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[en] (Brazil) 79 Communique of ITS: Attacks against FLONA

“We must walk here in the land with soft steps, like a bird that pass flying on the sky and you look after and leave no traces.”
– Ailton Krenak

As the water cycle we come back to fight for the wild. Some dirty mouths talked against us, frustrated investigators of PC and PF hunted us even under the rocks, but not even there they found us, and here we are again, the Secret Wilderness Society, provoking chaos and terror.

We take responsibility for destructive attacks in the National Forest of Brasilia (FLONA) that happened during the morning of Sunday 28th of April, this time in Taguantinga region. We did the following attacks:

– A signal tower in construction was partially destroyed. We tried but did not managed to collapse the tower. In any case have been put out of service, the base is heavily damaged, as well as the iron cables that hold the tower. Every cable was cutted, including the land cable;

– Total destruction of the solar panel that gave energy to the tower. We cutted the lock of the control box with pliers and destroyed everything we found inside. The solar panel was completely smashed using hammers;

– Graffiti with threats in several signs on the forest, specially against Ricardo Salles;

– Destruction of a small brigde for visitors inside the forest;

– After being welcomed in the entrance and in the exit by a imponent Guara Wolf, as if he greet us, we caused the arson and destruction of two IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Enviroment) vehicles by placing incendiary devices of 8 liters of gasoline divided in four bottles tied to little explosives and several fuses, placed un the front and back part of the vehicles;

Neither ecoturism nor technological structures will have a place within the forest, the extremist war agains the grey and artificial modern world still going on, the artifacts to the cities. We reject the Techno-industrial System out of pure contempt. Of course, the violent disgust towards civilization flows hot in our veins, and the catharsis smell like explosives. And for some who think that a bunch of individualists can do little the National Thowheed Jamath proves the oppossite after the well deserved carnage against christians in Sri Lanka. In the last december this scenario of terror was about to happen on this land by us, Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil. But we do not care, our intentions still vigent, remember that silence comes before the blast. The attacks of that sunday morning in FLONA are just a spark, is logical that the savagery that comes out of our hands will be materialized over the citizenry. This appearance after the investigations of Federal Police come full of surprises, instead of intimidating us, we upgrade our terrorist power. The tocaia is going on.

For us, forests are sacred places that deserve a profound respect, is not of our desire to make explosives blast on those places, rather attack in the metropolis than antagonize with the sounds of the forests and the animals. The executed attacks were not at random. Cerrado have become a desert, the little that remains will become extinct in a few years more, and those are the words of the scientists, people like Antonio Donato with their respectful research. But someone sensitive is able to feel that, is not necessary that science comes to told us that the earth is ill. In name of human progress the cities are indiscriminately swalloging the nature and cornering wild life. THe wild sounds heard in the dense bushes are just memories now, a memory is the Gavião-Peneira, wich is not anymore flying on the skies searching for little preys in the ground as the land nowadays is uninhabitable, dry and filled with asphalt. In the last days we were traveling through the woods meditating about how destructive is the existence of the human race. The ecological impact of the civilization that we witness comes sowing a growing pain in our spirits. The earth screams. In the forests we found piles and paths of garbage left by “nature lovers” that come to their “sunday leisure”, in many places there are erosions caused by the flow of hundred of cyclists, the beings of nature have been forced to flee because of the mass of civilized ones that come each wekeend to the woods as “relaxing moment”, but during the week contribute anguishedly with the progress of the technological modern society. We saw disgusting machines breaking the earth expanding urbanization and obviously we witnessed also bushes and rivers damaged after the typical hipster festivals. This is the old Cerrado succumbing before the intervention of only one being, the invasive human race. Not only in the cities, but in any forest the risk of attack is here. We announce to you, civilized humans, that you are not welcome on there areas, stay away from wild nature, go back to your artificial and sick enviroments, you are an invasive and disgusting species, forests are not for you, left them for the wolves, the puma, the Seriemas, the rattlesnakes, deer, capybaras, teius, tatus, left the wild for the wild. May the ecoturism succumb. Think twice you scouts, turists, cyclists, hunters, families, hipsters, patrols, vagabonds or any civilized who dare to walk on those places where civilization did not fully intervened yet, it will be no surprise any kind of sudden barbaric attack.

FLONA is under the jurisdiction of ICMBio, an entity that underwent a drastic change this week in its direction, and which in turn is linked to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), currently headed by Ricardo Salles. The graffiti on the signs inside the forest highlight the threats to this charlatan and “anti-environmental” character who works strictly for mining, industry and agriculture. Salles has been convicted of document fraud to favor mining companies. Do you remember what happened with the bastard Oscar Landerretche, dont you? So be careful, Salles. You are a public figure. We are not like the despicable ones of the Workers’ Cause Party that snarl all the time salivating radicalism, but when they find you they pat your car. We operate as terrorists. We are not in a hurry, only disposition, arsenals and objectives, and you are one of them, along with the incompetent and pathetic class of the “Bolsonaros” and others that we already mentioned. We do not do this expecting changes in these institutions, since we do not obey political logic. In addition to the MMA and several such as the ICMBio, the Brazilian Forest Service and the IBAMA logically always worked in favor of an insane “sustainable” and progressive civilization, as if there were such a possibility. Now under Salles management these bodies are just verdicts for catastrophic activities. It is well known that this ecocidal operation will intensify abysmally with the interventions of Ricardo Salles, his movements in the last three weeks prove very well that. This type is of the type that is made of the blind eye with companies like the Vale that consecutively destroyed several kilometers of biomes after two gigantic civilized disasters coming from mining activities in the state of Minas Gerais. That is unforgivable. Put Salles, “Bolsonaros” and the others as a target comes also from a revengeful egoist hate that burns within us. This is not because of the “climate justice” desired by progressist garbage like Greta Thunberg neither for the leftwing oppossition, fuck the left, we can also attack them. This is an anti-political stand, Wild Nature does not have “political sides”. And of course, it is good to cause paranoia and political disorder, as it causes destabilization within the social order. If is true that in what concerns destablization the incompetence of Bolsonaro and his filthy gang are, by far, leading the race, we celebrate this, the pathetic deeds and words of this rookie political group collaborate actively in the chaos that we want as they partially stuck the normal functioning of some of the state structures with the clash of interests and their dense ideological bias, creating thus also severe conflicts between different groups because of the political dualism that leads the western civilization

What we did was little, only that we have a life to expel our hatred of civilization and human progress. For the moment the attacks in FLONA and we leave this message to Salles and company. Is it impossible to attack them? ITS almost killed the president of Codelco, one of the largest mining companies in the world. Who would imagine? Frankly, we are not in a hurry. Revenge is coldly tasted. It is clear that we will continue with other indiscriminate and selective attacks seeking to damage and destabilize civilization. Peace and order will be broken by savagery. Who knows in the next opportunity, maybe Sri Lanka will be here. We are not going to extend more, that the explosives speak for themselves. We are serene and who is part of this group, knows that it is without mercy.

Back to the darkness we join the animals of nature, to worship the moon, the sun, the stars, the wind, the waters, the forests, the whole.

May the fog cover our steps. Misanthropy and wild nature always.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Secret Wilderness Society

Eleventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Secret Forest Society – ITS – Brazil)

Comunicado original en portugués publicado el 03 de agosto 2016.

Traducción al inglés del undécimo comunicado de ITS-Brasil, Sociedad Secreta Silvestre. Olla a presión convertida en bomba, por el terror y la defensa extremista de la Naturaleza Salvaje, contra los Juegos Olímpicos y la masa turística.

Traducido por “C.V”

¡Adelante las bombas, las balas y el fuego!

¡Adelante, por la defensa extrema de lo Salvaje!


“I only want to see the cities leveled, the jungles taking over amidst the burnt-out factories. We are savages and we will be savages. Between life and death we will dance… If death comes we will keep destroying things in hell; disgusting world, I will laugh as I see you falling, in this eternal confrontation…”

-N.D. Stalking Death

Pindorama* – The untamed forest beings of the deepest jungle sing and invite us to join them in an immoral savage war at their side. In the darkest alleys of the putrid city we hear the uncivilized echo of those who do not speak human and who do not hesitate to accept the loud call from our ancestors who lived at the bottom of the curse, and who cry out for the total destruction of the civilized world.

In a band like barbarians we join together to sharpen our daggers, to load the clips into our guns and prepare the bombs to defend with tooth and nail the eco-extremist conspiracy against civilization and human progress as it spreads to these lands and which we are ferociously beginning.

The Secret Forest Society (Sociedade Secreta Silverstre – SSS) is a hidden materialization of eco-extremism, the adherent group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in the Amazon region.

The Brazilian authorities have prepared the best they can against the potential attacks of ISIS and they even detained some of its cells here in Brazil. But they weren’t expecting the eco-extremists.

We have strategically waited until just days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to attack and declare WAR against the hyper-civilized and their dead world of steel and concrete, as well as its foundations and technological devices.

We aren’t lone wolves as the authorities and Brazilian media would have it. We are an entire pack that growls against all that is civilized!

We proudly heed the call of hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening storms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, avalanches, heat waves, floods, and other natural disasters. FOR THE EXTREMIST DEFENSE OF WILD NATURE!

Like an incurable plague we emerge and like violent gusts that sweep away all in front of them, we will sweep down provoking terror and devastating all in our path. Our target? Civilization in its totality and human progress! This WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE that “innocent bystanders” won’t be killed during our terrorist attacks.

We are wild uncivilized animals: criminals, terrorists, amoral, and a mafia comprised of enemies of all that is civilized. We publicly DECLARE WAR at this time against those who support civilization and their accomplices. We also take aim at any structure that enables and sustains the expansion of the civilized world.

The Olympic Games in our sights

It is not a coincidence that SSS/ITS-Brazil is presenting itself now, in these days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, an event of great mobilization of the citizenry nationally and internationally, a show with lots of glamorous hype to keep the minds of this dead society filled with garbage. On the 5th of this month, the world’s attention will be turned again to the international celebration with the failed slogan, “A new world.”

Dear citizens, we have the great pleasure of informing you that if hell exists, it’s a lot like the reality of the current world. We state as well that better days will never come, no matter how many doses of hope you take. This is the moment of disaster!

The slogan of the Olympic Games mentions a “search” for something different from the hell that humans hands has made. In a hilarious manner, the “revolutionary” movements also look for a “new world”. This phrase is the same absurd rallying cry to change the world that various leftists movements uphold. All are searching for a “new world,” “the promised land,” including most anarchists. They are following different paths, but they are all looking for a “solution” or “remedy”, but all paths lead over the same cliff.

We affirm that there is NO way out from the civic abyss that reeks of death, and we eco-extremists know this all too well.

It’s a matter of taking one step forward and two steps back. There is nothing that can be changed in this world, and everything to destroy. SSS/ITS-Brazil along with ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina also will fix its amoral and indiscriminate gaze on the Rio 2016 Olympics. We are and will be the eternal enemies of all of the citizenry and all of civil society. This event will not escape our attention. The savage spirit of the dead Jaguar killed after being USED and THROWN AWAY during an event of the passing of the Olympic torch in the state of Amazonas is incarnate in us and clamors for violent attacks.

We will inflict the maximum amount of terror on this event against the hypocritical citizenry that simulates a ridiculous peace; a reunion of the whole world as if everything around us was okay.

While Wild Nature dies and civilization continues to celebrate within its artificial world that consumes all that is natural, to this worldwide celebration we will leave our bombs!

Our bands of allies in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are prepared just like the tens of thousands of mobilized cowards who are there to provide security to the Games. We guarantee that in the states where events will be held, they will not pass unscathed without being severely attacked. We know that there are breeches in security and we will utilize them accordingly. Not only will the imperial Olympic installations be targets, but the mobile and stationary targets around them can also be attacked. We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated, in the end the accomplices of civilization should fall right along with it.

Thus, citizenry, if you don’t want to be within a blast zone, lock yourselves in your basements and stay there.

Tourists, if you don’t want to share the same end, go back to your rotting cities. You are not welcome nor will you ever be welcome here, except by our explosives…

We see the Olympic structures as a profound manifestation of urbanism and modernity, just like the very expansion of civilization. Wild Nature has once again been stabbed viciously, this time to make way for installations for the Olympic Games. The example we saw was the civilized blow against the little that is left of the Atlantic Forest for the construction of a golf course in the Barra de Tijuca for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

They had no mercy when they did that and without mercy we will attack the Games. This event is not neutral and will be hit with multiple blows in a savage manner.

Those who collaborate or have collaborated with it, even “innocent bystanders,” will fall! The sick Olympic torch carries with it a cynical symbolism which makes us spit at its very mention. In that symbolism is seen the Sky, the Mountains, the Sea, those same things that are indiscriminately pushed into the abyss by the progress of civilization, all of which this society supports! The hypocrites who participate in this event spew forth cynicism before the world saying that they “defend” something of nature with that ridiculous affirmation. From now on we will show what a real defense of Wild Nature looks like!

We have declared war on this destructive international event of this dead society that consumes Wild Nature. Social peace will be proudly broken and mutilated.

In order to begin this savage attack, SSS/ITS-Brazil assumes responsibility for the attack in front of the shopping center Conjunto Nacional, carried out in the city center of the capital of Brazil, an occupied sector and only a few meters from one of the installations that will be used in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Yesterday evening we planted there an explosive consisting of three kilograms of blasting powder in a pressure cooker and we then disappeared into the shadows. The device caused a large explosion which stirred great fright in the citizenry and security guards who were nearby.

From afar, under darkness we observed the silence, the wind that blew and confronted the urban cacaphony… the lights of the city could not conquer the starry night sky accompanied by the expressive moon… and in the middle of what was a powerful explosion and a ball of fire, all of this caused us to laugh. We attacked in a militarized zone, and right under the noses of “security forces.” Even though the explosion didn’t produce the results that we hoped for, we will continue to perfect our techniques to cause the maximum amount of destruction in each new action.

Oh, the Conjunto Nacional is an emblematic building in the commercial district, one of the symbols of the destruction of Wild Nature… shopping centers are stands of civilization that sell artificial items to this dead hypocritical society. They are a conglomerate of distributors that offer scraps to this rotten civilized society and its citizenry. All this is at the cost of the frantic destruction of Wild Nature.

Yesterday CN continued on with its killer business and today its building has been hit with an earthquake of maximum magnitude. This time around the attack took place outside the building, tomorrow it could be on the inside…

We declare that this is only the start of the eco-extremist war against civilization and its “human progress” in “Brazil”. All of the structures and individuals who maintain and sustain the expansion of techno-industrial society and its consequent destruction of Wild Nature will now be considered targets.

Civilized structures will be blown into the air like wild birds and the flames will burn until there are only ashes left. Those who drive the destruction of Nature will pay with blood for their actions, blood ritualistically offered to the same untamed Nature just as ITS-Mexico has greatly done when it killed a worker at the UNAM, an institution that is an incubator of progressivists.

The only laws that we recognize are the laws of Wild Nature. This is a war of life or death that we will wage until the final consequences. We will inflict acts of terror and destruction while we are still standing, and it will be until our death or the death of our enemies.

We are the most repugnant products that this rotten civilization has ever created. We live in the shadows, angry at the citizenry, we spit on civil society and we vandalize wherever we pass. We look down on work, we hate the schools and we set fire to the universities. We are iconoclast heretics, supreme enemies of Christ and adorers of paganism. We are those who burn churches with their priests, pastors, and faithful still in them. We are amoral nihilists, apologists for violence and crime. We are those who opted to apply the laws of chemistry backwards in order to be able to build explosives that tear apart bodies and destroy buildings. We are disgusting delinquents uncommitted to civilized life and who are against the future and all that is human progress. We are those who don’t fear tomorrow, and who have chosen today and this moment to deliver blows… This we have chosen, there is no turning back and that’s it…

We end this first communique of the Secret Forest Society (the eleventh of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild) with the following sentences from the eco-extremist publication, “Ishi and the War Against Civilization,” which has been translated into Portuguese:

“Eco-extremism will have no end because it is the savage attack, the ‘natural disaster’, the desire to let the fire burn and to dance around it. The anarchist recoils and the leftist fears, because they know that they can’t defeat it. It will continue, and consume everything. It will burn up utopias and the dreams of civilized futures and leave only Nature in its place..”

Let us be dangerous…

With ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, and other parts of the world, forward the eco-extremist mafia!

In complicity with the Nihilist Terrorist Groups in Italy that attack social peace! Forward “Cenaze” Terrorist Nihilist Clan, “Memento Mori” Nihilist Sect, and allies!

Greetings to the convicts of the CCF who set fire to Greece!

Forward eco-anarchist and nihilist groups spreading terror in Chile!

Greetings to the Hostility Group Against Domination which is also at war in these lands!




Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Forest Society

* – An name used by some indigenous groups for “Brazil”