Chaos and terror have seized the street, the ghost of terrorism remains disturbing the most correct minds up to today.
United States, the country with the largest investigation and counterintelligence agencies of the world has an urgent case to be solved, since for a few weeks a serial bomber has attracted the attention of the authorities and the society in general, the mystery is huge and the lack of effectiveness is quite evident.
It all began on 2 March, when a package bomb which was activated with a “trap” system, detoned on the outside of a private home in the city of Austin, Texas, the man who opened it died because of the tremendous explosion, apparently police didn’t give much importance to it because he was a black man.
On 5 March, another package bomb of similar characteristics killed an adolescent and severely hurt his mother (both African American) also in Austin, the package was left on the outside of the domicile of the victims too, the same day but in another zone, an old hispanic woman was victim of the third package bomb, after that, police began to deduce theories and considered that the crimes had a “racial background”, but they were wrong…
On 18 March, a package trap was activated by two white people who were calmly walking down the street, being injuried. With this, the hypothesis that the attempts were being committed by a “racist”, was discarded.
Only just on 19 March, a fifth package bomb exploded inside of a delivery company hurting one worker and spreading terror among the population, the FBI which have already took the case, admitted that they have neutralized a sixth explosive package without elaborate on this.

In addition, FBI agents have recognized that the bombs were fabricated with nails and gunpowder, made with great sophistication but composed of easy-to-buy materials.
In view of that, the memory of the terror and chaos that spread Freedom Club in the nineties remains fresh.
What attracts attention is the indiscriminate way of acting of the terrorist/terrorists through this type of acts, what we from Maldición Eco-extremista completely support, praise and applaud. We don’t care about the reasons which motivate the wild acting of this “serial bomber” (as the media have named him), what matters is to spread discord and fear in the modern progressists and humanists.
What this anonymous terrorist does is to prove that even being in a country so monitored and strict on its terrorist laws, it is possible to execute this type of acts without getting caught, let’s learn from the lessons of this “new unabomber” (as the media have designated him).
For the misanthropic acting that moves the individualists to declare themselves in War against this artificial reality!
Up with the bomber of Austin!
May your bombs keep shedding blood and spreading death!
Courage, criminals!


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