one that wisely has been determining and regulating life and death in the planet since the begining of the times.

We are a group of Individualist criminals and Nihilist Terrorists devoted to the attack in all the possible ways in revenge and extremist defense of the Wild Nature and in rejection of the Techno-industrial system, its society, the artificialization of life, in definitive, the civilization itself, their values and morals.

“We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple. People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.”

-Fifth Communique of Individualists Tending towards the Wild.

We can not stand the characterictics of the modern human behaviour: Lies and falsehood, cowardice, hypocrysy, servitude, the lack of courage at the time of confront realities and problems, the modern human being is a sad and hatefull caricature in wich there is no place for the honesty and the real , but only for the virtual and artificial, has decay untill the point of being a pathetic automaton and a obedient producer/cosumer who drowns in his own misery.
We feel disgusted from being forced to coexist abnormally with a multitude of beings who we do not know and with wich we have absolutely nothing in common.

And now, we arrive to the part that everyone enjoy.

On 3 of January while the useless masses still celebrating the arrival of the new year, a telecomunication tower was torched in the town of Barkiza, in the periferical area of Athens.

On 6 of January we carried out a double hit with explosive-incendiary devices in Athens. The first target was the church of Agios Xaralabos, some time later while we were already far enough, the negative and positive cables make contact again, creating a new blast this time against some random parked cars in the neighborhood of Kaisariani, giving a as final result 4 vehicles torched.

Let’s make it clear: these are not the only attacks in wich we are involved. During the past year we carried out several attacks but because of different reasons we will not talk about them now, as we consider is not the appropiate time.
This time we executed a sabotage against structures and private property but we also aim to hit human targets.

We salute and send our criminal complicity and strenght to the brothers and sisters of ITS/GITS in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brasil,to the Wildfire Cell, as well as wherever there are eco-extremists and nihilist conspirers.
Strenght to those who attack, with or without claims, against the human progress, the civilization and the society, wherever you are. The war still going on!

This is all we have to say for now. We will be back soon.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild


-Nocturnal Hunters
-Iconoclastic Sect